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Carly Aug 2018
some days
hurt more
than others
but today
is like
no other
Carly Aug 2018
i stand with my head
held high
and then i see you
and i remember us
then i'm back to
stage one of getting
over you
Carly Aug 2018
someone asked me if
i knew you
and i felt my heart
break a little
when i said i didn't
Carly Aug 2018
the headache
that comes after the tears
is so bad
it almost makes me go back to him
just so i can stop crying
Carly Jul 2018
i've never felt
so powerless
in my entire life
i've got no solution
and i've got no escape
from reality
so i face it
day after day
and it
continues to get
harder and harder
Carly Jul 2018
you pull me in
and push me away
your lips speaking
beautiful lies
in a time
that I am most vulnerable
and I stay longer
than I should
Carly Jul 2018
I wish I could pick up the phone
and hear your voice
the same voice
that comforted me
during the worst times
the same voice
that shattered
my entire world
all at once
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