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There’s always a threat to be pandered to
Always a cloud in the sky
Always the ones who are doomed to die
A drug, a panacea is yours you can take
There’s always hope if you buy it
Beware of the choices you make
Your fear will help you grow old
If you have the coin, give them all that you’ve got
You may be here, though others may not
You are part and parcel, a cog in the wheel
They will teach you to think, teach you to feel
Remember that threat will always be here
The shadows they show you will fill you with fear
There’s always a cloud in the sky......

Ask yourself why
Sheila Haskins Oct 2020
It’s a ******
A ****** of crows
There’s a place in the forest where nobody goes
No sun only darkness, no moon casting light
In the grove where he gave her his ring
No more shall sweet nightingales sing
Black shades in the night
Black shadows in flight
It’s a ******
A ****** of crows

It’s a ******
A ****** of crows
The roses are fragrant, the night velvet blue
She gave him her heart, an oath to be true
He gave her his darkness, stole all her dreams
A flapping of wings and no more is she seen
No-one hears her cries
With the night bird she flies
It’s a ******
A ****** of crows

It’s a ******
A ****** of crows
Black birds the demons, death in their wings
Taking his love to an unholy nest
Devouring the maiden he’d held to his breast
Cast aside, foul and bloodied his bride
Now he’s half human half crow, gone his pride
Wings outstretched no love by his side

It’s a ******
A ****** of crows
She could do anything
The girl with talents diverse
Act in a play
No need to rehearse
She could write a song
You’d be humming
All night long
She could strum a tune
You’d be strumming
Strumming along
She could do anything
She could sing
She could do so much
So much was not enough
When the living got tough
There was one thing
She could never do
That was to love herself
The girl with talents diverse
Her heart was a stone
She was lost, so alone
Left on the shelf
She could do anything
But she could not
Would not do anything
To set herself free
I could not
Do anything
To make her love me
Sad poem about unrequited love, and the inability to love.  Someone loved her and appreciated her talents and wanted her to  return that love, but her poor self image destroyed any hopes of happiness for them both
Wrap me in your blanket tight
Kiss me long, say night night
Grumbly gremlins took their hold
When I caught this wretched cold
I’m not too bad; I cough and sneeze
My chest is blocked, I have a wheeze
A cold she says, a small infection
That’s what she means; but on reflection
I’m sure my tongue is turning blue
I feel my tonsils swelling too
The mirror tells a sorry tale
Of haggard jaw, face gone pale
My heart is pounding pitter pat
My pulse a hammer, rat tat tat
I may not last another day
That is when I hear her say
Man flu has you in its thrall
I don’t think you’re ill at all
As if you care, I frailly squeak
I may not last another week
Up she rises, off she goes
Please get me ointment for my nose
I have better stuff my dear
It’s nice to know that she is here
She brings a jar of medicine
The one she got from Aunty Mim
She’s on the case, cold eyes a glitter
Quick as a flash I’m on my feet
Time to concede, admit defeat
I whisper softly in her ear
Come here my love, come here, come here
I am better, you look ill
Take the tonic, drink your fill
Force it down; it tastes so bitter
She chokes, and reels, still on her feet
My love I say, do you want more?
I let her go; she hits the floor
Oh to be abused, disdained
Accused of man flu, mocked and shamed
I wrap her in my blanket tight
Kiss her long, and say night night
Sheila Haskins Nov 2020
Autumn Story
By Sheila Haskins

The story’s in the breeze drifting through the trees
In yellow and red leaves falling on my head
Feeling mellow; it’s like a drug, like a bug, a disease
Can’t get enough of mornings such as these
I yearn to be outside to wish the trees well
Soon they’ll have a different story for me to tell
Comatosed as days fly by; I pray that Autumn lingers
I cry as the swallows fly; I miss the birds the most
Bees humming no more, golden leaves dying on the floor
There is good in every season, always a reason to be glad
Even though my heart is feeling pain as Autumn bleeds
As she recedes I want to welcome winters’ thrill
Be the first to know the touch of her icy fingers
Winter with all her vagaries as yet a mystery
As Autumn slowly fades into history
Winter may compensate with her frosted glory
She can excite us, and invite us
And that my friend is



