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Nov 2017 · 502
The Warmth Of Love
Is your body, so yielding, so tender;
Is your sweat, too salty, so render !
In my whispers, a passion desire;
burns for true lust to fuel the fire !
black book written; with no preface;
Pain never speaks; nothing on face ;
lodged to have love; longed for hate;
Life begins and ends up in debate;
touched, kissed, hugged each other;
vowed in a ******* to one another,
Love is all about evolution,
What looks like a mistake to others
has been a milestone in others life.
Even if people have betrayed,
even if a heart was broken,
even if people misunderstood
or judged wrongly, love has learned
from these life incidents.
We are human and we make mistakes,
but learning from them is
what makes the difference.
Williamsji Maveli
Nov 2017 · 370
Wounded Silence
No more profound pain in this present;
It is a real gain in the shadow crescent;
Nobody's life is entirely free of any sorrow;
All you created without a need to borrow
The mind always seeks to deny the current;
Intensity of pain depends in this moment;
Imagine the Earth devoid of human being,
All we  need is  time; mind of a well being,
And when we are gone, we are forgotten,
Without a trace, as if we never even existed.
And that's all, a simple and a fine life,
Well lived, fine loved in a mild silent way,
When a dwelling has just lost its soul,
a wounded silence falls over
the sudden emptiness
that no one will fill again.
And all the noises that may be made later
in that house will be like a scandalous din,
ugly echoes from one room to another,
from one corridor to another
Nov 2017 · 691
My Childhood Days
When new olive tree blossoms, all conflicts will end,
showing the angels of all peace creations to descend,
This fruit garden of you and me, where our childhood
dreams flourished under the shade of that tree stood,
Playing all the child games of love, hatred and despair,
I held his wounded body with much more care,
In the shades and shadows of the big orange-grove,
You and me, hugging together our love grew to prove,
We are one, in life, will never ever to depart,
Among the thorns, hills, oasis of this desert,
Although I was not dead, the other fatal day,
On my chest, I sadly placed a tombstone today,
During that night of my loved friend’s death,
No clouds, no blue skies, no stars to talk with,
My tears rushed down like a flood on a hill,
The heart dried, eyes blind, it’s all your will.
With all anthems of life now singing in love,
bringing peace, accord and bliss from heaven above.
All of new life now bearing in minds the truth;
it’s the heart of desire which will give a rebirth.
Williamsji Maveli
Oct 2017 · 326
My Dear Angel,
My dear angel,
You are the greatest one;
Elegant, loveliest, glittering
Among all celestial presence;
I adore you without any stain
While you wear a dress of wings
An earring of obedience to songs,
But as soon as the turn of the earth,
A call out from the top of purity,
And began to boast in a carnival
We glorify you in beauty

My dear angel,
You are the cutest one,
celestial, alluring, sumptuous
among all glorious perfections,
I worship you without any return
while you behave very  obedient,
But no craving in you selves,
Nor do you have any darkness
in your make-up;
only the beam  of love

From the pages of  my poetry anthology " SONG OF THE SOULS "
Oct 2017 · 312
Life is a secret garden

Mind is the main root,

Body is the long trunk;

Soul is the blossomed flower,

When will you come?

to enjoy the wind within me

And to pluck my fruits of love


Oct 2017 · 295
Green leaves grow on your body stems,

Two deep blue eyes glow like  gold gems,

Soft rose petals are fresh on the your face,

Outsourcing, nurturing the human race

Lyrics are star clusters of pure love delight,

Your fruit garden is my heavenly heart;

It slowly opens its buds in a shy of love,

Pure nectar flows down from the above


Oct 2017 · 270
Celestial Women
Elegant, charming, celestial women,
hidden within my own infinite powers,
and other endless possibilities,
Around you, boundless opportunities,
Then why should I fear, dear
When someone strong like you
wakes me up with a song of a dawn
scribbling of poetic instincts arouse
inviting true and near friendship,
a friendship of alphabets, words,
sentences, Paragraphs, Chapters,
Finally, an untitled life-book
buried under the mud……

Oct 2017 · 215
Life Nectar....

