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3h · 26
Aishu 3h
it is unfinished
Your creativity
hasn't diminished
2d · 64
She flew higher
Aishu 2d
With broken wings
She flew higher
Aiming for the blue sky
4d · 193
Play in the rain
Aishu 4d
The sky is all grey
Setting the weather for us
To have fun and play
6d · 213
She was lost
Aishu 6d
She was lost
She was numb
Yet she pretends
As if she was alright
Sep 20 · 56
But how long
Aishu Sep 20
I can handle this pain
But how long
Sep 18 · 156
Things fall into place
Aishu Sep 18
Things fall into
place unexpectedly
Perhaps this is what
meant to be
Sep 16 · 1.1k
The wait
Aishu Sep 16
The wait
Is teaching you patience
Sep 14 · 276
I am made of love
Aishu Sep 14
Love is what I have
Love is what I see
Love is what I need
Love is what I could give
Love is what my heart desires
Love is what I am made of
Sep 12 · 384
Call to rise
Aishu Sep 12
Each fall is a call to rise
Sep 10 · 122
He was scared
Aishu Sep 10
He was scared
but he did it anyway
It made a difference
Sep 8 · 75
Develop your skills
Aishu Sep 8
And become excellent
Develop your skills
And you will see the way to fly
Sep 6 · 150
She trust herself
Aishu Sep 6
The moment you
doubt her strength
In her presence,
you will find her absence
Aishu Sep 4
The weather of darkness
I can't stand
I seem weak
I can't breathe
I seem powerless
I can't break free
It's endless
Sep 2 · 132
Accept me as I am
Aishu Sep 2
To be
my friend
Accept me as I am
Aug 31 · 122
Sometimes all we need
Aishu Aug 31
Sometimes all we
need is someone
who is just the
way as we are
Aug 29 · 749
The view of the day
Aishu Aug 29
Yellow hummingbirds
And the breathtaking blue sky
The view of the day
Aishu Aug 27
Why can't you see
The pain and hurts
behind the tears, I shed

Why can't you see
The scars outside are from
the wounds inside, I bleed

Why can't you see
That I am not me
at all moments, I breathe

Why can't you see
My heart being slashed and sliced
by the battles, I exist

Why can't you see
The truth behind my eyes
Why can't you see me the way I see you
Aug 25 · 146
Falling rain
Aishu Aug 25
At midnight
Falling rain
Keeps me wide awake

I wonder
What magic
The rain holds
Aug 23 · 59
Hold me tight
Aishu Aug 23
Hold me tight
Hold me closer
And never let me go
Aug 21 · 373
The words I craft
Aishu Aug 21
The words I craft, I live
They are my truth
Aug 19 · 131
Here I am, there you are
Aishu Aug 19
Here I am
There you are
Watching the same sky
Wondering and daydreaming about
our time together
Aug 17 · 722
Aishu Aug 17
He is
my happy thought,
my best friend, and
my rain lover
Aug 15 · 76
Always youā™„
Aishu Aug 15
I have fallen in love
All over again and again
With the so very inspiring blue sky
Aug 13 · 717
Dear pain
Aishu Aug 13
Dear pain,

You can't stop me
You might have seen me
Going along with you

Now it's time
To watch me grow
Through you
Aishu Aug 11
In the distance
between two hearts
wanting and desire
grows deeper
Aug 9 · 55
It all starts with
Aishu Aug 9
It all starts with
A friendly smile
A handshake
A gesture
A small talk
The beginning of a beautiful friendship
Aishu Aug 7
She had
in herself
even when
no one
else does
Aug 5 · 138
Don't be the same
Aishu Aug 5
It's hard
To be the same person
You were yesterday

It's even harder
To be in the same place
In life every day
Aug 3 · 108
Look up at the sky
Aishu Aug 3
Go outside
Look up at the sky
There is love wanting you
Aug 1 · 75
I miss those days
Aishu Aug 1
Aishu Jul 30
To love is to let go
To love is to set free
To love is to care
To love is to love
Without expectation
Jul 28 · 166
You have no time left
Aishu Jul 28
You have no time left
So run
Run till you get
What you want
A note to self
Jul 26 · 85
Darkness takes over
Aishu Jul 26
Darkness is dark and deep
My heart struggles and screams
As it takes over me
Jul 24 · 125
I can't deny
Aishu Jul 24
I can't deny
The birds have come for me
They sing songs to fly high passionately

I can't deny
The birds have come for me
They guide to fly freely in the vast sky

I can't deny
The birds have come for me
They guide to be playful and cheerful in their fly

I can't deny
The birds have come for me

IĀ can't deny
The signs from the birds
Jul 22 · 140
When will my life begin
Aishu Jul 22
And another
day had begun
But when will I
be able to begin
Jul 20 · 338
Words left unsaid
Aishu Jul 20
Words left unsaid
Spilled in black inks
Each and every passing day
Jul 18 · 104
This day next year
Aishu Jul 18
This day next year
We will be holding hands
And walking together
And smiling wide at the sky
For the love, we found in us
Jul 16 · 91
Souls meet
Aishu Jul 16
When we meet
I know you would recognize me the way I do
Jul 14 · 87
Life is a song
Aishu Jul 14
Life is a song
Happy and sad tunes off and on
And the lyrics goes on
Jul 12 · 63
Orange butterfly
Aishu Jul 12
Cute little orange butterfly
Flies in adventure
Finding her own path
Jul 10 · 420
Shine your light
Aishu Jul 10
The stars shine so
brightly in darkness
Reminding you to shine
no matter what
Don't lose your shine
Jul 8 · 345
Rise, my girl
Aishu Jul 8
Rise, my girl
Forward is your direction
Take the next step
Though it's hard
It's not your nature to give up
Jul 6 · 124
The lost past
Aishu Jul 6
As tears fall apart
I'm writing this
Years has been difficult
Many unknown paths taken
Went through all kind of emotions

Here I am
Still searching for me
Searching for my being
Searching for the purpose of being
A poem written in 2015
Jul 4 · 129
Oh sky
Aishu Jul 4
Oh sky, oh beauty
I have fallen deep for you
I am still falling for you
Jul 2 · 101
Her reflection
Aishu Jul 2
In the mirror
Her reflection screams
A thousand times

In the mirror
Her reflection screams
Wanting to free from lies
Jun 30 · 238
Desire to be with you
Aishu Jun 30
My heart and soul
Desires to be with you
As much as you do
When you come to read this you will know that I do want you as much as you want me
Jun 29 · 113
You're all I want
Aishu Jun 29
You're all I want to be with
Jun 28 · 102
Rise again
Aishu Jun 28
You fall to
rise again

Rise greater
than the fall
It's ok if you fall but when you rise, rise as the whole **** fire
Jun 27 · 411
Grow in life
Aishu Jun 27
Grow in life,
Not older
But wiser
Jun 26 · 96
My shadow
Aishu Jun 26
My shadow
Stays with me
My moves
My actions
My vibes
In dark
In light
My shadow
Stays with me
My shadow, the only one that walks with me
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