Another Story
You didn’t want anyone to get behind your eyes
Not anyone, not even me
You weren’t dishonest when you told me lies
They were to protect you from others’ unkindness
Their blindness, refusal to acknowledge your beauty,
Made you hide things you didn’t want me to see
I didn’t want you to go home
I knew they would all be waiting
But you, you’d be on your own
I knew you would go; you had such a sense of duty
Our eyes met, I never can forget
The misery reflected in their depths
Forgive me love; I do not have your humanity
All I can see is others treating you badly
It makes me so angry so I tell you this is insanity
Sadly there is nothing I can do
But to go on loving you
And hope that will be enough to get you through
Build your castles in the air
Lock in the magic keep it there
In your fortress of tales untold
City streets are paved with gold
Girls with green hair, mermaid struck
Are bound to bless your day with luck
The man with briefcase on the bus
Hides wings of golden angel dust
Enjoy the conversations heard
The variations of the word
The power of the spoken truth
The reckless in the throes of youth
Living in your imagination
Life becomes your own creation
Let not the doom and gloom abound
Sorrow be lost, joy be found
Listen to the sweetest songs
Let your truth right all the wrongs
It’s not real others may say
Life’s yours to own; live it your way
When the darkest shadows come
Turn them into bright sun beams
Safe in the castles of your dreams
I dreamt of you last night
You were laughing in the light
I was laughing with you too
We had nothing else to do
We never looked ahead or behind us
I’d forgotten how life could be
Sparkling easy and free
Now I don’t do very much
Routine chains me, keeps me in touch
With reality such as it is
I do miss you and the fizz
You were my bottle of champagne
In my dreams you will remain
I dreamt of you
Yes I dreamt of you.......

Last night
Sheila Haskins Nov 2020
Did I choose this road,choose to walk this way?
Did I choose to leave, did I choose to stay
Is this road too rough, or not rough enough?
I don’t remember saying this is what I need
I don’t remember planting or nurturing this seed
I don’t remember requesting the circumstances given
Perhaps I should pray, perhaps I should be shriven
I don’t remember saying I want my road to be tough
When did I choose this when did I seek to be
This human born to sin, this person that is me
Did I choose this road I am walking every day?
Can I choose to leave, can I choose to stay?
Come dark days, come dark days come
With grey louring skies the wind rushes by
Dark days, it’s time that we freed you
No more hiding in skies azure blue
Dark days are refreshing the plain
Though people get bored with the rain
Some folks never let go of the sun
Yet when all’s said and done
Dark days reveal a different show
As beauty revives with the snow
Those with the knowledge of old
Lay logs on the fire when it grows cold
Brew mulled wine with cranberries red
Bake mince pies and sweet gingerbread
Waiting for spring is a beautiful thing
Time is slowed down, frost on the ground
Come dark days, come dark days come
Stay ‘till your work here is done
Coming out of the cold
There’s a meal to enjoy, to be shared
A drink to be poured, one or two
We smile for a while and we laugh
Spirits around to remind us
Of times that that will not come again
Yet the glow from our memories remain
Silence is golden as glasses are raised
To absent friends and the passing of days
As we share our journeys, the stories unfold
It’s good to come out of the cold
They were all wrapped up in cotton wool, chalices overflowing; wouldn't   acknowledge the abundance in their lives. Nature carried out her work unheeded. She offered glorious multicoloured hues of yellows blues and lustrous greens. They did not notice, just complained about their feelings of  isolation. No thought to what was going on with the Earth, with creation. Safe, but they couldn’t do those things they thought they needed. Discontentment grew; nurtured by their own minds it was rapidly seeded. When passing others in the street, cotton wool bound, they could have seen humans struggling, but their eyes were closed. When people called their names, they didn't respond because they couldn't  hear. For many this has been a lonely year.
It’s a mere inconvenience
That we shouldn’t meet
Can’t meet in the flesh
But our memories stay fresh
I can see you any day
You don’t live far away
And we wave, we smile
Sharing joy in one another
We talk on the ‘phone
Talk all day ‘till the cows come home
We exchange pictures and films
All that stuff to keep connected
Like a new young lover
You leave flowers at my door
Bouquets; treated like a bride
I wish you could come inside
Somehow it’s not the same
Why do I feel neglected?
Ah.......the flesh is weak
I’m missing you each time we speak
Sheila Haskins Nov 2020
I’m easy to please when the sun shines
I’m easy to please, good friend of mine
It's easy when there is  nothing to do
My mind not taxed,I'm laughing, relaxed
Dark thoughts confuse me with anger and fear
You may offer comfort; I won’t let you get near
The pressure’s on to keep going,
I know that you’re kind
But all of my doubts interfere with my mind
This rainy day me is a debt that I’m owing
My debt to you, that debt is growing
I’m easy to please when the sun’s in my sky
I want to please you in good times and bad
You are the best friend that I ever had
by Sheila Haskins

