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13.8k · Nov 2013
cursing parrot
i had a little parrot all he did was curse
as he was getting older the swearing it got worse
i covered up his cage but this it made him mad
the swearing it got louder the language really bad
so i tied his beak up  to put it to an end
rude gestures with his feet he began to send
then i tied his feet up he fell down to the floor
the parrot he is dead now no swearing anymore
13.1k · Nov 2013
i saw two little love birds sat up in a tree
very much in love as happy as can
they would kiss each other with there little beak
then cuddle up so closely touching cheek to cheek
it was nice to watch as lovely as can be
i sat there a while wishing it was me
then they flew away up in the sky above
flying side by side so very much in love
11.4k · Jan 2014
i saw two love birds kissing sat up in a tree
it was very beautiful i wished that it was me
standing close together with a life so free
very much in love the way that love should be
then they flew away in perfect harmony
these pretty little birds brought a tear to me
10.4k · Dec 2013
cute little hedgehog
there was little hedgehog as cute as cute can be
he lives in my garden beneath my willow tree
he comes out at night so he can have a play
when the dawn returns he sleeps the day away
then at winter time  and it begins to snow
into his hibernation the little chap will go
waiting for the spring and sun begin to soar
hedgehog will  return and roam around once more
10.1k · Jun 2014
helicopter hedgehog
there was a little  hedgehog of the pilot sort
to fly an helicopter was his only thought
flying in the sky all along the sea
an helicopter pilot he just long to be.

he booked some flying lessons at an airport near by
so he could get his wings once he learnt to fly.
hedgehog past his test now he could fly alone
in an helcopter flying on his own

now hedgehog he was ready and headed for the sky
high above the clouds he began to fly
suddenly he saw what looked like a flare
flying past his window gave him quite a scare.

hedgehog circled round to see what it could be
there he saw dinghy floating in the sea.
it was his friend the badger he was in distress
badger was in trouble and in such a mess
hedgehog he got closer he was very brave
and his friend the badger hedghog he would save.

he dropped down a line to his little friend
badger  he grabbed hold and hung on to the end
hedgehog pulled him up and pulled his friend inside
then in his helicopter hedgehog began to glide.

he had saved the badger he was safe once more
flew him back to land to the safety of the shore
hedghog waved goodbye then he flew away
and his still a pilot to this very day
9.9k · Mar 2014
mouster chef
there was a little mouse he just loved to cook
lots of different recipes from his little book
he longed to be a chef cooking up a dish
work in some hotel was his only wish

cooking different meals fish and beef and steak
all these different things he could learn to make
doing lots of sweets apple pie and rice
lots of chocolate pudding dishes that were nice

he could wear his hat and his coat of white
a proper chef in uniform would give him such delight
maybe win some stars one or maybe more
then he would be a master chef just like he longed for
9.3k · Oct 2014
koala rescue
there was a little bear as lovely as can be
he was very cuddly.  a koala bear was he
his home it was australia he lived in tree
roaming round the out back roaming wild free.

chewing eucalyptus his very favourite treat
his very favourite dish that he loved to eat
oneday while out walking on his little stroll.
he heard a wombat crying poor little soul.

wombat he was stuck there inside a bush
bear he got behind him and gave a little push
pushing wombat free he was stuck no more
wombat he was free like he was before.

