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You start to scream, like we're making a scene
I must remind you this is, not a movie
You couldn't help but play the queen
You left them, all at your feet

I've come to believe it, I've come to believe it
It's like my mouth opened over the pavement
But fake as you can, tell them all why you started this panic

You were a ghost, from late October
I will be one come summer
I saw this world like a paper
And you could not ever stay here

Now I believe it, now I believe it
It's like my mouth opened over the pavement
and how could you think I, I wouldn't know this?

Speak quite a storm, with a small mouth
and I barely sleep in my, in my own house.
Stare, stare at me and I, and I might transform

All hail the queen still,
I've never seen a witch this mean.

Speak quite a storm, with a small mouth
and I barely sleep in my, in my own house.
Fake as you can, tell them all why you started this panic
A message for disbelief. The sea is alkaline. In response to your disturbances, I've wasted a day. This sea is bathed in safety. Without these years I'll plead to be devoid.
I did not know the men from far.
each holding a clear mask as I was
driven down the now common road.
I knew the habits of souls like these.
impairing the land.
blameless in its lushness, these boys,
I learn now,
were hired to consume.
properly; with all items
& inhabitance spawned in desolation,
there are no mistakes made.
there could never be flared tempers,
or indignant stares, whispers of mutiny
or treason.
& a lack of profits are concepts
hoarded by other lands.

their tasks became habits
& tolerance replaces my strength
as an infection settled.

stretching my jaw,
piercing my tongue
& erecting fences inside my skull.
I learned to love the sloth
& loathe my confidence.

quickly beauty sets & confusion fades.
the road held nothing as did the scars,
laid down by special souls ages or seconds ago.
I'm being stung by bees in the snow.

my pants fill with air

my pocket takes warmth from fingertip

four numb

very touching and very moving
sentiment from twenty years of last century

taking warm rocks from the unsettling effigy

ingesting them

it is too painful she tells me

a ram's horn

being stung by bees in the winter

chewing on dolphin meat in the summer

the beach is glass
the salt boils

my soles bubble
yellow cloud pushes me up

I glide on the hooves
in my new pelt
There is salt here. 
And below this I taste sand. 

It's for the living I sleep. 
The dead wait for my rest. 

To take my overgrown heart. 
To peel it's layers.
An exhausting search in grey haste. 

Below there are ancient memories cornered. 
Scaly stone brushes their face. 

The smaller thoughts watch with tight breath. 
Some fear death and release themselves. 
Bringing death and worse.
He's wearing my favorite shirt. 
And he speaks in tones of peppered loss and rageless loss. 
The claws click against the veranda's shade. 

His pockmarks glow in the reflected dew. 
So quietly announcing the sun's stretches and it's yawn. 

They arrive, my fast continues. 

Beneath the grounded carpet,
The ***** brings me towards the river. 
The color green surrounds me, my reflection quite to speak. 
I stop to look above and see the black clip of flight. 

I look to the paper and begin to finish. 
The ink runs out as I enroll in the water's treatment.
a lake of blood is promised

homes fill with fiber optic prophecy.

"put away your lenses children and sleep under the lamp's shade."

our purple rice growing

Vishnu mumbles and stirs in his sleep.

by the crystal pond, a poison frog sings.

decorating the sand and reeds are skeletons of the old wars.

nearly dust now.

unable to make decisions for the weak or young, the strong or the old.

four seasons yet to pass

attention given to the wolf's lonesome cry.

place your head in sand,
witness the scorpion.

she is
emperor and admonisher.

the tiger breathes in and breathes out its final breath.

lay your belly upon wheat and remove hunger.

an angel's velvet wing cools the fever,
the old sickness of Old Salem.

onions, apples & lemons are sprouting.

there, just underneath the horseman's hood.

quickly, look.
happy birthday sweet prince

And a place to contract my stomach.
A home to lose my self in.
All theses things return.

And now that I've returned,
there are some with bands.
Some have lost,
some have found.

