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reggae school is a place to learn or at least thats what they say
but really reggae schole is where kids are scared and they pray
no fun allowed at reggae school, the teachers think that they are cool
a girl tryd to sneak in ****** the principal caught her then he beat her
but all hope is not lost at reggae school
for santa clause's reggae brother santa kush came to save the day
santa kush is nice, smart and rolls a blunt that could blow you away
he save da children and he rips a **** too
santa kush read poem and do analytical review
santa kush save the kids from da reggae school
thank reggae jesus, he's reggae cool
ja feel?
Why do you allways sing?
I asked half asleep and watching as he shined polished or cleaned
some mechanical car part I did not reconize
or really care about,
I mostley focosed on the tone of  his voeis as he slerd the words to
turn the page
he looked up at me with only his blue eye
why do I sing? Why, does it bother you?
I did know what to say becuz I did not know if it botherd me
so I just pushed it off with a fake smile
so what was with you yesterday?
I rolled my eyes, I did not want to talk about this or anything...
But he did not stop
huh? Did I do something wrong?
I laught and for a minute it felth like it might be a natural feeling
but he did not do anything wrong he can't if he tryd
and now I know his singing does not bother me
it brings me to life....
Allmost all of my poems are for him...
I tryd to fo the world for you
to paints smile on you're face
to wipe away those havie tears
for you teast a sweeter teast
but you bring with you this deep tradgety
you're see only pain
& why does you're world have to be a sky with only rain?
the sun baby can shine for you
the birds can sing you're name
but there's nothing anyone can do you'll allways feel the same
a sprit that's been scard for
life shaderd just like glass
I know we should have spoke that night
now you're just the past

together no more
david powell Nov 2011
I will stand and watch the river flow it knows witch way to go
Out to sea I wish it was that easey for me l don't know witch way to
go to run life fast or take it slow and sisten to the river flow how
the hell should I know witch way I should go run with the tide or
stand aside and let go all I have tryd to do I don't know so for now I
will watch the rive flow till I know witch way to go where to start
whare to stop when to run when to hide so I will just go with the tide

— The End —