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mk Dec 2015
her churiyan clashed
submerging in the red, orange and green
of her sharara
as she spun round and round
a blur of striking colors
her laughing face hidden
among those of her cousins
as they danced in a circle
each girl wearing colors of the rainbow
smiles like the sun brightening their faces
their bare feet decorated with mehndi
as they spun on their toes
letting their hair follow them like velvet curtains
the pitter patter of their restless feet
becoming one with the music around them
the elders of the family
throwing rose petals and clapping
watching the new generation
bless the married couple
with laughter, colors & life
the girl with curls in her hair
pulling down the bride-to-be
off the stage and onto the dance floor
her fiancé nudging her and watching his future
twirl with the young girls
as families became from two to one
he looked upon his love with eyes full of wonder
as she pushed back her dark hair and hid her face
refusing to dance
but even the blushing bride couldn't stop the girls
from convincing her to join them
they took her by the hands
and let the music guide them as they threw their arms in the air
swaying to songs about boundless ishq
and the stars which shine upon those who fall in the arms of endless love
the bride's red gharara shimmering under the lights
complimenting the red in her cheeks
the sparkle in her teeka bright
but never brighter than the twinkle in her euphoric eyes
her mother teared watching her baby all grown up
and her father looked at her as his success
seeing his only daughter so full of joy
others onlooked
as the girls embraced their youth
and with the bride created a circle of joy
for that moment,
the love was shared between them all
they forgot all about their heartbreaks
and the everlasting love which never lasted
they forgot all about the boys with pretty eyes and even prettier lies
as they rejoiced over the love of their loved ones
with a little inch of hope in their own hearts
that someday someone would look at them
as the smiling groom did the stunning bride
passion. surety. serenity.
wedding celebrations in the family always leave you wishing it were you who was going down the path of eternal happiness & love.

churiyan: bangles
sharara/gharara: eastern wedding attire
teeka: jewelry item (head-piece)
mehndi: henna
ishq: highest degree of love
pyaar: love
Keith Ren Mar 2014
It was on our lips.
(And) the downturn was everything.
'why wouldn't you think rocks could be green?'

You turned from the ships like a foam-latent cold.
The snaps-onlooked couldn't believe.

'stop wading, my love,
we're not here to understand'

We're here to look.
We're here to love,

and then leave.
Renée Brookes May 2017

I reach for the blur above me,
grasping for my own circles of life.
They, in return, float to abandon me.

Keep Breathing

I'm thinking,
didn't you all see me;
witness me throw my shoes to the side,
pull my pants down to my ankles,
then off around my feet?
Didn’t you watch me
lift my shirt above my head,
and dive in head first?

Maybe you didn't hear the splash,
the hard deafening sound of my body
crashing into waves.
Maybe you didn't feel the splatter of the ocean across your faces as you onlooked;
Or just maybe you walked away at the perfect moment to be able to say,

I had no idea she'd gone and done such a thing.
My baby would never do something like that.

Just maybe,
*It's time to learn how to swim.
You might be thinking, "you should hold your breath under water not breathe." I mean keep living and not give up even though sometimes you'll be alone.

— The End —