And for so long,
my wonders have failed me.

Those walls all fade and the light is deafening.

Still mistaken.
Forever underground.
I am kissing you again.
And ******* into jars again.
My deft eye calculates.
And the lazy one sleeps.

My sweet little muse.

Was it not enough?
Or too much?
I pick at the scars in my heart.


I feel the twitch in your fragile hands.

You just need to think this through.

Throwing down your veins.

They're empty, useless & you're hurt.
I pick at the scars in my heart.


I feel the twitch in your fragile hands.

You just need to think this through.

Throwing down your veins.

They're empty, useless & you're hurt.
I taste rapture in your lips & feel nirvana flood our spines.

A stack of bone lit fire & this day ends, today I should try,
to see into the future,
something waits for you inside, reach in & find your comfort.
Drink heavy & dance, a warm nose carving mistakes into your once supple face.

Leave it alone & cry. Leave it alone for my sake.
Call me from the basement's line.

Save the words

& a change of tone.

a change of pace.

_Oh, dear gods,

we came so close & stand so far,
from that glorious fountain,
from that glorious superstructure of
love & tainted fate.

Stay close & I'll recite gorgeous tales of defeat.
I will
paint your face with the shame of those forgotten,
not in a lonely way
& this is not
the only way to stop these rhymes

once again

hearts torn,

one heart torn, turning forever
sleeping on the floor,
wishing your blood flowed through me.

open veins to shreds.
grab me, taste me.
bound by chains.

once undone,
these thoughts shouldn't be should so heavy,
moving my fingers in time with you.

whisper, oh I'm crazy.

But in this world,
in this
perfect world,
where you & I
& sing
& commit your face to memory.
Holding on to you.
in you, my flame burns bright,
this pace grows dark as the wet woods cry in rhythm,
thinking of me,
their hearts still racing for me.
their souls transport all loss &
their souls transports heat.

If only I was your source.

If I was your only source,
of light

of shadow & pain

of a perfect metronomic

never ending sometimes;

you'd pass happy.
you'd know defeat,
victory & all forms in between.

& looking back I sense there are words sealed tight,
dates forgotten & stories sans ink.
oh my sweet beautiful muse.
There is a shadow & there is a child
& there is a window
& there is a lord to call upon
when nightmares grab tight
& bullets fly close to this heart
desperation glides across these strings
& a voice is born,
& forgotten in all but me.
killing the self,
waiting for the bars to bend
& waiting for the structure to dissolve.

A ghetto grown & producing
words &

Clear up my past,
& continue to
work on these studies,
take all in stride,
a slow,
pain filled walk.

As mentioned, we came so far,
so close
& retired our passions.

So we ask
how do we die?

& when will we know?

& this change of tone brings

a change of pace.

I feel alive,
I behold what's in it,
what's grabbing
& shaking my soul,
which is,
listening to this power.
And I am driven for the great state that you hate.
No love for the furthest love.
What was that, it is now mine.
Constructing airways. Acknowledgment backfires.
I'm driving slow for reasons.
We storm the failures.
Deny accents, pressure & tolerance of age.
May it destroy your hair filled art.
No, losing sound and sleep.
Let us watch your demise.
One thousand or two thousand syllables to flush from my heart.
The images may also vanish.
this isn't that new of a thing.
A story to tell.
Be still please.

I am removing your troubles.
Become more still.

I am injecting pleasantries.
Moving from my core.
Into your pores.
A river of warm oil.
And try very hard now to see yourself in these words.
Or the cliches inbetween.

Deep down you pray to a lord.
Falling prey to girls and boys and infant's stillness.

We've all said.

Women grow from your heart and ghosts form in their shadows.

The heat in the wood.
The nourishing crumbs.

A transition.

A stolen set of locks.
Binding the kingdom to Heaven.

It could be so still.

We are a few characters short.