Everyone should meet a tree
In a faery forest glade
In sunshine and in shade
 Everyone should meet a tree
Trees with spreading roots
Their branches green with shoots
Everyone can get to know a tree
In each and every season,
You don’t need a reason
Tree life brings balance, harmony
Take a trip, a forest ramble
Deep within the woodland green
Hug a tree with healing powers
Passing  peaceful hours,
Revelling in the history
Everyone should meet a tree
Sheila Haskins Nov 2020
He’s a familiar stranger in an unfamiliar town
Silent as a sunbeam as he spreads his light around
Sometimes he’s reflected in a puddle on the street
His image a projection of the people he will meet
Sometimes when he smiles it’s like the sun is coming out
Sometimes when he winks at you, your troubles and your doubt
Vapourise like steam upon wet washing as you sing
As you dance away your worries, finding joy in everything
Unsullied by that hammer that lies deep inside your head
That wakes you much too early, yet makes you stay in bed
He’s like the horse you’d like to ride if you had a free rein
To be the one you thought you were, and can be once again
Thought or feelings start to bring the message loud and clear
As he dissipates your cares and woe, eradicates your fear
Bringing freedom with the laughter there can really be no doubt
As he covers you with giggling spray the magic gushes out
This familiar stranger in an unfamiliar town
Has been here for a thousand years, sometimes lost, sometimes found
In the glimmer of a street lamp when the moonlight chases day
In the whistle of a morning train speeding on its way
Silent as a sunbeam as he spreads his light around
This familiar stranger in this unfamiliar town
Is as precious as a sparkling jewel, glimpsed darkly through a prism
Familiar stranger giving birth to optimism
Me and thee would be so glad, we go so well together
Familiar stranger; will you stay with me.... forever?
Sheila Haskins Sep 2020
Friends are all around me
Near, yet far away
Friends are all around me
The same as yesterday
As pale moons in the distance
Golden sun beams in the sky
They are here come rain or shine
And here’s the reason why
The world changed in an instant
Yet we are still the same
Although my friends are distant
They’re players in this game
Memories of those other times
Of lazy days; of sharing wine
I think of all the hours we had
Happy times outweigh the sad
Now I know that friends will grow
From the seeds of antecedence
The weeds fade in the afterglow
No more I’ll grant them credence
Choked by love with wings they fly
While  far away in  summer sky
Friends are all around me

Until the day I die
Sheila Haskins Dec 2020
I’m a ghost at my own party
Blown away by the machine
I’m a ghost at my own party
Rarely heard and never seen
The clock upon the mantelpiece
Keeps tick tocking away
The hands are stuck at half past nine
Every single day

I don’t remember growing old, I simply don’t believe
I don’t remember when it was time to end my dream
When I forget my glasses, I’m young, I’m just the same
With lipstick, powder face creams, I’m still in the game
There’s a cold wind in the garden, chills the soul right through
The weeds are steadily growing, so much for me to do
I call you from the window, why don’t you respond?
The fish still in the water
It’s time to clear the pond

People come and people go, I don’t remember them
Some are kindly ladies, some are gentlemen
They are all familiar, sometimes they stay awhile
I study all the people, yet never find your smile
Some days I wake from sleep refreshed, feeling like a child
A flower in the garden, a rambler running wild
Now you are sitting on the old oak bench in your shirt of blue
Waiting oh so patiently....
Yes, I remember you

