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1d · 18
sorrow it is hard breaks your heart in two
when the one you love is there no more with you
everything around you feels empty and so bare
gone now as the love that was always there

you still have the memories you can hold on to
of the love you shared that you always knew
you will meet again when the angels come for you
take you back again to the love you always knew
3d · 35
we never know
we just never know when were going to die
we just carry on let each day go bye
make the best we can  as life is moving on
take life as it comes till our life has gone

till the angels come from the sky so blue
take us up to  heaven to start our life a new
to our resting place where now at last were free
surrounded by the angels watching over me
4d · 85
sorry is an easy word it meaning it is strong
such an easy word just five letters long
it can say a lot when the word is sent
coming from the heart then you know its meant

just a little word its letters they are few
that can mean a lot when it comes from you
proves you are sincere that the word is meant
and that from your heart this little word was sent
4d · 16
when we make mistakes there nothing we can do
we must try again start again a new
this time get it right mistakes have been and gone
nothing you can do life must carry on

we all make mistakes its something that we do
happens to us all every me and you
put them in the past let them just move on
nothing you can do they have been and gone
4d · 32
lifes a burden
life can be a burden it can get you down
take away your smile leave you with a frown
break your heart in two take your love away
life is always changing different every day

you just never know what your life will do
one day it is bad next day good to you
it is up and down like a yoyo on a string
you just never know what your life will bring
5d · 28
next door friend
my neighbour has a dog it comes to visit me
comes in to my house climbs up on my knee
its a little yorkie as soft as soft can be
he just loves attention a loving dog is he

loves it when you stroke him his tail goes to and fro
stays with me a while then back home will go
he will be back tomorrow visit me once more
my faithful little friend that only lives next door
5d · 32
sun fun
i love it down the beach on a sunny day
watching all the children as they begin to play
building lots of castles underneath the sun
bucket and there spades having lots of fun

have a barbecue to fill your appetite
bathing on the beach beneath the sun so bright
playing with a beach ball with friends and family
strolling on the beach swimming in the sea

having lots of fun on such a lovely day
underneath the sun as it shines way
5d · 81
natures way
i wake up in the morning and open up my eyes
i can see the daylight as the sun begins to rise
i can here the birds singing in the trees
singing there sweet song in the gentle breeze

i can here the cockerel crowing very loud
sitting on the fence looking very proud
then i rise from bed to welcome in the day
and say a geat big thankyou to mother natures way
7d · 33
express yourself
poems can be expressive.  you can express you
write it down in words what you want life to do
choose the words you use what you want to say
use them to express yourself as you write away

say it all with feeling let your feelings show
and the you inside people they will know
they can see the person that is really you
to express yourself in words is the thing to do
May 10 · 22
broken heart
when a heart is broken its so hard to mend
find someone to to talk to family or friend
they are there to help you listen to your pain
there to comfort you mend your heart again

everyone needs someone to tell there troubles to
they will understand are there to comfort you
tell them how you feel this will ease your pain
do te best they can to mend your heart again
May 8 · 32
free life
if we could live in happiness with a life thats free
we could live together one big family
no matter what the color no matter what the race
just a world of joy one big happy place

just a world of peace  where we could live as one
no more wars to fight war it would be gone
united all together happy as can be
we could live as one and be forever free
May 7 · 23
not just for a day
dogs they are for life not just for a day
not for just while then just give away
something to be loved just the same as you
dogs they need someone and some loving to

they will be your friend forever and a day
with a love thats real and never goes away
all they needs a home and some loving to
somewhere they can stay and rely on you
May 7 · 39
bird song
i love to hear the birds singing in the morn
singing all togther bringing in the dawn
singing all together in perfect harmony
such a lovely song with a lovely melody

every note in tune not one out of key
makes me feel so happy wakes the soul in me
mother natures choir bringing in the day
in perfect harmony as they sing away
May 5 · 35
my friend willie
i have a friend called willie  a little chap is he
everywhere i go willie comes with me
likes it  when i stroke him excited as can be
he only as one he can hardly see