Speaking, telling no stories.
I feel the words come all, reap what the freedom yields.
Hold a grey machine warm and soft. Born to a world in color.
As below I am dying. Draw beyond the seasons, behind the thin vale.
Atmosphere fades & they walk bold yet quiet.
Fed my bones.
Witching true homes manufactured.
Taste rapture in her.
Graze wrists across teeth.

Sweet muse, I elevate.

My withered volumes are melting.
Seventeen scars brand defeat.
Moons glare in peace.
A refrain earned.

Hold tight to the ember of your rope.
Jaw swells from anticipation.
when I was a boy
I knew I
liked you best

but time undoes things
& rots
the very best

if I were a boy
I'd like

what's next

I'd use my
sharpest blade
& groom you in your nest

but I'm just a girl
who's failed

passed  your tests

and you're just a boy
pawing at my chest

my chest
under cover it

or swell

quick. slow & simple.
with a structure delicate
mammoth composures
wound warmly & fit perfectly.
but, a strange wind slices
tearing strange ribbons
from themselves.
how could the small
inherit the earth &
fall asleep?
Feel free to


Jar mouth, your opening is not waste & free this curve.

Your wasted will stay dead.
Your wasted will remember.
Your wanted will return.
Staring at your potent weapons.  
Look through lead, end of tunnel.
****** adept.
Scared of blank wrinkles.

This wave familiar. Step forward. It's beauty a secret shared tonight.
Begging & pleading wild ocean, on Earth I've learned all things you held & sold.
Dropping receipts & cowering behind dumpsters.

My focus secure, I drown in the crashing.

Nowhere you'll be.

Rust. Crates of dust spell love.

******* daggers fix your slips.
A thousand times this year.

The wounds on your heart claw at my desk.  

The black spills from your eyes.

We are left with a blue sadness.

My mouth opens destroying love. A fickle hinge waiting to rust.

Spit. Bring me life.

The police are coming tonight.

See the ink on my black denim jeans.

The boxes of empty.





A question will raise it's young.  

Above these confused waters.

Tranquil waters.

How will it speak when the day loves?

The nights with pool water.

Or speak secrets.

What is a memory if not dollars surrounds.

Earlier & earlier.

Proud guide arrive in decent.

Indecent time.

Stomach ace.

Three songs.

Stomach ache.

This bottle is a bit lighter.

Know its fall.

You've lost your glasses.  

A new terror.

Stop counting wedding rings.

Sand dawned.



But this sand un-stirred under the lake calls to us.  

My voice escapes its cave.

Flies with thoughts.

Sinks with you.

Wind dies.  

We lie.

Stop dear current.

Drain this home.

Search for initials.


Find this new name. Understood. To be space.

Former years sagging.

Loosen our bounds.

Passing me in spirit.


Growing for each other.
Baby tell me where'd you ever learn
To  waltz back into my life
It all becomes alright.
All of you know how much it hurts.

When it doesn't feel like we're even.
Don't know if I can make you see.
It understands the distance between a woman and a man.

So tell me how far it is
And how you can love like this

I've been two thousand miles dead.

Darlin', won't you let go.

My soul, let me know.
Starting to focus. 
Using another's  strength. 
Converting a wrinkle's shadow into presence. 
I'm noticed. 
More so as working watches. 
This familiar city closes my eyes. 
Time is now kinder and kinder. 
Close your eyes beautiful. 
You've read every page. 
Skipping whatI read most. 

I swim in your sleep. 
Waking with flushed skin. 
Warm and with night's air included. 

You ask if I'm dreaming. 
With silence, your day begins. 

 Eyeshadow saved for these soiled days. 
The darkness above your eyes, convincing that I am the thief in your purse. 
Awake listening to all. 
Those before me, coming and going. 
And it feels to me, to be the correct way for this. 

I am told you have two hearts. 
One from before and one in your bed. 
Saved for later.
Quarter and the neighborhood.

The kidnapping yields a good fit into our customers.

But that is nonsense.

