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Willow-Anne Apr 2016
They say that you've gone crazy
And that your mind is in the slum
When you repeat your actions
But you expect a new outcome

I never thought I was insane
Until the day that we first met
You fought me on every little thing
To the point where I got upset

I told you to leave me alone
But you fought me on that too
You said you were only joking around
And that you understood my view

I forgave but didn't forget
Until the next time it came up
We were at each other's throats again
And I wanted to just break up

"But love doesn't quit" you said to me
"You can't just walk away"
Suddenly I felt it was all my fault
And by your side I decided to stay

The fights grew closer and closer
And slowly got more intense
It got so bad that out in public
Strangers came to my defense

They say that you've gone crazy
And that your mind is in the slum
When you repeat your actions
But you expect a new outcome

They say that I've gone crazy
And I guess what they say is true
'Cuz no one seems to understand
Why I keep forgiving you
Hey there everyone, because of the subject of this poem I just wanna take a couple minutes to address abusive relationships and say it is okay to end a relationship that has become toxic and that you do not need to feel guilty about it. Never let the other person guilt trip you into staying with them if you don't feel safe/loved/etc. It is important to take your own needs and health into account. If your significant other is manipulating you/abusing you physically or mentally, or making you feel unsafe then please get out of the relationship and seek help if you need it. You do not deserve that, and I promise you the person is not worth the pain they are putting you through. It may seem hard, but I promise there is a world full of opportunities and people who want the best for you. Things get easier when you are out of toxic, abusive relationships.
Stay healthy and stay safe <3
Willow-Anne Feb 2015
I've come to the decision
That friendship is a knife
You grab onto one for self defense
To protect your very life

You keep it by your side
And when things are looking grey
You clutch it even tighter
To keep your enemies at bay

The knife gives you security
And you know it is always there
But sometimes after a bit of time
That knife begins to wear.

The handle might break off
Leaving nothing but the blade
But it's the knife that you are used to
So you grab it; unafraid

It cuts into your hand
but you try to ignore the pain
Hanging onto this piece of you
Is worth the open vein

As you're hurting more and more
You hold on to the knife more firmly
Until the knife begins to hurt so much
That you are begging it for mercy

The tighter you hang onto it
The more damage it can do
Only one person can make it stop
In the end, that person is *you
Know when to let go of the knife.
Willow-Anne Mar 2017
She’s more fun when she is drunk
At least…until she’s not
Because she’s puking in the toilet
And regretting her last shot

She’s more confident when she’s drunk
Gorgeous and ready to score
Until she looks in a mirror
And feels even uglier than before

She likes herself more when she is drunk
Until that feeling goes away
When she is so far beyond gone
That her self-hatred comes out to play

She’s happier when she’s drunk
All her issues leave her brain
But they all come crashing back at once
And cause her so much pain

She likes the world more when drunk
It’s filled with so much good
Until one little thing sets her off
And she hates it all more than she should

She likes life more when she’s drunk
Her mind for once feels still
Terrified of losing that feeling
She soon wants to end things with a pill

But she can stop any time she wants
Or so she’d have you believe
Because alcohol makes her seem so happy
That is, until all her friends leave
Edit: (3/10/17) Oh my goodness! I haven't logged on in a couple of days and boy did I miss a lot!
I am doing my best to respond to all your messages and comments now! Sorry for the wait!
Thank you all so much for such an overwhelming amount of love and support <3 You guys are amazing
For those of you who struggle with addiction of any kind, hang in there, and I hope you all find the help and support you need <3
Best wishes to you all. And thank you again <3

Edit: (3/11/17)
Alrighty, so I just got a very long message that without going too into details accused me of poking fun at alcoholism with this poem. I would just like to be very clear that this poem was in no way inteaded to make fun of the illness that is alcoholism, and if it came off that way to anyone else, I am truely truely sorry. Words can not express that enough for I very much wished the opposite intent. Alcoholism (and addiction in general) is a very serious illness that I take very seriously. I sinceraly hope that anyone who is struggling with it gets the help they need and those of you who are in recovery, I am proud of you. Stay strong and continue to work towards it <3
Once again, my sincere apologies again to anyone who was offended.
Love to you all <3 - Willow-Anne
Willow-Anne Jan 2013
Everyone has a someone
That's like their other half
Someone they can be with
A person to make them laugh

Everyone has a someone
Who can make them feel good
When they've had bad days
Or felt misunderstood

Everyone has a person
With which, they share their life
For some its a best friend
For others its their wife

Whenever I look around
It is all that I can see
People with their someone
As happy as can be

But here I sit alone
Feeling lost at sea
Everyone has a someone
Everyone but me.
Willow-Anne Jul 2016
I have always been a skeptic
On things concerning love
The very idea of love at first sight
Was something I'd grown sick of

How could anyone fall in love
With someone they didn't know
Surely such a thing could not exist
In anything other than a show

But 'love' simply isn't the right word
For the feeling that takes place
It's like the world slows down around you
And your heart picks up the pace

You see, I knew that you were special
From the moment I looked into your eyes
I felt something for you in an instant
But I had yet to realize