i love my little friend my daddy bought for me
best friend in the world there could ever  be
got him as a puppy take him everwhere
every where i go my ******* always there
May 5 · 155
some people
some people have a good life some people have it all
some people  they have nothing into poverty they fall
there are ups and downs times are some times rough
some people they can cope others not as tough

life it has its different ways for each and everyone
no matter who we are life it still goes on
wether life is good or wether life is sad
we are all the same inside. wether life is good or bad
May 5 · 23
natures wonder
theres so many things that nature as to give
full of many wonders that helps the world to live
lots of different creatures there for you to see
butterflies and ladybirds and the bumble bee

the rabbits and the hare and the hedgehogs to
roaming wild and free there for you to view
lots of different birds with colors by the score
reds and blues and green and a whole light more

there are many wonders these are just a few
there for us to see every me and you
all a part of life that helps the world to live
the beauty that is nature with so much to give
May 5 · 27
summer holiday
soon it will be summer book a holiday
to another country time to fly away
time for lots of fun on a foriegn shore
party on the beach summers here once more

time for happiness with friends and family
places you can visit with lots of sites to see
a lovely summer break youve been waiting for
time for lots of fun on a foriegn shore
May 2 · 102
theres a stairway to heaven one that we all take
to our final resting place in heaven we will make
there are many steps so the people say
high up in the sky beyond the milky way

each step made of gold so the story goes
is it really true no one really knows
when we go to heaven in the sky so blue
we will get know if the stories really true
May 1 · 243
my friend tia
tia was my best friend a lovely dog was she
she was always there  to keep me company
right there by side if i began to cry
laying next to me till my tears run dry

then the angels came took my friend away
im always thinking of her every single day
we will meet when angels come for me
united once again  her and will be

a poem for my friends dog
May 1 · 44
eleven years
11 years ago since you passed away
when you went to heaven where the angels stay
with everyday that passes you still here with me
for ever my heart and my memory

i know you are safe now in your home above
in a land of peace from now on only love
one day when my time comes i will fly to you
having fun with grandad like we used to do

miss you beth  love you so much ***
Apr 29 · 43
friend in need
if you have a dog you have friend indeed
always there for you when ever your in need
they know when your sad down and feeling blue
right there by your side there to comfort you

they give there love to you that is true and free
your friend forever more they will always be
they will never leave you or ever run away
they are there for you until there dying day
Apr 29 · 31
sailing fun
i like to watch the boats as they sail away
out to have some fun on a summers day
hoisting up there sails underneth the sky
i sit there and wave as they go passing bye

oneday i will own one then i can have some fun
sailing on the sea underneath the sun
maybe do some fishing catch a fish or two
have some sailing fun.  make my dreams come true
Apr 29 · 40
robin song
while sitting in the garden a robin came along
sat upon my fence and sang his robin song
every note in key every note in tune
a lovely melody as he began to croon

i sat there and listened as he sang to me
singing loud and clear in perfect harmony
when his song was over the robin flew away
in my mind for ever his song will always stay
Apr 28 · 38
sunny day
when the sun is shining it reaches to your soul
makes you feel brand new  makes you feel so whole
brings a little happiness makes you want to smile
fills you full of joy if only for awhile

sun shining up above sending down his ray
making you feel happy on such a lovely day
sitting in the garden beneath the sun so bright
shining everywhere bringing such delight
Apr 27 · 98
music power
music is a must it makes the world go round
all around the world music can be found
it can lift you up when your feeling low
make you smile again as it begins to flow

songs can bring you happiness as you sing along
every single person as a favourite song
music it has power in each and every place
all across the universe for each and every race
Apr 25 · 91
stay the same
we all change with age stay the same inside
try to be same before life were denied
forever young at heart we all try to stay
never letting age  getting in the way

life it still goes on no matter what the age
we try to stay the same at each and every stage
live life to the full dont ever change your way
take it in your stride live it day by day
Apr 25 · 37
garden time
garden time is here get the rake and ***
get the borders ready get the plants lets go
pull out all the weeds clip the roses to
give the lawn a cut make it look brand new

