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DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, find peace but don't forget your journey to that---old draft :-:

being no one is embarrassing
everyone becomes null in everything
put the mean
in a meaning to steam
but nothingness is a two edged sword
when levitating a meaningless world

adopting the faces into my timeline for glasses to erupt in aware
speak for themselves my thoughts of clears and fair
notice my dares and hesitates
when it comes to the memories of them fades and unfades
want the roses to bloom
for the awake of the kills and dooms

take a breath
shake life's hand against death
tongues speak
although aimless word disguise is chic
an invisible devotion
about surviving chaotic commotion

                                                      ­                                  -----ravenfeels
3d · 71
The Purple Fancy
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, what I wrote before comes back with a lot in store:>?

drowned in the traps of the atlantic
drawn scars so deep so dark so pathetic
dried the river made the wounds stitched them fast
why is this the billionth time that I've sworn the last?
shut my heart and silenced the beats erasing the bullet's shot
for the mind to mock me with a twist of the plot

like a sweet candy
brought the purples out of the fancy
the recurring reoccurs
the sixth written on a stone of hers
risk the whole day on one wish
slowing your life is a crime of selfish

its like I'm begging the tick of the night
with the devil a reunite
for the love for the sake
no space left much in me to uptake
for the love for the sake
I plead an another no matter the hurt it makes

drum roll before
I give up and close that door
because that would be the day
I **** the only thing that makes me stay
these illusions trapped on the pillow
are not for the living alone future to burrow

DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, pleasant to dream of old friends---like nothing happened:>

drove the beetle blue
no driver's license just liked the view
send my apologies
to the streets of mysteries
or was it misery in disguise
upon the old she cries
like the hidden furniture
spoke in signs
memories and secrets called mine
tiger rug in luxury shop
familiar gazes made feet stop
never true when doors are slammed
antiques in a swift can slip the hand
a heart of glass
of a weighed mass
maybe not the dream but the morning stance
reminds hints of a glance
her empty seat in a wallet
buries pictures in the back of the pocket
and I ask and count wall blocks and thoughts glue
does she think of me like I do too?

                                                           ­                             ------ravenfeels
Jul 22 · 147
Cinderella's Midday Hour
Raven Feels Jul 22
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, wasn't a midnight this time:)

in a brilliant black dress
just like hers better the darker I guess
but she was an actress on a stage
wings with no limit or a cage

the lighter lights older violent notes
roses bleed the blood in red quotes
like perfect poem lines
played like a movie tape upon eyes

pink stars in permanent
seen when fell of the argument
talk some sense into the ceiling
on a page of eternal with no feeling

not the best of all the endings
some bones of broken to the mending
back to lipstick on coffee cup smells smart
the sky rains a fall a dream from the start

Jul 22 · 123
Once Marked Promises
Raven Feels Jul 22
DEAR ENPAL PEOPLE, a poem to the dark;-?>

worn out faces
empty starks from deepest embraces
once called on together
never true alone even better

neon lights
blame them on the lonely nights
in advance
I get the train traffic another chance

elevated the chills
things that can't be drowned upon stupid pills
done with healing
now the skin put to the pealing

set red to the lies
gazes speak in dresses fancy to die
time scattered on the desk slow motion
in a black marker all clear devotion

eternal freeze
when the upside embraced the back some disease
contagious when escaped
cant **** even when baked

Jul 21 · 66
Expired Sunset
Raven Feels Jul 21
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, and she dreams:?

expired sunset
a multicolored sky fired and met
wings of flee burnt rain
dawns of lasts in unseen flames

the table dines
lions chase forests of mine
like when the first sip shadowed
of the water green in lakes shallow

hands shot eyes intake
tremble ripped canvas of french fake
ashes unknown no name
to reach out faces or claim

polished the twenty third
out of the bathing bird
a Sunday morning motions
a faze of a dark table believed bad omen

Jul 21 · 68
Eclipsed Expression
Raven Feels Jul 21
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, around midday? :>

double notice
focus to the unfocus
the light burnt now broken
so bright blind golden
nerves stitch the antidote of the unspoken
like the robot knew in the open
a wire functions him a moment stolen
the thunk already tornado thought chosen
permanent to memory hold in
eclipsed the expression from faces frozen
left hearts so cold so swollen

