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eyndinmncnll Sep 2023
Unbothered, fierce, and standing tall,
A force of nature, never to fall,
In a world that tests and tries to pitch,
Here's to the unbothered, the fearless *****.

With confidence that cannot be swayed,
They navigate life, unapologetically made,
Through trials and storms, they simply switch,
To a higher gear, the unbothered *****.

Critics may whisper, and haters may glare,
But they rise above, beyond compare,
For in self-love's sanctuary, they've found their niche,
Embracing their power, the unbothered *****.

They're not defined by others' words or view,
In their own skin, they proudly ensue,
Unshaken, unbroken, they fiercely hitch,
Their destiny's wagon, the unbothered *****.

So let them inspire, let them be your guide,
To live life fully, with nothing to hide,
In their audacious footsteps, you can enrich,
Your own path to freedom, unapologetically which.

Unbothered they stand, a symbol so strong,
In this world where battles can be so long,
With hearts of fire and spirits that twitch,
Here's to the unapologetic, the unbothered *****.
eyndinmncnll Sep 2023
In Kidapawan, where mountains kiss the sky,
Under palm tree shade, as time passes by,
Rain falls gently, a soothing lullaby,
In Kidapawan, where dreams learn to fly.

Raining in Kidapawan, a nature's sweet embrace,
Each drop on the roof, a tender, soft grace,
In Mindanao's heart, in this special place,
Kidapawan's memories, like a warm embrace.

In the air, earth's scent mingles with bloom,
Kidapawan's spirit, dispelling all gloom,
Rain's a blessing, in its tears we assume,
Love in this town, forever will bloom.

Lake Agco's warmth, Asik-Asik's cascade,
Kidapawan's secrets, in nature displayed,
In showers and sun, in every life trade,
Kidapawan's beauty will never fade.

In farms and fields, where farmers sow,
Kidapawan's spirit, in every crop they grow,
In the rain's rhythm, dreams continue to flow,
In this land of promise, where stories glow.

Raining in Kidapawan, nature's sweet refrain,
On rooftops, it sings, like a soothing summer rain,
In the heart of Mindanao, where memories remain,
In Kidapawan's embrace, joys and sorrows, we'll sustain.

So in Kidapawan's rhythm, our hearts confide,
Where rain and love dance, side by side,
In Kidapawan's embrace, forever we'll bide,
Raining in Kidapawan, our spirits tied.
eyndinmncnll Sep 2023
I'm a single lady, in the spotlight's glow,
Heart unattached, ready to let go,
I stand tall, I shine so bright,
In the middle of the stage, under the neon light.

No partner beside me, I own the stage,
Writing my story, turning the page,
With confidence and grace, I take the floor,
Single and fabulous, that's for sure.

I don't need a hand to hold,
I've got a fire that's burning bold,
Independent and strong, I stand alone,
In the center of the spotlight, I've grown.

I'll savor this moment, it won't last forever,
Single or not, I'll endeavor,
To live my life with passion and might,
In the middle of the spotlight's radiant light.

Single lady, fierce and free,
Dancing through life, just being me,
I'm the star of my own show tonight,
Single lady, in the spotlight's light.

So here I am, center stage, it's my time to shine,
Single and fabulous, embracing what's mine,
In the spotlight's embrace, I'll ignite,
Single lady, unstoppable, burning so bright.
eyndinmncnll Sep 2023
In the spotlight, I stand alone,
No partner to call my own,
But I'm loving this time, I'm free,
Living life just for me.

I've got my friends by my side,
With them, I'll take this wild ride,
No heartaches, no tears to cry,
Just laughter and dreams up high.

I'm not searching for love, it'll find its way,
I'm living my life, day by day,
No rush, no worries, I'm in my prime,
Single at the moment, and it feels just fine.

I'm building my empire, chasing my dreams,
No limitations, no boundaries, it seems,
Every day's an adventure, I'm on my own track,
Single and strong, there's no looking back.

I'm single at the moment, feeling so alive,
No commitments, no need to hide,
I dance through the night, under the stars so bright,
Single and thriving, yeah, that's my vibe

So here's to the singles, wherever you roam,
Embrace this time, make it your own,
Life's a journey, let your spirit ignite,
Single at the moment, shining so bright.
eyndinmncnll Sep 2023
In the palette of life, colors come alive,
Each shade tells a story, let's take a dive.
Red like the fire of passion's embrace,
A love so intense, it lights up the space.

Blue, like the ocean, so deep and so vast,
In the waves of our journey, love's built to last.
Yellow, like sunshine, on a clear summer's day,
In laughter and joy, we find our own way.

Green, like the earth, it symbolizes growth,
In the nurturing love, we take each oath.
Purple, like royalty, a love that's refined,
In the depths of our hearts, it's there we find.

Orange, like the sunset, a warm, gentle glow,
In moments of peace, love's true colors show.
Pink, like a rose, in its delicate grace,
In love's tender touch, we find our safe place.

All the colors of the world, in life and love,
A kaleidoscope of feelings, from below to above.
With every hue, a different tale unfolds,
In the canvas of our hearts, these stories are told.

In this world of colors, where love's the theme,
May our hearts be a rainbow, a vibrant dream.
With every shade, a different love story we'll weave,
In the tapestry of life, where our hearts believe.
eyndinmncnll Sep 2023
In a world of vessels, long and winding they roam,
Hypertension, a silent threat in every home.
Blood pressure, it rises, a force hard to resist,
A condition demanding attention, not to be missed.

But hidden beneath, in the adrenal's secret lair,
Lies hyperaldosteronism, a tale quite rare.
Aldosterone's excess, like a river uncontrolled,
Sodium retained, and potassium's hold unfolds.

Hypertension, the villain, in this dual dance they play,
As aldosterone's excess, blood pressure does sway.
Yet diagnosis is key, for treatment to take flight,
Medications and lifestyle, to keep it just right.

So heed the warning signs, let not your health dismiss,
For hypertension and hyperaldosteronism, they persist.
With knowledge and care, in this journey, we find,
The power to manage, a healthier state of mind.
eyndinmncnll Sep 2023
In realms where time is but a drifting tide,
There lies a dream where we never did divide,
Perhaps in another life, a different place,
We'd find our love, a new and boundless space.

In that alternate world, fate took a different stance,
We shared a dance, a timeless romance,
Our souls entwined in a different rhyme,
A love so deep, it transcends all time.

Maybe in another life, our paths aligned,
In the tapestry of destiny, beautifully designed,
Our hearts, they'd beat in perfect sync,
In a love story, without a missing link.

In this life, we may have walked apart,
But in the next, we'd never depart,
Through the sands of time, we'd always strive,
To find each other in another life.

So in this world, where our paths may not entwine,
I'll cherish the memories of a love divine,
And hope that in the universe's grand scheme,
In another life, you'll still be my dream.
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