they began to play as happy as can be
then both fell asleep beneath the eucalyptus tree
9.1k · Nov 2013
poorly hedgehog
there was a little hedgehog he caught a summer chill
he had a runny nose the poor chap felt ill
he began to cough and then began to sneeze
then his little chest it began to wheeze
he felt really poorly so he went to bed
curled in his blankets to rest his poorly head
next day he woke up he he felt as right as rain
the hedgehog he was happy he was well again
8.8k · Dec 2013
pirate parrot
there was  a little parrot and he just long to  be
sailing on a pirate ship sailing out to sea
looking out for treasure that was hidden in the ground
buried in the sand waiting to be found
sailing coast to coast on the ocean free
hoping maybe some day a pirate he could be
this is what he wished for and hoped it would come true
a pretty parrot  pirate on the seas so blue.
8.2k · Feb 2014
circus hamster
there was a little hamster he just loved trapeze
flying through the air flying with such ease
so he joined the circus at the local show
climbed on the trapeze so he could have a go
climbed up to the top that was very high
now it was  time for hamster to see if could fly
he jumped on the swing swinging to and fro
people they all loved him he gave there hearts aglow
they all started clapping and shouted out for more
a  hamster on trapeze they had never seen before
8.1k · Mar 2014
sherlock hedgehog
there was little hedgehog he just long to be
a little Sherlock holmes and solve a mystery
he bought himself a fiddle and a pipe and hat
then off to solve the puzzle of the missing cat
searching for some clues to where the cat could be
looking for some evidence sherlock holmes was he
he took along his spyglass to see what could be found
searching everywhere in the forest ground
he searched for while along the forest floor
there and back again and again once more
suddenly he heard a little purring sound
hedgehog he decided to take a look around
there he saw the cat he had trapped his paw
he was very stuck and couldnt walk no more
hedgehog dug him out now the cat was free
no longer was he missing he solved the mystery
hedgehog played a tune upon his little fiddle
just like Sherlock Holmes he had solved the riddle
8.0k · May 2014
lovebird love
i saw to little lovebirds kissing in a tree
very much in love it was plain to see
they had lots of colors yellow red and blue
cuddled up together with a love so true

such a lovely sight it filled my heart with glee
i sat there and watched wishing it was me
then they flew away in the sky above
flying side by side very much in love.
8.0k · Dec 2013
hedgehog orphan
there was a little hedgehog he was very sad
it was christmas time and he had lost his dad
the snow had go so deep he got left behind
and the hedgehogs dad he just couldnt find
he just kept on walking in the snow so deep
then he found some snow piled up in a heap
he dug into the snow then he heard a snore
there he  found his dad sleeping on the floor
hedgehog he was happy that he had found his dad
it made his christmas happy best one he ever had
7.9k · Oct 2014
cheetah watch
i like to watch the cheetah showing of his speed
flying like the wind very fast indeed
chasing after prey he begins to bounce
then a mighty leap on his prey will pounce

the fastest cat of all faster then rest
noted for his speed the cheetah is the best
such a lovely creature running in the wild
master of the hunt and mother natures child
7.9k · Jul 2014
watching dolphins
i like to watch the dophins swimming in the sea
playing having fun as happy as can be
leaping in the air beneath the sky so blue
doing lots tricks like the dolpins do.

with there smiley face smiling all day long
standing on there tail  very big and strong
there such a lovely creature bring delight to me
and to watch the dolphins is where i long to be.
7.7k · Jan 2014
watching dolphins
i like to watch the dolphins swimming in the sea
living in the ocean with a lifes thats free
jumping up and down swimming in the sun
making life seem happy having lots of fun
standing on there tails standing way up high
skimming on the water as they go passing by
bringing lots of happiness for all the world to see
this creature thats so beautiful brings a smile to me
7.4k · Jan 2014
lovebird picture
i saw a big blue ribbon with love birds either end
they flew across each other and i saw the ribbon bend
they shaped it like a heart  in the sky above
the emblem we all know as a sign of love
i was very proud they made this all for me
high up in the sky so i could plainly see
i wont forget the love birds  or the ribbon too
the picture that they made in the sky so blue
7.3k · Mar 2014
sunday roast
i like Sunday dinner a proper Sunday roast
this it is my favorite dish the one i like the most
looking at beef as it roasts away
sat there in oven in the baking in its tray
eating all the veg roasties and the mash
a proper Sunday dinner a proper Sunday bash
making up the gravy for a little pour
ad a little bit then a little more
then there is the pudding looking very nice
my favorite one of all a lovely bowl of rice
i love Sunday dinner a proper Sunday roast
my very favorite dinner the one i like the most
7.2k · Dec 2013
knitting sheep
there was little sheep he was feeling dull
the farmer he decided to shave of all his wool
he was very sad and feeling rather cold
knowing that his coat had gone waiting to be sold
  he headed in to town to the local store
he knew where it was he had been there before
he  bought himself some wool and began to knit
made himself a jumper the was a perfect fit
now the sheep was happy at last he had some heat
and with his jumper on he looked so very sweet
6.8k · Dec 2013
gladiator leopard
there was little leopard and he just long to be
a roman gladiator fighting to be free
he made himself a hat that was made of tin
then made a little sword very long and thin
he entered the arena  ready to begin
looking for a fight hoping he could win
then began the battle  the crowd began to roar
leopard he had won and the crowd all yelled for more
he had won his freedom and his life was free
a gladiator now just like he longed to be
6.8k · Jul 2014
lovebird song
i saw a little lovebird sat up in a tree
singing out his song as happy as can be
a lovely melody in the tree above
such a lovely tune his little song of love.