I’m a ghost at my own party
Blown away by the machine
I’m a ghost at my own party
Rarely heard and never seen
The clock upon the mantelpiece
Keeps tick tocking away
The hands are stuck at half past nine
Every single day

There’s a ghost on the wander
A ghost in the town
There’s a ghost in the mix
A ghost in the ground
A ghost in a shadow
Something that can’t be seen
There’s a ghost on the prowl
There’s a ghost in the machine

It’s true about the pictures
That fall down off the wall
You can hear the footsteps
Up and down the hall
No-one ever catches it
Or learns the history
No-one will believe you
There’s a ghost
That they can’t see

You know this ghost is living
With a past and future too
This ghost it keeps on breathing
Just like me and you
Sometimes you think its singing
A rhapsody in blue
There’s a ghost on the prowl
Watching everything you do

Well this ghost it’s been growing
Growing up with you and me
It started as a little child
No-one could really see
It turned into a grownup
And got lost inside a dream
There’s a ghost on the prowl
There’s a ghost in the machine
Sheila Haskins Nov 2020
It seems I have no aptitude for gratitude
I am grateful in an abstract kind of way
For all the things I have today
I am grateful when it’s cold outdoors
Feeling warmth as the fire roars
Grateful for the days and nights
Grateful for the warm sunlight
I am grateful for the food I eat
The clothes I wear, shoes on my feet
I am grateful when the music’s loud
For all the things of which I’m proud
If I am grateful why do I moan
Why does my spirit wander
Far from this well loved place, my home
Is it a disease of man
That though he has all that he can
It never seems to be enough
Sometimes it takes times to get tough
To turn the abstract into real
To appreciate, to feel release
To truly regain that inner peace
You are a whisper, a shudder of delight
You are a hint of better times
Sweet as the grape fresh off the vine
Always in the shadows, a sunlight ray
If only you were with me every day
Then I could breathe again, you are my essence
All I was meant to be
If only I was free, but I’m lonely, need your presence
Shine on me in everything I say and do
I know you can’t be pressurised
Though I try to disguise the sadness in my eyes
My tears reveal the truth, compound the lies
I’m trying not to worry, not to hurry, to get it right
Happiness please be with me, stay with me tonight
Sheila Haskins Dec 2020
I can’t wait, I simply can’t wait
For the beauty of the rose to infiltrate my defences
I can’t wait to heighten my senses
To be warm like the sun
To do the things they all said don’t
To wear a cloak of many colours
To stand out a gorgeous peacock
Defy time, ignore the ticking clock
To excel, shine like the others
I can’t wait, why should I?
To ride  the rainbow
On fluffy cloudbursts floating by
I can’t wait for the fairy in the tree
To fly into my garden, ask me out to tea
It’s not that I’m getting high or being crass
It’s just I’m getting older, today will soon be in the past
I can’t wait for life to find me, to act crazy crazy crazy


At last
Sheila Haskins Sep 2020
There are colours in my hair that I never knew were there
Patterns of the rainbow in the sky
Celestial shades of green and mellow yellow gleam
Memories of the dreams that passed me by?
There’s lightning in my eyes, the flash of fireflies
On wings of azure green and peacock blue
Beauty in my face; intelligence and grace
A song that soars above the rest
Hope surging in my breast?
A celebration, a renaissance
Am I clever am I cool,
A clown; an April fool
Why is my heart  so full of bliss?
Am I an empty shell, a hollow clanging bell?
Is this heaven, is this hell, can anybody tell
Or am I just imaginating this?
Sheila Haskins Oct 2020
I’m going to rhyme
Without any reason this time
You can’t tell me I’m wrong
My inhibitions have gone
I will sing my song
You’ve said too much in the past
I listened then but now I don’t
This song in my throat is my last
You say you can’t, you mustn’t, you won’t
But I will
And you must wait till I’ve had my fill
My cage is open, the spell is broken
You say I’m outspoken
You have to learn
My love and my trust are earned
I will sing my song
All through the day, all through the night
I’m going to rhyme
Without any reason this time
You can listen or you won’t
Tell me you love me or tell me you don’t
I will rhyme and sing and you can’t do a thing

This time......

