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Apr 2022 · 235
Far Away Friend
Ava Lennon Apr 2022
I miss you far away friend
Unexpected words
Hoping my message will send
Friends forever and ever
May your new life be good and never end
Time together I treasure
Thank you
For everything you do
So glad I knew you
cops and the color blue
may it not come to juvie
Yes Adrian this is the first clue (:
~just a new adventure~
Apr 2022 · 132
Ava Lennon Apr 2022
Dumb lies, stupid games
Prisons in picture frames
confess my sins with a bitter voice
Can't escape my choice
Apr 2022 · 234
Walking dead
Ava Lennon Apr 2022
Never let go
Bite my tongue, don't wanna **** anyone off
Stuck with what said long ago
Blood comes up when I cough
Welcome to my world
I can't let go
My wrongdoings is what I just hurled
Feb 2022 · 94
Maybe Just the Way I am
Ava Lennon Feb 2022
The momentous pain every day
Just wanna buy a house in the mountains
I don't belong among the angels - away
My spiral of thoughts overflow - fountains
All I wanted was for you to stay
A dangerous game is what I play
My demons dance around my room
A rose at half bloom
Stuck inside my head
The red paintings that bled
I have internally fled
Dec 2021 · 89
Don't Leave Me Again
Ava Lennon Dec 2021
My help comes from you
Your pulling me through
Your my rescue
Your understanding is proof
Don't leave me here to-
Fall into my own darkness
Born into darkness
You are my light
Your are my light when I'm hopeless
When I don't have the strength to fight
Nov 2021 · 88
My Symphony!
Ava Lennon Nov 2021
My thoughts are considered abnormal
Though they are normal to me
I don't understand why I need to be formal?
They tell me to think sensibly
I am never here for acceptance
They order, be nice, be kind...
Just shut up and leave me be
You are just mad because I don't know my own ******* mind!!!!!
You say the dead can't hear you
I'm a psychopath, oh my
When you finally face that truth
Open you ******* eyes
I'll light you all up in flames
Don't talk to me when you're to blame
If Hell is really where I came
Then I wonder what the man in white will proclaim
Nov 2021 · 87
How little
Ava Lennon Nov 2021
You are right I don't know much
But in my heart there is love
For darkness, for Lucifer, and such
Others knowledge to mine, are above
But with the devil I keep in touch
Nov 2021 · 346
To Lucifer! To Hecate!
Ava Lennon Nov 2021
To the threefold law
To the Crone, the Maiden, & Hecate
Their positive energy & nurture I saw
The children all go out to play
In my hear Hecate may stay
The ******* on Christianity I slay
Lucifer, baptize me unto your blood
No longer stuck in the Christian mud
Hail Lucifer, Master of Air!
Hail Hecate, Goddess of Crossroads!
Nov 2021 · 203
Blood Rite
Ava Lennon Nov 2021
With thine chalice and dagger
May the blood rite begin
From life line to fate line you cut across
To the pentacle, To Lucifer I gladly gave in
To prosperity and justice, the upside down cross
Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer
Your power is great, words I am at loss
To Demons, Spirits, Deities, and the Dead I confer
Praise Lucifer! Praise Hecate!
From my beginning to my end
I follow thee, to you I tend
Nov 2021 · 66
New Life
Ava Lennon Nov 2021
To figure out what to say
My Familiar, my grimoire, pray to Hecate
"Blessed be the next 3rd quarter moon day"
To release my bad habits
Perhaps some new, to let go in bits
Please guide me to truth in banishing
Lord Lucifer protect my loved one, strengthen me
Lead me to darkness, do not let me flee
That I may gain the key
To some comprehension to demons, rituals, the Goddess three
Nov 2021 · 252
Ava Lennon Nov 2021
Finding my way
Getting through each day
Praise Hecate
And to the devil with whom I play
May 2021 · 89
Ava Lennon May 2021
Someone told you I'm wack? Oh of course!
Gotta problem with my friends? There's the door!
You lookin for the old me? Check the morgue!
May 2021 · 63
The Things I Trust...
