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DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, that May ****, for this May birth:)

into the walk
of an empty talk
to the truths of the blue
& the holds of that hue
yet aimlessly
with the ones who planted me
yet anonymously
as if not once it was me
it is still
eventhough I'm existing without paying the bill
scared of some '******' spleen
again I become
a foretell I welcome
for the chimes to ting
& the walkdown interrupted by a ring
like the one of the pathed light
except there was a flight
of every single emotional wheel
indistinguishable from them those of the infamous feels
& I seem to foget!
so remember what was, is, & will be dealt
upon this eye
the twitch of it in the blink of the lie
the man of the glance
not giving a double chance
of the one with the mystery, hence
so I go back to where nothing makes sense
May 25 · 42
Life of the Party
Raven Feels May 25
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, from 14-II-'23 :)

comes the nows
of the ways of the hows
the splinter of blood on my fingers
brings the shot of red to linger
so welcome to where my rhymes stale
& my patterns are so long so pale

the follow is the question
& the shame after them trillion detentions
simplicity subsides
duplicity abides
& the words of a drunk lover
come out of my own mouth not another

like a clown I drench the hollow mirror
somedays not to look too bitter
the beads of the black on my hand
& some memories carried by the sand
for the tremble to nauseate
& a once over never to take

except the tides in excess
I am one who knows how to make a mess
demeanors demeanors
dividers of tolerance of life breathers
demanding a timeline
not too dim not to shine

upon the words of a passion
luxury becomes outdated, out of fashion
a self-slap to renew
them thoughts I have on que
but the universe listens
for another Henry to glisten

those of the latter prevail their shadows
& my pretty looks are explained in follow
where did the sensation of such,
feel a feel like that that much?
anticipation for a day of no worth hence
in my world means risking vision for the corner of that lens

AND again, my rhymes stale
& my patterns are pale
the writes discard an existence
& the song of joy half that of an instance
even the written now here
are ones I do despise to repeat on an adhere

May 17 · 54
Raven Feels May 17
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, unloading from the ice age:>

chance for the yellow to dwell
chance for the view to swell
thought that I drive the words I see
for them tending to drive me
& sometimes silence chooses to remain in mislead
despite me thinking it's a shame indeed
I collect dust over my eyes
is it of blindness or a perspective's disguise?
                                                     ­                        -------ravenfeels
May 17 · 53
As I Read
Raven Feels May 17
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, with eyes closed :maybe<

My eyes scan as I read back
an understanding to those feels I lack
I do know the time
yet time itself can be not mine

My eyes scan as I read back
& I wish a recognition of the black
I surrender to the rhymes
even though all in vain all a deaf chime

My eyes scan as I read back
perplex contained in me or am I contained in its attack?
titles remind me of lots
so what does it mean in sixty years when my mind's in knots?

May 17 · 44
The Houred Reality
Raven Feels May 17
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, it's not a word, but I use it : so it is :>

would you in an ever
think deeply till death?

would you in an ever
know how to terminate your breath?

would you in an ever
remember the houred reality?

would you in an ever
live whatever the calamity?

would you in an ever
speak it all knowing it's madness?

would you ever
in an ever
of an ever
of the evers
think deeply till death?

would you ever
in an ever
of an ever
of the evers
know how to terminate your breath?

                                                        ­                                   ------ravenfeels
May 15 · 83
YOU, yes YOU
Raven Feels May 15
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, with no rhymes: it's always a truth within a lie:>

YOU, yes YOU
you know me much better
than I do know myself

I know you much better
than you do so yourself


yet we both don't know
the truth to that still
because we are so engrossed
in everything around us outside & in
ourselves at the same time

so what shall occur under
the privilege of knowing you
shall occur under
the privilege of you knowing me

so farewell for now
for I shall look after myself

& YOU, yes YOU
you know that much better
than I do know that so myself

May 15 · 55
Raven Feels May 15
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, may MAY (as usual) ......