I’m going to rhyme
Blessed with the site
The judges have a quest
Select the best, abjure the rest
These Gods from distant lands
Hold in their hands the ability
To create stars
Raise us to the sky
Destroy our dreams
(Or so it seems)
Am I a Queen?
A beggar?
A fly by night?
Some say “You’re clever,”
Some say you should never pick up a pen
Never again
Until you’ve learned
Grammatical correctness, directness
Earned those stars
They wear their alien skins tight and clingy
Using tactical diversions to reproduce
Verbal lemon phrases, stings
Call it poetical licence
Layered with doggerel and incognisance
Some say, “Hurrah, you’ve got it right
Nearly, well... almost... quite,”
Some are elusive, comments smooth like silk
Feline and empathic
Almost telepathic
What the heck
Give them the milk
At least some of us care
That someone, somewhere
Always gets it in the neck
Sheila Haskins Nov 2020
Where do we go from here I say
When will we know, is it today
The news is wearing a happy face
The news is never a happy place
To be..............
I want to believe in good times coming
I want to believe, no more running
When will I know?
The wheels turn but they’re turning slow
Is it just me eager to believe?
Is it just me they can  deceive?
Is it just me hungry to leave this  hell
Is it me that seeks solace
Is it me who wants to wear a happy face
Remember the news is never a happy place
To be................

Is it just me

Or is it you as well?
Are you the whisper in the trees?
Are you beauty, the key to all our dreams?
Darkness banished by bright sunbeams
When all our hopes are taking flight
Are you here in the night?
Are you a God, do you have presence
Are you the flame that burns, are you the essence?
We feel the cold winds blowing on the Earth
We know the wonder has been here since her birth
Are you real, is it true you can heal, only you
Or are we all alone, searching for a home
Are you here to save mankind?
Or will we all be left behind?
It’s a gravy boat
Gravy is delicious
It’s a gravy boat
For your appetite
Spicy, nicey onions float
In the lovely gravy boat
If you should want to know
It’s not a train
Don’t buy a ticket
That’s not cricket
It’s a gravy boat
And it contains
Liquid velvet for the throat
Absurdly decadent and smooth
It’s a gravy boat, not a gravy train
I pour gravy on my food
It’s a gravy boat
It’s not a train
If it was then I’d complain
A train is always late
And I refuse to wait
Anyway, railway food’s appalling
Wait, I hear my dinner calling
It’s a s......... gravy boat
Now we’ve got that right
Bon, bon bon............
Bon appetite!  (or appetit?)

Anyway if there ever was a gravy train, (and I’m not saying there was,) the last train has gone forever, utterly broken, irreparable, too many  politicians scrabbling to climb aboard, (don’t you watch the news darling?)
Sheila Haskins Sep 2020
I want to dance she said
Now’s my chance she said
Today I’ll close the blinds
No-one here to mind
There is no need she said
To answer the front door
No-body dropping by
Perhaps I’ll sew she said
Fancy things that have no uses
No apologies, no excuses
The day is mine to drink wine
To write a poem or to compose
Sit in a chair and lightly doze
Lots of lounging to be done
Lots of laughter, lots of fun
Fool around, or I could caper
Drown in chocolate, read the paper
Perhaps I’ll go to bed
Lie under the covers, watch TV
This day is mine, only for me
When all is said and done
This could be my chance
To grow my wings
That is why
I want to dance
And do lots and lots of
Other lovely things
But really I just want to dance
She said, I’m going to do it


Now’s my chance!
I want to write for you but I can’t
Shine a light for you but I can’t
Must inspiration depend
On the journeys end
I want to write for you
If you only knew
How much I want to write
I want to write a beautiful song
I want to write, but the words are wrong
With pure insight and sheer delight
I want to write

