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when you fall in love its a wonderous thing
happines forever this your love will bring
something you can share something that is true
reaches to your soul deep in the heart of you.

a very special thing to last a lifetime through
a gift from up above that is shared with two
there for evermore that wont go away
it keeps growing stronger each and every day
there was little crocodile he didnt have any teeth
he lived in a swamp in the mud beneath
he uesd to **** his food this it made him sad
didnt have the teeth that he should have had

oneday in the swamp he began to cry
spotted by a fairy who was passing b
crocodile he told her that his teeth had gone
unlike other crocodiles he was born with none.

dont worry said the fairy i know what to do
i will use my magic and cast a spell for you
fairy wave her wand  now crocodile had teeth
just like all the others in the swamp beneath.

he was very happy he began to smile
that he couldnt do in a long long while.
croc he thanked the fairy for giving him his teeth
than he swam away in to the swamp beneath
6d · 68
hero squirrel
there was a little bird he fell from his nest
fell down to the ground. where he came rest
he was very frightened very scared was he
falling from his homr high up in the tree

he began to cry the tears fell down his face
now he was alone in great big open space
then suddenly a  squirrel saw him in distress
tears rolling down his face. he was in a mess

dont worry said the squirrel you hang to me
i will take you home to your nest up in the tree
squirrell took him back. to the place he loved the best.
the liitle bird was happy now back in his nest

squirrel said goodbye and headed down the tree
feeling very happy a hero now was he
the bird he thanked the squirrel for saving him that day
now they have a friendship that  will never fade away
7d · 33
broken heart
when your heart is broken shattered on the floor
when the .love has gone not there anymore
everything seems hopeless the love you knew has gone
feeling you cant cope you cant carry on.

time will heel the hurt that you feel inside
dry away the tears all the ones you cried
then you can start a new learn to love once more
learn to love again just like you did before
7d · 15
a doggy tale
spot he was a dog he was very sad.
he never had the spots that he should of had
his dad he was dalmation so was mother to
spot he had no spots this is it made him blue

he met a young magician who did lots of tricks
then he said to spot your problem i can fix
i will use my magic and makr your dreams come true
than you will have the spots you always wanted to.

magician used his wand and waved it in the air
then the missing spots suddenly were there
now spot was the same as his mum and dad
now he had the spots that he never had
May 13 · 23
graffiti monkey
there was a little monkey he loved graffiti so
painting lots of pictures where ever he would go
he had lots of cans that he used to spray
with lots and lots of colors that were bright and ***.

he painted many things even paint a face
or even paint a rocket heading in to space
people they would gather just to watch him spray
sit there so amazed as he sprayed away.

he was the peoples friend they all loved him so
when he began to paint it give there heart a glow
his paintings are still there to this very day
people come to see them from many miles away.
love between two people is a special thing
happines and joy this your love will bring
a gift from up above that is give to you
that will last a lifetime for your whole life through

something you can share as you give your heart
that will last for ever that will never part
make your future bright set your spirit free
in love for ever more you will always be
May 12 · 64
dancing rabbit
there was a little rabbit he just loved to dance
any where he could when he got the chsnce
he new lots of moves new them one by one
even did some new ones that he added on.

people came from miles to the rabbits show
he warmed there heart inside give there soul a glow
children were amazed when he began to move
they would dance along getting in the groove.

rabbit he still dances to this very day
enternaing people in his dancing way
doing lots of moves dragging in the crowd
making people happy made the rabbit proud.
May 11 · 41
when the love has gone
when your love has gone it breaks your heart in two
tears begin to fall in your world of blue
all you have are memories of the love you knew
hoping maybe oneday it will come back to you

you cant sleep at night you feel so alone
gone now has the love.  now you on your own
looking at the pictures how it used to be
all the special things are now a memory.

hoping maybe oneday love will start once more
bring back all  the love that knew before
then love can start again mend your broken heart
you can love again with a brand new start
May 9 · 67
country singing mouse
there was a little mouse from nashville tennesee
he loved country music a star he longed to be
bought a new guitar that he learned to play
singing country songs as he strummed away.