I dropped one more
Tear today
Into your deep
Blue Ocean of love
I will continue dropping
Until you will grab me,
All days and nights.
I kissed one more
Time today
On your pink
******* of lust
I will continue kissing
Until you will pour me
Life nectar, day and night
Oct 2017 · 185
Sixth Sense
A concept of sixth sense,
Or a slight awareness skill,
Is our ability to perceive the
subtle-dimension or the
unseen world of angels,
ghosts, heaven, it includes
our ability to understand
the delicate cause and
effect relationship behind
many incidents, events,
which is beyond the
understanding of the intellect.
Oct 2017 · 134
My Lost Green Leaf....
My lost green leaf.....
In remembrance of one of my most precious and valuable Poetry friend......

My Lost Green Leaf ( A prose poem )

If one of my green leaf from my own poetree is lost by somehow or other, for whatever reason, which I am still not aware, I never feel that I really lost it. I stand still and straight forward, aiming at the shining sun up, and do believe me that my own poetree forest knows where I stand, I must let it find until I find in myself, my lost green leaf....

Williamsji Maveli

Williamsji Maveli
Oct 2017 · 149
Logic is from a learned mind;
It is deterrent to faith and kind;
We are born in love to acquire;
Enhance life always to inspire.

Williamsji Maveli

Inspirational micro poem, written as a tribute to Valerie L. Hyatt
Oct 2017 · 151
As every rose flower knows how to crown

Flora holds a dreamy language of her own

Every sentiment well expressed in one form

Or another by the bliss, fragile, ardour bloom

Poetess Flower Girl is a perfect replica of love,

She is sprouting, planting, nurturing to above






This is from the collection of my 101 inspirational poems under "LOVE FLOWERS " based on Poetess Flower Girls poems
My courtesy and love to Honorable Poetess Flower Girl
Oct 2017 · 135
Question Marks ???
A question remains
An answer is being
questioned too !
A mind remains
A body makes another
rejection too !
An answer remains
An Question is being
Questioned too !
A body remains
A mind makes another
rejection too !

Williamsji Maveli

Today the word poetry evokes images of love and sentimentality, but the term romanticism has a much wider meaning. It covers a choice of developments in art, literature, music, dance and philosophy, spanning the late 20 th and early 21 st centuries.

The romantics would not have used the term themselves and the label was applied retrospectively, from around the middle of the 20 th century. Man was born free in this virtual environment of real life but, everywhere he is in chains. During the romantic period major transitions took place in culture, as dissatisfied intellectuals and artists challenged the establishment.

Almost all the romantic poets were at the very heart of this movement. They were inspired by a desire for liberty, and they denounced the misuse of the poor.There was a highlight on the significance of the individual; a conviction that people should follow ideals rather than imposed conventions and rules. The romantics renounced the rationalism and order linked with the preceding clarification era, stressing the importance of expressing authentic personal feelings.

They had a real sense of responsibility to their fellow men: they felt it was their duty to use their poetry to inform and inspire others, and to change the humanity and their social attitude. Poet Rumpa Ray Ghosh believe in this theory on life and poetry of this time.


For Poet Rumpa Ghosh, even a quatrain is what in a verse, which makes someone to cry or to laugh, or just be silent, makes your twinkle, makes you want to do this or that or nothing, makes you know that you are alone in the unknown world, that your bliss and suffering is forever shared and forever all your own.
Poetry is taking at the heartstrings, and making music within our solitude in life. Rumpa Ray Ghosh is a poet of profound obsession towards composing lyrical form of poetry. Her poetic enthusiasm makes her verses, extremely impressive and highly alluring. She is fast budding poetess of wisdom and emotional response. She had completed her Masters degree from University of Calcutta, though she is from Calcutta currently living in Mumbai.She started composing poems since her young age.

