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when your feeling happy it gives your heart a lift
and the blues you had now begin to shift
you begin to smile again.  like you did before
happiness you had.  as returned once more

all it takes is happiness to make you feel brand new
hang on to your happiness when it comes to you
it can make you smile when your feeling blue
just a little happiness will help to pull you through
love is everywhere love is all around
all around the world love it can be be found
two hearts they entwine as love begins to grow
stronger everyday as it begins to flow

a lovely piece of nature that comes to one and all
growing stronger everyday as in love we fall
there to last a lifetime within the heart of you
to bring you happiness for your whole life through
when the sunshine is shining it wakes the soul in me
makes me feel alive sets my spirit free
shining high above in the sky so blue
bringing happiness as it comes shining through

makes you feel so happy makes you feel brand new
high up in the sky shining down on you
makes you want to dance makes you want to sing
just to see the sunshine is such a lovely thing
ive always been a dreamer i dream of lots of things
dragons blowing flames unicorns with wings
lots of colored butterflies with colors by the score
colors of the rainbow and a whole lot more

lots of lots of flowers growing everywhere
every where you go flowers they are there
there are little rabbits running wild and free
playing in the meadow as happy as can be

ive always been a dreamer all theses things i see
when i close my eyes they are there with me
such a lovely place where i would love to stay
high up in the sky beyond the milky way
when you have each other and a love thats true
then you have happiness for your whole life through
each and everyday love is there to share
there inside your heart love is always there

happy ever after you will always be
in love for evermore for eternity
it will never die or ever fade away
there inside your heart love is there to stay
if there was only love how happy we would be
no more war or violence would we ever see
just a world united with lots of love to share
all around the world each and every where

in a land thats free where we could live as one
in a land of love where violence there is none
just a happy world the way that it should be
in a land of love with a lifes that free
happy birthday Darcy  this time you are two
how the year past by how it really flew
best daughter in the world you will always be
for the rest of life your birthdays i will see

your my everything.  your my world to me
always there for you i will always be
happy birthday Darcy  may your dreams come true
on this special day that belongs to you
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