yourself would be the 'second' worse you have met

I have a wish
a wish that wouldn't make me a fish
I want to escape that bowl
only for three months whole
then get back through
& I won't mind staying into
because I have seen the dream when I couldn't
& now I know even though if I shouldn't
I shall be stopped by others
yet I shall not stop me or bother
I know I demand a golden wish
yet my life is haunted by a fish
(& the dwell on 'yet' ends to begin)

the problem is that it's not only in the other shoals
it's that it's in the sea overall

Apr 9 · 103
And AGAIN---
Raven Feels Apr 9
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, I just lied to myself for a while:)

in you, in me, in us
this roof under the dust
I come to say I come to find
that to me, to myself I have lied
somethings are dwelling
becoming too much I'm questioning the act of selling
selling my paper words from hell
with a bow tie all wrapped as if feeling well
books mock me as if it's another world & all
when in fact the sun is cascading its shadow on the wall
the resentment in me could never deliver
& I wonder my sanity of head & liver
the resentment in us could never betray the kind
yet the betrayal we continue to allow in the mind
retaining what has been buried
is a lost dream I am worried
my ankle is healed but I'm still jumping on one foot
so what is it being alive? even if I knew don't know if I would!
therefore I came out of the prison tower
hence amusement never shook me in the hour
I imagine the streets are mine
for me to go back to the life of time
for I couldn't get past
what I've missed & the joy that didn't last
it's in the trickles of firm lips
it's in the darkness of road trips
radio silence & it seems AGAIN
some failed expressions denying experiences would never end
no harmony in what I see
just spurts of selfishness & jealousy
oh & I hoped for their wry smiles
even those, march to ghost until they die
coldness comes to dry on doors of mine and
for irritation to have a voice then it would be silenced
where to throw the blame? never my thing
we throw it as a hot potato & it just stings

                                                         ­             ------ravenfeels
Mar 10 · 143
Over The Moon
Raven Feels Mar 10
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, never ends like the start:)

realizations hit the realness of this unreal reality
into a plan against duality
double meaning in the words that we spoke
maybe a triple even for the connected lines that awoke
it was a talk over the moon
a walk over the one time ago one time soon
the storm doesn't leave a place for the empty nor the numb
the residue resides like a pulmonary toxicity to become
yet the floor permeates neither the cold nor the hot
& conversations fail to define the lot of lots
do the lights know their work of the past?
because such derivation isn't one seemingly last
doors know the end for an exchange
& the exchange of words, rather feels it became
& nothing comes next

                                                           ­                       ------ravenfeels
Mar 10 · 122
I Wouldn't Like---
Raven Feels Mar 10
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, in the a.m. :

I would like to say
with no poetic disarray
your name on my tongue is on repeat
so scared to say it out while asleep

Mar 10 · 65
Raven Feels Mar 10
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, not that I haven't done so myself too?

and don't go denying my feels
when the blood shed was real

                                                           ­    ------ravenfeels
Feb 20 · 77
Raven Feels Feb 20
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, just as expected:>

to be continued in braille
no matter the cost no matter the bail
because if not, then the steps would fail
& them dreams of blue would fade & almost pale
in an almost
all in black of toast
a place that the devil couldn't boast
in a house of mine & ones before to ghost
all along all in time
for a sight to sour up as lime
& the sanity no more mine
backward & forth a climb
the bank collapses on the line
so what of a life is of a vine ?
then dying
to hold hands, with brain holders to dine
'good mornings' & 'good nights' creep down my spine
even worse
it's a curse
to say I'm good to say 'I'm fine'

                                                          ­                        -------ravenfeels
Dec 2022 · 98
Perfect Unperfect Truth
Raven Feels Dec 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, the stage revolves:)

the bartender tends in another dimension, minding shoulders
the liquor to the truck holders
when at last
she wakes up of some trance
to look around
all perfect to an unperfect tinging sound
removes her glasses upon viewing some crematorium
to exit the auditorium
& beg the powers to hail kids to a safe world
all a simulation in the head
one that fights claws to forget
but never in an ever could
& why in an ever eventually should?
all in still
all in some will
when the sun subsides
not sets yet resides
the truth is told
a body for a body to be sold
& the stage revolves
demeanors change
for games to be strange
beaches cry of some waves that he couldn't hide
& this perfect unperfect truth to tide