it made me feel so happy as he sang to me
filled me up with  joy filled my heart with glee
everynote in tune to his steady beat
made me feel so whole and my life complete.

then he flew away in the sky above
i wont forget that lovebird or his song of love.
6.7k · Mar 2014
countryside view
i like the countryside and all there is to see
so many different things you can view for free
there are lots of thing waiting to be found
lots of flowers and plants growing from the ground
there are animals the badger and the hare
hedgehogs and the squirrel all of them are there
there are many berries some that you can eat
mushrooms and the garlic a tasty little treat
there are mice and moles and the little shrew
many other creature waiting there for you
lots and lots of things that nature has to give
mother natures way that helps the world to live
6.6k · Dec 2013
helpful kangaroo
in the outback of australia lived a kangaroo
helping lots of people thats what he liked to
while hopping through the woods heard a little cry
coming from the wood somewhere near by
he searched a little more to what it could be
then he saw a koala bear stuck up in a tree
the kangaroo  jumped up with a mighty bound
save the little bear and took him to the ground
now the bear was safe and rescued from the tree
the little bear was happy and once again was free
he thanked the kangaroo for saving him that day
kangaroo said goodbye and hopped along his way
6.5k · May 2014
hungry hedgehog
i saw a little hedgehog as lovely as can be
peeping through an edge staring there at me
i fed him with some bread and he began to eat
he began to nibble at his little treat.

he had lots of spikes sticking in the air
little tiny spikes sticking everywhere
he had hazel eyes a bright has bright can be
such a soul a lovely chap was he.

when he finished eating he waved and said goodbye
wandered on his way beneath the bright  blue sky
i will look again on another day
hoping that the hedgehog will maybe come my way.
6.4k · Jun 2014
cheetah watch
i like to watch the cheetah as he begins to chase
hunting for his food and his prey he does out pace
gathering his speed as the hunt begins
nothing can out pace him the cheetah always wins.

the fasted cat alive his speed it is renown
this is what he uses to catch and then bring down
a hunter of the wild as fast as fast can be
a proper born survivor running wild and free.
6.3k · Dec 2013
sad panda
there was a little panda he at lost his white
he was all in black it didnt look quite right
panda he was sad that his white had gone
a panda all in black he was the only one
he  had lots tears rolling down his face
it made feel him depressed and completly out of place
then suddenly he heard. a rustle in the tree
he took a closer look to see who it could be
it was his friend the elf he had heard him cry
he came to have a look what was the reason why
elf  had magic powers and gave him back his white
panda he was happy and once again felt right
6.2k · Dec 2013
watching the giraffe
i like to  watch giraffes with there head  up in the sky
chewing on the trees standing oh so high
they have big long legs that make them very tall
with a big long neck to look over any wall
they have a lovely face has handsome as can be
every time i see them brings happiness to me
such a lovely creature  taller than the rest
watching the giraffe is what i love the best
6.2k · Dec 2013
watching reindeer
i love to watch the reindeer  playing in the snow
antlers seem to glisten there eyes they seem to glow
with there heads held high having lots of fun
rubbing heads together in the winter sun
a beast with so much beauty running in the wild
i just love to watch this mother natures child
6.2k · Aug 2014
harry hamster
little harry hamster he just loved to spin
in his hamster wheel harry he climbed in
spinning round and round he would spin all day
he was always happy and always loved to play

children they all loved him when putting on his show
round and round in circles hamster he would go
then we he got tired he would rest his head
then fall fast asleep inside his little bed
6.1k · Nov 2013
Philippines in trouble
Philippines in trouble typhoons are at war
death and destruction all around houses there no more
people there left homeless hoping to survive
waiting in despair for assistance to arrive
contaminated water theres no food to eat
all they have is wreckage all around there feet
all they have is hope for someone just to care
to take them back to safety and get them out of there
when the typhoons over they can build there lives once more
live in peace and harmony just like it was before.
6.0k · Jul 2014
cheetah watch
i like to watch the cheetah with his need for speed
fasted cat a live very fast indeed.
chasing after prey gives him such a thrill
then a mighty pounce he moves in for the ****.

