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Come back, sweetheart
I promise I'll be good

Love me, again
Follow me to where I stand

You say "I won't go"
But how can I know
When you take me by surprise?

You say I must change
So I'll rearrange
All of these feelings inside

Come back, sweet thing
That we had for sure

Love me tonight and
I swear to God that I'll change
I'm sorry that I'm not enough
Or maybe, babe, I'm just too much
To ever gently linger in your touch

And babe, you know I'm just too rough
To treat you like I've got the stuff
To heal the broken love that you've got

So tell me that I did you wrong
Tell me that you're moving on
And that I'll cry forever when you're gone

And you're not wrong.

I can't bluff.

But I'm not strong.
It is a very human tragedy
That we can name more lengths
Of waves of light than our eyes
Can or will ever comprehend

To know that something exists
And is very likely beautiful
Just outside our grasp, forever
Is the most human thing of all

At least to me.
Too full for a fool
Who must now eat every word
That he cries in the night
In place of saying [redacted]
So I guess I’ll go on
Living alone
Doing the things that I do

Knowing too well
All the charm is gone
In a world and a life without you.
When I was with you I would dream
Of lying in your bed and looking up
As your long, thin hair formed a curtain
Around us; expelling the outside world
With its fabled intimacy.

In this dream, our eyes could not be torn
To look away or stray from love.

But today my own hair is long and thick,
And I see in my periphery as it falls
To embrace the head of my new love;
Who I hope also dreamt of this moment,
And who will not be disappointed as I.
Come now, apocalypse! End my pain in one fell blow

Bring the fury of nuclear winter or the fire of Hell below

Do not make me wait for death. Do not linger by degrees

Do not be silent or stoic while you bring me to my knees

Be swift and sincere as you unleash those unnamed fears

No more heartache no more hoping no more half-unshed tears

Come now, my love. Be direct with me, and deft

For I know a deathly quickness is the only kindness you have left
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