Ava Lennon May 2021
I sat there in the damp forest
Where you could hear the cry of the fallen angels,
the whisper of the dead
The charm of the devil turned the tables,
And the snarl of demon possession, their eyes bled
I've become heartless, don't care if you cry
Don't care if you die
Sometimes it's just better off dead
Living is overrated, under the weight of a thousand misled
Probably need a psychotherapist
I just wanna feel okay
It's getting longer all the bad things I did, longer list
It's scary when you hear voices night and day
Worse when their the only ones you trust
Specially when everything you touch turns to dust
Why do all the monsters come out at night
Every wall I knock down is a wall I replace
And behind every wall are ghosts leaving a deadly trace
May 2021 · 76
Ava Lennon May 2021
Their eyes were ablaze, the fall: bittersweet
What it felt like
To be in the dark place in the shadow of hell, it made me complete
To feel increasing pain and screams alike
Every morning I wake up in a daze
Falling into the regular faze
Can't get rid of the demons stare
Ripped my heart out, more than I can bear
Can't sleep at night
Afraid of Satan's bite
You can hear me scream, in my utter agony
Was born to be in darkness
Though no one can hear my plea
Falling into the never-ending abyss
Falling for all the devil's tricks
But my own torment is my bliss
May 2021 · 68
Ava Lennon May 2021
Mom, Dad where you at?
I feel like I'm nothing, yeah I feel like I'm nothing
I'm fading to black
Everybody is staring
I wonder what I lack
Yeah you know I know
I ain't ready for this show
May 2021 · 68
Lesser Daring
Ava Lennon May 2021
Listening to the wise
Yet taking all the chances
Hearing different lies
I say hello to everyone that passes
Apr 2021 · 56
Ava Lennon Apr 2021
I chose dare
When did you leave
I heard a ghost in the attic up there
Apr 2021 · 211
Not Finished
Ava Lennon Apr 2021
My life, yeah my heart
Wish it could be sweeter
Yeah my mind and my heart
Wish I was completer
All I wanted was for you to be happy
But this unfinished puzzle
I'm not getting you anywhere baby!
I'm an incomplete individual
Apr 2021 · 58
How to breathe
Ava Lennon Apr 2021
I give and you take it isn't fair
Down for love and up for air
Show me, show me is what I declare
Mar 2021 · 67
Ava Lennon Mar 2021
I was dancing around in the shadows
You saw me and pulled me into the light
You took me to the beautiful meadows
But my loved dark side I could never fight
Without the dark you could never see the stars
Someone I deeply loved gave me darkness
It was darkness that left me with these deep scars
Until I found it was a corrupt gift that made me who I am
Never thought that to you, I'd say thank you...****!
Mar 2021 · 277
Ava Lennon Mar 2021
I'm falling, tears, fears to the full
Grow your roses on my barren soul
Oh a beautiful rose, plant the seed in my empty skull
Mar 2021 · 58
Ava Lennon Mar 2021
If I were to be something to someone...
What would I be?
If I were to be loved by someone...
What would they love about me?
And if I could feel emotion without being undone...
Mar 2021 · 252
Ava Lennon Mar 2021
Boy I'd give my life up for you
You wouldn't do the same
Boy I'd go through hell for you
No you wouldn't do the same
Boy I'd walk on fire for you
No you wouldn't do the same
So disappointed
In myself
In me you exploited
Got lost in ourselves
Boy I would do anything for you
But you wouldn't do the same
Mar 2021 · 70
Hades Bite
Ava Lennon Mar 2021
I love the voices
I love black and red
I hate the choices
That toss me till I'm dead
Fallen to the underworld
the one of my thoughts
What will unfold
I'm seeing spots
Hidden in the night
The sky that you look up to
Unreliable like the headless night
This headache is pounding
There's Hades bite
Mar 2021 · 93
Ava Lennon Mar 2021
Though I feel blue
And no one else knew
My life is askew
But at least I will always have you
Feb 2021 · 251
Ava Lennon Feb 2021
When confusions my only companion
And in my dreams I'm just slowly falling
And even despair hold me for ransom
My pain can sometimes be overbearing
I know its wrong to love inner darkness
But I'm designed to be here in the dark
On my crazy adventures I embark
I'm finding new things like Lewis and Clark
People standing here watching me aflame
A dark flame just turned to my own bonfire
Feb 2021 · 76
Were We Real
Ava Lennon Feb 2021
In love but hated
Was our love a lie
Nobody could steal
Were we real?
Feb 2021 · 184
Ava Lennon Feb 2021
I'm cold-blooded
But my heart is warm, full of love
Why are people so jaded?