Theories performed by my name.

Flames encased in tea.
Nothing more short,
looking myself so many ways ago.

Close ago and now it suffers.
Could it be Boise and you are sewn together, searching?
No flood, no snake-like coo.

Potent ticking, the largest letter in your names.
It is Hell for you.
I'm told to stay.
You have lips near my neck.
A season so known for rest.
Feeling free without appetite.
A human man without a brother.
Without a womb to cradle.
I'm unloved by your father.
I'm alive.
It is a slow descent.
Rest easy knowing your noose is pulling me down.
One to Emily.
One for me.
Three bullets.
Five victims.

Emily and me.
Another love and she.
And you.

I'm writing this for you.
A liquid shark live in
my glass house. who
held these hands which built this?
searching for anger snarling,
quick to investigate &
release. there it's found,
eaten & realized.
this is not his home
& I am smothered.
Can I sav?
I ask again.
I am standing, straining
for air,
abrasive winds cutting
into my shoulders.
An image lost & a breath
A memory served correctly

Not buying objects but with the effort to seem so.
You fall in love
And the force

So good



Only heart

Prepare now for yourself
stone teeth grind dully.
flesh swells & tears.
breathe aggressive heat.
With all the locks secured.
Having noticed my security.
Voices whisper.
Life completes.
Words tumble.
Passion from the ceiling.
Cursed epiphanies.
Little rooms left for my own discoveries. life is disrupted.
New medicine for use in moderation.
Guitar, fragile in perfection.
What is to keep?

A sunset fades & a new line is born.

This is what we truly want.
This is choice.
Consequence sings as I sleep.
My mask becomes me.
We wake.

But is there something else?

Complete with fullness.
The moments of before. Losing my mind for the sake of finding you.
Two songs play in the kitchen.
My choice remains unsung.
Soldiers rushing.

Civilians waking peaceful towards the light.
A silk blouse for funerals.
Falling far into the grave.

With a gift I move forward & destroy myself.
Another day, another night.
You say their debt outweighs their death.
Logic dispels the search through trash and mildewed lore.
Makeup runs and your choices stay.
Becoming much thinner now yes?
The air is unintelligible.
These things will last.

Abandoned not loved, the fate of your newest choice;
a most crystalline series of poor choices, calculated missteps and those carefree mistakes.

Like the smoke flown from your lungs over the roof of neon discotheque.


You smell of spoiled treasure.

Move past the decay, past perfumes and powders.
There is you, skeletal and shaking on a small bed in the middle of a dark place with a hint of light all around you, shadows form on the edge, the mythos surrounding your empty head, but never bending to enlighten you.
Stay still.
Wash away tonight. 
Dear carcass with the flaxen hair. 

With the myopic eyes now colorless, stare at the bottom of love's sea. 

The endless highs and lows of a joyous grievance. 
Invited in tonight for the price of a glass. 

Sharing this bottle dear nursery. 

Change of tone. 
Change of pace. 

Focus on this moment. 

I am told to be a father now. 
Over the electric line severed and replaced with towers so empty. 

The news ripples and disperses in only me. 

What else could it do?

Stay my feet. Move me forward. 

I am not able to stop sipping from this cup of horrors. 
She envies my numbing. 
And I sip further and deeper. 

Every inhalation. 
And with every seed spilled. 

Onto your belly. 
Or into our womb. 

With every ecstasy. 
Your memories sink deeper. 

But what is to come when the pain spills here and there?

And when you walk alone in the cold, who is there to suckle with?

I can't believe. 
Of all the hearts I've consumed, yours floats here now. 

And there is no return to Grace with these seas flooding my heart. 

All my hopes and fears, bereft with the swit blow downward. 
Ascension performed and the mess is dropped. 

The blood spilled and a trail of me onward home. 

Am I?
I've never shamed discord into melody.

Yet I've never made my here alone.

Those nights which really aren't.

In hurry, a thousand mistakes breathe life into iron lungs.

