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They say beggars can't be choosers
And truer beggars there never were
Blessed with able minds
Lively and lithe, blessed by chance
Complaints for your coil;
an affront to existence!
Breathe easy, it's what we have
Stardust and daydreams,
pandering --
benefactors of infinite fortune
The stars have graced you
with immutable form
So find grace.
Looks like I'm submitting poetry again!
everything is ticking
at a thousand beats per minute
like a quickly muttered poem
out of line

like quicksilver clock
spinning to my life's devotion
turning faster only if
your hand's in mine
when your body collapses
and your mind tugs the reigns
when your soul is on fire
your heart's not to blame

that brave heart went on fighting
when all hope was long gone
and after diving through Hell
it still knows our song
Writing poetry for seven days and I'm already feeling writer's block...
I got you something nice
that I thought you might like
I wrapped it in my sincerity
before giving it with care

You tilted your head,
one curious look and a sigh
-You have the prettiest sigh
--it reminds me of silk

The little gift cried at me
as if to say it wanted my breast
but you seemed so amused
so I left it to you
trail a trail of pretty thoughts
right on home and through to naught
gather your arms and hold on strong
break into dance, then burst into song

love a love like nothing else was
throw up your fists, if only because
give them no reason, no reason at all
that you walked the earth 'till you had to crawl
You're going to do something big
A crazy passionate leap

Oh, it will be very dangerous
You'll probably lose it all

It's going to eat your mind
stop your heart
burn your spirit
and leave your body ten years closer to Hell

You'll doubt yourself every moment
and you'll scream in frustration
-I bet you'll hate everything
and yourself

It's going to be intolerable
You'll scream at yourself
"Why, you *******?"
but you won't have any answers

You'll survive.

You will glance into a mirror
wondering on those new scars
Seeing that you fought everything
to get nowhere

Enjoy this time
as it will be the greatest stillness
that you will ever know

Once you've lost it all,
once you're broken
You will finally laugh
knowing that you lived for the first time

But they'll think you're insane!
...and they will be right
Because you looked deep,
directly into the eyes of God
and you never blinked
I woke up again
not that I meant to!
I kept hoping and dreaming
for it to never happen

Just live with monsters
Those that dance in my dreams
I can fight them!
they only grab
and claw
and rip

Having ***
with the wrong girl
for the wrong reason
in the weird world where forgotten ghosts go
I liked feeling pathetic

That was simple;
more than this dream
Loving the right girl
for the right reason

Then that ****** clock
that grabs me by the throat
that plucks me up
It bashes me around
birthing me again into this ugly old dream

I liked that other one more
Where the monsters would grab
and claw
and tear

Where the wrong girl
stole nothing from the sky
just laughed and left
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