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Unicornsoul Mar 2018
I don't want to be loved just because of how i look
I wanted someone to read me like a book.

Search for my darkest secrets
My weaknesses and all of my regrets
Accept all the pages bout how I'm flawed
and doesn't matter how it is so broad
Cite all my never ending thoughts
Like how universe being explored by cosmonauts
Highlight all my deepest fears
That whispers like the music of spheres
List down all your favorites of me
write them all like ABC’s
Bookmark all my childhood memories
my nostalgias, experience and discoveries
Fold all the times i feel the world is against me
and how the universe won't notice me
Underline all my scars and how i got them
connect my moles and freckles like a poem

But last and foremost is that someone I look,
who will patiently wait and stay for one book,
and that is me,
To finish every page of my story,
even though it is not infallible,
but after all the wait, it's worth it.

— The End —