I want to write for you but I can’t
Light a candle, meditate and chant
Find fertile soil to plant
I want to write for you
Words bubbling like fountains
Gushing down mountains
Doesn’t have to be good
Even if it never could
I want to write for you is all
Simply for the joy that I recall
I want to write
I will fly with you, if you want me to
I will fly with you
I will take your hand, hope you understand
We’d be up in the air, never wishing to land
Our lives could be we, not just you and me
I’m wishin’ and hoping we’re meant to be
Two hearts  entwined
One could be yours, one could be mine
I will fly with you
In the realms of blue
Fly with you
If you want me to
Sheila Haskins Sep 2020
I Wrote You

I wrote you at the time you went away
I wrote you letters each and every day
I wrote you when the sun shone bright
I wrote you in the candlelight
I wrote you.....
Though you did not write to me

I wrote you when the frost lay on the ground
I wrote you when the snow came falling down
I wrote you in good time for spring
As the birds began to sing
I wrote you......
Though you did not write to me

I wrote you when the air turned sweet and warm
When skies were red at early break of dawn
I wrote you as we gathered grain
I wrote you when it gave me pain
I wrote you......
Though you did not write to me

I wrote you as the North wind cruelly blew
I wrote you for I still remembered you
I wrote you underneath the tree
Where you swore you would marry me
I wrote you......
Though you did not write to me

I wrote you when my heart had lost the will
I wrote you then and I will write you still
I wrote you with my dying breath
So lost to love, even in death

I wrote you....

I wrote you....

Though you did not write to me
Jenny flies
She’s a bird
Watch her eyes
Watch her smile
Hold the hand of the child
Be good

Jenny soars
She’s a bird
Watch her swoop
Watch her glide
Hold the hand of the child
Be good

Jenny floats
She’s a bird
He will watch
Watch and wait
Hold the hand of the child
Be good

Jenny dives
She’s a bird
Feel her fears
Dry her tears
Hold the hand of the child
Be good

Jenny falls
She’s a bird
No words spoken
Wings all broken
Hold the hand of the child
Be good
Oh what a jolly day when you let life go away
If you don’t choose to listen to all the things they say
It’s easy to ignore all the talk of war and strife
When you stopper up your ears you can live a happy life
You can smell the roses, fresh from the rain
Life is more than you supposes, be happy once again!
If only for a while when life seems to be insane
You can shut your door when unsure what life is for
Look down at your body, does it appear to be well fed
Look at your house; do you have a comfy bed?
Are you safe from the storm, is your fire nice and warm
If the answer is yes I suggest a cup of tea
Take a step back, contemplate on how to be
And one day you may find you say
That was a jolly day when I let life go away
Just for a little time, some hours of repose
Awakened to the power, the scent of the rose
It eased all my misery took away the pain
Life is more than I supposes, I’m happy once again!
There are ladders to the soul so they say
Pathways to the Gods; but fears get in the way
There are ladders to unwind, weaving upwards through the mind
To climb these ladders first get past your head
Your head is filled with subterfuge and shame
You wake up every morning and your mind is just the same
Your soul knows no stain, has no notion
Of why you think as you do, it’s an ocean
Of true self, ego free and timeless
Overflowing love, sincerity and kindness
There are little tiny Muselings playing in my head
They whisper in my ear and follow me to bed
Into my soul they gently creep, singing ‘till I fall asleep
Morning finds me filled with wonder and delight
My eyes can only see the magic of the night
What should I do? Blessed with all this beauty
To my own heart be true; an honour not a duty


Pick up my pen and write
Sheila Haskins Dec 2020
We all see life through different eyes
Everybody has their own beliefs
Their share of grief and good times too
We are not so dissimilar me and you
We all feel pain that much is true
The things we discuss are familiar
I am realising now that polarisation
Is becoming more and more an obligation
We don’t mix and match our data
We choose to be a lover or a hater
We don’t deal with emotions with tact
We see the same sun over the horizon
If only we could keep our eyes on that
Before our personal truths become fact
Privileged is he that accepts how different we all are
Who listens when he hears multitudinous voices
Respects their right to be heard


And rejoices
Looking back into the night
Darkest storms, can’t see no light
Looking back through all the years
Looking back through all the tears

Looking back things seemed so bad
Life itself was all I had
Looking back I’d lost my dreams
Fabric torn, ripped at the seams

Looking back is not much fun
Remembering battles lost not won
Looking back in retrospect
I chose my path, time to forget

Looking back at a young boy
Kicking heels, heart filled with joy
Remembering him I feel ashamed
Was life so bad, or have I changed?