Fascinated by your splendor
And the way you were full of light
Some part of me needed to know you
And just introduce myself outright

I grew close to you so quickly
And looking back I should have known
All I wanted was for you to be happy
Because my feelings for you had grown

So even if you're with someone else
And you travel far away
I will continue to be there for you
And by your side I will always stay

So I'm forced to hide my feelings
From absolutely everyone
Not a soul will ever know
That you're my forbidden one
"La douleur exquise"
Willow-Anne May 2015
Ever since the age of ten
I have always preached one thing
Learn to be happy being single
And know you do not need a ring

Though I firmly believe it still
You can be happy on your own
I've grown to question if there's a reason
That I prefer to be alone

I think it boils down to more
I think I'm really full of fear
It's the underlying reason
Why I don't want people near

What if I get in too deep
But they don't feel the same?
What if I'm just strung along
And they play me like a game...

What if it's the opposite
I'm the one that they dream of
But no matter what I do
I will never be able to love

I have a hidden bigger fear
What if our love is true
What if I find happiness
That can only be found in you

What if we get married
And everything is great
What if I've found my one true love
And he gets ripped away by fate

I don't think I am strong enough
Since love can only end two ways
The choice is yours, death or divorce
Either way it ends in a blaze.

To be in a happy loving relationship
The thing I most secretly wish for
But an even deeper secret than that
Is that it frightens me to the core.

*Maybe I'll be alone forever...
Willow-Anne Mar 2014
Late at night is when I think
And try to I clear my head
I often stay awake all night
Just laying in my bed

As soon as I get comfy
Thoughts start racing in
I start to question everything
and regret my every sin

At first the thoughts are gentle
Like what will I do tomorrow
But as time crawls by; they escalate
Till I'm drowning in my sorrow

I think of all my failures
Every detail of what I did wrong
After hours of reliving pain
I convince myself I don't belong

I suddenly feel isolated
and like the silence will never end
I feel like I will never escape
There's too much I just can't mend

I feel overpowered and worthless
Like I'll never do anything right
I hide till the world fades away
And I'm awoken by the light

I realize a new day has come
It's time to put on a brave face
I put those negative thoughts away
Until I return to this place
Willow-Anne Aug 2014
"Every single day's the same
And in the end I'm all alone..."
"It doesn't matter what you say...
I feel pain you've never known"

This is how you view your life
As something worth throwing away
And all I wish for is to show you
How to view it a different way

You view the world in black and white
Without any specks of grey
You chose to focus on only the bad
Which causes your own dismay

The real world is full of color
It's a giant work of art
And though it has some shadows
That is just one little part

So when all you see is darkness
And you feel life's become too glum
Just remember that it won't last
And there are brighter things to come

There is beauty all around you
And every day is a new surprise
Full of joy, and people who care
You just have to *open your eyes
Willow-Anne Jan 2014
There are so many times in life
When we are forced to choose
Do we help someone else win
Even if it means that we lose

For me the choice has been easy
Always fill other people with cheer
Even if the choice hurts me,
It's worth it to remove their tear.

There are times when it gets lonely
Putting others before one's self
There are times when it almost feels
Like I put my own needs on a shelf

While doing all I can for others
I try my best to never complain
But even with my best efforts
It's me that gets left out in the rain

When someone needs a friend
I'm always the one that they call
Then when they are feeling better
I'm ignored; left alone too bawl

I don't regret the things I have done
Because it helped show them I care
But sometimes it'd be nice for me
If somebody could be there

Throughout my entire life
I've been hurt putting others first
But never having the favor returned
...that is definitely the worst.
Willow-Anne Oct 2014
For all the time I've know you
You've worn a mask upon your face
It appeared beautiful, perfect, and friendly
But now I realize that wasn't the case

For hiding underneath that mask
Was a soldier bent on destruction
Posing as a comrade fighting for good
But following the other side's instruction

You wormed your way into our ranks
And we accepted you as one of our own
But all of us were unaware
Your true intentions had not yet been shown

When an opportunity presented itself
You struck without any hesitation
Our troops started dropping left and right
Without any sign of infiltration

You knew you only had so long though
Before your actions got you caught
So you moved to abolish your final target
A tougher task than you had thought

That night, when you attacked me
You allowed your mask to fall
And as you fled, I caught a glance
Of the real person beneath it all

Well, "What doesn't **** you makes you stronger"
And you make me tougher every day
Which is why no matter what you do
I refuse to let you stand in my way

I learned some valuable lessons
About how you fight this war
And now those same old boring tactics
Won't work here any more

So thank you for the knife
That you embedded in my back
For you just gave me the tool I need
To defend against any future attack.
Willow-Anne Oct 2013
What happened in your life
To fill you with such hate
Why do you have to ruin
Things that could be great

Whenever you open your mouth
One of two things comes out
Stories of how great you are
Or words that create self doubt

You stab people in the back
And you make them feel like crud
And those are just the people
That you can call your 'bud'

It really baffles me to think
That people like you exist
But what shocks me even more
Is how it constantly persists

No matter what you do or say
You're welcomed with open arms
Its as if you've got everyone
Under several of your charms