Intentionally or innocently, many of the poets are most often trying to fill a vast space with things that cannot satisfy fully. We look forward to fill the void with our own possessions for comfort, but unfortunately we normally end up wanting more and more. We try to fill it with relationships or pleasures, but we end up feeling even more empty and further more depressed than from the point where and when we commenced the discontentment as these thoughts were well presented by Rumpa Ray Ghosh in her poems, namely, “ The Roof”, “ The broken house “.
The only place that we can really find true fulfilment and gratification is in the hands of divine God. We need to recall and allow our convictions, not in circumstances, to govern our sense of contentment. The anthology freshly illuminates many excellent lyrics and short poems and are highly valued regardless of its freestyle genre.
For both the poet’s, self-consciousness is connected to the new eminence established to poetry by the feelings of the self, which truly resembles the title of the anthology, “ The Musical Marvels of Self “. Her poems are lyrical, close to heart, soft and romantic. The scrupulous flow in her rhyme magnetizes the readers. Her works were widely published in many national and international journals. She is a regular blogger. She takes the images of her writing from simple every day incidents, uses metaphors and imagery to add grace in her skill of presentation.
Her language is simple, easily understood by lay man, quite touching and heart rendering. Her first book " Musical Marvels of Self ", an anthology of 43 poems came out through Zorba publishers.

The anthology was a combined effort in association with honourable poet Dr Ujjwala Kakarala during September 2017 Besides, being a talented poetess of lyrics, she was an excellent singer Proficient in Bengali folksongs, Rabindra Sangeet and Nazrulgeeti and ghazals and has sung in numerous local stage shows. Rabindra Sangeet merge gracefully into Tagore's literature, most of which—poems or parts of single scene plays alike—were beautifully transformed or converted to lyrical formats. Influenced by the “ Thumri “ style of classical vocal music, this has made the entire scope of human emotion, ranging from his early songs-like Brahma devotional hymns to human soul.
This has emulated the tonal color of classical “ragas “to varying extents.
Earlier, She had also the chance to attain a position as Quarter-finalist in BBC Mastermind Family Quiz competition aired on Disney Channel.Poet Rumpa Ray Ghosh, an Indian by nationality, she hails from West Bengal, the “ City of Joy “, but currently living in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She is by occupation a teacher, content writer and a blogger. By obsession she is a poetess and a singer. She has completed her post-graduation and B.Ed. from the University of Calcutta. She has worked as a teacher in St. Thomas School, Mumbai, as a content-writer for ‘Pratham’ (NGO) and as an English curriculum developer in Vibgyor High School in Mumbai.
She publishes her writings on her own blog with a name ( fragmentofimagination). She is also a writer for some literary groups. Some of her poems have been published in national anthologies. Recently one of her poems has been published in a US e-magazine "Beyond Borders” in a popular poetry site. She has also participated in an open-mic poetry reciting performance in the Prithvi theater arena in Mumbai. Being Proficient in classical vocal music, she had the opportunity to perform in classical vocal music on various musical events. She is a Sangeet Visharad from Bhatkhande Sangit Vidyapith, Lucknow and is trained under Late Pandit Vinayak Vohra. More tha a Poetess having a deep passion in writing, she enjoys dance, music and teaching his students as part of her professional skills. Stay blessed in all ways at all times.

If you had ever lost yourself in a kiss,
When an embrace of a feminine miss,
I mean pure distorted sensual perception,
Blissful feelings not just as lustful nurture,
But a transcendental alteration of nature,
While you became aware of inhaling love,
****** pleasure of breathing into you above,
Thrashing the sides and edges of your ribs,
Like sealing both the fleshy enveloped lips
Full with concentrated essence of passion,
Life forms, then blossoms by same mission,
Delivered back to you, over and over again,
The very sweet kiss of your life, more to gain
A kiss that confirms for the universe in align,
That the world's peak resource is adoration,
And maybe even that God is a pretty woman,
With the reception of ***** moods for human.
Williamsji Maveli
Jun 2015 · 792
Now let us be merry for while;

Put our faces together for smile;

And now, like passionate birds;

Fairly at once shall whisper words;

Our sweetness up into one remains;

And tear our pleasures with gains,

Through the flower gates of pure love,

Blessed hands touch both from above


Jun 2015 · 999
Gleaming bodies knotted in rest,
in an eternal sadistic, ****** lust,
seeking pleasure from love dance,
in quest of surprise and a romance.