Jul 15 · 454
Raven Feels Jul 15
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, I hate this color:)

from the couldn't write to the couldn't sleep
almost questioned the revenge from the read
to have the crumbled skin kiss the red
the lost bitten nails got teared and fed
pastel in capital letters on sand
the cruel wave washes in no clock hand
an orange flee for your life
leave a trail to follow and strive

Jul 12 · 137
Arose Awoken
Raven Feels Jul 12

to be rich is to notice the fair from the unfair
give no judge to wisdom from the first stare
but not on the Earth thing
the brutality royal flushes and stings

now I fear
that someday that wheel is put to gear
put the cursed paper
on a thorny throne later

afraid my nose would sniff the skies
afraid my hopes would tear my early rise
afraid my greed would bury my shame
afraid my humor would be trashed in lame

not for me
a jeopardizing frisbee
my tarnished house warmer than a fancy chimney
promise my dreams in purple
faithful to myself would never be a hurdle

Jul 12 · 119
Feel AZleep
Raven Feels Jul 12
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, to be rich is to notice the fair from the unfair:)

get well soon only
when hope not a lie lonely
hospital cell
unavailable played dead and fell
nothing in sequence
all hung on the adequacy
paper said
from future penholder skies unread
the green one too
to the land a stranger soon

what you earn is what you keep
don't count just drown in oblivious sleep
wallets light
rage blinds visible sights
the poor scream
the rich gleam
like an invisible ink flood
evaporation in the air a silenced blood
chocolate missed the ecstasy
everything shut down to reality

bones shrunk
never unnoticed to the think thunk
now things are pale
even the best bread is stale
how I remain
all calm in shameful disdain???
needs become old
whether blazing summer or winter ******* cold
and in my broken chair I be
the pathetic dreamy version of old me

Jul 10 · 142
Kill The Killer
Raven Feels Jul 10
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, the world turning inside out---no such thing as salted mint:)

like a wild hint

taste a glimpse of salted mint

tackle the caramel passions

cinnamon enchantment of imagines

no bit of lost roses

happiness in measured red doses

remain in the lavender's fair violet

to hesitate the sour act of deficit

to refuse the golden boil of the sun

bring a stop to the good from miscalculating the sum

                                                           ­                       -----ravenfeels
Raven Feels Jul 7
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, who wants to count to ten when you can carry on to infinity?

she stopped time and asked
a question planted silence in advance
faced my truth on a real talk
never thought it was hard to stand or walk

rock plays numb humiliation
the inhale echoes wounds then exhalation
denial and defense
tears welled up the hidden immense

the wind swings
a lost count to infinity sings
red eyes
step on two legs cries and undeniable disguise

forbidden was for me to
reveal the vulnerable due
the intimidated call
of how things are messed up in sort to fall

and now I think
of how it stinks
memories of misery
a step between me and the cemetery

embarrassment attacks
white lies painted above the blacks
stepped on me
a bug under the shoe and I let it be

guess that she knew
but the answer hung in air and flew
my confidence buried peacefully when already dead
and the winter cold shivers in my head

Raven Feels Jul 6
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, heart makes you feel like a fool---not by me:>

I lie so bad
of how your presence excludes the sad
this hand includes
this blue stage we stand in interlude
words on red cheeks faint
the place empty I paint
the neck puts a distance from me and you
and the dark finds the light it never knew

the pretentious actor
writing a character on the other end of the protractor
my pen flows on veins in a way
after tongue pauses the say
now my heart wins
thoughts muffled like an invisible bottle of gin
but fair is not fair for a reason
and cheers to my self mind treason

                                                       ­                                  -----ravenfeels
Jul 5 · 138
AFar And I'm Farther
Raven Feels Jul 5
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, cold bot still bold:)

just a visit
lifts the limits
for the color of blood to become a stranger
now my hopes are all in danger
do I avoid the future be a savior?
do I souvenir the past a cinnamon flavor?
people you knew
not pictures the memory drew
like the bone failed it pains
to sustain
then in blink to be fractured drained
the mirror cries with me
but in my head laughs and mocked screams
now not my territory
maybe a new ceremony
me attending alone
counting stars and skipping stones
am I the weird one?
the dresses on the opposite borders not fitting
on that ferris wheel I stay sitting
the skied view more interesting than the far party track
staring at one piece when the museum is packed