Why are you so rude and mean
And how come no one else sees
The horribly, ugly true colors.
Of this person they're trying to please
Willow-Anne Aug 2017
Sometimes I can’t help but wonder
If you ever still think about me
If I ever cross your mind at all
And if you’ve ever once felt guilty

Because I still think about you
Much more often than I desire
And every single time I do
It’s like my brain’s been set on fire

I think about the person I once was
Hopeful, jubilant, and carefree
Every day was an exciting adventure
And my whole life was ahead of me

But you took all that happiness away
With your words as sharp as knives
Its amazing, through so much mental abuse
How the body still survives

Because you caused so much damage
That it has lasted all this time
And though the scars were never visible
What you did should be a crime

Even though I left you years ago
Your words live on within me
It makes me feel like I am trapped
And from this pain, I can never flee

They say “Forgiveness doesn’t make you weak”
And that “Its what can finally set you free”
But I could never find it in me to forgive you
Because you destroyed all the good I had in me
Willow-Anne Jul 2014
How would it affect your life
If someone said to you
You aren't good enough to succeed
At the thing you most want to do

Would you not let it get to you
And push forward to your goal
Not letting them have the satisfaction
Of having any form of control

Would it fuel you like a flame
And give you the drive to succeed
Working harder to prove them wrong
And having extra reason to proceed

Or would their words be like a dagger
And cut you to your core
And cause your mind to feel
Like its in the middle of a war

'Cause that's what your words did
They caused a battle in my brain
Continue to work towards nothing?
Or quickly abandon that train?

Part of me felt like six years of work
Should just be thrown away
I no longer had the confidence
To move forward in any way

But I knew I wouldn't be happy
If I chased any other dream
So I felt like I couldn't win
Life was a constant battle upstream

A year is how long it took
To repair what you destroyed
To put back pieces of myself
And remember what I once enjoyed

But now I'm ready to move on
And pursue the things I love
As for all your hurtful words...
I'm ready to rise above
This is the first poem in a while that I have actually been really proud of. (minus the title...I'm kinda hoping something better comes to me later :P)
I've tried to write a poem about this a couple of times and none of them have come out right. So I feel like I finally got it right hahaha. Hope you all like it :)
Willow-Anne Nov 2017
For quite a lot of time now
I’ve had this little dream
That the world would come together
And all work as a team

Imagine how much we could fix
If we all just helped each other
If we could learn to trust a stranger
And greet him as a brother

Imagine the tragedies that we could end
Homelessness, hunger, and war
If we all just took a minute
To help those who are poor

If we just tried to understand
Those who have a different view
Its possible we’ll be enlightened
And learn things we never knew

I’ve seen first hand what can happen
When people work as one
It brings joy and happiness
And we can get anything done

So I will dedicate myself
To doing lots of good
To make a difference in this life
And do what others should

I might just be one person
But I have the heart of three
I’m going to change the world
Just you wait and see
"Be the change you wish to see in the world"
Willow-Anne Nov 2012
I've been torn down the middle
I've been split into two
Half of me loves you
But part of me is through

It's so hard to be with you
But so hard to stay away
So I wonder what to do
Each and every day

I know in my heart
That something has to be done
But I know in my soul
This battle can not be won

So now we've come to a point
Where I stay or I run
Could this really be over
Could we really be done?
Willow-Anne Dec 2012
You cant start the next chapter
If you keep on reading the last
So I'm finally turning the page
I'm letting go of the past

I'm forgetting all the arguments
And forgetting all the lies
I'm getting on with my life
And cutting the old ties

Even the good memories
I'll leave them all behind
Nothing can hold me back now
I've made up my mind

About everything that happened
I no longer care
I'm taking a step forward
Moving out of this despair

This is truly the end now
The end of us, and of pain
I've learned some life lessons
And how to dance in the rain.
Willow-Anne Nov 2013
Hatred is like a fire
And can easily be spread
You let it fill you up inside
Hoping to burn away the dread

At first it feels like it's working
Cuz you're distracted from the pain
But the fire keeps on burning
Becoming difficult to contain

It consumes you from within
Burns everything in its path
Growing stronger every minute
Turning anger into wrath

Before you know what's happening
Hate has filled your core
The fire in you takes over
You think differently than before

You can't hold back your comments
And your actions start to change
You get mean to the people around you
And they all start acting strange

While you were letting hate control you
Everyone else moved on
Now as you try to put out the flames
Everything you had is gone

Surrounded by all the ashes
That you let your anger create
You finally begin to realize
The error of your metal state

The right thing to do is move on
And put your fury in the past
Only when you learn to forgive
Will you feel better at long last
Willow-Anne Jan 2013
I am sick of this plague
That haunts my mind
I'm tired of this fear
Which keeps me confined

For as long as I can remember
My self esteem has been low
I've had this fear of failure
That I just couldn't let go

It held me back for so long
The constant doubts in my head
I hid inside myself forever
And I started to feel dead

So afraid that I would fail
I never even tried
With no hopes of success
I set my dreams aside

But tonight I am done
I'm saying "***** you fear"
I'm following my dreams
The hiding ends here