Oct 2022 · 205
Raven Feels Oct 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE,'s just October:)

place in me
one where my lungs bleaches with fibrosis
& I let it be
yet not even upon professional diagnosis

place in me
one where my lungs are empty
& I let it be
yet still nothing comes subtly

place in me
one that thinks of a third lung
& I let it be
yet sometimes the dull are somewhat young

upon one climate change
aching for sickness is the sickness
nothing comes of the desired range
& it becomes a matter of critical forgiveness

Oct 2022 · 96
Raven Feels Oct 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, we don't choose_EVER;


                                              ­                               ----ravenfeels
Sep 2022 · 263
Luna 1523
Raven Feels Sep 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, infinity=zero

Luna betrayed the Lady
& the scene glitched a definite into maybe
Luna betrayed the Lady
& my fourth hour seemed a little bit too hazy

                                                           ­                 ------ravenfeels
Sep 2022 · 191
Raven Feels Sep 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, six words are surely not enough:)

bestest view from a fish bowl

Jul 2022 · 154
Raven Feels Jul 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, July writes._.

prisoner am I
on the walls looking for who am I
in the shiver of the tea
the past steals of that sea
the invisible scratches on my back
the ones that scratch a roof to sleep painted black
all them those of the stacked shelves in handy
couldn't leave a page not a blank of the empty
does it rain in summer still?
because it's getting dusty on that exiled mountain hill
poems stale
the clock speaks in brail
blood trickles the nails
& the bitting has the audacity to fail
my toes to the feet demand a detach
not a new thing like a tree & its branch

                                                         ­                 ------ravenfeels
Jul 2022 · 154
First of June
Raven Feels Jul 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, could've waited one year<3

first of June
five o'clock in the afternoon
an ending of too much too soon
things couldn't wait for the becoming of that moon

Jul 2022 · 88
Tiger Eye
Raven Feels Jul 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, I ain't one of them, at all:?

we long for those that we shan't live the fullest
yet we forget the times we pinched our flesh for the bravest

Jun 2022 · 210
Raven Feels Jun 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, happy WednesdaY:)

wanting my right to be wrong
wanting my faith idolizing the strong
what is it with that await for the peace?
when I already could dig that peace in me
Jun 2022 · 110
A Reason Is Not A Define
Raven Feels Jun 2022

on that table
four arms shook, double faking the illusion she stable
or is it a matter of strive to be crippled, disabled?
a hold on for the called dear life, inhibit the verb able?
yet life is not the content it holds in a cable
otherwise a single stumble would be fatal
& them feels embraced
are all the things that you shall face
on that table
struggling to bare the meaning it labels
but for the mind of mine
reasoning a reason is not a define
yet the feel in the moment it roots for it fills
& like a child & like a breath after her ****
despite papers scattered upon seals of nature
some lines stand up to nurture that wooden creature

                                                       ­                                 --------ravenfeels
Jun 2022 · 95
May MAY Write
Raven Feels Jun 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, a little late for that May:>

may May write its writes
bring the whole truth to them sights
after the visions went pale then tilted radiant
burning colors for the eyes' content of the ancient
feels leave some hearts afraid of the stage
yet the ending of that act is the ending of that page
& all of this is a given to the beings
the people who laughed the order of true art & knowing
knowing what to be unknown to us but we knew in slowing
after one tears full year still glowing
from the cut of that electric head
dismissed what was forgotten focus on what was said
held that table from the weight suppressed
respect the may it mays from the layers undressed

May 2022 · 114
Raven Feels May 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, may May write:?

not even sure if paper could tolerate me itself
am I welcome to comeback after placed on a dusty shelf?
left for the viewers to scan with their ***** sights
never thought shame would be printed upon them words I write

Apr 2022 · 134
Raven Feels Apr 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, some things can't be erased & it's better that way:>

for it's under the right eye
not for people to see until close they get
& I shall keep a smile wry
for a full one would conceal if I let

Apr 2022 · 362
Friday Ends
Raven Feels Apr 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, a friend to a friend is a friend.

