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Ava Lennon Dec 2021
My help comes from you
Your pulling me through
Your my rescue
Your understanding is proof
Don't leave me here to-
Fall into my own darkness
Born into darkness
You are my light
Your are my light when I'm hopeless
When I don't have the strength to fight
Ava Lennon Nov 2021
My thoughts are considered abnormal
Though they are normal to me
I don't understand why I need to be formal?
They tell me to think sensibly
I am never here for acceptance
They order, be nice, be kind...
Just shut up and leave me be
You are just mad because I don't know my own ******* mind!!!!!
You say the dead can't hear you
I'm a psychopath, oh my
When you finally face that truth
Open you ******* eyes
I'll light you all up in flames
Don't talk to me when you're to blame
If Hell is really where I came
Then I wonder what the man in white will proclaim
Ava Lennon Nov 2021
You are right I don't know much
But in my heart there is love
For darkness, for Lucifer, and such
Others knowledge to mine, are above
But with the devil I keep in touch
Ava Lennon Nov 2021
To the threefold law
To the Crone, the Maiden, & Hecate
Their positive energy & nurture I saw
The children all go out to play
In my hear Hecate may stay
The ******* on Christianity I slay
Lucifer, baptize me unto your blood
No longer stuck in the Christian mud
Hail Lucifer, Master of Air!
Hail Hecate, Goddess of Crossroads!
Ava Lennon Nov 2021
With thine chalice and dagger
May the blood rite begin
From life line to fate line you cut across
To the pentacle, To Lucifer I gladly gave in
To prosperity and justice, the upside down cross
Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer
Your power is great, words I am at loss
To Demons, Spirits, Deities, and the Dead I confer
Praise Lucifer! Praise Hecate!
From my beginning to my end
I follow thee, to you I tend
Ava Lennon Nov 2021
To figure out what to say
My Familiar, my grimoire, pray to Hecate
"Blessed be the next 3rd quarter moon day"
To release my bad habits
Perhaps some new, to let go in bits
Please guide me to truth in banishing
Lord Lucifer protect my loved one, strengthen me
Lead me to darkness, do not let me flee
That I may gain the key
To some comprehension to demons, rituals, the Goddess three
Ava Lennon Nov 2021
Finding my way
Getting through each day
Praise Hecate
And to the devil with whom I play
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