folks they gathered round as he began to sing
joy to all the folks the little mouse would bring
he wore a cowboy hat and a waist coat to
dressed just like a cowboy like country singers do.

there was a competition so mouse he had a go
sang a country somg that everyone would know
people starting clapping and dancing to his song
they were very happy as they danced along

mouse he won the contest now a star was he
now a coutry star just like he longed to be
a country singing mouse.  from nashville tennesee
there is a video on you tube with music to this story copy and paste link
May 9 · 36
the irish sea
when the sea rolls in to ireland .across the irish shore
returning in to land coming home once more
rolling on the sand rolling wild and free
rolling very gently bringing in the sea

the seagulls up above hover in the sky
on a gentle breeze how they softly fly
white horses on the waves rolling with tide
wakes the soul in me fills my heart with pride.

then the tide it turns.  heads away once more
somewhere far away to another shore
i will wait again for it.  coming home once more
watch it rolling in along the irish shore.
May 9 · 32
love is every where
love is all around in your heart and soul
makes you feel so happy makes you feel so whole
it makes the world go around in each and every place
no matter who you are no matter what the race.

its a special thing that makes two hearts unite
makes the world go round makes the future bright
no matter what your age its for everyone
it keeps the world together makes the world go on.  

something we all have a gift from up above
there inside your heart to fill your heart with love
there for you to give there for you to share
all around the world each and every where

i have wrote a song with this poem
hear on link share if u like it
copy and paste link below
May 1 · 46
six years
though its been 6 years i miss you everyday
your still here with me though your so far away
i say a prayer each night and send it up to you
to your home in heaven beyond the sky so blue

i know your watching over me from heaven up above
from the your world of angels sending down your love
every where i go you are there with me
for ever in my heart you will always be

though it been six years it seems like yesterday
i miss very  dearly each and everyday
when my time has come i will gently fly
to be with you again in your home up in the sky

Apr 4 · 49
shadows of my mind
in the shadows of my mind i can see you there
with a gentle breeze blowing through your hair
i reach out to hold you  hold you close to me
sharing love with you like it used to be.

walking hand in hand on a moonlit night
with moon above and the stars so bright
now there only shadows of what we used to share.
we went seperate ways now your no longer there.

hoping may be oneday these shadows will come true
once again together there is me and you
sharing love again like we do before
you and i together in love again once more
Feb 8 · 184
when love comes to you
when love is in your heart it will let you know
you will feel its power as it begins to flow
such a lovely feeling you will feel inside
when love comes to you from it you cant hide.

a very special thing given to us all
getting stronger every day as in love we fall
you will feel the power that true love can give
there to last forever as long as you may live
Feb 7 · 108
bluebird song
i saw a lonely bluebird fly along the shore
high above the cliffs he began to soar
with his bright blue feathers. gleaming in the sun
flying round in circles having so much fun.

then he began to sing his little bluebird song
a lovely lullaby it made me sing along
then he flew away back into the sky
i gave a little wave as i said goodbye..

i wont forget the bluebird and his little song
his lovely little lullaby that made sing along
i still hear his song every single day
that he sang to me before he flew away
Feb 7 · 227
love has wings
they say that love has wings it can fly to you
it can make you happy make your dreams come
reaches to the heart reaches to the soul
make your life complete make you feel so whole.

a  very special gift there inside of you
for that special someone you can give to
happy ever after you will always stay
there to last a lifetime and never go away
soon it will be spring when flowers start to grow
the daffodils and snowdrops they begin to show
trees begin to bud  birds begin to sing
the season of the year such a wonderous thing..

rabbits they run round lambs are given birth
this is natures way this natures earth
such a lovely season that gives your heart a glow
a season full of wonder one that we all know.
Feb 5 · 82
when love flies away
when love goes out the window and begins to fly away
you tried everything to try and make it stay
feeling broken hearted as the teardrops fall
youve have lost your love gone now as it all.

filling with despair you begin to cry
and the smile you had is now just a sigh
hoping for the day you begin to yearn
when the time will come and your love will return.