glued hands to the ground
begging & bowing helplessness to confusion
for they couldn't do nothing but stick around
& we were victims of those visions in conclusion

Apr 2022 · 94
Long Pause
Raven Feels Apr 2022

leavin' me here
here in this thick atmosphere
in my dreams no you don't adhere anymore
now my life feels like a useless year sure
the cut of the line
the line I once thought that was mine
why don't you give me a sign?
them feels have been breaking this spine!
I don't know what to say but it's not the same love
I don't know what to say but I'm in pause

Apr 2022 · 161
Take Me To Your Bookshelf
Raven Feels Apr 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, stranger to me, could it be?

what kind of sin?
won't resemble your own self again?
placing your chest upon mine
not really the same spark now been drawn a line
the touch of a skeleton in hollow
literal meaning feels of the ribs in shallow
the tone of that fair skin wrapping the beat of your heart
what kind of distance rips a memory apart?
some a fear of the remembrance?
more like fear of forgetting the sequenced penance
change of pages isn't what I hate
more like the sense of loss it contains
the one a mind enters a loop of lies
& she sinks & she drowns & she dies
either leave me from myself
or take me to your bookshelf

                                                      ­                                 -----ravenfeels
Apr 2022 · 175
Raven Feels Apr 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, still moving?

that ego of mine
will be the death of that spine
that nose in the sky
in dooms when thinking a fly
like black & white tiles
still moving right & left not high
can't help the crave of the cold
the one for the illusionary stillness been sold
yet what coldness do you see?
the one that shelters a shell of pure heat in me?
foreigners despise them borders
them feels excluding a hexagonal soldier
do you indulge that part of my be?
the one them thoughts seem to poke my free?
or that urge to write the sights surrounding
worship the floor those souls float a grounding
don't ask which is which
let it comedown on me let it slip let it stitch
a reflection of the past some mindless ghosts fabricated
a reason to a reason to be reasoned on my chapters situated
clinging lines & yearning for the words to utter record letters
something for the universe to swallow in feathers
have them digestions rip in shreds their tongues
nauseate the trachea from those lungs
but I rest it forgive forgave & let it be away
forget not shall stay
tired of the things they never admit to a said
yet my satisfaction of looking back entrapped a bled
makes me deny a defeat
for the respite of jubilance wasn't a retreat
pushed my feet to that lake
put a pen to a paper & called me on stake
never have I ever said yes to a dawn
for that dusk my hopes come clean & drawn
jumping on one single foot loose
holding my own form on an one-ended-noose

                                                ­                      ------ravenfeels
Mar 2022 · 104
To Be Titled Someday
Raven Feels Mar 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, I mean better than untitled no?:-?

brought to sense & sensibility
to deter the grounds of this whole reality
for to block a void of superficiality

do we know the ideology originally centered?
rather than a method for a reason to be rendered
for man needs something to be remembered
& my own would be defined once a December

rather the ocean to be blind in hindsight
than the stars glittering aimlessly all right
yet please leave the deserts an urge to fight
the stay upon dark through light

                                                          ­                         ------ravenfeels
Mar 2022 · 611
Let Me Be A Fool
Raven Feels Mar 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, do you know what I don't know?

let me be a fool
one that slaps with cruel
leave some words for us leave some words for you
leave the past to dust leave the yellow floors too

let me be a fool
wear that memory on my neck & call it a jewel
seal the day of misery word by word in due
admire every single color in remembrance of every hue

let me be a fool
drown myself in that scent in that noise in that pool
dig the heels of my feet to the ground to keep me steady
never thought for an ever of a life I won't be ready

let me be a fool
the world of the never & delusions to rule
because them feels won't remain in the old self of every second
& no one gave me a hint to prepare what will & already threatened

                                                     ­                                       ------ravenfeels
Mar 2022 · 866
A Summer Tale
Raven Feels Mar 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, on the verges of spring:)

not all about that
yet all about me
the sleights redeemed too flat
taking things slowly

my stance
out of that delusional hand
still the intro of that kingdom dance
shook the sight demolishing one land

that debatable glance
the spark of something so vivid
scratched the hint of a chance
not my story & still not a person of livid

yet the better
some women listening to her weather in impact
yet delivering their letters
& they get a hold of a glorious contrast

