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You’re the meteor shower I stay awake all night for.
my love you are made of so many stars
I do not feel myself today
Stolen stunned sparkle sunned
Crystallizing adrenaline ***** hypertension maniac
Overwhelming in here. Crowded.
Always willing to be the first to jump
Potent love affairs with rushing wind and endless heights
Break apart.
Come undone.
Let go.
More surreal than tangible
Fading softly into the mist of kilauea
Great fire mother blessing me with the burning
Ablaze, a Phoenix from the flames, rising into the night
Bursting all over the constellations, adhering to the cosmos
Third eye open
Child smiling so softly
Sky brimming so brightly
Gazing forever upward
Running forever forward
Feel the wind blow
As hope begins to grow
Never show fear
Shout out with cheer
As the world smiled
They have finally found a Starchild.
I create these poems myself on YouTube. The poem is both based off of the music and the picture. The original can be found here
You have
pieces of star-matter
in you.
That fact alone
makes you
 Aug 2015 Vashawn Jackson
I come from another planet
One that's placed so far away
You can't see it with the highest powered telescopes or anything like that

Well, I'm not from there, myself
But when I was just a seed, I was
I was planted here

Like a flower or a tree
I grew up here like you
But my origin is nothing you can imagine

You can't tell the difference, though
See, I've assimilated seemlessly
And no one knows

But this is my confession
I'm not from this place
And no one will ever believe me
When I was still young and fresh
A million years ago
I walked on edges
Always on the edge of something
Something wild

Bright lights and long nights
Lots of laughter and music
Always music
Singing with the band
Dodging the flying glass
When fights broke out
Howling to the moon
Oh, wild indeed were we

All shadows now, alas
Visions from an addled brain
Pubs, clubs and smoky dumps
Leave no turn unstoned was the cry
More fun than fundamental
And fundamentally flawed, it was
A couple of hours sleep 'fore the day job
With eye-lids stuck together
And walking into walls
But still I wouldn't have swapped it
For all the strait laced straight faced
Wealth in the world

                                 By Phil Roberts
 Aug 2015 Vashawn Jackson
Some people are of God,
The thinning of their sole, torn shoes and worn clothes tell the tale only hearts of God hear. How blessed, for their treasure lies within, no fear of loss, no fear of pain because the glacier of faith they carry within is too magnificent to be beautified, yet too fearsome to let any fear linger around the edges.
Everyone of us is a keeper of that glacier. It's only, that the burns sometimes melt the forted edges of  iceberg of faith. But the keeper knows exactly when it happens, and when it can happen. And do we not sometimes melt and do we not always gather our blistering crystals, do we not bear the burns on our palms and yet we stand strongest after the burning waves of fate pass on? It melts, it smoothes, it shapes and after all the carvings in the keeper's castle, makes him even more majestic.
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