Jul 5 · 312
Flipped Worlds
Raven Feels Jul 5
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, feels=good ----- feelings=no good:(

the balance arises she points
illuminance not the right joint
like the sun overdosed in the sky
clouds disappear in the high
flipped worlds refraction in swords

in an instant speed
nightfall glitches in a scream
kiss the moon in a double tick
the fulls bright convincing a vision trick
save the day
in no way

spinal chords in the dark serenading the blue
but my colors drained from every single hue
the center of the system remains golden
confusion enlightens a feeling so broken
trapped the whole breathing
and my lungs are still bleeding

Jul 3 · 274
A Perspective In Me
Raven Feels Jul 3
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, I'm not a poet:)

a poet is an artist in cursive

a painter with one palette

an actor with a wary expression

a sculptor with ***** hands

a dancer with a broken bone

a musician with a mysterious ear and symphonious look

in common

what we create

is a glorious masterpiece in the eyes of millions

yet the creator is never satisfied

and the flaws in the rusted diamond is defied

looking for a define

left for the mind to eat

and the heart to fight

but presented otherwise unjustified

Raven Feels Jul 3
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, inspiration: favorite book---Invisible Life In A Miserable Age version two :>

met her at the library
rasped the portrait in ancient poetry
booked her love in print of coffee calligraphy
vanished curses of September from the entire history
remembered eyes bared and fell at feet so complementary
one-eighty degrees the fine line supplementary
deviled angelic
marveled hurdled
seven freckles and stashed in memory
celebrates venus and mercury
invisible life in a cursed fate

Jul 2 · 295
Act Of Stars
Raven Feels Jul 2
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, the moon surface is dark---and my feels are darker<3

his smile
made her tears run in miles
his blond sun
made the ocean waves miss the tides of fun
the old vinyl
now feels on revival

Jul 2 · 332
Unsolved Puzzle
Raven Feels Jul 2
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, never knew before:?

mind fluttered
heart triggered
or was it the opposite?
to not feel
is constantly abandoning the real
or was it overthinking?
white sun
yellow moon shun
or was it the lamp in my room?
exclamation mark
question bark
or was it me confused?!
flames left turned in hurt
backs flared then burnt
or was it them that slammed the door?
now a missing bone
from an unsolved puzzle all alone  

Jul 1 · 158
Faded Bordeaux
Raven Feels Jul 1
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, have a great July!

goodness is virtue
rage is essence when realization is new
hearts entrenched
them those called sensations melted a bench

memories tainted in dark
reminiscent somewhere in the background park
violins ached for the winter sky
on a hope it would just snow the ghosted July

their flesh burnt
mercurial whispers churned a hurt
dilapidates already fallen
feels of away returned from the stolen

wise in me I confess
to not believe a belong is a bless
visions confuse
perplexed deprived of a twinkle muse

my pen writes
then paper welcomes once and thrice
orchestra chimes
in time to spill the wine

Jul 1 · 132
Pluto's Blond Twin
Raven Feels Jul 1
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, the grass is not green:)

too much to bare
the polar twins resemblance in no fair

now the run I understand
still the twist of burning faces is what I can't

ran wind free
a second of nothing but me

the blonds in uniqueness stand under the red light
wait until the fear cripples and the big dog bites

the tea boiling somewhere for no one to drink
the ruined building leaves a pile to think

pupils dilate
thoughts shrink swallowing the bate

yet the crowd remains
I shower in public and fingerprints don't stain

a red rock star barks
stage shakes and throats are mic marked

nice dreams but crap
the plutonian not funny when children under your feet you have

                                                           ­                      -------ravenfeels
Jun 29 · 269
A Cloud Stare
Raven Feels Jun 29
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, just an old a family memory on a dinner table--sorry no rhymes :>

to the no one who is not recognizing......
when I stopped for a long stare for me

I stopped and looked around me searching for something that
I don't know stashed deep into the picture I view

I smiled for the happiness that invades those hearts
for the gratitude that my soul is permeated
I crowned the thrones of blood in pure joy
I stole the sounds of laughter

I screened that shot that is bottled into the core of my memories that shot the reason I am attached to this life
the reason that I believe in the reason that I hang on to the reason

that I long on my stormy nights and deprived alones
I locked them on that table of love and warm clouds attached
when I stopped for a long stare for me