So what if I mess up
Ill never know till I try
Today I suspend my doubt
I spread my wings and fly.
Willow-Anne Dec 2012
In my eyes you're a candle,
You're my source of light
You fill me with warmth
With you things feel right

In her eyes you're like jewelry
There to make her look good
Why you chose her over me
I've never understood

She does nothing but use you
For her own selfish gain
Watching her do this to you
Fills me with pain

She takes up all your time now
So you've left me in the dust
Watching her get her way
Just fills me with disgust

As time goes by
She's suffocating your flame
Your light is almost out now
And she is to blame

I keep hoping one day
That you'll find your old spark
But until you do
My world will be dark.
Willow-Anne Jun 2015
How far might you go
To protect those you hold dear
How much could you give up
To keep them in the clear

If their life was put in danger
By someone who wanted a thrill
Rather than sit and watch them die
Would you be willing to ****?

What if it were both of you
Who's lives were on the line
If asked who's life should meet an end
Would you be able to say "mine"

What if they were an angel
Who always put others first
And they sacrificed themselves
To keep the world from getting cursed

Would you respect their wishes
And allow their life to end
Knowing they'd be forever in pain
Would you allow them to ascend

Or to guarantee their happiness
Would you give up your own
Would you rebel against your love
And forever be alone

Causing them to hate you
And giving up your soul
Would you still embrace the darkness
To prevent their noble goal

How far might you go
To protect that which you adore
Would you descend away from good
Would you forever close that door?
Ugh....I'm trying to hard to keep with my tradition of giving each poem a one word title...but GOSH did I have trouble this time. I have never wanted to badly to give a longer poem name :/
I worked on this...and tweaked it...and rewrote it 100 times...and it still isn't quite how I want it...but it'll have to do.
Anyways, I hope you all enjoy it....and that it at least somewhat comes across to others the way I want it to.
Also, sorry for the dark nature of this poem. These are the types of poems I have the most fun writing, and I haven't written one in a while, but I always worry they will worry people/make people uncomfortable/offend people. SO YEAH. I hope that isn't the case. <3
Willow-Anne Nov 2015
Once there was an army
Who's forces were made of five
Together they were stronger
Than anything else alive

First there was the leader
Who was confident and calm
She offered words of encouragement
She was like the army's mom

Next there was the guide
Who was like the army's heart
She kept them all on the right path
Always happy to do her part

The army had a single warrior
That acted as its claws
She joined after seeing her lover's death
And was fighting for a cause

Next there was the strategist
Acting as the group's brain
For every single move they made
It was her behind the reigns

Finally there was the healer
Who represented their soul
Full of innocence and purity
That they were fighting to keep whole

But in reality, no one is perfect
Everyone makes mistakes
One small error along the way...
In the end, that's all it takes

The leader was the first to die
And her ego became her fatal flaw
After turning her back on an enemy
Her death was one everyone saw

After watching her closest ally die
The navigator's heart became filled with hate
Without a thought she ran into the fray
Where she too was met with the same fate

Now what becomes of a warrior
Without a leader or a guide?
She lays down her life and fights till the end
Making time for the others to hide

But the soul had lost its innocence
And the world had all turned grey
And with no body left to contain it
Her essence fades away

Left alone with just her thoughts
Is none other than the brain
She blames herself for everything
And it slowly drives her insane
Willow-Anne Mar 2014
I feel like I'll never understand
The idea of one's appeal
What causes us to hate someone
And think of someone else as 'ideal'

How can we go through our lives
Making decisions every day
When we don't even understand
Why we think this way

Are we simply born this way
Programmed with our opinions
Are we traveling though our lives
Just acting as our emotion's minions

But if that if that truly is case
Then I find it very strange
How at some points in our lives
Our opinions start to change

What causes us to change
What causes this mental shift
Why is it after a certain time
Our old self starts to drift

Do our feelings ever really die?
Can our beliefs so easily sway?
And if our thoughts are what define us
Do our old selves fade away?

What happens when you can't decide
What you think is the right way
Yes, what happens then?
*Maybe we just fade away
Willow-Anne Nov 2014
Do you remember when we met?
Cuz I feel like it was so long ago;
That you handed me that flyer
And invited me to your show

I thought it sounded stupid
So I decided not to go
But you didn't hold it against me
And our friendship managed to grow

Eventually you became my person
The one that was always there
You held me in my hardest moments
And could always show me you care

Even when things got rocky
We knew how to work it out
And it was only ever a matter of days
Before a new level of friendship would sprout

But lately things have started to change
I feel that you don't have my back
And though I'm trying hard to forgive
I feel our friendship is starting to crack

   You started to call me less and less                I've started to give up on you
And then you just stopped coming by                  I've began to drift away    
   The worst part is you always defend             I don't want to put in the effort
    All of the people who make me cry               On a street that's just one way

       You never seize opportunities                I just don't have it in me anymore
       To have me in your life                            To always be fighting for you
   Then whenever we finally talk                  It should be this freaking lonely
   We usually get into another strife              It shouldn't make me feel so blue

And I'm not saying it's all your fault...    ....I'm not sure what went wrong
I'm just not sure what to think...                 ...How we got so disconnected
We just keep drifting apart...                               ...And you don't seem to care
We are just SO out of sync...                                                  ...And I just feel dejected
I decided to try something a little different, and...I'm actually REALLY proud of how this turned out...and I don't say that very often. But I've been working on this for quite a while, and then figuring out how to get it to lay out (pretty much) the way I wanted took me extra's not perfect....but basically, I am super proud of the result :) Hope you all like it too <3
Willow-Anne Dec 2016
In times of crisis or trouble
I’m the one that keeps it together
When the world's crashing around me
I remain everybody’s tether

“Hey are you alright?”