Mar 2022 · 82
Don't Wake Her Up
Raven Feels Mar 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, herself to be on a quest<3

a foot behind the other about to leave
loneliness drums for the view yet to be believed
about a hug in foot a broken bridge kills
for the other arms to take the hint as a drill
woke her up although in her mind still
since the double life she pursues is not even half filled
he stood facing the ear that won't listen
that one the dream won’t truthfully forbid and
took a leap to the window pane
that old one the one disguising the upcoming refrain
this time herself to be on a quest along her demeanor
some blinding rage won't save her without a screen intervener
like tapes of the past are piecing
like some pride displayed upon eyes reigning
now her mind is self doubting
unreasoning then shouting

Mar 2022 · 187
12:23 P.M.
Raven Feels Mar 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, I hate alarms:>

inspiration would never not be instantaneous

Feb 2022 · 117
A Humble Fumble
Raven Feels Feb 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, version three:)

fumbled with my thoughts
in hope of not being caught
yet that language does not belong
nor the humble intentions along

Feb 2022 · 394
And They Were Thinkers
Raven Feels Feb 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, I know it's not just me:?

at the end of the day man is bound to that feeling of being lonely
the one that would devour his head severely yet slowly
maybe he's within the surroundings all through & in between
maybe he's already eaten into grounds he saw & yet hasn't seen
but eventually you are a mind & a mouth at the same
whoever you were wherever you are no matter your name
or maybe that's just me three a.m. in my bed
or maybe a reason is just blamed rather than said
or maybe that's just us the ones living in our heads
or maybe the mind convinces so not to end up mad instead
the lonely truth of the pathetic human thread you carry somehow
ironically holds an expiry date even that one you thought of now

                                                            ­                        ------ravenfeels
Feb 2022 · 564
Stumbling For A Stumble
Raven Feels Feb 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, version two?

I feel content
for I thought it to be satisfaction in a poem sent
yet the polars are polars
despite a fine line in between growing bolder
for I define my own definition
satisfaction is the acceptance fulfilled
of having a cup half filled
yet content is the embrace of the enough
it's so humble to be touched
appreciating the made
for the reflection might be a blade
for the youth
for the drain for the truth
the empty half & the half full state
hoping for a better taste
from the cup before
lips to stumble none or nor

                                                            ­                     -------ravenfeels
Jan 2022 · 2.2k
Yearning For A Yarn
Raven Feels Jan 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, I'm well aware that nothing makes sense, including this poem :>

content is not something we give consent
you hold your pen yet the ink spills as it pleads
you are a walker of blood yet it sheds out when cut & bent
you have a brain yet the tongue blurts out the feels

content is not something we color
just an acceptance of the past
just a canvas you get to paint with limit bother
good for a day then a memory till it lasts

the kiss of a palm forehead & cheek
drafts in my head just to render a sleep
some greed never fed or a satisfaction to meet
yellow till it goes mustard & a shade deep

the saving of a night that would save the day
it's like it's gold but you're swallowing the sand?
the desperation for a treasure at some bay
how would I even find content when out of the hand?

                                                         ­                         --------ravenfeeels
Jan 2022 · 829
Everything Is Butterflied
Raven Feels Jan 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, the tick of another twenty third, & I'm still okay:>

I can't go back to the way it was
moonless nights a lost cause
a shineless sun not a ray she draws

I can come after the way it becomes
close my eyes nonetheless moon or sun
drown lavender's peace till the hurt of lungs

better than none & well
read the words this town won't spell
or maybe my remembrance of things I won't tell