My head's stuck in the cloud's above
Please don't bring me back down
Cuz the guy I love isn't here
This girl feels like she lost her crown
To be or not to be, thanks Shakespeare
Feb 2021 · 78
Ava Lennon Feb 2021
Looking over my shoulder
Who will come after me
Pain coming fast like a boulder
Tears falling like debris
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Jan 2021 · 75
Ava Lennon Jan 2021
Broke me in a thousand parts
Don't know where it ends
Don't know where it starts
Guess it depends
On who broke it first
I'm the Queen of Hearts yeah the Queen of Hearts
Heart shattered in a thousand ways
Don't tell me Ima be ok
Still waiting for the first to break
What else will people take
Oh here we go again
Jan 2021 · 531
Ava Lennon Jan 2021
Wanting to be anywhere but here
With eyes filled with fear
Live by believing not by seeing
Where are you, where did you go???
Jan 2021 · 108
Trial or Tribulation
Ava Lennon Jan 2021
Call my name
Save me from my demons
Don't want a title or fame
Still not free from my trials and tribulations
You think I'm nothing without you
Get ready to see me wild and untamed
I'll show you how I really behave
My heart may be scarred
Sometimes there's only so much I can take
But look out I'll show you how I behave
No need to save me
Stronger than I ever was before
Ima bout to get things back in store
Jan 2021 · 72
DoWn StAiRs
Ava Lennon Jan 2021
Shattered glass on the FlOoR
Dragging me down the StAiRs
Trying to stop you, grabbing the DoOr
There were the sad wooden ChAiRs
Even when they're all staring
And you can't stop comparing
Your life to others
Telling yourself there's something better
Writing like your running out of time
When your day-
is sour like a lime
Wishing your life away
Wishing your friends to just stay
Looking out the window seeing kids at play
Can't get away right now
But certainly time will allow
For me to make my dreams come true
Though feeling blue
My feelings definitely overdue
People passing by without a clue
Running to someone new
Them leaving as if on cue
Jan 2021 · 82
Don't know much...
Ava Lennon Jan 2021
Don't leave me alone Don't leave me alone
I know that you are prone-
to leave and just abandon me
Even though you don't need me I need you
Oh can't you see
What to do
I hate you yeah I do
You say I don't know what's back
But your heart's twisted and black
Say you're afraid of the future
While I'm afraid of the past
Don't wanna be the last
Evil is your sad crutch
You say I don't know much
Not weak anymore, leave me here, go away
Thought I really needed you
Was a dumb kid, don't want you to stay
Jan 2021 · 69
Train Wreck
Ava Lennon Jan 2021
I'm a train wreck I'm a mess
Tell where does your love come from?
For more or for less
Friend whatever you become
No matter what you have done or where you come from
Wherever you are I'll hold your heart
Still together even when we are apart
I'll be there when you need a new start
This may be selfish but...
Please be there when I'm falling apart
Even when life disrupts
I'm a train wreck I'm a mess
I still have more things I need to confess
I hope for success but nevertheless
Tell me where does your love come from?
But srsly where does your love come from???
Jan 2021 · 87
Ava Lennon Jan 2021
Tried to get you to notice all that time
Spent my whole life trying to be a ten
That ten's not worth a dime
Now all that's left is what could've been
Now I feel like nothing
Now I'm thinking
There's someone else
Do I move on to the next crush
He makes me blush
But there's nothing left
Running on an empty tank
We sank
Now do I move on
Don't know my next move, I feel blank
Jan 2021 · 62
Ava Lennon Jan 2021
Feels like death
Feels like unrest
Feels great
Truly designed to live in the dark
To what dark adventure's shall I embark
Don't know my mental state
Might be too late
But whatever
I'll be fine whenever
Jan 2021 · 75
Ava Lennon Jan 2021
Now that it's raining
never stopping
Only to fall
No one to hear your call
your scream
Not waiting
Just saying
I love you
I hate you
I miss you
Always be your friend
Love and hate
Jan 2021 · 421
Ava Lennon Jan 2021
Demons of my past
They ripped out my heart
It happened slow but fast
I feel like I wanna rip everything apart
Guilt, feeling of worthlessness and helplessness
To hell with distress
I'm sinking in this mess
Designed to live in the dark
But what about that spark
The one I felt in the very corner of my heart
Demons of my past
I've won at last
But I feel like I wanna rip everything apart
Why be smart
When you can be reckless
I mean why start
To hell with distress
Jan 2021 · 62
Ava Lennon Jan 2021
Just let me be me
Can't you just let this girl be
Thanks to those who don't care
About how different I am
You can hate me
You can give me an evil stare
A shout out to Vic
First impressions stick
I run run run
Sorta having fun
Thanks Vic!