I offer words of comfort
I tell them: ‘all will be okay’
No matter what the problem is
I have something positive to say

“You know…. its okay to be upset”

‘I’m fine’, I tell them all
When things happen in my life
Everyone around me is impressed
That I’ve overcome another strife

“Just keep hanging in there”

The truth is no one knows
That this is how I cope
I hide behind the happy mask
So I can give others hope

“You’re taking this…really well”

But somewhere along the way
I lost track of how I feel
I even tricked myself into thinking
That my happiness was real

“Are….are you sure you’re okay?”

But I can feel my façade cracking
Emotions are breaking through
I don’t have any distractions
And I don’t know what to do

“But..if you’re really okay…”

I force my smile even bigger
And laugh without knowing why
I’ll do whatever I have to do
To maintain this beautiful lie

*“…then why are you crying?”
Willow-Anne Jan 2013
Today is the day
I abandoned my hope
Today I stopped climbing
This unbeaten *****

It was silly to think
that I might be successful
'Cuz this rigged competition
is nothing but stressful

All of my dreams
And all my desires
They've all been abandoned
Thrown into the fires

What point is there in fighting
When the war is already lost
While the other side is celebrating
And I'm left here in the frost

I lost my grip on the hill
And I quickly started to fall
I tried to cry out for help
But no one heard my call

Now I'm stuck at the bottom
Of some deep and dark well
Trying to tread water
At the icy mouth of hell

.                                          Deeper.
Willow-Anne Feb 2013
Blowing out candles
and wishing on a star
doesn't always help,
my wish is still so far

Sometimes there's no happy ending
Dreams don't always come true
Sometimes the prince kisses another girl
Instead of kissing you

Left alone in a deep sleep
Still poisoned by the queen
It's suddenly up to you
To find your own vaccine

Without the kiss of true love
You feel as if your through
And when you finally wake
You don't know what to do

You're afraid to stand on your own  
You feel helpless and unable
This is what will happen
When you think life will be a fable

Life isn't a fairytale
Sometimes dreams just die
Every day is difficult
Its a struggle to get by

Its time for me to stop wishing
'cause those things don't come true
It's time I focus on reality
And bid old dreams adieu
Willow-Anne Jun 2014
Once there was a little bird
With nothing left at all
All alone stuck on the ground
The bird just small

So the bird began to walk
Till the old nest was out of sight
It didn't have the strength anymore
To stand up for itself and fight

After walking for forever
It found another nest
But decided to keep walking
It didn't want to be a pest

But there was someone in the nest
That kindly invited the bird to stay
And though the bird was cynical
It thought "well maybe just today"

The day turned into a week
That week turned into two
And before the bird realized it
All its problems slowly withdrew

Its feathers gradually grew back
And its wing slowly began to heal
The more time it spent in this new nest
The more living here seamed ideal.

The bird got its confidence back
And once again it could soar
It flew around with its new friends
And sang louder than before

Once there was a little bird
As happy as could be
It soared up in the sky all day
Home at last...and free
This morning....almost an entire year later, I came up with a sort of happy alternate ending/continuation of my poem "Flightless" and just kinda had to write it down.
I still love flightless as a stand alone poem exactly the way it is....but I feel like this alternative ending/part two also ties it up nicely and like sends a good message and whatnot, so I felt the need to write it and share it. Anyways, hope you all like this similar stand alone poem/continuation/Alternate ending? lol
Willow-Anne Jul 2013
Once there was a little bird
As happy as could be
It soared up in the sky all day
Joyful and carefree

The little bird loved to fly
Till someone broke its wing
It was okay living on the ground
But the thought caused quite a sting

That bird had beautiful feathers too
Till someone plucked them out
With nothing to protect itself
The bird was full of doubt

So the bird built itself a nest
Till someone else made it their own
With no room left for the little bird
It went off all alone

The little bird used to love to sing
But somehow it lost its song
It knew it still had a voice inside
But everything felt wrong

Once there was a little bird
With nothing left at all
All alone, stuck on the ground
The bird just small
Willow-Anne Nov 2012
People ask me what's going on
I tell them all I'm okay
I am a better liar than I thought
Because inside I feel gray

Without you here with me
Everything feels wrong
And whenever I see you
It is so hard to be strong

Best friends forever
That's what we always said
But that was the old you
And the old you is dead

From inside that corpse
A new you came
But ever since then
Nothing has been the same