                                                           ­                              -----ravenfeels
Jan 2022 · 3.2k
Heart Beats To A Museum
Raven Feels Jan 2022
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, best alone again:>

their tongues spoke in languages of dim black
not for the people, not for the universe, just for the humane lack
their mercuries slipped into a coma of grace
is it too much of an ask to grant a questioning face?
their secrets molded, intertwined, & folded
for the eyes to formulate the truth from the lie sorted
their breathes sent  beat to their hearts to syncopate that keeper
then feels out of their laces or not just them alone in the Ether
their dreams although vanished weren't a matter of none
for the hurt to be a double impressionist's helixed one
their souls craved for a carve of that humble form
so do they submit to rain & dance under the thundering storm?
cliché or not
somethings are left unsaid without a period dot
blunt or rude
better feel shame from faults than when ****
what does it mean, to be delicate's recipient ?
to be an exception to the head of a never lenient?
what does these ancient walls say?
if the colors of the face couldn't cover up before that end day?
a crime to deny them sensations
to get to know someone in six conversations

Dec 2021 · 562
Raven Feels Dec 2021

the light is promised
yet the dark is honest

Nov 2021 · 1.1k
Sweet Thoughts
Raven Feels Nov 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, make the last month count<3

reasoned reasonably to the reason
if it doesn't work congratulations self-treason
blames are things for the air to worry
& my mind isn't the place to be sorry
back in fancy blacks & charming winks
them feels a gift so make them pink
what's past is indifferenced past
& dreams become a truth to an optimist's last
Nov 2021 · 1.1k
Black Dress
Raven Feels Nov 2021

bribed the day light to catch me
to welcome the dark night quickly
careful heels
afraid would sting would peel
to the rough ground's coldness
wore this covering black dress
walked on a damaged fate
all in the name of an elegant slate
silent walls no comment
a posture to the moon sent

the perfect hair scattered
my own self compliments flattered
alone for the mirror to be impressed
smiled and the reflection takes a guess
waved for the air
to feel attention somewhere
on that eye
smudged ink lines
vanilla hangs in the atmosphere
memories do nothing to fear

                                                           ­         --------ravenfeels
Nov 2021 · 149
On The Subconscious' Dawn
Raven Feels Nov 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, something from October:)

in defeat
four years and the flames no treat
excused a remedy when hearts beat
finally believed the lie and we repeat

the given is the untaken
the backs won't laugh mistaken
the right before the edge in ache and
the life the happy the near forsaken

the ears scream splitting moments in half
not a memory not a photograph
all admitted taken bad paths
now owned polluted water I bathe those baths

can't underestimate
the oceans of the apart unloaded a weight
lipstick smashed a red line on our fate
something hung upon the forehead's lean on straight

the reason of the reason
in my muffled cries of silent treason
blame it on the unfaithful of a ****** season
one day of the tenth won't mean a single depletion

Nov 2021 · 997
Fragile Capes
Raven Feels Nov 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, all yellow & blue:)

what are you?
who are you?
is it even a you?
my moons are swelling in hells
my shatters are flaunting in the same cell
my nails are aching for the touch of shells
I swim neat
water cold as ice feet
things I despise under those ***** sheets
sat embraced
by the greens the autumn's shades
falling too well and hugging blades
her eyes a funeral's peal
all I ask is a little feel
something of that past to steal
can't sense a speck
my violins are scratching their necks
orchestral ravens flew the garden of wrecks
optimism a false clue
the flee to the streets I never knew
and she licks the tips of the salty stew
oh my spoiled nerves changing each noon
can't have can't reach can't leave that moon
forks on my table nonexistent all spoons
irises are in need of light
to bleed the warmth of a single night
let the winds ******* like a kite
death of me now
don't mind hurts of trembling how
meet me and sort my bones for me to bow
drown me with caffeine
erase that stupid fake gleam
bring me to the real
make me forget and burn me to heal
fire my name on that tongue you keep
and what a great sleepless night to sleep!
                                                                ­                   -------ravenfeels
Nov 2021 · 384
Raven Feels Nov 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, dreams are the best part of the day<3

the daisy behind my ear
her hands so small held her so real
my heart beats for that earthy love
joined foreheads and looks from above
between that child let be
something never found within me
genuine pink smiles
to be loved with no lies
for a back then
was a time for everything
Nov 2021 · 625
Jupiter's Disguise
Raven Feels Nov 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, a lost poem<3