bringing down his catch with the speed of sound
with his cheetah skill he drags it to the ground.
then he begins eat to fill his appetite
this creature of the wild is such a lovely sight.
6.0k · Feb 2014
dolphin and the whale
there was a little dolphin he got lost at sea
he miles away from his family
caught up in a storm that was far to strong
took him from the place that he did belong
dolphin he was sad and he began to cry
noticed by a whale who was passing by
dolphin told the whale how he had got lost
and into the storm the dolphin he was tossed
whale he said dont worry i know what to do
i  will guide you back to the home that you once knew
whale he led the way to get  the dolphin back
when suddenly he saw some dolphins in a pack
he had found the place where dolphin he should be
happy once again with his family
dolphin thanked the whale for all that he had done
and swam of with his family underneath the sun
6.0k · Feb 2014
olympic cheetah
there was a little cheetah he had a dream one day
to run in the olympics in a land so far away
he boarded on a plane and flew across the sea
to a place in russia where the games would be
he went to the track a runner he would be
running in a marathon a sporty cat was he
then the time had come for the cheetahs race
he stood in a line and cheetah took his place
now the race was on cheetah took it slow
took it nice and easy with a steady flow
they ran for  quite  a while the race was very long
cheetah had a finish that was so very strong
as the finish neared he come to the front
then stepped us his speed like being on a hunt
he went like a train  like the speed of light
and flew across the finish line with no one else in sight
his  mission it was over and his race one won
he enjoyed his holiday that gave him so much fun
5.9k · Oct 2014
if we have respect then we have our pride

happy and content with ourself inside

have respect for life in everthing you do

life will do the same give respect to you.

have respect for others of each and every race

each and everywhere respect  it has its place

something we can give something we can share

show respect for others each and everywhere
5.8k · Mar 2015
panda and the toad
there was a little panda he was black and white
very very funny and very very bright
he lived in a country very far away
in a great big jungle where he used to stay.

oneday while out walking through the jungle road
he looked upon a leaf and there was sat a toad
the little toad was crying feeling oh so  blue
then the panda asked what is wrong with you.

i have lost my way he said i have lost my track
panda said dont worry i will take you back
then he heard a croak not to far away
coming from a place where the toad should stay.

panda led the toad to where the toad should be
to a little pond just behind a tree
panda said goodbye as he walked away.
toad stayed in his pond and never more did stray
5.8k · Oct 2014
watching dolphins
i like to watch the dolphins its my favourite thing
such a lovely creature oh what joy they bring
leaping through the air high in to the sky
such a sight to see as they go flying bye.

with there smiley face as friendly as can be
swiming in the ocean roaming wild and free.
mother natures child and master of the sea
just to watch the dolphins means so much to me.
5.8k · Nov 2014
hedgehog fred
theres an hedgehog i my garden and i call him fred
he lives in a nest underneath my shed
when the night time comes he takes his little stroll
he his very friendly such a lovely soul.

walking round the plants looking for a treat
looking for his food that he likes to eat.
nibbling on the lettuce to fill his appetite
roaming all around under cover of the night.

then when the daylight breaks back beneath by shed
then falls fast a sleep in his hedgehog bed
5.7k · Feb 2014
octopus shoes
there was a little octopus the poor chap had the blues
he found it very hard when he was buying shoes
with so many legs shopping was a curse
and no shoes to buy this it made him worse
with four legs of left and four legs right
no one had the shoes the poor lite mite
so he had some made at the local cobbler store
making shoes for eight feet he had never done before
he made the shoes to fit made them very neat
made them made to measure for fit his little feet
octopus was happy now he had his shoes
he began to smile again and took away the blues
5.4k · May 2014
lovebird song
i saw a little lovebird sat up in a tree
sitting on the branches looking down at me
then he sang a song a lovely melody
made feel so happy and filled my heart with glee

he had lots of colors there were quite a few
yellow red and green and a lovely shade of blue
singing there so sweetly his little song of love
singing it to me in the branches up a above..

he sat there while as happy as can be
then he flew away and waved goodbye to me
i still here his song as i lay in bed
his lovely melody is still there in my head.
5.3k · Nov 2013
my parrot
i had a little parrot he didnt seem to care
he used to talk a lot and sometimes used to swear
he had lots of colors like red and green and blue
if you held your hand out he would come to you
he was very friendly and oh so very cute
he looked just like clown in his colored suit
he liked to talk a lot especially at night
but i could shut him up by turning off the light
then he would go to sleep as quiet as can be
then i would put my feet up with the parrot next to me.
5.2k · Jun 2014
just a cuddle
when you get a cuddle its such a lovely thing
comfort to your heart a cuddle it will bring
make you feel secure sheltered from all harm
make you feel relaxed makes you feel so calm.