With the old you it was easy
And I could always be myself
But with the new you it was difficult
You care for no one but yourself

So I put a fake smile on my face
And I try to fight back a tear
Because the truth is...
Loosing you was my biggest fear.
Willow-Anne Sep 2018
Ive become haunted by a Demon
Who’s making me question my mind
At first I thought he was an Angel
Cuz at first he seemed so kind

He helped me to unwind
And offered me support
When I was able to breathe him in
I felt like I was finally docked at port

I found his presence intoxicating
I always wanted him around
The insight he brought to my life
Was really quite profound

But those good feelings didn’t last forever
And I decided to take some time away
But he refused to leave my side
And I began to feel like prey

I can’t ever seem to escape from him
Hes mastered manipulation and seduction
My inability to walk away
Will be the cause of my destruction

I look into the mirror each day
And am frightened by what I see
Dark circles and red eyes
Is that the demon or is that me?

Every time I think I’ve escaped
He pulls me right back in
“You can’t survive without me
You just have to let me in.”

His voice echos through my head
His thoughts replace my own
….I love  him...I need him...I crave him  
And I’m afraid to be alone

I fear that I am not strong enough
And I want to let the demon win
Let go of loneliness-- embrace corruption.
I submit to my addiction again
We all have our demons.
Willow-Anne Apr 2015
Way back when I was younger
I was mistaken as a dude
They asked all sorts of questions
That slowly grew more rude

"Why don't you wear makeup?
Or dress in something nice?"
"If you ever want to get a guy
Why won't you just take our advice?"

When I began in high school
I had just begun to change
I had bought myself some cheap makeup
And clothes that just felt strange

Still, it wasn't enough though
The insults continued to come
"Ugly. Lazy. Undesirable"
It all began to make me glum

By the beginning of junior year
I had fully given in
Dresses replaced all of my jeans
And makeup covered all my skin

It was then, the insults changed
And people began to glare
Said I "cared too much about my looks"
And my "head must be full of air"

I still always got straight A's
The way I talked was still the same
But though I knew that they were wrong
Their comments made me feel lame

When senior year had rolled around
I was lonely as could be
People "liked" what I'd become
But I felt no one liked me for me

I'd never been on a single date
Because all the guys were crude
So it was only a small amount of time
Before I was labeled as a "*****"

When I finally started college
I expected something more
But people took one look at me
And labeled me a *****

I had not been sleeping around
I still hadn't even been on a date
Everyone just made assumptions
And looked at me with hate

The part that was most ironic
Was that after all these years
Of changing to be whatever they said
I was still hated by all my peers

I didn't want to dress like this
I didn't want to just conform
But there is only so much a person can take
Before they need to fit the "norm"

Society is what destroyed me
They are the reason I am this way
I changed to be what people wanted
Now I understand: I'll never see that day

I don't know who I am now
Though everyone else thinks that they do
Now please just take one piece of advice
It's so important to just stay you

You are perfect just as you are
So continue to stay strong
Remember no matter what they tell you
What society says is **wrong
Well....This is by far the longest I have ever spent on a poem....and the longest thing I've ever written. But though it is FAR from perfect, it was well worth it in my opinion, because this is something so personal and important to me.
To everyone reading this poem; no matter how old or young you are, no matter where you are, who you are, or what you have been through, please just remember you are uniquely beautiful and wonderful. People are going to tell you your whole life, that you are not good enough, or that you need to change to be accepted. ***** them. They are wrong. You have something so unique to offer the world. You are amazing and beautiful, and perfect and you DO NOT need to change. Stay strong and be EXACTLY who you are. Let yourself grow and evolve the way YOU want. Then years from now, when you have become the best you, the person YOU want to be, you can show society what true happiness, success, and beauty look like. <3 I know that all sounds super cheesy and cliche, but I don't care, and I mean every cheesy word of it.
<333333333 Stay wonderful everyone <333333333
Willow-Anne Jul 2013
Every time you say I can't
I believe it a little more
I used to have big hopes and dreams
But now you've shut that door

Your words are like a poison
and they've sunken in so deep
They echo in my head all night
and make it hard to sleep

"You'll never amount to anything,
You shouldn't even try"
The words you've drilled into my head
They're the words I now live by

I just want to prove you wrong
But I don't think that I can
I don't know what to do anymore
Cuz I'm back where I began

Why bother trying anything
If all you ever do is fail
Is there any point to fighting hard
If you never will prevail?
Willow-Anne Sep 2014
I'm surrounded by a sea of people
As far as the eye can see
All flowing in the same direction
And just floating along, is me

I've been wading in this water
Letting it carry me any way
Not caring about which direction
And never having any say

After wading all this time though
My legs started growing tired
So finally it was time to choose
Which direction I desired

But the problem with floating along
Was that I never became aware
I wasn't really a part of the waves
I was just sort of...there

What I wanted didn't matter
The waves still moved as one
Whether I moved with or against them
Didn't matter in the long run

Then I thought I better get out
And give myself some time to think
But I couldn't see the shore anymore
And with that, I started to sink