The vessels of such


& bring their infancy quicker towards Death.
sweet destiny
with nubile stitchings now made stronger
with substance
new ink is distance we've missed

your needle's eye
and your pins so much sharper

o'er pavement and briars
all surfaces, now taxed lighter

my hours with silence
my eyes pursue
and praise
the calmer echoes in darkness

yes, keep me
of age
at dewy midnight
i sing
that you may not wander

the shot best taken here,
light fills

where I stand this clearing
but there
& there
my eyes witness three hens

come here, come here,
hurry now
you his

there is time not for us to waste

I obey and bring myself
in a cautious, efficient
most effective pace

looking back to a moment,
we sit for hours watching while
our prey circles around us

there are pots nesting there like flies

but inside dampness raises our thoughts

the ones I hide

the ones you love

puling off my tongue


with a new border and the words

traced over

original art

sold below markets
and places you misplaced that misplace your value
a tiny whisper here
and a smaller sort of incantation there

but here

here is to
warm nights and the cold days
that pursue

and with a monster there
the storm brewed and you've not prepared your stomach

so call and call
raise hell as I
drown myself
Revise. something about a mother's parents dying. they, giving their only daughter a bell pepper. something when the daughter cuts it open to cook with, but noticing it's inside nearly seedless. something like a withered womb. something like the barren and the futile. or mostly something like a child realizing it will soon be all alone forever with nothing to hold but the choices it has made. something like that.
the farthest branch
assures us there is life
the farthest branch.
where chatter swells in sight of gold

where raccoons see clouds, but no sun
the moon reflects
lifeless, controlling planes & folds foreign
even if so
his reach would only meet his grasp.
but it can not be this way
the clouds move & swell
protecting us from ourselves
from bizarre nebulas & unknown entities
harbingers of death originating
from our silky cigarettes & lean machines
inside the heavens, golden & blue
beyond the heavens
degree of souls,
all souls ask the same questions
why this way?
if you loved me,
it would not be
further into God's home,
words from his deep rivers & far roads,
if you loved me, together we'd stand
the cobwebs live behind shadows
placing my hand near sight
i see divine everlasting life.
how can it be so?
i do not move mountains
my blood does not course from me sweet as wine
i am here as the jaguar
as night.
untouched by morning's warmth
unseen by our sun's eye,
who stays eternal enemies
yet always in my heart, my sleep
alone he sits
far away.
telling us forever,
if only you loved me

the copper straightens itself holding mountains together,
shiny veins
the trees speak in the language of survival,
And the most sobering thoughtlessness.
Wiped away by some nervous strike.

Tissue pillow and the awakening with your sun.
Window spirals and glosses this beauty. This sweet birth by a child's hand. A tin roof and glass walls.

Cancel event.

We decide to sleep.
By morning, darker bandages.

Against the white I'll remain blue.
A sobbing Lord offers a swifter kick.
Not a friend to the art. Nothing found in lies.
There was so much there to remove.

Find ourselves with darker bandages by morning.
My words shake in the pointed forest.
The harder we sail.
The harbor for friends of man.
And there is no one else. 

And whom I've returned to places razors in my throat.  

And I chew and swallow. 
In silence. 

My hands glides below and I return to a damp Hell. 

And it is not you. 
Will it ever?

Will my fingers obey? 
And will I pull myself from those watchless places? 


They visit. 

And my heart rings. 

No tone. 


A fully his reminds me. 

Not to live much longer. 

To dig graves and never enter. 

And baby please tell me. 

Where you are. 

Who you are. 

The health exits my eyes. 

In return a call is placed. 

And missed. 

My eyes. 

Everything you've pulled from others days. 

And why may it not be mine own?
I am eight years old in my father's basement. 

I search for answers with a twelve year old girl. 

Her hair falls past her hips as the skeletons shift and scrape towards the new rush of cells. 