The red lips meet in yielding kiss,
tongue begin passion, never to miss
Forgotten now, all exterior sphere.
None are excluded in this line here

Love stroke on two bodies to ponder
She arches up for his caress nurture
He finds the smooth doorway wide
in an embrace of womanly wet ride


Mar 2015 · 1.2k
When I gave my heart away !
Do know how to say a romantic compliment? Though the content of the compliment itself is excellent, how you empress it counts for a lot. Make the tone romantic by maintaining eye contact and keeping a half smile as you talk - it will make you naturally add appealing inflection to your voice.-WILLIAMSJI MAVELI

As long as you remain
in my own embrace,
my heart will also
keep on pounding.
After you leave;
Your memories will
come to my mind
And this heart will
keep on yearning.
When I gave my heart away
Without knowing that you would
Take it or not, in wait I was
Of this moment.
Today I found you
And I sigh with relief
Lets sit together and talk
About love.
Let the day pass and
Let the dawn set
And let night come don't go
Away anywhere.
Hide me in your arms
Of your love and let me sleep
Let love cross its boundaries.
As long as you remain
in my own embrace
my heart will also
keep on pounding

Jan 2015 · 1.1k
You begin from a love dream of light
In the initial cute slumber of night,
When the winds are lashing a blow,
And the red stars are shining low.
You begin from a life dream of light,
In the initial cute slumber of night,



inspirational short poems....

Poem title : Healing Hugs

by Piusha Singh

    Gazing on the beauty of burning sun

    Warming in his arms of soft embrace

    Nestled in the cozy comfort of elegance

    Fearless in the wilderness of fragrance.


    Inspired by the above lines,


Love creeps into minds when nature fulfills,

Blue Lake in silence never flow towards hills,

Awakes in thirst when pure sweet honey pours,

Passionate devotion extend its hands for hugs.





My courtesy and love to Honorable Poetess Piusha Singh
Dec 2014 · 907
Though you are far away,  
across the oceans;  
I feel at all times,  
you are very near and close
being impatient, waiting to read,  
what is  written,  
to hear what is in your mind,  
now to express the passion  
you have is something which I desire,  
when your pen hits the paper,
it's burning like fire.  
Yet, all must flow so easily,
very well, smoothly;
your sensual thoughts  
and your loveable verbs  
your adjectives;  
your adverbs, sweet  words.
Mischievous writings,  
lovely sentences in pages  

GREEN LEAVES: Inspirational poems
Healing Hugs by Piusha Singh

" Erased the salty tears of love, yesterday
Roosted in these healing hugs together
Severed the shackle of mortality of  life
Tethered in this cosmic union forever"
Written by Poetess Piusha Singh
• Inspired by the above lines,
• Williamsji Maveli writes…
Love creeps into minds when nature fulfills,
Blue Lake in silence never flow towards hills,
Awakes in thirst when pure sweet honey pours,
Passionate devotion extends its hand for hugs.
GREEN LEAVES: 2 From the collection of inspirational poems of Poetess Piusha Singh. My courtesy and love to Poetess Piusha Singh -WILLIAMSJI
Green Leaves : Williamsji Maveli writes Inspirational poems

Poetess Piusha Singh

Sun is the happiest to
welcome his beloved.
Together they spawn
a new love story, nature
witnessing their coupling,
bringing  the warmth around.
Inspired by the above,
What is inside you dear Sun that can hold me?
I dream of thee, but to love thee, I can never hope,
I am like the morning dew drop to perish and diminish,
Too tiny to take thee unto heart, my life is all in tears

NOTE: GREEN LEAVES: 1 This is from the collection of inspirational poems My Courtesy and love to Poetess Piusha Singh-Williamsji Maveli
Dec 2014 · 531
Like a Candle ......
To say that I love you,
Means that I love your
Body and mind
I can love one person all time
As my life is just saying
That one candle will
Continue burning
As long as you live
Along with me
Like a candle,
Enlightening me
Hence, I declare that
Your eyes are dew drops,
Lips like red cherry fruits,
Face is a full moon;
Hairs, black forest,
Dove birds, your ****,
Desert Lake, your navel,
You are my own nature,
So celestial,
So elegant!