                                                             ­                              ------ravenfeels
Jun 28 · 1.1k
Poetry On Canvas
Raven Feels Jun 28
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, when love is like a dream---we live not exist:>


when a skirting golden light sinks the morning room
when a chocolate's mist takes away the gloom
when a song blasts the ear you make a scream
when a coffee's first sip lightens the mind with steam
when a sea races the waves alone dived
when a rainbow kisses a mere the rain skied

when a heart makes a dance
when a landscape stills the stance
when a painted hand dirties the whites
when a moon never fails to shine in sight
when a run feels like the embrace of the winds mint
when a line flows a ray of a poem in every tint
and we live not exist

Jun 26 · 47
For The Ones And Only
Raven Feels Jun 26
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, this is an edited part of a very personal poem:]

only for the ones I am trashed after
only the liars that fastened in no shameful laughter
my chases that bleached me to sours
finished my mercurial hour
to an inexplicable remorse
the change in me is forced
got me on strings of trust and beliefs
for my sorry kindred heart to swallow the bate and keep
got me on barging crowds to resent
did I even know you till a sixth of ends?
got me on the hinges of misses for abandoned hates
jealous much to take and form for the exquisites late
for what do I owe this misery of a pleasant live stream of death?
for the endless end of final breathes
got me on the unwanted for the want
and the disbelieved for the believed
and the unloved for the loved
the untrusted for the trusted
the friendship for the misery blended
for the grounds to tear me up in shreds and pieces stark
to hurt the lights out of the darks
don't even think that my blood comes to your feet
last noon became my breath of free and the birth of me
got me on the hit of an awakening slam for the whisper of the mind to relinquish flames and hidden fakes
of these ****** masked stakes
not just from you you other do I get my means do you see
don't try answering me
as usual your silence reigns to the hear
and me alone is batter so far
I can draw stars

Jun 25 · 45
Daily Chores
Raven Feels Jun 25
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, AGAIN------ just my everyday life:

wake up not like before
feels on listed chores:

Raven Feels Jun 25
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, dreams and dreams will be remembered:)

a nightmare or a dream???
the day you wrote a poem to me
titles stumbled on the versus our desires declared
gone in the drop of a lit matched flare
guess that love will remember us
stared promises tangled even the unspoken trust
i think of the time of all lasts
hourglass sand stolen so fast
nonsense traffic faints
in the path of the cuts this hurt paints
bruises in surrender to the knife
like when two plus two makes five
Venus on the window pane
whispering to others about the ****** stain
till this day

Jun 25 · 243
The Earth Thing
Raven Feels Jun 25
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, very old draft:?

maybe God just God maybe
the sea
the underworld not water meant to be
the air
the too much hollowness for a free soul fair
the fire
the heated blare that makes cold a liar
the earth
the destined
the chosen
or is it not
because from where I stand people are standing alot
and a sane man can see the cuts
in eyes or in harmed hands and hearted plots
maybe God just God maybe
I am blind shot

Raven Feels Jun 23
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, sunset west moon flies east? ;]

air planes soar
beyond the limits they roar
in a longing stare they long
disappearing through the clouds and gone
arise arose arisen
and in my place still frozen wizen
they venture the winds purple skied time
to blend and wing the moon menaces racing in line
glistening afar
from the back of a wounded scar
archer to the future
claiming a bleach
where does it go?
where does it reach?
maybe Saturn not here
but the return is there
to the node of the belong flying up no fear
seems my flight gonna wait for years
the waxing gibbous flies
and I hope for dreams in the close of eyes

Jun 22 · 311
The Way I Did Before
Raven Feels Jun 22
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, in feels I sang in a dream:)

lipstick smeared on the wall

first one that I see at all

black tides just in my head

end of all the endings doesn't need a pretend

smoked slowed

wandered pondered

not in the mind reasoned

in the heart a door for every season

what for

eyes and more

same pose

me a symphony overdosed

kinda right

should've known from sight

hall grabbed chances and crowned

a red blood teared down

and drowned

fine lined

like twelfth hour dream blinds

Raven Feels Jun 22
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, change an expensive new page:|

the supposed
dealt a past to show
regret heat like ice
proved again the mad world diced
legs pretentious
hands luxurious
an expensive new page
even but odd
white with a black dot
not the same
memories different taste
stairs dusted with gold
prefer the dilapidates of the old
heights skied thrown
made me short in ago
no track of trees
for their people not the kid in me
graffiti walls misshaded my colors in vain
ached to the smell of the comforting plain
lost myself in nature
miss the nature in me a wild flavor
green lawn muffled cries
laughter of strangers away lies
travel in time
but the clock not mine
night memories flood in veins and dive
painted stars up---the daylight dims and hides
wish a come back to the undone feels
awoke four years in no permission in steal
answers disconnected
fought confusion and blended
hearts alone in the dark to pay
maybe awaiting the longed stark on that Saturday

