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Noah Jun 2019
how could you do that with a child attached to your body. Living in your womb.
How could you not care about what it would do.
How could you leave her crying on the table and you walking out the hospital room doors. With 100% of methathine inside her veins.
How could all you leave was a name and the sad pang of your heartbeat streaming through her ears.
How could you.  
Not even come back.
How could I still want to find you.
And ask a why?
How could you hurt me..... Im Damaged and Broken your heartbeat is still my favorite song.
Noah Jun 2019
Searching for empty words but here was only U.
Noah Jun 2019
Fake people don't surprise me anymore, real people do.
Noah Jun 2019
Lips. They produce words that can hurt,that can love,that can feel, that can break and can heal. I miss your lips on mine.
Noah Jun 2019
Is it just time for vacation? Beacause everyone I seem to know is leaving.
They don't say goodbye. I wonder where they go. They bring there suitcases  full of our memeories.It must be a beautiful place. Away from me. Must be why they never come back.
Noah Jun 2019
She asked if I was loyal.I  grabbed her face gently and said. "If I wasn't loyal I would make you unhappy .And I never wanna see you anything less than happy." Your smile is my sun on a rainy day.
Noah May 2019
no matter if you yell or scream whisper or move  i already know your saying
we hate you
You get mad when i don't wanna talk to you or be around your sad i spend my time in my room well maybe if you stop treating me like im my mother then i would hate you less too

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