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Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
The Rose That Grew From A Crack In A Concrete
Black Rose That Grew From The Fertile Roots Beneath
Out The Crack Of The Earth
Blossoming Into A Fashionable Valuable Flower Of Worth
It's Not Impossible To See It's Possible To See The Rose Passion Of Thirst
Roots Planted To Be Phenomenal An For Search
Before Me Laughed At The Illogical Joke
But Knew The Astronomical Growth Would Be Abominable An Uncommon With His Philosophical Approach
See I Breed Off Diabolical Emote
The Detestable Weeds I Choked
It's Inevitable To See What Heretically Was Wrote
I Blossom And Bloom
Even In The Darkness Or Gloom
Wanna Rob Me With Doom
Ima Tsuanmi Typhoon
Purest To Water
You Can Tell By My Posture
These Thoughts I Can Not Harbor
Smile On My Face But Inside My Eyes Is Trauma
  Don't See The Darkness In My Ocular
I'm Simba Trying To Be Like My Father
King Mufusa
Rose From The Concrete But I'm Just A Little Darker
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
Mentally dissect
My lyrical dialect
Cause my psychological
Philosophical context
Is an channel you have to check
Digest the concept
I profess
See how the geometrical lines connect
We not parallel
They same great minds think alike like we share the same cells
My brain waves is a storm of tornadoes
Whirling together to create the embryo
Biblical credentials say the body is a temple
An the mind is sound
The fundamentals or essential
Purpose of my well being is to be presentful
An image rememorable   because my existence is once to be found
GOD holds my crown
But the devil is permissible to be around
My lyrical material I write down
Comes from the instrumental grounds of the sounds my mind listens to
I'm a instrument
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
Higher galactic conscious
Light years pondering the demonic theologians
666 is colonists dehumanizing  it's doctrine
Its not ironic or an coincidental that coincides it's darkness
Its night an day an light an darkness it's coincidental not to contradict
A pit that's BOTTOMLESS
But Its easy to trick the mind with illusions
Mirages it's illusionist
In reality virtuality
Spiritually spirituality
Something more baffling
The plot is gradually
For blasphemy
Mockery fatality
Strategized strategies
Its master's
Sadly the truth surpasses to see
In the hazardous. Blasphemous world that's passionately beautiful in its disastrous scene
Born from kings queens passed past ancestry seeds
What's to.believe in the invisible unseen
Far as galaxies as they be
In an universe that's vast an we dream
Is there a God higher power supreme being?
Aliens fallen angels or DEMONS
Mathematical sequence
Of the world an our existence to perceiving
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
i just signed ya death certificate
cause the angel of death descended
a death sentence was inscripted in the scroll i was given
i came to bury anybody in the rap cemetary
while im the one who wrote the obituary
no wakes cause the body cant be presented
come to ya funeral in attendance
im the one who was spitting
i bring the bodybags before the killing
to zip em up in em
after the battle finished
cause yall battling a menace
im the seed of dennis
but im not kidding
evrybdy a victim
this is only genesis
the beginning
its vicious more in the ending
final decision
is death
cause thesee bars is an hex
these spells at my request
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
she a god
with so much beauty its odd
how many break her heart
but thee god in me an the god she see
puts it back to part
from where the puzzle starts
i see what turns them into sharks
but i worship her feet an i praise her
an im the one thats highly favored
i pray to God for prayers for us
cause the devil he preys with lust
but she walk on rose petals
body soft like a marshmellow
red stillettos
body move like jello
desire in my eyes has to keep me mellow
ima make sure this night aint forgetful
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
look im "Vegeta"
flow colder than a freiza
big bang punchlines thats the ether
no exceptions when i step in the arena
im a hot  head my head got a fever
king kai my teacher
oozaru bout to step on you creatures
yall power level is low
the  god letting you know
your power level will show
when the battle arrives
ive been waiting to shine
no more waiting in line
cause im facing time
ill face time
to take mine
only the Great Divine God can change the signs
so the future has selected i
Vashawn Jackson Aug 2015
Please excuse my dear aunt sally
cause mathematically
how geometrically in reality the measurements accurately
shadow me
my aunt manufactured me
my design
then divide by zero
it would be undefined
my existence is geometry
any form an shape symmetry
symmetrically an entity
whos positively unbalanced to negativity
cause negatively im positively magnetically
my well being makes me an mathematician
using mathemically the principles to define my existence
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