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Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
My poetry is seniority
Same rappers I'm noticing of the majority of these rappers potency
Its ironic that's these platonic solid rap comics
Got good wordplay cuz I was hooked on Phonix
I'm sonic with these knuckles built by Dr robotic
Grab Ya by Ya tail an get socked n bopped in
Cuz these punchlines goin make you feel like we boxing
Go super sonic Ya shadow would be trying to dodge em
Its going like a comic when.the sound of the hit is.comment
Trained by the league of shadows so fighting against the shadow is common
I'm Batman without Robin an got Magic minus the Johnson
You could never be this astonishing
So stop it cause my flow too toxic
It'll ostrich into.omelets
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
My flow conceited cause the ingenious genius
Thinking of the supreme being
I'm undefeated against intermediates
But I rap not at my highest pinnacle
When I'm mentally focused inside my spiritual temple
I'm like a monk an humble individual
Ferociously lyrical
Words are gizmos I use as an sentinel
Against rappers in this dimensional
Magical sword that's an General
Go thru Armies of troops
Flaming an spinning an music shoots
Out when it's swoops thru tissue
The mission is to the top but the training is critical
Rappers need miracles
To beat the god emcee
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
Got to get my Gogeta on
Time to go the cheetah runs
Beast mode I ain't cheeto
I'm cheetor
Turn the booth into Hogwarts I'm Dumbledore
My flow deep you rappers seas shore
I'm great in my own greatness what I need to compete for
Leroy kno I shonuff
I'm like Bruce Leroy with the Mic an dey Nunchucks
**** Ghostwriters ima Ghostbuster
My ghostwriter ain't even been discovered
Ha my spirit even more structured
So now you know who write these
See my spirit my Siamese
But I ain't Chinese
I wipe off blood on the Mic with a handkerchief
See I'm an endangered species
I'm rare only a few breeds of mine that ain't extinct
A TRIBE of mine an us them don't synch
It ain't a jinx
Never will I try to create a hybrid with these creatures
We could never have the same features
Being rare is much more easier
To be in this wildlife
I'm like how an lion would write
I hate the darkness cause I'm the son of the light
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
I [cry] because the "pain" needs to "rain"
So I have to let my [eyes] "drain"
But no umbrella to stop the rain from "falling"
An flood of dam of tears is "drawed" in
I cry because I need to let the "pain" free
Cause the pain "contames" me
Only I can wipe the tears "away"

So every time I cry it's an storm in my heart an my eyes let's you know it's a rainy "day"
Inside my soul,spirit, heart
My mind an it's thoughts
So we were meant to "cry"
I wonder why????
Because in this life we will feel "pain"
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
In Chicago AKA "Gotham" it's "dark" Gloomy "Gothic"
it's "light" "Godly" "Godliness"
a lot of problems in the cities "Conscious" "Subconscious"
it's an "KNIGHT" in the (darkness) fighting the darkest battle ever (started)
The knight in the "Shadows" "heart" is darkened by the darkness in the Earth
Robbing the darkness that has sparken the "Curse"
The Bat [sign]
Shines in the Night [skys]
An even the darkness darkest fear is the Knights [pride]
The power that empowers him is Divine
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
I got the courage of a thousand lions
An the heart of an Giant
With a plan to triumph
With a mind of a genius,magician,scientist an devise them
So my plan is not to fail but failing keeps me fighting
I keep trying with another plan just as violent
Remember violence is a force I'm using to inspire them
My force is courage an it's striking like lightning
I got a lot of devises
To take over the world before I die in it
So the devices inside my mind ticks are the highest tactics for me to persist
That's why I don't fail to plan an use my mind as a gift
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
What is Winning

To win you have to lose/To lose you have to win/But what am I trying to win/Why do I always have to Win/Is what I'm trying to win so hard for really an Win? What really is Winning? Because I'm still an Champion at heart\Am I really losing when I think I lost\Because I could be winning when I thought I was really losing\So how would I know when I'm winning
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