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Willow-Anne Sep 2018
Ive become haunted by a Demon
Who’s making me question my mind
At first I thought he was an Angel
Cuz at first he seemed so kind

He helped me to unwind
And offered me support
When I was able to breathe him in
I felt like I was finally docked at port

I found his presence intoxicating
I always wanted him around
The insight he brought to my life
Was really quite profound

But those good feelings didn’t last forever
And I decided to take some time away
But he refused to leave my side
And I began to feel like prey

I can’t ever seem to escape from him
Hes mastered manipulation and seduction
My inability to walk away
Will be the cause of my destruction

I look into the mirror each day
And am frightened by what I see
Dark circles and red eyes
Is that the demon or is that me?

Every time I think I’ve escaped
He pulls me right back in
“You can’t survive without me
You just have to let me in.”

His voice echos through my head
His thoughts replace my own
….I love  him...I need him...I crave him  
And I’m afraid to be alone

I fear that I am not strong enough
And I want to let the demon win
Let go of loneliness-- embrace corruption.
I submit to my addiction again
We all have our demons.
Willow-Anne Jul 2018
My heart has never felt this way
For anyone but you
I had given up on the idea of love
Until into my life you flew

You came into my life
Like a burning fire storm
Your energy was intoxicating
And your touch was always warm

So easily I fell in love
With your light that burned so bright
But it made it so I was blind to see
That something wasn’t right

Things were not as perfect
As I had let myself believe
But I’d caught a glimpse of a happy future
That I’d sacrifice anything to achieve

I constantly made the choice
Between loosing you or who I am
I let you burn away what made me me
And you still didn’t give a ****

Because you were doing the same
Burning away pieces of who you were
Doing whatever you could to impress
The new person you’d grown to prefer

I thought that you loved me too
But I guess I was naive
Cuz within a year of our last kiss
You’d be packing bags to leave

With your head up in the clouds
You flew off to live your new dream
You had found a new partner in crime
And I was once again a one man team.

Now there’s something I need to confess
I loved you more than you ever knew
But I will not cry for you anymore my love
Because you took my heart with you

So if you see me shed a tear
Its not over the severed ties
‘Cuz now the flames have all burnt out
And the smoke is in my eyes
Willow-Anne Nov 2017
For quite a lot of time now
I’ve had this little dream
That the world would come together
And all work as a team

Imagine how much we could fix
If we all just helped each other
If we could learn to trust a stranger
And greet him as a brother

Imagine the tragedies that we could end
Homelessness, hunger, and war
If we all just took a minute
To help those who are poor

If we just tried to understand
Those who have a different view
Its possible we’ll be enlightened
And learn things we never knew

I’ve seen first hand what can happen
When people work as one
It brings joy and happiness
And we can get anything done

So I will dedicate myself
To doing lots of good
To make a difference in this life
And do what others should

I might just be one person
But I have the heart of three
I’m going to change the world
Just you wait and see
"Be the change you wish to see in the world"
Willow-Anne Aug 2017
Sometimes I can’t help but wonder
If you ever still think about me
If I ever cross your mind at all
And if you’ve ever once felt guilty

Because I still think about you
Much more often than I desire
And every single time I do
It’s like my brain’s been set on fire

I think about the person I once was
Hopeful, jubilant, and carefree
Every day was an exciting adventure
And my whole life was ahead of me

But you took all that happiness away
With your words as sharp as knives
Its amazing, through so much mental abuse
How the body still survives

Because you caused so much damage
That it has lasted all this time
And though the scars were never visible
What you did should be a crime

Even though I left you years ago
Your words live on within me
It makes me feel like I am trapped
And from this pain, I can never flee

They say “Forgiveness doesn’t make you weak”
And that “Its what can finally set you free”
But I could never find it in me to forgive you
Because you destroyed all the good I had in me
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