From Williamsji Maveli's new collection of poems titled " Sinfully Yours..."
My Dad plays a game of "hide and seek" : A Tribute poem to my beloved Dad: Late George Maveli
• My Dad plays a game of "hide and seek" :
• A Tribute poem to my beloved Dad: Late George Maveli
My Dad plays a game of "hide and seek",
Though in Intensive Care since a week,
But I know He is still sleeps by my side,
He still makes me happy by elephant ride
Putting me on his bare back to continue play
Taking his strong arms to go fast or to delay
And to repeat the black elephant's game
Making me to be happier and fame
• Top from heaven I heard
• a song of love from a bird;
• A sad word from  my Lord,
• I still love you my dear Dad.
He died not too late in my hand,
but lives still in my own soft mind
I wish time wouldn't go forward,
then I would make a good reward
I try to have and repeat old memoirs,
my minds mostly turns to summaries
• Top from heaven I heard
• a song of love from a bird;
• A sad word from  my Lord,
• I still love you my dear Dad.
I wish I had my dear dad by my side
The stories I hear about ocean tide,
To my eyes it brings more and more fear
Before I had to say good-bye, a drop of tear
I wish I had more fun time with my dear
My mom lets me know how much he care
Since I was too young to have love to share
• Top from heaven I heard
• a song of love from a bird;
• A sad word from  my Lord,
• I still love you my dear Dad.
NOTE: I left my dear Dad (Late George Maveli) in the hands of my Lord Jesus on Saturday 19th July @ 1630 hours Indian time. He died at the age of 89, I am his eldest Son. I regret to express to all my beloved viewers and my well wishers of Hello Poetry. I shall post my poems after a weeks period of condolence   - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
If you really want to know how to write poetry
Then read the verses of Williamsji Mavelli
No he's not Shakespeare Frost or Maya Angelou
Yet, he has forgotten more about writing poems
Than most of us ever will know, or ever knew
Integrity is water in a barren desert-- a treasure found.
And a poet can become a slave to burning ego
Without the true man of the quill to keep their feet
Planted firmly on the ground
So I render this feeble tribute to you my old friend
Since the beginning; standing as a living symbol  
Of class, integrity and enduring inspiration
A Tribute Poem written by my friend poet
Curtis Longstreet
Stealing the blues from the splashing seas,
A tinge of green from the olive trees,
A bit of red from the sunset, with pure,
White from the February dawn dews,
Myself, along with my wife Gem Nimmy,
Second star Madonna Williams, we all,
Together frame a sweet home with the
Bright combination of vivid colors
For an everlasting life to both of you,
Dear Bastin Paul and Marilyn Williams,
As this couple has made a life based
Promise to make a promise, as they have
chosen to make a choice for their life


NOTE; Inspired by Marilyn Williams, first daughter of author WILLIAMSJI MAVELI on the betrothal day, on 24th Feb 2014@ St. George Basilica Church at 11: 30 AM (Indian Time). The wedding is scheduled to be held at St. Jospeh's Forane Church on 1st of March, 2014 @ Kodakara, Trichur, South India.
Jan 2014 · 770
Bleed for two days !

There, she was ****,
an old body, hanging around;
across her *******,
A knife takes a cut off
…Bleed for two days.

Then, she was rude,
an old love, burning at one end;
Towards her armpits,
A needle pierce into
…Bleed for two days
Jan 2014 · 858
An Email Invite from a Girl

Dear Handsome Lover Boy,
I’m Meera Gupta,
a 22 year KG teacher for kids,
I am very sociable and fun-loving;
I am looking for someone,
Kind to my heart,
Mind at my chat
Confident & smart life partner
who will match my wave-length.
Are you interested in knowing me?
Are you inspired my love writing?
Meera Gupta
Dec 2013 · 848
Lovely Moment !

A lovely moment
can be a vague thing,
but only because we’re too busy,
too wounded, too stressed,
or too blinded to open
our eyes and see them.  
The truth is, Lovely Moments
are in abundant in our daily life.
When you find a connecting point,
and you’re reminded that
those passing feelings
of loneliness do not mean
you’re actually alone – that’s a
Lovely Moment.
When you have the opportunity
to touch another life with the
comfort that they
don't have to be afraid;
that's a lovely moment !
Dec 2013 · 1.0k
A hand in hand......