once again in love together you will be
and the love that flew away. is now history
happy ever after.   in love again once more
in love again together as you were before
Feb 5 · 55
we all make mistakes
we all make mistakes me ive made a few
put them all behind is all that you can do
you cant change it round it is dead and gone
start again a new you must carry on

what is done is done its all passed on by
you cant put it right no matter how you try
you have to start again leave it all behind
and the way ahead you will truly find
Feb 4 · 113
lifes wonders
life is full of wonder so many things to see
this is what it gives you all of this for free
all the different birds all the different trees
and the gentle blowing of the summer breeze.

all the many flowers putting on a show
all the many colors that give your heart a glow
creatures by the score that are big and small
the wonder that life brings and you can see them all
Feb 3 · 43
love can be so cruel
love can be so cruel break your heart in two
fills you full of hurt you dont know what to do
it plays with your mind you cant sleep at night
fills your world with darkness gone now has the light.

you start to blame your self. what did i do wrong
gone now has the love that used to be so strong.
you wipe away the tears  rolling down your face
now the world you live in is such a lonely place.

hoping maybe oneday you can start  a new
find again once more the love inside of you.
then the hurt will go. let yoi love once more.
bring back all the love that you knew before
when love is your heart its also in your soul
it will make you happy make you feel so whole
such a lovely feeling you will feel inside
when love is your heart from it you cant hide

there for you share there for you to give
there for evermore as long as you may live
something we all have there inside our heart
that will grow an grow when loves about to start.
Jan 31 · 72
stardust shore
i had a dream last night of a stardust shore
has i walked along there was more and more
i picked up a handful to make a wish come true
wishing once again there was me and you.

doing all the the things that we used to share
the time we fell in love when you used to care
now my life is empty now i dont have you.
gone now has the love that i always knew.

hoping for the stardust to make my wish come true
once again together there is me an you
sharing love again just like we did before
walking hand in hand along the stardust shore
Jan 24 · 52
time to fly
when my time as come and its time for me fly
i will fly to you to heaven in the sky
to be with you again this time for ever more
very much in love like we were before.

we can fly together like the angels do
together once again in the sky so blue
doing all the things that we did before
side by side together we can gently soar.

together and forever in heaven up above
for eternity very much in love
in the sky so blue together we will be
in the land of peace with a life thats free
Jan 15 · 53
when we fall in love
when we fall in love its a special thing
happines and joy this your love will bring
to share for ever more a gift from up above
especially for you to fill your heart with love

makes you feel brand new makes you feel so whole
something that you share body heart an soul
to last your whole life as long as you may live
there inside your heart there for you to give
Jan 13 · 34
take a little love
take a little love give and watch it grow
listen to your heart has it begins to flow
such a lovely feeling you will feel inside
when love takes its hold from it you cant hide

you will feel so happy you feel brand new
this it what it does when love comes to you
it is there for ever gets stronger every day
something you hold on to.  that is there to stay
Jan 11 · 172
world of peace
wouldnt it be nice if the world could live in peace
no more war of voilence all of this would cease
no more discrimination about a different race
just a world united in each and every place.

we could live as one with lots of love to share
that we could give each other each and every where
just a world of peace the way its meant to  be
a world that we could share in perfect harmony
a heart is full of love. helps your feelings live
there inside your heart free for you to give
a very special thing there for you to share
deep inside your heart it lies waiting there.

when the time has come your heart will tell you so
you will feel the love as it begins to flow
it will make you happy make you feel so whole
as you give your love body heart an soul.

there to last a life a time for your whole life through
love is there for everyone for every me an you
a very special gift deep inside your heart
that will tell you so.when love begins to start
Jan 2 · 31
miles away from home
miles away from home miles away from you
heading out to anywhere start again a new
forget about the past leave it all behind
but my love for you is still there in my mind

when i close my eyes your still there with me
very much in love like we used to be
doing all things when there was me and you
all the special things that we used to do.

now im on my own we went seperate ways
lonely are my nights longer are the days
nothing left between us that is dead and gone
miles away from no where just trying to move on.

all i have memories what there us to be
of everything i had when there was you and me
maybe start again with a love thats new
give her all the love that i gave to you

miles away from home miles just trying to move on
forget about the past that is dead and gone
start again a new learn to love once more
get back all the love that i had before.