Looking forward to every day
Looking forward, I need to pray
The soul to cleanse, the heart to heal
A different way to think and feel
You are calling my name in vain
I can’t hear; ears blocked like a drain
The tide flings me ashore, all in a rush
Drifting to land, no fanfare, as if I wasn’t there
There’s a mystery in the monkey puzzle tree
I am clueless, as I expected to be
Still there’s history between us
Absolution for you, too late for me
The waves are calm, you could part them if you so desired
Not I, I lie here unable to move, so tired
I am continually tossed as the winds blow over me
No longer tempestuous, wild untamed
You are calm serene, I will be blamed for my wrongdoings,
While you will charm the angels, make them sing
And I will fall into the abyss
A lost inhuman inconsequential thing
It’s a world of milk and honey
A world of cows and bees
A world of love, not money
Don’t look down, look above
The  storm filled skies are changing
The winds once fierce and raging
Soft as a  lover caressing your cheek
Look below to see the grass growing
Look beneath the shoes on your feet
The meadows are fertile and green
The streams are full, overflowing
Things are not quite what they seem
The drug that calms and soothes
Won’t make you rich, appear in the news
It’s the power you thought you had lost
When you clear your mind what’s left behind
Are the things that matter, the things that don’t cost
It’s a world you make with your mind
When you clear it only then will you find
It’s a world of milk and honey
A world of love not money
Miracles they say are for those who know their way
Those who are the gifted ones, the special and the fey
When I look out of my window at the turquoise dawning light
I see so many miracles, in the day and in the night
The miracle of the sky, the magic of the Earth
The innocence of a child, the wonder of his birth
The sun and moon and stars are shining just for me
And all I ever need to ask
Is to be blessed with eyes to see

I viewed the world as grey, the people full of woe
Never thought to look up or to touch the Earth below
To be caught up in the blindness; now I see it’s all a game
Distraction and, destruction; invasions of my dreams
Emerging from my shell I feel
A shining in my soul
Nothing can be as it seems
All shall be revealed
How could I ever want for anything again?
When I delight in  sunlight
And soft refreshing rain
Sheila Haskins Dec 2020
A star in the sky, the moon is full
A tear in my eye; I feel her pull
When she rises my heart is in tune
Itinerant moon her energy grows
The swell of the tide, the thrill of the ride
Beckons me on to be by her side
Sometimes the thrill is too much to bear
She is high in the sky I want to be there
At one with the moon, I can’t let her go
As days go by the moon she must die
Sinking into emotionless sea
Waiting for rebirth, tied to the Earth
I die a little each time she is low
Next time she will take me ....
Next time I will go
Mr Life
I’ve got plans
Things to do
Things to see
Don’t want to be
An also ran
I’m depressed
Getting stressed
Because of you
You get in the way
Each and every day
I reach up to the skies
But it comes as no surprise
When I come tumbling down
And as I hit the ground
There you are you rascal you
No wonder I feel blue
If you want trouble and strife
Why don’t you get yourself a wife?
Mr Life
I’m not what you wanted but I am what you get
I dance in the rain and my knickers get wet
I wear lots of rings, holey tights, gaudy things
I haven’t much schooling; I don’t give a jot
I know all of Earth’s creatures; I love them a lot
I don’t tire of giving; you can take my last penny
Even if it means I am left without any

I can’t be tied, my feet start to itch
They say I’m a changeling, I say I’m a witch
I left home to be courting the Lord of the Green
Making my hay when the summer was keen
I sleep in the barn, when the winter draws nigh
I ride and I glory in freezing cold snow
I’ll tell you my story if you want to know

The skies are so blue, except when they’re grey
That’s lucky too; it’s a beautiful day
When the moon is a finger gilding the soil
You’ll find I may linger in love for a while
I’m a ship in the night, passing you by
I want you to know me, to understand why
I’m a leaf on the breeze, a whisper, a sigh

