When I'm finally ready to escape
the hectic pace of everyday life

I automatically head for my secret sanctuary

That one place where I can be alone
and away from all the daily struggles

A place where I can wash away the dirt from the day

I walk out my back door

                                                    n seven wooden stairs

each one creaking in response
to my foot step

I stroll across the backyard
onto a small dirt path

The path leads into the woods

The woods where I spend much time
contemplating life
and writing about it

As I wander down the path
thick with crawling ivy and bugs galore

I stop as always
marveling at the paper birch trees
and how they shed their “skins” without
a single sound or any protest for that matter

Exposing their complete nakedness
and showing their brand new bark to the world
without caring about judgment of any kind

I look towards the sky
all faded in washes of violet and pink
and watch the last of the days clouds float away
as if they are a part of the magical forest dream

I am witness to...

every timeless moment
that happens in this sacred place

Time unravels at its own pace here
and it means nothing to the night creatures
that call this place home

The night air blows gently across my face
I breathe in the drowsy smell
laced with the hint of jasmine

I take it deep into my lungs
letting it slowly heal me
giving me great relief
from the chaotic day

I exhale slowly
letting go of all the stress and strain
that dealing with society
places upon me

It's here that I feel the most free

There are no limitations
and absolutely no boundaries

I can be carefree
I can be myself
and once again
become attune with nature

Sitting on an old log
surrounded by nothing but serenity
as the woods grow thicker
and the trees stand taller

I smile and close my eyes
cradled in the loving arms of these woods
as the moon watches over me
and the stars glitter like tiny diamonds

Le Lotus Jul 2016

I cut my hair short
Now I am light-headed .

Wayne Pritchett Oct 2010

to my wonderful parents
i love you
flaws and all
you made me
this handsome young man
grew to be six feet tall
i have my mother's skin
but my father he lies within
the strength and patience
to fight through the wicked
i have done great things
in this world of
hate and corruption
but my parents virtues
show the light
in the darkest situations
you showed me the truth
when i told you lies
dont do dumb shit
or on the floor i lie
life's lessons started
with you two
god blessed me
with a father
and mothers
HA HA i have two
Cynthia came along
what perfect time she did
made my father happy
im so glad you slid
into our picture
made it all sappy
from love and affection
for us and our pappy
i love you and thank you
makin my life
so near to perfection

my baby brother
earth's finest gentleman
you make me proud
day in and day out
makin moves to
move on from another
showing genuine feelings
something i thought
the world was without
you give me reason
to keep my best face
cause you carry the
worlds face on your brow
lighten up baby bro
it only gets worse
but if u let it
your world can get better
continue to love
your enemies and friends
cause hate gives them power
that wont let you live
happy and stressfree
so pick that chin up
hold ya head up high
cause i love you bro
your a better guy than I

my wittle sister
the twin sent from above
we share the same bday
as well as the same love
thank you for showing
this lost boy turning man
how to treat these ladies
with love and respect
even on the days when
those horns start showing
the wild child of us 3
you have given me
plenty of laughs and memories
without you in my life
half would be missing
our birthday would be
a celebration and a funeral
that means yay
Wayne is older
and boo whoo
the anniversary is no more
we are too much alike
not sad but true
my mirror image
if i were a girl
i would have been you!

to my friends
old ones and new
imma take this time
to give shoutouts
to each one of you
the days i sit around
lookin worn out and through
your face shows up
then mischeif we get into
so many stories
they lead into great tales
ill forever be greatful
in this poem
you can tell
cause im thanking
each one of my comrades
multitudes of gratitude
all you fools
feed my soul food

to those in my life
who piss me off
and cause more strife
i thank you
a little more than most
so i can boast
my victory when i conquer
the obstacles you set
and the limits you show
since you are
too cowardly
to let a brother
go the distance
this body will allow
im shootin for Pluto
but when i listen
to the shit you throw
i dont shoot past
the dusty ass flo'
friends might fit here
family members fit also
so if you figure
you fit in this stanza
dont get angry
sad or discouraged
cause you help me out
more than you ever knew it.

(c) Wayne Pritchett September 2010

— The End —