forget about the past start again a a new
give her all the love that i gave to you
forget about the past that is dead and gone
miles away from anywhere  just keep moving on
Jan 2 · 58
another year
another year here whats in store for you
will the things you dream of finally come true
is there lots of good times that will make you glad
will it be a good year the best you ever had.

make your resolutions what you intend to do
make changes in your life in the year a new
forget about the past now so far away
dont change the you inside. live life day by day
Dec 2018 · 36
all the best
all the best my darling may your wishes all come true.
the best wish i was granted was the day that i met you
you change my life around made me feel so whole
i love you oh so much body heart and soul

i want to spend my. life for my whole life through
with every year that passess my love is there for you
in love for ever more we will always be
so all the best my darling especially from me
Dec 2018 · 48
happy new year
listen to the bells as mr midnight calls
counting down the seconds in each and every hall
holding hands together in a great big line
united all has one singing old lang syne.

making resolutions for the year ahead
put the past behind put the past to bed
start again once more in the year a new
make your dreams be real make them all come true
Dec 2018 · 116
love is special
love is very special its in your heart an soul
it can make you happy make you feel so whole
change your world around happy everyday
thats what love can do when it comes your way.

makes your dreams come true. and your wishes to
all these things can happen when love comes to you
like a fairy tale that has an happy end.
when you fall in love this your love will send
Dec 2018 · 145
angel hotel
heaven is a big place like a big hotel
high up in the sky where all the angels dwell
flying all around in there home above
watching over us from there world of love

to take us when we go. if and when we die.
to guide us up to heaven to there home up in the sky
way up high above where all the angels dwell
to there  place of love thats like a big hotel.
Dec 2018 · 77
a dream is just a dream life it is for real
you just never know what your life will deal
sometimes it his happy some times it so sad
some days they are wonderful the best you ever had

dreams are much the same but they go away
but life it is it for real. that way it will stay
we have ups and downs we take on the chin
sonedays we may lose somedays we may win.

thats the way life is the way it as to be
what is round the corner we just never see
we just have to cope what ever comes along
we all have hope and faith and the strength to carry on
Dec 2018 · 108
Christmsas eve
it was christmas eve when you i got to know
having lots of fun throwing snow ***** in the snow
we would sit together by the fire light
looking at the flames as they burnt away the night.

we were very happy i loved you oh so much
i could feel my heart beat every time we touch
we would open presents beneath the christmas tree
and the special one that you bought for me

so merry christmas darling may your dreams come true
at this special time of year when i first met you
an anniversary of  the time that first met
a very special time one i wont forget.

so merry chriustmas darling may your dreams come true
at this time of year when i first met you.
when you made my heart beat every time we touch
merry christmas darling i love you oh so much.
Dec 2018 · 51
world of love
we all get our wings when it time to fly
they take us to heaven high up in the sky
once again united with the ones we love
safe from any harm in heaven up above

no more pain or worries all of this will cease
now at last were free in a world of peace
looking down below to  ones we left behind
still looking for there words thats so hard to find

oneday we will see them when there an angel too
doing all the things that we used to do
united once again in heaven up above
in a world of peaxe filled with so much love
Dec 2018 · 125
i like christmas
i like it when its christmas it means so much to me
all the decorations and the christmas tree
brings back all my childhood from many years ago
playing with my friends building snowmen in the snow

with a gentle kiss beneath the mistletoe
all the christmas joy that gives your heart a glow
opening your presents on a christmas day
happy as can be as you play away

a lovely time of year  full of christmas glee
i love it when its christmas it means so much to me
Dec 2018 · 59
christmas prayer
think about your loved ones who have passed a way
send them all a prayer for there christmas day
wishing they were here  sitting there for you
on a christmas day like they use to do.

tell them that you love them and you always will
till the end of time till the time stands still
they are always there in every thing you do
that one day you will see them when your an angel to
Dec 2018 · 75
watching stars
i like to watch the stars shining way up high
just like little diamonds lighting up the sky
with the moon above lighting up the night
way up high above sending down its light

such a peaceful feeling as tranquil as can be
warms my heart inside wakes the soul in me
everything so peaceful in the night so calm
a lovely peace of heaven filled with so much charm.
Dec 2018 · 142
nearly christmas
christmas time is here not to long to go
that time of the year one that we all know
children feeling happy with there hearts a glow
playing with there sliegh sliding in the snow.

