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  Jan 2016 Veena Aneev
Crashing in like waves
Sweetest things that she says
As in the market
Fortunes are being made

You can breath the salty air
The cruelest things she says
As down at the harbor
Sailors say goodbye to their wives

This is the city by the sea
Where we can stand on the shore
And look out to see the ocean
We see forever

Ships leaving the bay
She turns her back on me
And heads out once again
For foreign harbors

And in this city by the sea
She left me lonesome
But the bars are always open
And I still have my ***

This is the city by the sea
Where I stand on the shore
And know that I'm alone
Alone forever
Veena Aneev Jan 2016
Connect the dots
Point to Point
LA to DC
Life to Death
Sweet Pleasures to Heartwrenching Pain
Superficial Dates to Long-term Relationships
Rollercoaster Life to Unforeseen Death
Hot chai latte to Healthy vegetarian salad
Chic urban lifestyle to Family-orientated suburban neighbourhood
Optimistic rollercoaster life to Cynical unforeseen death
Fluffy thin fleece blankets to Mature-looking king-sized silver comforters
Young rash impulsive mistakes to Wise mindful informed decisions
Regretful optimistic rollercoaster life to Peaceful cynical unforeseen death
The dots are endless
The unknown picture yet not completed nor predicted
Veena Aneev Jan 2016
Long long ago
I saw, experienced, I lived
Where trees grow

Long, long ago
I went, I ran, I swam
Searching high and low

Long, Long ago
I laughed, I wept, I loved
When the time was slow

Long long ago
—I know—
It was long long ago
Veena Aneev Jan 2015
God is like a wish factory

Dolls and trains for the young ones
        Blankets and food for the poor
                   Glasses and hearing aids for the impaired
                            and hope for all of us

But like trains, blankets and glasses
          God is man-made
                Reflection of our idealistic nature
                           A goal as fictitious as a wish factory
Veena Aneev Jun 2014
Shave your head
Paint your face purple
And wear a zebra jumpsuit

Eat with both hands
Wink at passing strangers
And live in a secluded cabin

Join the circle of oddies
Tainted by social norm
Veena Aneev May 2014
Like a camel, we persist and endure
Underneath the blazing desert sun
Seeking our oasis in the distance
A noteworthy medicine
Finer than caffeine and alcohol
The purest form of life
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