Jun 22 · 336
June 20
Raven Feels Jun 22
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, in the middle the summer:]

one day
the twentieth of June knows no shame
comes back every year to call your name
breathes winds repressed in lungs forever
spits storms and yes in the middle the summer

seasons gloom
ashes are doomed
tears are pooled
in silence to float me the fool
dreams to a mercury's foot crumble
to awaken dark on a frowning stumble

a symphonious long
when hands twirl a touch
not you and me
in the song
ever alone crimed
that thing I called a one time
a sixth when parted lines

                                                         ­                                 -------ravenfeels
Jun 20 · 209
A Lover's Torn Trace
Raven Feels Jun 20
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, once in October-----<>

once in fallen October
a yellow far than closer
maybe more red than what smells older

steps flashback to my death
when I tried to find my swept breath
maybe ten seconds left my world in mess
at the train station
still lost in words desperation
maybe why I yearn today even for hurt in fascination
broken feels hold
immortal memories remain unfold
maybe ringing phones would again shiver me in cold

in your stare
felt like I was there
maybe letters I missed from gazes tripping down the stairs
backs embrace
more than a lover's torn trace
maybe how sometimes I forget your face
when I swear to get rid to not show
my heart stops acting in slow
maybe longs paled my color once upon a time ago

never mine
older than wine
maybe a one tasted moment time
drained my soul and called me helplessly
see you living selfishly
maybe all in my head in hope of the real of my fantasy

maybe the don't leave was a mumble created
maybe honey drips cut like knives invaded
maybe sweet carries of lots an essence when devastated

Jun 19 · 184
A Pathetic Hand
Raven Feels Jun 19
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, insult salted the injury--- that was a bad day<

maybe wounds are sold
do you mean that insult can't salt injuries to a pathetic fault?
warn the poor never the guilt as it
wish the idiotic I put the limit
stepped the humiliation right out
silenced like a charity drought
now lacked it is yet still manageable
killed in the **** core when tangible
warn foolish fingers
an incoming the tremble syndrome
now secrets are whispered blind devils shrink in hinders
a car ride rains a billion on a thinker
watch me tested as God demands
lost in translation for what a paper does
and I simply don't understand
take the gesture I can't for a billion pays you see
made me squirm more like a forsaken sun in 2018

                                                          ­         ------ravenfeels
Jun 19 · 183
Doomed Fat Chance
Raven Feels Jun 19
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, no white the rest just black:\

reason to a reason faith held one capture
applauded reaches to fallen devils may fracture

prisoners of grace in ten hells same
on cedars that know no angel to not shame

one beat on the downtown line
once in twenty life times

stars align hailing pain
scars betrayed the blood of a shed stain

haunt a child of a pure soul no more
shadows chased for a find of bullet core

if money were on trees
then lands are leaf free

look the eye no lie
to a scratched unhidden cry

poison spreads a four feet stare
is it even of those a matter of fair

royal flushed they think a game under the rugs shipped
rushed hearts a lifeless drink on mindless sipped

ashes called out happy hour not shredded unlit
double vision as grown as useless as toxic as it

dropped corpses the live left to ache
hurt silenced been forever drowned on stake

worst of a future misery
crusted crumble like nothingness a cemetery

thunder smells
plaster lacked on dwells

I may not blurt wounds
because these things are
not nursed doomed

I know the knuckles of the cursor when I see
an everlasting torture painting smudges dancing in same place selfishly

Jun 17 · 462
Lights Down Because---
Raven Feels Jun 17
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, I don't know what that is?!-but yeah;]

believe me I don't know who 'you' is anymore to say
but you- never knew a label to you even before this May

okay the blue runs through the heart
but the adore you in the eyes once and for now been from the start

the golden table churned and dined
a whole new zoo other than butterflies you signed

remedy to the lost I fear this week six buried feet under
don't mind me in a stare just a wonder