just a little cuddle just that tender touch
can make you feel so safe and can mean so much.
5.1k · Feb 2015
helicopter pilot
there was a little  hedgehog of the pilot sort
to fly an helicopter was his only thought
flying in the sky all along the sea
an helicopter pilot he just long to be.

he booked some flying lessons at an airport near by
so he could get his wings once he learnt to fly.
hedgehog past his test now he could fly alone
in an helcopter flying on his own

now hedgehog he was ready and headed for the sky
high above the clouds he began to fly
suddenly he saw what looked like a flare
flying past his window gave him quite a scare.

hedgehog circled round to see what it could be
there he saw dinghy floating in the sea.
it was his friend the badger he was in distress
badger was in trouble and in such a mess.

hedgehog he got closer he was very brave
and his friend the badger hedghog he would save.

he dropped down a line to his little friend
badger  he grabbed hold and hung on to the end
hedgehog pulled him up and pulled his friend aboard
then in to the air hedgehog quickly soared

he had saved the badger.he was safe once more
flew him back to land to the safety of the shore
hedghog waved goodbye then he flew away
and his still a pilot to this very day
5.1k · Aug 2016
home is where the heart is
home is where the heart is so the people say

home is where the love is.  its there everyday.

its your little castle that belongs to you

there to last a lifetime for your whole life through.

a place to call your own with lots of love to share

where ever theres a home your heart is always there.

happy and content you always be

true love everyday you will always see
5.1k · Dec 2013
kangaroo playtime
there was a kangaroo he just loved to hop
he would hop for miles and never want to stop
one day when he was hopping  happy on his way
he saw his friend the wombat and decided they would play
they played  along together having lots of fun
then they had a race and kangaroo he won
they  played  along for hours  and passed the time of day
then they said goodbye and both went there seperate ways
5.0k · Dec 2013
moles adventure
there was a little mole he dug underground
looking for adventure the little mole was bound
he packed a little case  for his holiday
things that he might need while along the way
mole he started digging  for three months and a day
till the ground got hard he had hit some clay
then one final push the little mole was through
in this place so lovely a place he never knew
it was full of beauty  and  the sun was shining bright
the little mole was happy it filled him with delight
then he took a stroll in this adventure land
all along the beach playing in the sand
he was having fun on his holiday
in the land he found so very far away.
5.0k · Dec 2013
homesick parrot
there was a little parrot who went on holiday
he went to find his family so very far away
he flew across the ocean and the deep blue sea
till he got to africa where he long to be
landing on the beach he walked along the  shore
the place that he was born and been there before
he searched for a while  to find his  family
they were all together sat up in a tree
parrot he was happy he was home again once more
back with all his family just like it was before.
5.0k · Oct 2014
disabled centipede
there was a little centipede a disabled chap was he
one leg it was missing just below the knee
he made a little crutch from a twig he found
so he wouldnt fall as he walked around.

he looked very funny with his little stump
everytime he walked you could  hear a thump
now he has a false leg he threw his crutch away
he still roams around to this very day.
4.9k · Dec 2013
crocodile toothache
there was a great big crocodile he was going mad
he had developed tooth ache his tooth was going bad
he went to the dentist he said open wide
he looked at his teeth with his head inside
the crocodile he coughed and swallowed dentist whole
his toothache was still there the poor little soul
the crocodile gave up and put up with pain
and as for a dentist he never went there again
4.8k · Dec 2013
lion king
there was a little cub a lion cub was he
he dreamed of being king and one day he would be
with his big long mane a ruler of his pride
and his lioness walking by his side
he would be the leader and teach them right from wrong
the king of all the jungle so mighty big and strong
4.8k · Nov 2013
ice cream man
while looking out my window i heard the ice cream man
there out side my door with his ice cream van
there were lots of children standing all around
attracted by the van with its funny sound
they were buying lollies and and a chocolate ice
buying lots of things that looked so very nice
when the crowd had cleared i bought my self a treat
i was like a child again eating something sweet.
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