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There I was, as a child, sat
Beneath the willow tree
Beside the pool
Near the badminton court
While soft branches swayed down
Wisping onto the neighbor's yard
Like the gentle caress
Of a lover's touch
Or the fall of your hair
As you lean down for a kiss
In the pool of pillows
Where I make my nest

A child then and a man now
I love it in your shade
Abolish the police for crimes against us
(Go further; to the root)
Abolish the prisons that enslave us
(Go further; to the root)
Abolish the Guard turned against us
(Go further; to the root)
Abolish the army primed to stop us
(Go further; to the root)
Abolish the chief who rails about us
(Go further; to the root)
Abolish the laws that sanction “justice”
(Go further; to the root)
Abolish the state unjustly above us
(Go further; to the root)
Abolish the capital propping them up
(Go further; to the root)
Tear down their factories choking us
(Go further; to the root)
Crush the billionaires into dust
(Go further; to the root)
Abolish the voice inside of us
That tells us the world simply “must”
We will never forget the names of those
Who should have been known for so much more.

Sandra Bland. George Floyd. Tamir Rice. Riah Milton. James Scurlock. Rem'Mie Fells. Breonna Taylor. Too many to name. 400 years.

We remember them for all they could have been.
Not martyrs. Murdered.
People living and then gone forever.

White supremacy is not poetic. It is a blunt instrument.
We must fight it every day.
On summer days,
Still wet from thawing, I bloom
Into the person that I love
With all my heart, I sing
And laugh and race around the fire
On summer nights when my arms
Ache from a day of heavy living
My feet are light and my skin ripens
And I think, finally, "I am me"
And I pause to consider the grey,
Cold drudgery that consumes
This man for too many months.
I would weep for him, but
Cannot catch my breath in the sun
All the world is sorrow
As we force our eyes
To read the names
Of all we have lost

All the world is restless
Like a tape stuck
In a stunted spiral
Waiting to begin again

The world is dying
And so are we
One by one it takes us
And the list grows long
Every morning I microwave myself

Reheating stale words on my lips

As I shuffle toward the inevitable

Sleep that never quite takes

In the vain hope that tomorrow

There exists a new "me"

Who is finally ready to become
My mother eats music like chocolates
Consuming sweetness and sadness slowly,
And always in moderation.

Too many Adele songs, she warns,
Might cause the heart to bleed
And the world to become less solid.

She revels in austerity;
Proud that her life is clean
Even if it is sterile.

But I want to feel it all for myself!!
I want to scream a tornado from my lungs
And crash the moon into darkness...

I want to love and hate and die and ****!
To live without dread for a single second.
To squeeze the sweetness out of every pop song.

I want to kiss a boy that I like so much
Without a voice in my neck
Choking my ambitions.

I want to live without a howling past.
To die without a fettered future.
To dream without a present tense.

To eat the madness of the world
In a feast of fancy
From which I cannot return.
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