get the barbie ready when all the work is done
have a garden party underneath the sun
there with all your friends and your family
lots of summer fun the way that it should be
Apr 24 · 110
worry war
theres no use in worrying when ever things go wrong
face what lies ahead stand up and be strong
turn it all around put the wrongs all right
make the worry go put up your best fight

when your fight is over  your worries will be gone
you will be the winner and at last move on
put right all  the wrongs try again once more
you have won your battle in your worry war
Apr 23 · 42
miss you muttley
had a dog called Muttley went everywhere with me
every where i went he would keep me company
loved it down the beach on a sunny day
i would throw his ball he just loved to play

running on the  sand having lots of fun
all along the beach Muttley he would run
he was my best friend everything to me
always together he and i would be

muttley he took ill had a fit and died
tore the heart in me i just cried and cried
best friend in the world there could ever be
till the angels came took him away from me

i wont forget my friend that kept me company
every where i went he was there with me
muttley he his safe now no suffering to bare
one day i will join him when the angels take me there

based on a true story of a dog i had
Apr 23 · 34
my friend roxy
roxy is my friend and she lives with me
she is my pet cat. and keeps me company
climbs up on my knee for me to stroke her fur
happy and content as she begins to purr

always full of mischief as cheeky as can be
different things she does brings  a smile to me
always very playful loves to play away
she is my best friend with me will always stay
Apr 22 · 35
take away the hurt
take away the heartache take away the pain
take away my sorrow let me live again
let time heal the hurt that i feel inside
dry up all the tears for every time i cried

i will keep the memories when you were here with me
all the love we shared how it used to be
forever in my heart you will always stay
i just need some time to take the hurt away
Apr 21 · 25
dolphin love
everyone loves dolphins a creature of the sea
swimming in the ocean swimming wild and free
with there smiling face they always seem to wear
making people happy when they see them there

standing on there tail having lots of fun
skimming on the water underneath the sun
doing lots of tricks that make people smile
entertaining people done in dolphin style  

a creature of the sea swimming wild and free
everbodies favorite that they all love to see
with there smiley face they all seem to wear
everybodies friend each and everywhere
Apr 21 · 108
special dogs
guide dogs they are special a very special kind
dedicate there lives caring for the blind
they become there eyes and guiding angel to
doing all the things that the guide dogs do

help them cross road when its safe to go
guide dogs they are trained so they always know
they become there friend and forever stay
there to help the blind to guide them on there way
Apr 20 · 26
look at life
take a look at life from a different point view
what would you have changed if you only knew
would it be the same or would you change it round
put the past behind . leave it under ground

try again once more  start again a new
make life go your way the way you want it to
this time get it right make your dreams come true
the life you always wanted is waiting there for you
Apr 20 · 39
phone a friend
when your feeling lonely you can phone a friend
someone you can talk to on the other end
tell them how your feeling they will talk to you
they will do there best help to pull you through

help to ease your mind if i only for awhile
take away your sadness replace it with a smile
it happens to us all who are lonely to
they all have a friend that they can look up to

just pick up the phone when you feel that way
that very special friend is just a call away
Apr 19 · 49
dogs are friends
dogs can be your best friend when your feeling low
make you smile again give you back your glow
give there love for free always there for you
a love that is so real and forever true

love to go out walking on a sunny day
running on the beach they just love to play
happy as can be just being there with you
always by your side in eveything you do
Apr 18 · 34
global change
the world is full of changes it just getting worse
wars and global warming mother natures curse
icebergs they are melting smaller everyday
soon the polar bear will have no where to stay

flooding every where over land and see
home replaced by water no homes will there be
planet cannot cope pollution every where
all around the world floating in the air

nothing we can do just sit there and look
till plans to fix the planet will finally be took
Apr 17 · 69
everyone has birthdays
everyone has birthdays on a certain date
time for lots of fun time to celebrate
go out for a meal have a drink or two
this day is a special one it belongs to you