I am the envy of all that I see
I am the blossom that flies from the tree
Singing in summer, dancing in snow
I’m not what you wanted, but I want you to know
Tho’ I wear lots of rings, holey tights, gaudy things
If you hear my voice as you weave and you spin
I am you in your glory; let me come in
You are me and our story’s
About to begin
Sheila Haskins Dec 2020
Hurray hooray no bad news today
Hooray hooray bad news has gone away
My ears are growing stronger
Glued to the news no longer
There is no bad news,
No disgruntled views
Nothing to complain about
Nothing much to say
If I had my way
There’d be no bad news today
Or tomorrow
No misery death or sorrow
It appears all I have to do
Is live my  whole life through
With my ears closed and deaf
Until I take my final breath
I’ll be convinced that life evinced
Only goodness and light
Totally convinced
In a world where all is right
Hurray, hurray, no bad news today
Bad news has gone away
No sir, no not me
Come no closer, can’t you see?
I’m freezing as the springtime frost
So won’t you let me be?
Wind tossed as the blossom
Bleeding from the tree
I am but a child; I’m lost
I am wild, not dutiful
Scarred inside; not beautiful
My demon lover  left me
Underneath the cherry tree
No sir, no not me

No sir, no not me
Come no closer, can’t you see?
I am not a fresh faced maid
No sir, we can’t be
Plucking cherries in the glade
Walking in the evening shade
I’m buried in the foetid earth
Awaiting spring, denied rebirth
In the soft sun, in the rain
I shall never rise again
No-one can ever set me free
No sir, no not me
I’m not a hero in any sense of the word
I’m not a brave heart, not a tough guy
I question so much in this head of mine
I question but get no answers most of the time
In my mind goldfish swim round senselessly
I am forgetting all the things I said
I read but I am not well read
My head keeps spinning relentlessly
Is this uncommon, can I be mad
Is this the norm, it makes me  sad
To think of the cruelty that we face
The money and all the wars it creates
I want to be a hero, to save the world
I want to be an angel, but I am just a girl
Making her way when every  day
Is an agony of indecision, a catalogue of division
So I’m not a hero in any sense at all
But if you are a hero, a brave heart
Please save the world, answer the call
Sheila Haskins Nov 2020
It’s good to notice things again
Good to notice when it rains
To reconnect, to respect the seasons
Good to go out; good to be about
To be out for no other reason
Than it feels good to breathe the air
Shops are still there, they won’t go away
They can wait until another day
Closed and shuttered, shrouded in grey
Reminders of a world on hold
Everything to be bought and sold
Compensation comes at a price
I will not calculate the cost, not today
Nor get all political, my mood is analytical
Today a little healing is taking place in my heart
So noticing the rain is good, walking in the wood
Is even better, with nothing to complain about
It really is so good


To be out
They come with their news, and their views
They swamp you with dire predictions
Say you can’t win but you’ll lose
If you listen to all their convictions
This world’s a bad place, well oh dear
We’ve fallen from grace so we hear
But I see the sky in the mornings
I hear birds singing their songs
Soon a new day is dawning
Won’t spend that day living in fear
They say if you try harder it’s good
They say work much longer; you should
There’ll be more industry
More for you,  more for me
But all I can see are the trees
The flowers the bees and the honey
I should know my place, well oh dear
But all they can think of is money
So why should I heed all their warnings
And spend my life living in fear
Sheila Haskins Nov 2020
He never thought he was old, unless reminded
He thought age was a number, he never counted
He was alive; some people are a long time dead
He had all his wits that he never doubted
He took what he needed from the past
Some things were good, made to last
Others best not mentioned,
It was never his intention to make people sad,
He’d talk about the better days he’d had
Days of hope and optimism when he was a lad
A man about town, with a happy weathered face
Sitting on a bench in his usual place
Most days he’d speak to passers by
Giving his opinions, lending a listening ear, a watchful eye
A welcome presence everywhere he went
Discussing politics and philosophy intelligently
Though his back was bent he went his merry way,
A powerful force, yet always finding something kind to say
Until fate steered him on a different course
His roller coaster life morphed into a slide
Gone his independence, he had to stay inside
He never thought he was old until someone said
He thought age was a number, he never counted
He was so alive; some people are a long time dead
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