Now I'm surrounded by a sea of people
As far as the eye can see
All still flowing in the same direction
But drowning in it, is me
"I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel all alone." Robin Williams <3
Wow, I am so honored that this was chosen for daily poem and that I have received so many friendly comments.
Thank you all for your friendly words and messages, and for your love and support. You have no idea how much it means to me. <3
Willow-Anne Nov 2012
With every move I make
It's dieing to break free
It's trying to find a way
To take over me

As it rushes through me
I feel it take control
It has some sort of grip on me
Like I'm its little doll

I try to fight it back
With happy thoughts and ideas
But it is all no use
I am trapped by my fears.
This was one of the first poems I ever wrote, so I figured I would put it up
Willow-Anne Feb 2013
I have spent too much time
Crying over what can not be
I have wasted my life away
just hoping you would see

Looking back over the years
Thinking of all that I've done
Yet still on this day...
Its as if we've just begun

I did everything that I could
to prove my worth to you.
And this is how you repay me?
This is what you do?!

I kept on thinking to myself
One day I'll get what I deserve
And yet, here we are...
You've really got some nerve...

You treat me like I'm trash
Then tell me to "get over it"
You fill me with disgust
Now I'm here to say "I quit..."

I'm so done being here
And as I move on I know
In the near future you'll regret it.
You'll wish you never let me go.
Willow-Anne Jun 2013
Do you ever get that feeling
Like someone's watching you
I used to be a nobody
So this feeling is kind of new

I'm used to being alone
No one wanting me near
Doing whatever I want
Without ever having to fear

Now I'm in the limelight
And I'm not really sure why
But anywhere I go
There's always a lurking spy

Now no matter what I do
Everyone wants to know
I can't have any privacy
My life's become a show

I feel as if I'm famous
But not in a good way
Everybody talks about me
I feel like I'm on display

People voice their opinions
On all my private affairs
Someone just make them all shut up...
*Someone stop their stares...
Willow-Anne Aug 2013
Everyone has choices in life
And make them every day
Small decisions like what to eat
And big ones like go or stay

Each and every decision
Presents a different path
With tons of decisions every day
Well, you can do the math

Who knows what would change
If we could redo what's already passed
"...If that one thing had been different?"
A question we've all asked

If you were given the opportunity
Would you change an event so small
Would you really take that chance
When that little thing could change it all

Sometimes when life gets bad
We want to take it all back
We wish that things were different
And want to try a different track

After doing lots of thinking
I think we are where we're meant to be
On the road to greater things
We just have to be patient and see
Willow-Anne Apr 2014
I used to believe in destiny
I used to believe in fate
I thought I'd end up at just the right place
And everything would just be great

I used to believe in honesty
In speaking up for what you believe
I thought people would value the truth
I didn't think that they would leave

I used to believe in people
That deep down everyone is good
That's why violence, cruelty, and abuse
Were things that I never understood.

If there is good in everyone
Do people just choose the bad?
Do they decide that life is more fun
When your goal is to make others sad?

If being honest is always best
Then why does it create drama?
Arguments, attacks, and insults...
Why not save ourselves the trauma?

If there is really some higher plan
Why do so many people end up falling flat
People are bullied, abused, homeless
Tell me, what kind of master plan is that?

I used to believe in destiny
Maybe I was just naive
I used to believe in the good
Now I don't know what I believe.
So this is a bit more negative than the poems I usually share (in my opnion) I almost didn't share this one...but I liked the layout a lot so I why not. Anyways, sorry for the negativity everyone! <3 Hopefully my next poem will be a bit more positive <3 :)
Also sorry about the lame title...this the first time ever that I couldn't come up with a one word title that was exactly what I wanted it to be...
But I refuse to break my tradition of one word titles lol. So I'll have to settle for a mediocre one. Anyways, hope you all enjoy the poem dispite the negativity.
Willow-Anne Apr 2015
It doesn't matter how hard I try
I never seem to get away
Cause after all you did to me
I fear these feelings will always stay

Your lies I believed were the truth beneath
The pain recedes but the heart bleeds
My instincts were right all along
I’m just a part of your love song

You see, I live my life in fear
Fear I won't succeed
And every small critique I get
Makes me once again recede

My Iloveyous to you were inevitable
Like the sun emitting his ardor
Despite the moon in slumber’s nocturne
He shines brightly with fervor

I live my life, always afraid
That I am not on the right path
And if I take one small misstep
I'll have to face somebody's wrath

Time consumes me while I waste it away
Like grains of sand as I clenched and ran
Only to lose it
Again and again

I am eternally scared
That all my judgments are wrong
And if I ever meet someone
They'll only like me for so long

But then I met you out of the blue
You were trying to forget someone too
We sparked like fireworks in the night sky
But the fire burnt out and our colors faded hue

I live my life in constant fear
I fear that you were right
I simply am not good enough
And I will not be alright

Thank you for proving me right
That we were not meant to be
How could you love another light
When I was the one your darkness pleased

But even worse than all these things
Is my terror that someday
I will meet someone else like you
And not be able to get away.