                                                        ­                                   ------ravenfeels
Jun 17 · 371
Fuck You
Raven Feels Jun 17
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, if your sun is shinning; my moon is rising:>

bet you once that was my aim
in vain right now what a stupid shame
my mother still loves all the dears you see
betraying my path doesn't betray my home or me
even if the future remains unknown
that 'so be it' reading made myself clear and shown
sun brushes can't harm me anymore
because the dark you call a liar is my amore
mock me hiding behind my classic rhyming
well I'm taught respect  
even when bold my so called mundane writings
and *******

Raven Feels Jun 16
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, when you wish upon a star
your dreams come true-Cliff Edwards---do they? :>

remember when you called us quits too soon
one year later in a **** same room
all the blacks and whites grayed out a little on me
but never returned the woods in thousand dreams

remember when you took that hug in a theft
burned the station down and couldn't hear a left
but things a carry a chocolate cake would never cut
all so small to you but me just a single much

remember when the ice we clanged and freed
even the cold I've missed the day you chose a fleeing cheat
all the hours and runs we held the hands and lilac
but I know again a no more a wont come back

remember the dark ages we bled and rhymed
cared and favored out on every other than not crime
all the shadows and hunts tracing the midnight sky
but the stars would never forget a lover's align

but my heart and soul would never know to draw a line
but my nights and getaways would never dim a dime
but my soul can't erase veins on violin classic chimes

Jun 15 · 232
Direct Guess
Raven Feels Jun 15
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, for the first time in forever I speak directly for no reason:)

guess what sad
literally don't know who I am

somebody is always touching you even the air
guess how many lives you touched not me
and you'll reach the middle of nowhere

want my body buried dug in the ocean deep a marine funeral
guess why the death is thinking about me
corpses floating around some fish some greens too numeral

maybe the sun today the last time sets flush
guess where I'm headed would be the end of me
make the best out of it is a matter that won't make me blush

                                                         ­                                  -------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Jun 14
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, don't be fooled please:)

if fear was an actor
he would be a walk of hope in specks of despair
an undeniable attractor

disguised in a dress  
maybe a dull maybe a shine
of extravagant happiness

shaded in deceived colors of enthusiasm
pretentious upon the safe shallows of death
killing a devilish grin with pure sarcasm

Raven Feels Jun 13
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, never been more frustrated for not remembering a dream:_(

deja vu brought to view
even better this time that was like the twisted flu

an erase my system moonlighted on me frustrate to repeat
sunset a truck corner an autumn lasting in the backseat

forget that the ocean sailed and orange witches golden
a town of ancient camps imagined clean desires and broken

any subconscious stubborn to hold on inner fantasy?
cause me can't reach a fulfill a journey come to and ending duality

violet unaware a desire everlasting bel air
do dreams come true flasher in sharp not matter mere???

bare me the renaissance a century in ancestry fading memory far  
pieced in my head puzzled mad realization aiming stars

magnetism the hell it means dungeon and dilemma bolds
sharp steeps deepen the voices  running struggles put to the sold

Raven Feels Jun 13
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, mind block not really posting a lot these days;-|

keeping now foot on gas
paining away drowns on piles

stashing upon jokes on types
watching with characters on hope

leaving before fall on love
starring because stars on align

dancing to listen on piano notes
writing for heart on no rhyme

Jun 13 · 261
Raven Feels Jun 13
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, have a great summer:)

even a smile put to the price
life throws the jokes as a shield to dice

clean whole
times precious and sole

replace breezes to storms shun
a warning the car had to run

heartburn till the past chokes
moles on my hands seek an eye in the awoke

loyalty meant to break free back
some things for the sky electric an invisible lack

of this movie don't know the defending
even she can't offer that incredulous ending

                                                        ­                      ------ravenfeels
Jun 10 · 331
Raven Will Never Feel
Raven Feels Jun 10
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, exposure is not vulnerability---it's power:]

a choice made once upon a dusk

the crack of dawn made no return a back it rust

deniable liquor down the throat a burn

upon the disgust my stomach ached a churn

hideous is it you stupid arrogant selfish pry

or was it way too much of a pure ecstasy upon their eyes???

things the raven will never feel warmth existing

jealousy always a hunter in the thick air printing

violins or that of cellos or the whatever veins named

pianos that ought to break regret down my spine lonely hailed

Jun 10 · 212
Bribe Me Some Moon
Raven Feels Jun 10
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, happy endings do not exist seems such':"

living am I ?
dreaming am I ?