It is breakfast time. The walls begin to warm, the sun blows it's fried smells of grease into 
our noses. 

Our stomachs burn and we place our soiled 
hands over our soiled skin in hopes of closing
this sense of hunger.
As I chant into this *****'s teeth
my solemn vigil is cheated.

& it seems that the ones with no power were correct.
That the ones who held me so low & close selves so high
they were true.


My story was false.
Misunderstanding that I didn't understand.

I'll be busy in the bathtub.
walking down childish roads
I weep spotting something rotten
a tree

& I wonder before tying my shoes
in a church
guarded by senile eyes
I think to myself
why must I hold
in my fleshy heart
one becomes itself.

& below after years
of walking & soaking
structures & small
soiled gatherers
I see teal stained pages
smeared red, white
with the doings of our past
only needing a page in books
to breed fear in rosy hope.

looking before as a camera wants
we fly into the upward
quickly with enthusiasm
a smile etches our glossy face
& we see me
someone is here on my road
I stay calm
next to me sets the biggest
jaw I have or will see
sure there are greater
in numerous numbers
strange unfathomable flanks
ranking from mine
created from my rust
& our immense patience

seeing or realizing
there are strange silences
between the peace you held.

no I don't care
The lottery opens for the elderly. A line of i.o.u's, cleaning lessons and instructions. The diagnostics and tattoos. Hidden for now. Same to you. Pleasantries. Very fond of the pulp. Seperated. Outside the glass. Hello. Her voice buzzes. My rusp confirmed. I belong. To the night of outside steps. Crystal vials. One sand. One liquor. One teardrop. Pendants for torn down. Furniture. To observe. Chastise classic chimera.
Those saying they gave all gave nothing. 

No one knows she's crying for me. 

With trashhbags spilling from their pockets, the children weep as the men enter their silent temple. 

With potatoes in their hands and bricks on their heads, the women wait for the husbands. 

As priests they exit. All normal patterns again. 

I will separate these teeth from your heart as you scan my newest story. 

I've lost your wonder. Why everything is the same as it was remains a mystery. 

Why these eyes, this heart of mine, why not hers?

Hate simmers. Nothing cooks below. 

One more tin of cream. One more song repressed. A wife with her matchbook terrors. Skin pale, coupons clipped to save heart the extraneous cost. 

Out of the door the lesbians begin their drinking games. 

Smile of mine tell me more meets the eye. Look at the hearts and the pressing of its meats. 

Rearrange the peelings. 

Masculinity transmits over the air. I use this time to soften my bellly. 

The noose catches fire. His tears dousing the freedom. 

First date at theater. Curtain call, begin Love's Final Act. 

The death of you in pieces against rocks. 

Reading for signs of traumatized marrow assuming it is not. 

Warnings of obsession and secrecy as I pollute the sabretooth's mouth. 

My vacation shortened. Flying and seeing the dreams of next time whipping past. 

Coarse hair on my tongue. Trails of you when I speak. 

When will you fade? Love is dead. Let it pass. 

The figure and the ridge shake me. Alone counting how the years have not healed this scar. 

A day. And then a night erased from memory. 

While he speaks I'm told to stop sending letters. 

May the lines become thinner. The hush universal. 

A quiet time. Seen in the sun for the first time. 

Continue reading of deeds snared by Karma. 

Restore yourself for my benefit. 

And so this is the poison she poured into my ears:

 whisper whisper kiss. 

Of the poison what is there holding the vials together?

Machine cut squares knowing the curves of her *******. 

Pressed, brushed to perfection. Where is the warmth beyond the warmth?

Not the glow of nocturnal furnaces. The pressing of skin to the belly of coals. 

Only a mask hiding tears from the public eye. 

It is what you seek. 

Ignite me and marvel alone. 

Explain my scars to me in final excitement. 

On one shoulder I collect the rain. My other brings the spillings. The pool at my feet dries, gathers flies. 

My eyes never closed. My muscles began to shiver and this is all that can be said of last year. 