You complete me

You destroyed me
So honored to have done my first collab ever with the wonderful Erenn
*Erenn is Italics
~Check out the rest of his work~
Regular Account -
Collabs Account -

Thank you so much for doing this collab with me Erenn!! ^.^ You are so talented! :)
Hope you all enjoy it.
Willow-Anne Dec 2012
Whenever something happens
Whether its good or its sad
My first thought is still to call you
But that would probably be bad

I cant help but wonder though
What you would do
If I picked up the phone
While I was thinking about you

Would you answer and be happy
Would we work everything out
Would we sit there and wonder
What our fight was even about

Would you answer and be angry
Would we yell...would we shout...
When we hung up the phone
Would I be left without any doubt

If I picked up the phone
Would you just ignore my call
Would you leave me to cry
Would you not care at all

Has it been too long
Since all those things were said
Would it just be pointless
Should I put this from my head

I still have to wonder
If I should just try
Could I possibly make it worse
Than the day we said goodbye?
Willow-Anne Nov 2014
As everyone else talks and laughs
I watch quietly from afar
It seems so natural for everyone else
But for me just feels bizarre

My generation is so obsessed
With things I just don't get
They grind, they kiss, they 'get a room'
With people they've just met

I watch it happen again and again
My friends all want to 'score'
But for me that wild party life
Is nothing but a bore

I'd rather be playing a card game
Than raving at some club
And I'd much prefer an exciting book
Than drinking at some pub

So maybe I'm a bit different...
I'm an ace you just can't play
I spend some 'boring' times alone
But....honestly, that's okay
I'm not condemning anyone
'Cause I am not here to judge
I simply do not understand
So please don't hold a grudge
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

(Ugh not my best work.....But I'm really trying to post/write more this'll have to do for now. Sorry everyone...Hope y'all like it anyways)
Willow-Anne Aug 2015
Once upon a time
In a kingdom far away
There grew to be a princess
Who in a castle, was forced to stay

The princess longed for adventure
And to go off on her own
She wished to ride and fight all day
Not just sit upon a throne

But every time she brought it up
Her thoughts were just shut down
"It's too dangerous, you'll get hurt
It's my duty to protect the crown"

Everywhere she went
She was guarded by a knight
And with every passing minute
She felt her spirit become less bright*

I refuse to be that girl
I am not some helpless flower
I will not spend my entire life
Guarded in some tower

I will never be your princess
Instead I'll follow my own direction
I will go on any expedition I choose
And I'll do so without your protection
I really needed to write this.
Willow-Anne Mar 2016
Sometimes I feel like a puzzle piece
Looking for the perfect spot
But actually finding a connection
Is harder than I would have thought

Sometimes I find a section
That looks exactly like my hue
But our edges just won't match up
And I have to begin my search anew

I recently thought I found my place
Where everything seemed to fit
Together we'd be a work of art
I thought this was finally it

But once we started to get closer
I noticed that something was wrong
Our pieces wouldn't fit together
And I once again would not belong

I didn't want to search anymore
After the years of frustration
So I came to the conclusion
It was time for an alteration

There were pieces of myself
I thought I could afford to lose
So I began hacking at my edges
And changing some of my views

Even with the changes though
We could never be a match
I couldn't become the proper shape
For us to be able to attach

But as I turned to leave
It occurred to me what I'd done
I'd altered myself forever
And might not ever fit anyone

My once perfectly smooth edges
Were now ugly and uneven
And so I left it all behind
Thinking I had nothing to believe in  

While I wandered around the world
Feeling helpless and alone
I soon discovered a brand new place
Called the crooked puzzle zone

It was a city full of misfits
Who thought they'd never find their place
They were all so friendly and welcoming
Of my broken, tattered face

Together we still make beautiful art
It's just a little more abstract
And though we don't have our "perfect pairs"
We can still happily interact.

So whenever you're feeling down
And life has made you weary
Remember the world is full of puzzles
And every piece is necessary
Ever sit down with an idea in your head, start writing, and end up with a totally different result than what you originally set out to write?
That was this poem.
Oh well..I guess I'll have to come back to the other idea some other time lol
Willow-Anne Jul 2018
My heart has never felt this way
For anyone but you
I had given up on the idea of love
Until into my life you flew

You came into my life
Like a burning fire storm
Your energy was intoxicating
And your touch was always warm

So easily I fell in love
With your light that burned so bright
But it made it so I was blind to see
That something wasn’t right

Things were not as perfect
As I had let myself believe
But I’d caught a glimpse of a happy future
That I’d sacrifice anything to achieve

I constantly made the choice
Between loosing you or who I am
I let you burn away what made me me
And you still didn’t give a ****

Because you were doing the same
Burning away pieces of who you were
Doing whatever you could to impress
The new person you’d grown to prefer

I thought that you loved me too
But I guess I was naive
Cuz within a year of our last kiss
You’d be packing bags to leave

With your head up in the clouds
You flew off to live your new dream
You had found a new partner in crime
And I was once again a one man team.

Now there’s something I need to confess
I loved you more than you ever knew
But I will not cry for you anymore my love
Because you took my heart with you

So if you see me shed a tear
Its not over the severed ties
‘Cuz now the flames have all burnt out
And the smoke is in my eyes
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