Awaken like the swelling sun,
My exotic lust takes a slow run
Awaken like the genesis of day,
My sweet love sings this midday
A new sound is heard like the call of a bird,
My will sobs at the beauty of your word.
Earth is fertile like an elegant woman,
Sun is burning to share, like a man
We were meant to be, long before birth.
Finally to decorate the body in wreath
Your name is written on the vast shore
In a landscape you stand alone bare
Eternally bound, painfully shine
Your ******* are nurtured   in mine.
Day Hand in hand
Night slept in sand
Forever together, never to part,
Bodies divided, but one at heart.
Your soft touch, like the flush of the moon,
Bring forth my heart, from its cocoon.
And in your eyes, your live shines forth,
More than the stars, your glance is worth.
And every word brings forth the fire
Within my veins, the edge of desire.
To grow old in your arms, this life time
It’s my dream; that’s all I want to be fame
When wheels of age finally run short
Then you are my own angel to escort.
And I will save a seat, for you at my side
Eternity waits, only for both of us to abide.
Now let us rejoice, all comes without a clue
Time is our best friend, as oceans are blue.
All vigor and strength in our bodies reside
Only in true love, does my spirit confide.
Let us be merry, and laugh, and rejoice,
Only in that love, all do find their voice.
Dec 2013 · 746
Love never hurts !

Everybody says that
love hurts our hearts.
But that's not true.
It is your loneliness which hurts.
Losing someone dear hurts.
Everyone confuse
these things with love
but in reality, love
is the only thing in this world
that covers up all the pain
and makes us feel wonderful again.


My love has exploded the bonds,
setting our romance into sounds,
Her divine call for me, I fell in her,
We made our own spring to start,
In a novel form of everlasting art,
With in the thrilling soft heart,
A colorful world with dreams,
Nothing is as it did and seems,
The darkness of solitude is done
She has become my rising sun.
Dec 2013 · 626
The Final Round !

Of the women flock, two shall be selected;
Set aside; being divided: one, in loved ones;
Another lustful ; a word of beauty;
a sentences of the most elegant ;
Their fate shall be divided into
Never embraced, Never kissed, Never slept;
From the men herd, one will be sent to hell
Separated from murderer’s and thief’s;
their fate will be declared during final round.
Hell is still vacant for sinners yet to be filled
Dec 2013 · 494
Fear of Love !

To overcome the fear of loss,
You must forget about everything
you ever cared for in life;
To overpower the fear of love,
You must forgive others sin's
you never forgotten in life !
Dec 2013 · 428
Shape and Beauty
Your shape and beauty
may change at any time;
Do not hurt or evaluate
any others in your life,
unless you are asked for it !

Dec 2013 · 583
Breaking my love vein !
Within a bountiful gain,
You shower in me,  like the first rain,
Within a mindful lustful pain,
You break my love vein !

Dec 2013 · 583
The Harvest !
I touch your feet for a bless,
I smell your sweat for a bliss,
I open your lips for a kiss,
I reap your grains for a harvest !

Nov 2013 · 723
Life @ Signals....

The green is for pedestrians;
They cross the highways in this color !
The red is for road traffic stop and block;
Life ends up at Zebra lines; rail tracks;
Love intersects at junctions; narrow routes;
It climb-upwards towards the hills;
then down towards the valleys;
In between the green and red signals,
a yellow will hesitate to make a halt;
and sometimes hit and run at fault;
A precious life turns into a pool of
color of blood, shattered at the street !

I have six fingers on my right hand;
I write from the tip of the sixth finger;
All other fingers are supporting me
By all means; by all ways; by all strength
The pen is usually linked with writing.
It helps a writer to record his or her own
Thoughts, themes, concepts on paper.
Sword is a weapon used against someone.
A sword can be wielded well only by those,
who are physically fit. But words can flow
from the pen of even a feeble man.
If he is a good writer, he can use the
words to their desired effect.
Many great writers had inspired revolutions.
The French revolution for example
was the result of the writings
of great French writers like Rousseau.
Writings can evoke different emotions
as love, hatred, sympathy etc.
It is something that is to be regarded
with awe and respect.
Hence pen is always
mightier than the sword.

Nov 2013 · 467
Love Treats....

It is really a wonderful moment,
when you are getting into the knot,
You get to know deep your spouse,
when you come back  to the sweet house,
Both of you had to spend the rest of your life,
with the soft touch and embrace of a smart wife,
to whom you admire and love the most,
the way love treats and makes the life, the best!


