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Erin Johnson Apr 2019
You see there is this girl
she is tall
She's­ perfect,
well for me.
You see,
we bearly talk,
rarely see eachother
but i'm in love
with this girl..
This amazing girl.
Erin Johnson Mar 2019
I'd love to tell you how i feel
about my day
But you don't care
you ripped my heart out
you don't care

You brusied me
tortured me
For what?
your fun
I hate you
why did i get with you?
Erin Johnson Feb 2019
I know i don't say:
"i love you"
I know i don't ask
"are you okay?"
I know i don't ask
"how was your day?"

I wish i could say:
"i love you"
but i don't
I wish i could say
"Are you okay?"
I wish i could ask
"How was your day?"

But i can't because you're never home.

I wish you'd say:
"i love you"
I wish you'd say:
"are you okay?"
I wish you'd say:
"how was your day?"

But you don't. I need you and you're never there.
I'm done.
Erin Johnson Feb 2019
There was this boy
i used to know.
He has shiny brown hair
Sparkling blue eyes
An average nose.

I bumped into him on a cold winter day
walking along the streets.
I was 11
he was 16
He apologized
i was okay.

We continued walking side by side
bumping into each other sometimes
i was fine.

His smile lit up the world
it reached his eyes
and i could tell
he really meant it
i wasn't okay

That was the day i fell in love
with some guy i used to know
Erin Johnson Feb 2019
You hurt me
You bruise me
You torture me
You hate me

You say I hurt you
I bruise you
I torture you
I hate you

If I do where's
Your hurt
Your bruises
Your torture
Your hate?

I hurt you trying to get away
I bruise myself trying to escape
I torture myself for staying
I hate myself for being with you

But I still stay with you
Because i'm scared
I'm scared of you
of them
and of me
I stay because i think
what will happen if i leave?
what will you do?
Well i know the answer
you'll hunt me down,
Bruise me,
hit me,
lock me in the cupboard for being bad and try to **** me.

I cover up to hide it
I cover up because i'm scared
I cover up so no one sees

Everyone thinks we're perfect
they think you're good
they think we're in love
they're wrong

You hurt me so bad i don't know why i'm still alive
each time you hurt me i curl up in a ball crying waiting for it to be over.
I'm done.
I'm done with your hurt
I'm done with your bruises
I'm done with your torture
I'm done with your hate
I'm done with you
Forever. Goodbye..
Erin Johnson Feb 2019
I know what I do
always effects you
I know what I do
always hurts you
I know what I love
you hate
I know what I hate
you love

You know what you do
doesn't help me
You know what you do
messes me up
You know what you do
always hurts me
You know what you love
I hate
You know what you hate
I love

I know we're different but we learn
to grow
to learn
to be different

I never gave you an invitation to hurt me
you never gave me one either
I never gave you permission to love me
neither did you
It just happened
we fell in love
at the wrong time
in the wrong place
but still
we fell in love
Just you
and me
Erin Johnson Jan 2019
You talk
I listen
I talk
You don’t

You boss me around
I listen
I boss you around
You don’t

You tell me you hate me
I listen
I tell you I love you
You don’t

You break up with me
I listen
I want to get back with you
You don’t

You beat me
I listen
I yell at you
You don’t

You hurt me
I take it
I hurt you
You don’t

You see, because you’re a male it doesn’t give you the right to always hurt me and think you don’t have to do anything.
Female’s are 10 times smarter
10 times better
And 10 times nicer
Than most males.
Just because we’re females doesn’t mean we can’t do a mans job. Just because you’re males doesn’t mean you can’t do a females job.
Try being a female and we’ll try being a male for a day
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