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Jun 11 · 435
White Widow Jun 11
You were Peter Pan
To my Wendy.

A Lost Boy.

Who only wanted to know...
that His Voice

For it meant...
He was finally

And that meant ...
It was safe to mature.
I never let you down.
Feb 21 · 110
Liar (10w)
White Widow Feb 21
He's a Fiction Afficianado ..
Making up stories
All day long
Aug 2019 · 125
White Widow Aug 2019
My Dearest Daughter,

This is in hopes that throughout these last loooong month...
you may find me here.

I am and will ALWAYS continue to fight.
As I KNOW the battle you are waging there.

My thoughts are NEVER far away from you.
Waiting for that final day in April.

You were born @ 4:18am. Expect my call
                                                      ­  Or sooner...
I will be at the end of the driveway
(if you want, @ 4:19am!)
Or when you leave for school.
BTW, U WILL call yourself in sick that
I told 'her' he could kiss my *** in a them. Heheheh
Aug 2019 · 128
Had One (10w)
White Widow Aug 2019
Where are the nice boys...
with books in their hands??
Jun 2019 · 165
White Widow Jun 2019
Some Cupids ****
with Arrows.
Some Cupids ****
with Traps.
Much Ado About
Apr 2019 · 959
Measuring Up
White Widow Apr 2019
Your worth to me
Is Immeasurable.
I Love You...
There's nothing to live up to.
You surpass my expectations.
Feb 2019 · 389
Squidgy Bug
White Widow Feb 2019
'E' is for the fact
         That you are my
'M' is for the fact
          That you are
'I' is for the fact
           That you ARE
                  The apple of
                         Your Daddy's.
'L' is for the fact
            That you are
'Y' is for the fact
             That you are uniquely
         Your name means
             And that's exactly
                           what you are.
My 'Junior',  my 'E.G.O.', My Beautiful Daughter... Happy Valentine's Day .
Feb 2019 · 174
White Widow Feb 2019
I'd give you
All that I have,
but without you...
I have Nothing.

So,  instead -
I will Love you
With All that I Am.
You know who You Are
Oct 2018 · 1.9k
White Widow Oct 2018
A Milestone
Should not be a millstone,
Weighting your Spirit.

Rather, a stepping stone
Buoyed in the water of life.

Used to keep you
Above water
As you bridge the gap.

Milestones should not
Be millstones.

Rather, paver stones
Used to mark your path.
Where you've been.  
Where you're going.
Forming a pleasing pattern
In the Earth to gaze upon.
To excitedly anticipate.

Milestones should not
Be millstones.
To grind you down
While you continue to grow.

Rather, gem stones
That glitter with the light
Marking the Blessings
Along your path.

Milestones are not millstones.

Unless you see them that way.
Special milestone for me tomorrow; I'm not where I had envisioned for myself, but I'm learning to enjoy the journey!
Aug 2018 · 175
Resources (10w)
White Widow Aug 2018
It's really about who halves,
And those who halve not.
Aug 2018 · 140
Unbeknownst Challenge
White Widow Aug 2018
I've seen it before.
Just not quite as beautiful
As yours.

You see, the fact that you feel AND express yourself? (& so very well!) It's eloquence (THAT'S class).
Not where or to whom you were born (that's genetics). Not where you live (that's status).
It's how you interact with what God has given you (or sometimes doesn't). Its how you treat others.

If I ever get the chance (in person) to witness
Your beautiful chaos
Please know in advance...
I would see
a more complete man.
Not just broken pieces.
I am REALLY good with a glue gun...
Aug 2018 · 221
Through Your Eyes (10w)
White Widow Aug 2018
I love
that you Love
What I Like
About Myself.
Two 5w poems inside a 10!
Aug 2018 · 228
Unconditional (10w)
White Widow Aug 2018
You are worth
You (think)
you're putting me through.
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