have a birthday party with friends and family
make your day a happy one way that it should be
if it yours today go out and celebrate
today belongs to you on your birthday date
Apr 16 · 59
moonlit night
i love to walk the beach on moonlit night
watch the tide roll in with it waves so white
a canopy of stars twinkle up above
such a night for romance such a night for love

tide is coming home returning to the shore
rolling very gently coming home once more
everything so peaceful as gentle as can be
on such a lovely night the moon the stars and me
Apr 16 · 64
people write poems
people they write poems from something in there head
write it down on paper till all the words are said
whats there on there mind what they have to say
turn in to verse as they write away

till there poem is finished for everyone to view
for the world to read every me and you
passing on the time passing on the day
writing down on paper what you have to say
Apr 16 · 139
world peace
fill the world with peace take away the war
make the world a happy  place like it was before
let the killing cease let the people live
make the world a happy place with lots of love to give

let the world unite no war or battle ground
make the world a better place where only love is found
it would be so nice if the world could be this way
just a world of love  happy bright and gay.
Apr 15 · 65
dogs friendship
some dogs live in kennels rather live outside
others stay in doors into your bed they slide
no matter where they stay they are still your friend
the friendship that they give it will never end

keep you company every where you go
best friend you can have that you will ever know
faithful  till the end they are there for you
there friendship it is real and forever true
Apr 15 · 39
dogs thoughts
take me for a walk please put me on my lead
promise i will good  very good in deed
take me to the park let me have a run
let me chase a ball that is  always fun

i wont chase the ducks bark at passers bye
be on my best behaviour promise i will try
i love being with you love your company
your my human friend best there will ever be

bark bark **
Apr 15 · 41
memories are stored there for you to see
all the special times and how it used to be
in your younger days when you were just a kid
with your friends from school different things you did

holidays you shared with your mum and dad
with friends and family that made you feel glad
day when you got married when you said i do
there inside your memory there for you to view

times you  can look back on there for you to see
for ever they are stored inside your memory
there for you to view that you can recall
that you can look back on anytime at all
Apr 14 · 37
happy place
when your feeling down with a sad look on your face
look inside your mind find your happy place
somewhere you feel  safe that is trouble free
a place you feel secure where you want to be

think of all the good times that you use to share
with your friends and family who were always there
find your happy  place where you were before
where you feel secure and free again once more
Apr 14 · 48
home sweet home
home is where the heart is   its your security.
the place love so much you where you long to be
where you feel so safe with lots on memory
where you feel so happy where your life is free

good times that  you shared with friends and family
there inside your home they will always be
home where you belong where your heart is to
in your home sweet home that belongs to you
Apr 12 · 43
up and down
life is up and down changing everyday
you just never what  card your life will play
one day you are happy next day you are sad
then you have the good days best you ever had

up and down it goes like a yoyo on a string
not knowing day to day what your life will bring
you just have take.  what ever comes along
face what lies ahead stand up and be strong
Apr 12 · 41
true love
when a love is real when a love is true
you will have a love. to last your whole life through
growing stronger every day as the time goes bye
a love to last forever till the day you die

happiness forever with each passing day
that will last a lifetime and and never fade away
all you ever wanted now belongs to you
a love that is so real and forever true
Apr 11 · 24
hate it has four letters hurts when it is said
when you lose your temper it comes for your head
you dont really mean its said without intent
even though when said its not really meant

a word that said in anger in order to abuse
normally a word you really wouldnt use
it happens to us all that word is always there
no matter who we are each and everywhere
Apr 11 · 38
natures wonder
nature is a wonder with lots of things to see
it is everywhere growing wild and free
lots of different flowers with colors by the score
reds and blues and greens and a whole lot more

all the little creatures butterflies and bees
flying all around in the summer breeze
rabbits and the hedgehogs  and the badger to
mother natures children there for you to view

lots of different birds of many different kind
chaffinch and blackbirds lots of birds you find
these are things of nature that we can view for free
there in all its glory with lots of things to see
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