Jan 2021 · 59
Good or Evil
Ava Lennon Jan 2021
Pain hates but it also strengthens
It's hard to leave my past at the door
Looking at the waves beyond the shores
Thinking of odd horrors
Good or Bad, Heroism or Evil
I hate that I am feeble
Fear can haunt you and pain can follow you
But pain can strengthen and fear can drive you
Jan 2021 · 88
Ava Lennon Jan 2021
All the hate
Is this fate
Am I too late
Can't even navigate
Not in a good state
Just leave me be
Can't you see
Don't you agree
This ain't a cup of tea
All this hate...
Am I too late?
Jan 2021 · 445
Make Me Real
Ava Lennon Jan 2021
Make me real make me real
You shouldn't have ever made that deal
Why does living come with a price
Why did you have to roll the dice
You ran away in a fright
Afraid of sin's bite
Wandering out in the darkest of night
Make me real make me real
I wish I could just feel
Feel something inside of me
Why can't I be real
Around my empty heart lies a shield
I cried as I ran to the field
Make me real make me real
Jan 2021 · 54
No Need to Fill My Heart
Ava Lennon Jan 2021
The wind blowing in my face
Show no fear
Show no trace
Don't shed a single tear
Invisibility is a survival skill
Though my heart can be empty
There's no need to fill
Sometimes the hurt weighs heavy
But I always get through it
My heart could take a hit
No need to fill my heart
Never be apart
Sometimes it would be nice
To feel what it's like
But I will suffice
Jan 2021 · 45
Ava Lennon Jan 2021
Still trying to figure out my motives
I'm finally free
Yet I feel like everything's happening so fast
I feel amazingly overwhelmed
Not wanting to be last
Dauntless? Maybe I should rebel
Just to have fun, no need to tell
Yeah still tryna figure out my motives
Wandering around downtown
Feeling like I'm on top of the world
Like nothing can bring me down
But all the sounds
I still don't have that crown
Look out cuz my world has just been wonderfully turned
Jan 2021 · 109
Wake Me Up
Ava Lennon Jan 2021
Wake me up inside
Call my name
Help me to the other side
Never the same
I will never be tamed
I don't care that I was unnamed
Wake me up inside
Find me on the other side
Look out world
Here comes a girl with fire
For good or bad I will never tire
Wake me up inside
I will no longer hide
Can feel the darkness
I love it
Knowing I should hate it
Jan 2021 · 76
Ava Lennon Jan 2021
My voice is now filled with wrath
But I feel like I'm finally on my path
Now I know once you have a choice
You hear the voice
The voice of revenge
I will use it carefully, seeing how it can destroy people
You can become dark and hurtful
But you can hear the plea's
Of those you have hurt
Those you kicked to the dirt
Like your friends, and family like me
Jan 2021 · 337
Child's a Masterpiece
Ava Lennon Jan 2021
One day If I were to ever be a parent this is what I would say
Don't worry child
I won't let anyone hurt you
I will be here telling you that you're a masterpiece
To you I will protect to you I will be true
I will try to make the best future for you
If you think you are not enough & you think you need to change it all
There's nothing you have to be
God loves you and me
I'll be there when you fall
I'll be right there when you call
Guess this is to my future kid, if I ever have one LOL
Jan 2021 · 64
Ava Lennon Jan 2021
Pay me to lower my voice
Even when I don't have a choice
I can feel the anger rising in my throat
Come on just leave me alone
I said I was not gonna fight you
I will not be ignored
This time Ima fight
This time I'm going to show you what's right
I can feel anger rising in my throat
I'm not gonna put on the coat
Look out I'm coming back ten times harder
You ruined my story I want to ruin yours, yeah it's rewrote
I'm gonna set you afloat
I'm gonna make you pay
Pay me to lower my voice?!?
But now I have a choice
Now I have a voice
It may be filled with anger and pain
But you drove me insane
I no longer have any chains
Jan 2021 · 109
Ava Lennon Jan 2021
Come on brother stand up and act like a man
Don't play with that girl
If you'll never put a ring on her hand
This time I'm taking a stand
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