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Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
Pieces of my dream a puzzle of Destiny
so I'm putting together pieces that were destined to be pieced
I got a few pieces MISSING
an other pieces mixed in
So I put a piece in that can't fit in
So I keep switching
Once all the pieces fixed in
The puzzle complete
I look at the puzzle an see
What it speaks
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
This story is about magic. A poets passion. But no compassion for any sorcerers an their sorcery in any fashion.
See I'm not a wizard or magician.
I'm something much more magnificent.
Brought into existence. See it's an big difference when you were created in the creators image. I write cause I like to see my magic sparking. Cause I write on my magic carpet and I write pass the margins because the whole sheet of paper has to be charted. It's no use for all this magic to harvest. So I try to spark the magic of those that has been darkened.
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
Everybody likes to bring up my past
Like I'm the Villain
But also I was the hero in the Village
That's why the Hero's turn mad
But I'm the one to be ridiculed
Batman is always attentive to the riddles
Sent from the riddlers riddles he issued
But I can see the pain in you
But I learned to forgive an not hold resentments against you
I sometimes want to turn off the Bat Symbol
But my trademark will always be the Bat signal
Hurt can't be forgetful
Cause it's sensual
Maybe we look for love in the wrong temples
Of worship but love can make you miserable
If you loving someone who is not loving you unconditional
Still searching wonder where I'm going to find a kindle
An signal
So I can fly again
The dark knight did rise again
I see pain in these beautiful beings
That I shouldn't be probably seeing
What's the reason
Its a curse gift
Cuz in a smile I can see the darkness deep in the abyss
Maybe I'm rushing for love
Cuz I have to love myself
It's a rush to be loved
There's no one to love But yourself
When there's no one to love you
You can only love yourself
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
Wow bet I can make mills off Gospel music
I'm just an instrument God is using
I don't need mainstream to do it
See the devils got everybody influenced
I ain't for the money stupid
I don't need no features
Get an million views just from spitting ether
Tongue of fires
Holy spirit my ghost writer
See I'm a amplifier
An advertiser
This just an appetizer
To satisfy Ya
My lab on fire
Cuz the scientist a chemist
Mixing chemicals an bringing new elements into existence
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
I ain't racist but I dislike racism
Even though I'm in a racist system
Now in a show you how a slave would rebel
Walking wit God just to face the devils
I'm Nat Turner in this matrix
But I'm Martin Luther king. Chasing a dream
But it's more than one neo I'm wondering who the Agents
But I can see the changing faces
I see some of Zion ain't awakened
But the truth you have to face it
But I see a matrix revolution
Cause they don't see the matrix illusions
While religions feuding
While hiding the truth in it
I'm just the one morpheus recruited
An HE still human
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
A dreamchaser
Is an chaser chasing his dreams while the nightmares chasing us
Have to be brave an blunt
Being a dreamcatcher
Cuz the dreams ahead of us
Then its a nightmare for those trying to catch up
A nightmare for the haters
Dreaming my dreams before i wake up
So I'm writing nightmares on paper
Scary stories
Its goin be scary when im in my glory
But i don't write fairytales
Ask my fairy Godmother
My story is the story all the fairies waiting to tell
SO just wait till you read the first page
  Aug 2015 Vashawn Jackson
Kelly Rose
I am the Poet, hear my siren’s song
My woven whispers ****** ways and words
Mesmerizing, you will feel you belong
Be part of an inner circle and be heard

Write with me, no lines will be false or blurred
Together we will create and be strong
There’s no need for pleasure to be deferred
I am the Poet, hear my siren’s song

I have been sad and alone way too long
Belonging together is most preferred
Creating brings joy, won’t you come along?
My woven whispers ****** ways and words

Take a chance and your senses will be stirred
Part of our circle, not lost in the throng
We are more together, grace is conferred
Mesmerizing, you will feel you belong

All ideas are welcomed, no thought is wrong
Just know this; your spirit won’t be interred
May our venture be successful and long
Be part of an inner circle and be heard
I am the Poet

July 21, 2015
something new and different
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