thinking of there presents beneath the christmas tree
wonder whats inside what ever could it be
waking with the dawn excited as can be
faces full of smiles full of christmas glee

such lovely time that we love to see
lots of peace on earth the way that it should be
time for happiness and celebrations to
fill the world with peace for every me and you
Dec 2018 · 138
homeless christmas
think abour the homeless no where they can go
living in a door way in the rain and snow
no one they can turn to as they feel despair
no one there to hold them no one there to care

not a christmas dinner with there family
all they are to them is a memory
no presents they can open on a christmas day
all what used to be is now so far away.

living in the cold is now all they know
living in a doorway in the rain and snow
such a shame to see nothing you can say
lets think about the homeless on this christmas day
Dec 2018 · 56
christmas snow
i love it when the snow falls christmas on the way
covering the ground on a christmas day
with its christmas feeling that it gives to me
covering the trees falling gently as can be

warms my heart inside gives my soul a glow
as i watch the children playing in the snow
lots of smiling faces filled with christmas glee
brings back all my  childhood how it used to be.

there in all its splender pure and so white
lighting up the ground on a christmas night
with the world at rest and peace is all around
quiet as can be like the snow that hits the ground
Dec 2018 · 178
christmas night
looking out the window on a christmas night
as the snow is falling pure and so white
star are over head lighting up the sky
scattered all around shining way up high.

clouds are floating by in the night so still
gentle and so calm in the season of good will
a lovely time of year when the world feels right
happy and content  on  a lovely christmas night
Dec 2018 · 126
christmas song
sing a song for christmas cheerful and bright
sing it to the universe on a chruistmas night
be merry and be happy sing your song out loud
sing a song for christmas make yourself feel proud

listen to the the bells as they begin to ring
with there christmas feeling that they always bring
watch the christms star as you sing your song
lighting up the sky as it moves along

make the world unite at this time of year
let the whole world know. christmas time is here.
sing it from the heart make the words feel true
sing it to the world as they sing along with you.

Dec 2018 · 60
christmas rat
there was a little rat a clever chap was he
he just love to climb up the christmas tree
he would climb and climb to the very top
looking down below looking at the drop

he would take a rest then head back down the tree
this it made him happy filled his heart with glee
he liked all the lights with colors by the score
this it made him smile christmas time once more

when the rat got tired he would take a rest
inside the christnas stocking this he loved the best
he would fall asleep happy as can be
deep inside the stocking on the christnas tree
Dec 2018 · 102
christmas fairy
i saw a big white fairy on a christmas tree
i looked in to her eyes then she smiled at me
surrounded by the baubles with colors all around
quiet as can be she didnt make a sound

looking at the presents on the tree below
thinking of the children with there hearts a glow
waiting patiently to watch the children play
opening there presents on a christmas day.

then back in her box time to rest once more
back in to the cupboard where she was before
waitng for next christmas back up on the tree
smiling down once more smiling down on me.
Dec 2018 · 153
rudolph on his way
rudolph he is ready to pull his christmas sliegh
delivering his presents on a christmas day
with his big red nose lighting up the night
happy as can be with his nose so bright.

flying through the night in the wind and snow
with his shiny nose as it begins to glow
children lie awake to listen for his sliegh
they all know its christmas rudolphs on his way

making children happy is what he likes the best
at this time of year when the world all comes to rest
then he fllies away to load his sliegh once more
to deliver all his presents like the year before
Dec 2018 · 219
when the snow is falling
when the snow is falling and the roofs are white
lighting up the land on a christmas night
tree tops as they glisten reaching for the sky
standing tall and proud reaching way up high

robin on the fence with his christmas song
happy and content as he bobs along
children having fun playing on there sliegh
with there hearts a glow on a christmas day.

making christmas happy full of christmas  glee
a special time for children like its meant to be
troubles drift away if only for a while
christmas time is here time for you to smile
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