those eternal flowers I sang for
not sure that once they became a past before

gave me the numb
but that's a feel try the empty sum

ride the winds surf the waves
survive a disbelief a miracle save

edge of persuasion for the night scene
selling a mirror some cheap steam

when did lasts come with no strive ???
like marine revolting on a tepid dive

a million burdens in hindsight say
yet awoken useless hells of away

is bliss the calm pre sin ???
a keep or a prize to pass by a temporary win

harder evasions into moments of surreal
now bribe me some moon to sign a deaf deal

Jun 9 · 341
Nice Try Mocked
Raven Feels Jun 9
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, not that I'm ungrateful----I found peace in the blindness---so redeem me my sight your highness:l

what's old from new???
float them hells been clenched in potted stew

stupid match made in the hit of the feels
underestimated for a mess that would strangle my wheels

road apart from the notice on a stair case scare
a moonshined a hazel dressing in a lonely flare

guitars mindless strings flaunt my flower spine
things a crushing one would never shower a define

nice try mocked
second even blocked

not sure a curse has been clocked ahead
sure thing plasters not for me cause I'm the dead

                                                          ­                 ------ravenfeels
Jun 9 · 157
Flames Swallow Another
Raven Feels Jun 9
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, June *****-again-nice day!! :)

smeared upon a timeline
ran invisible funny suitable to my vision fine
as if ignored
guard unsolved

swear for that once and all
swear tears dried trickled no more
swear pounding fired hope is just words
swear that armor I wore must be permeable to swords
swear those lyrics are lost on right meanings
somethings are already ought to the bleeding

don't know how to shield
a break of relief of a happy scene from this contaminated field
crashed sad sirens
for which hell they belong silenced

hearts a singular crushed things a dilemma of clenching
flames swallow another
don't feed me a burn to forest ashed lovers

                                                        ­                                   ------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Jun 8
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, already wrote about this before: but can it be?

hung dislike in the air unspoken

the favors in the same feather interest leaves a heart broken

admitting an adornment lazily better than that

suspicion captains the dreamy sails been in moons and sat

hold up not that I forgot to mention seems

the remember you soulmated when crying belongs and screams

April smothered a sarcastic note that I humor like I flow like I do

not of him a think of the thinking a dumb pursue

because darling my whole existence fed on that all along

how could a world stance stars and align in one core wrong???

not that I die this crazy fate hate

at least been found on a irony of an abandoned twenty-third

                                                  ­                                    -----ravenfeels
Jun 8 · 409
Flavored Effort
Raven Feels Jun 8
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, feeling happy:-)

persist a tea nurse to the pay off

somehow the way I want work on stuff

maybe all that to the last comes a happy hour long

even though nights oweled till dawn on a true song

reading brightens up in biteless soothe

know the words to my mind when less food

determined to dig my own plant to soil

fuel I motivate in inspiration with not a dropped oil

now fine chance on the watches await in dance and sweet

for a dark to fluctuates a midsummer's dream

Raven Feels Jun 5
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, this is the reason I write;>

dark rainbow rays mirrored on a ferris wheel
a getaway car in an edged escape to night steal

neon lights shimmering to hit the blind
whisper the whistles for an old memory on kind

like music blasting from ages of dreamt youth
sirens delight a heaven to the soothe

instrumental of the better sometimes wilder
violins haven hearts of lost on minder

crowds beat in one
rockstar of a blast concert as if none

sweat painted down the back
shivering sensations never seem to black

a run for life from the poison killing attach
even when the loneliest matters or not without a match

heard before my days known in my mercury
just uranused with a flaw abroad the mild century

is it for a regret?
to keep this mere on an impossible met

yellow on the head
better hidden not said?

a smoking pulse on a midnight walk to anger
hair torn feet split on a single dancer

hell of a heartbreak on rhymes
driving on blades on knives

upon screams liberate a burning love rosed
rare nostalgia again miracled an incredulous indie overdosed

Jun 5 · 33
Don't Fight Again
Raven Feels Jun 5
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, save the people that loved you once:\

I saw it coming

in their glittering eyes humming

breath of relief for the memories

the savior of the year once in billion centuries

that room they hailed a haven place

turns out the truest the safest of all space

now a question of if a tomorrow can be

lights of my blissful work becomes a part of me

help me see it through

the hides of my cheers that have no clue

                                                          ­                            ------ravenfeels
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