This year will be dosed heavy with dreams. 

The telephones will soon empty thief wife's of our conversations. 

New dust and **** will cover the bricks our hands feathered over. 

Plates we consumed our dreams on will break, become clean and discarded with the closing of cafe doors. 

You dying and older. Increasing desire. Your basket full of fruit. Your soil toiled in the night. Roots taken, their precious hollows filled. 

Damaged Boardwalk. Mussels cracked, pearl less by design or circumstance. 

Fake both hope and love. Slip away in the pilings of some Ferrari. 

The ash of your candle. Where is it now?

So close to the sea. Yet these stains remain. 

Burn or transgress. Your stones sink in my heart. 

An open letter since birth. 

The barge floats. The operators celebrate the river's damming. 

May you hear my tears in your happy silence.

Just a leaf in the sidewalk. Talks of saplings vanished in the processing. 

Here together in the colder air. 

Forgetful muse, run. Steal their wrestling's warmth. 

The swell beckons. We've yet to share this drink. 

Taste yourself on this raw plate. Fight and move away mediocrity. 

Few lover's sons left. 

Pick your battles from the bag with your boots and that picture of the lion escaping its cage whilst I fell into yours. 

Is there anything else or is this less than what you wanted?

Rude for noting your thinning soles and the leather's scars.

Hard to consider compensation for this blood you've been given. Diseased congealing life force. 

Awake and celebrating with me the people you've left. On this shore, this glimpse of Hell. 

Tossing and turning farther away from refuge. 

Mildewing pamphlets of my red and white memories. All the paintings we're without. 

Hack off my feet and keep me close. I float. Your hauntings with delusions of bliss. 

This is foolish, my pride in the envelope and later the shells. 

Every beacon a reminder to swim farther. Sirens witness my solace.  

Choking back wallows and whispers.

May Neptune weep as I fail in his righteousness. 

Into God's own heart I nestle. Finding rest eternally. 

Young Dracula, stop circling and take me.
As in cargo ships.
Fear takes pictures below.
My heart lies in stone ballasts.
Saving letters.

I burn it down.
Burn it down & walk away.

Ate, now sick.

Years ago fruit grew.
My wound grows skin with wine.

& she burns.
Price payed for pale beauty.

Still alive.
My torch home.

I search for my children
Frozen in winter's grace.
Three hours until I'll fall in love again.

Drive through the river black. Crawl home & ask, "Would?" to all strangers with foreign coin. A royal breath to understand this sadness. Steel risk sets a new face for this journey.

Lover, a hole opens in the universe & we step lightly to the side. Heavens pour forth, searching for this true love. Rapture is born & we taste it's clean purity.

Monstrous fumes bellow, their source, a simple treasure chest. Inside, the flame still burns. Sun-scarred eyes. Love steals the rot from my bones, a simple frame keeps me here.

Take in this amazing night.
Place oil in the reservoir.
Along with the windows,
the meat will last longer.

A prison of forgotten & soon to be unforgiven loans.

You ride ahead alone, without that satchel you've forgotten at the bar, now attached to me by the hip.
I'll remain alone also, searching for a single strand of your precious hair.

Those lights and sirens, explain them to me.

You speak to me of love,
"With love."
You say.

I know a time where force projected its threatened weakness,
but not with you by my side.

Nor I, yours.

So there is this curve finding its path, straightening.
And its lines stay, its shape changes.
A beating of youth's innocence.
The curve shivers,
cradles this loss in rigid angles.
Doorknobs above this plane twist and turn in strange resonance.
Light removes our square from its rest,
the curves recalls & falls in its haste.
Searching for new ground.

A page turns, a movement is here.

This hole opens, chambers become themselves thrice over.
Severed hands to hold your millstone.
He is one from the soil.
Slowed down for the many of stitch.

Sing and marry your heart to the loss.
Losing love to the run.
See the windows blow by. 

To ****. To die.
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