my pathetic desperacy
all epic with a naturalistic misery
angels hailed my numbers
now my calculations fumble
the rest
the equation unsettled on an aimless quest
everything has changed
but the undeserved trust is an ultimate unattained
my state in dooms
orbiting faces behind moons
a wreckage when asleep
like the neptunes called me
she said hit the lights
but the blinds blinded my sights
a little optimism whisks me hopeful
forget forever the features
that lulled me once to my breather
now something broken
don't worry nothing stolen
for me to stick for me to piece neat
queen the rusted diamonds under my seat
follow the heart's revolution
undercover not a solution
alone even if disappointing
even when betraying
let my allusions surf the six temples
shadows bathing my past resembles
to come clean
find the place beyond the cold mean
like the twirl of the system
no one else wanted to resist him
took me there
to the middle of no where
my dilemma is that frightened half
no good to steal no good to laugh
but with a wake up to them dreams such a slap
a wisdom's muse would eventually snap
stars dance
her sky tortures her glance
crimson red and she realizes
that the once for all so be it would summarize this
would the potion grant a pain?
the poison of them affairs regard my chained name
let go
just say yes to saying no
stay awake
don't sleep take a break
Nov 2021 · 694
Curly Branches
Raven Feels Nov 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, November writes:}

felt my own selfishness
felt my own blindness
my underestimate
that fatal weight
of my own expressions carried
on upon other people's sights become buried
interactive confusion
paid the price to concealing them delusions
but when I look at her
I see me in skin bare
the old one who never tried
never been one to cry
that lost featured
that defeat creatured
in each eye across me that mockery
embraced for that heredity
not the only one I felt
blamed and met
ached a hurdle
to trace the burden
all nothing new
to an age which I won't be able to view
won't be able to perceive
under eyes won't be able to deceive
how is fairness unfair?
how is change a pit of despair?
eight and hours faint
to not be on paint
where is my heart now to be fooled?
where is my mind now to scream its soul?
where is my body now to regret those striped drools?
we swim in pools
our skies failed us with lies
don't convince me otherwise
maybe is not a maybe anymore just
for it to be a must
watching now I freeze
try to refuse try to not feel
betray myself
is a betray of herself
can't look in the eye all now
a scar would dig behind that frown
because memories from the inside
**** my pride
like some clown
hunt and drown

                                                               ­                      -------ravenfeels
Oct 2021 · 2.8k
Violets For Roses
Raven Feels Oct 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, the difference makes no difference:>

under the rain love me
above the clouds love me not
think the days flowery and notes of C
think the blame is on the sugary plot

ever since I painted accidents with red
violets turned blue swoon
my demeanor shaded a women with a stubborn head
the kind of color that you moon

the most of the most
all no sequence separated
is what my season is up to raise that toast
and them breezes lay chills for the never faded

stay on my mind rule my mercury
the feel of love is neat
the curious incident that manifested this artery

a crumble of pieces to get back all a dawn
a primary color
painted on my nails tickling a green lawn
can't be traded with no other odor

the sparkles danced roses over my heart
I knew the first page
would be the death of me from the start
wouldn't trade it with any other stage

how did we get there?
the possession of double happiness
the dry blood scattered in the air
moments printed in hopeful swift angriness

delusional dimensions
out of the norm
things my soul would grant a suspension
this time to welcome the storm

I don't think so
the blur of the night on a stairs
a stumble in once upon ago
brought pretty smiles in crying strands of hair

because I don't want to wake up
the dressing of sunrise capital
the unwanted, a guitar playing after my tea cup
even if the burdened wrists all heavy calculated radicals

kisses infected mere means
the days of thoughtful ventures
of doubtful summers and no sleep
something an old vanilla scent betrays a different texture

                                                        ­                            -------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Oct 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, spooky season is back:>

I just got to say
rhyme in once then turn away
if lonely-I'm alone
if not then I'm crowded
if loving-I'm in pain
if not then I'm senseless
if hating-I'm cruel
if nice then I'm pleasing
if I sleep-I'm dead
if I don't then I'm a mess
if truthful-I'm vulnerable
if silent then I'm suppressed
if sad-I'm depressed
if happy then I'm guilty
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