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blackbird alighted on a branch,
frosted branch,
     deepest winter,
setting free the accumulated snow,
which fell,
     like flour through a sifter,
and in one descending
     we are,
a universe apart,
reflecting briefly in the dark.
love  can be like lemon
it can be bitter sweet
or it can be an apple
that falls down at your feet

it can be a cherry hanging from a tree
blossoming all around you making life so free
it can be an orange very round and whole
very bright and beautiful it can warm your soul

love is like a fruit and the fruit off life is free
love is all around for all the world to see
It's easy to keep moving when the mind is filled with dreams since dreams have no weight.
Fall is the most beautiful time of the year for me, with its blushing  
Apples and fruitful trees dressed in zesty rubious healthy leaves with      
Luminous fruit hanging off its stems, like galas, granny smiths, and fuji
Leaves of multi colored sunburnt shades of yellow, gold and brown  
Inside the orchard, ladders, bushels, straw hats and farmer pant- grins  
No better place to be then underneath an Autumn tree when every    
Golden leaf shimmer-shimmies before swiveling down at  your feet    

Leaves that dance and shuffle-shake before landing in your hands    
Earthing to the ground covering you with giant leafy  dry crispy limbs  
Arrest the night, stop the moon, hold the stars, its time to listen to the      
Voices of the night, the falling leaves have their sorrowful story to tell
Ease into their season with a quiet soul.  Help them say goodbye to the  
Summer. After all it is the season of Autumn,  a time for falling leaves.

September 27, 2021
Scary dreams
Please humility
Just to live my life

Thank you for the reading.
Thank you for consciousness
Protection for my troubled wife

No need to be a hero
Please patience in the strife

Lead us not into temptation
Lead us beyond the Joker's knife

                      Lead us

               Lead us by piano

            Not by drum and fife.

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