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Tried to get you to notice all that time
Spent my whole life trying to be a ten
That ten's not worth a dime
Now all that's left is what could've been
Now I feel like nothing
Now I'm thinking
There's someone else
Do I move on to the next crush
He makes me blush
But there's nothing left
Running on an empty tank
We sank
Now do I move on
Don't know my next move, I feel blank
Feels like death
Feels like unrest
Feels great
Truly designed to live in the dark
To what dark adventure's shall I embark
Don't know my mental state
Might be too late
But whatever
I'll be fine whenever
Now that it's raining
never stopping
Only to fall
No one to hear your call
your scream
Not waiting
Just saying
I love you
I hate you
I miss you
Always be your friend
Love and hate
Demons of my past
They ripped out my heart
It happened slow but fast
I feel like I wanna rip everything apart
Guilt, feeling of worthlessness and helplessness
To hell with distress
I'm sinking in this mess
Designed to live in the dark
But what about that spark
The one I felt in the very corner of my heart
Demons of my past
I've won at last
But I feel like I wanna rip everything apart
Why be smart
When you can be reckless
I mean why start
To hell with distress
Just let me be me
Can't you just let this girl be
Thanks to those who don't care
About how different I am
You can hate me
You can give me an evil stare
A shout out to Vic
First impressions stick
I run run run
Sorta having fun
Thanks Vic!
Pain hates but it also strengthens
It's hard to leave my past at the door
Looking at the waves beyond the shores
Thinking of odd horrors
Good or Bad, Heroism or Evil
I hate that I am feeble
Fear can haunt you and pain can follow you
But pain can strengthen and fear can drive you
All the hate
Is this fate
Am I too late
Can't even navigate
Not in a good state
Just leave me be
Can't you see
Don't you agree
This ain't a cup of tea
All this hate...
Am I too late?
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