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Ava Lennon Apr 2022
I miss you far away friend
Unexpected words
Hoping my message will send
Friends forever and ever
May your new life be good and never end
Time together I treasure
Thank you
For everything you do
So glad I knew you
cops and the color blue
may it not come to juvie
Yes Adrian this is the first clue (:
~just a new adventure~
Ava Lennon Apr 2022
Dumb lies, stupid games
Prisons in picture frames
confess my sins with a bitter voice
Can't escape my choice
Ava Lennon Apr 2022
Never let go
Bite my tongue, don't wanna **** anyone off
Stuck with what said long ago
Blood comes up when I cough
Welcome to my world
I can't let go
My wrongdoings is what I just hurled
Ava Lennon Feb 2022
The momentous pain every day
Just wanna buy a house in the mountains
I don't belong among the angels - away
My spiral of thoughts overflow - fountains
All I wanted was for you to stay
A dangerous game is what I play
My demons dance around my room
A rose at half bloom
Stuck inside my head
The red paintings that bled
I have internally fled
Ava Lennon Dec 2021
My help comes from you
Your pulling me through
Your my rescue
Your understanding is proof
Don't leave me here to-
Fall into my own darkness
Born into darkness
You are my light
Your are my light when I'm hopeless
When I don't have the strength to fight
Ava Lennon Nov 2021
My thoughts are considered abnormal
Though they are normal to me
I don't understand why I need to be formal?
They tell me to think sensibly
I am never here for acceptance
They order, be nice, be kind...
Just shut up and leave me be
You are just mad because I don't know my own ******* mind!!!!!
You say the dead can't hear you
I'm a psychopath, oh my
When you finally face that truth
Open you ******* eyes
I'll light you all up in flames
Don't talk to me when you're to blame
If Hell is really where I came
Then I wonder what the man in white will proclaim
Ava Lennon Nov 2021
You are right I don't know much
But in my heart there is love
For darkness, for Lucifer, and such
Others knowledge to mine, are above
But with the devil I keep in touch
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