A new poetry posting site from God's own country, Kerala in India

Poetry dates all the way back to the beginnings of Humanity. People have always been questioning nature, and the day-to-day existence of themselves and other humans love, death, survival, war, injustice, and the universe are all examples of things that have been questioned by men and woman since the roots of human existence. Whether in nursery rhyme, ballad, jingle, rhyme, anthem, or music, people have found poetry to be an outlet for expressing these questions, sensations, and experiences

People often associate it with strict rhyming patterns, complicated vocabulary, hidden iconic meanings, and difficult rhythmical conventions. Poetry is even taught in school to be an intricate, complicated, inexplicable puzzle. True, poetry is difficult. Sure, it can be harder to understand than prose. However, that is only because sometimes it is involved with your inescapable complexities
and uncertainties of your existence.

In this era when the soul wants to go on a spree, imagination and creativity are all merged to serve and let you fulfill your wish to express. The pen, mightier than the sword, is free and can conquer hearts all over the world. So here is a site which allows unity in diversity and considers not cultural and racial barriers. It welcomes professionals and amateurs equally as poetry believe not in prejudice. Human beings are free to write their feelings and emotions. We therefore invite here people from all over the world to celebrate under the ipoetree. Feel at home here under the shade of this tree which
pines to have as fruits your poems.

Williamsji Maveli (Williams George Maveli) is an enthusiastic and solid writer. He is a sincere, resourceful and diligent in his poetic work. He is very well connected and networked within the literary community and is willing to take up projects even in his tight schedules. His writings reflect the amount of research on the current events that has gone into it along with his knowledge and expertise in the field. However, Williamsji’s many poems are simple to read, interpret, and understand. His latest book, titled “ARAMVIRALTHUMBATHU…” (On the tip of the sixth finger), is now published and released by H & C Books,Trichur, Kerala in India, which is a collection of lyrics.

If anyone is interested, please email to or write to

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Nov 2013 · 839
Do not kiss me in dark !

Your cherry lips gave me red color;
A love is better than flower.
Your soft ******* smell wonderful.
A sweat is better than body mist
That is why I am in love with you.
Take me along with your wind
Let us get wet in the rain of lust.
We are very happy to live together;
Your love is sweeter than wine !              
In my lyrics, it is so divine
I am dark but lovely too,
Young women of heaven
I am dark like the rain clouds
But I am beautiful like the blue sky
Do not kiss me in dark.
When moon appears,
I shall be the loveliest!
Nov 2013 · 498

The mind bird said to herself,
Never cry in a state of misery,
The frozen wind crept on above,
The river flows unknowingly.
There was no leaf on the tree,
No flower upon her cheeks.
And little motion in the air,
Only the ocean wave's sound!
The sky is vast like your face,
There was no beauty spotted,
Only the lips tremble in grief,
Only the tear- drops in eyes!

My scattered thoughts still ablaze
    on the first language for a phrase;
    I long for feather touch !
Nov 2013 · 445
Nothing to scribble !

My half broken alphabets dance
    on the first page for a preface;
    Nothing to scribble anything new !
Nov 2013 · 447
Your Sweet Home !

Your sweet home
is a place of peace
your decorated room
is a palace of ease
It is the only place,
where you sit and sing;
It is away from loneliness
A place away for solitude;
That place is next to you
It is your secret garden
Where black and white
Becomes a colorful place
Of love, kiss, touch, care,
A moment of two hearts
beat as one and only one
A place where two souls
are interwoven, as one
There with you and
only you beside me.
Nov 2013 · 608
The Poet !

He is a poet- whom the people ignored;
Recognized only after he bids farewell
to this beautiful earth, sea and the blue sky!
He is a nightingale, smoothing the depressed;
He is a tree watered by the river of love,
Bearing fruits which the hungry heart craves;
He is a poet – whom the crowd irritated;
Insulted and injured even after he is rebuked.
Nov 2013 · 512
A Haiku on body !

Body resist any deep wounds;
But, heart never accepts the injuries, insults;
Preserve  scars outside your  heart!
Nov 2013 · 505
A Death is a flame !

An hour is not sixty minutes,
A minute is not first division of an hour
A second is not second division of a minute,
A second is an atomic term;
A minute is an electronic boom;
An hour is a mechanical device!
A human is clock;
A heart is a timepiece;
A wrist is a watch!
A birth is on a time;
A life is the prime,
A death is a flame!
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