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Yashashvi Dec 2020
walking alone in the street of lights
i took a trip down to the reminiscence
the souvenirs tucking out of my bag
the hanging bracelet of yours is a spell
that made the twirling mixtape of past road

everything with everyone are oblivious meetings
unknowing smiles that cheeks made;
to the unknown persons to become one on path
when the eyes met for the first time we became friends
of friends who just know truths not secrets
of friends who changed into soulmates

tons of people crosses the path with us
hundreds makes smiles
few people takes a step forward to talk
some shares stories
some shares realities
while others leaves stains on heart

however lately i realized the path leads to last step
the step we take alone to never return
when i think about it i'm afraid to talk causally
it triggers in a way to skip my breathe
and then i remembered;
i met strangers and eventually leave as a stranger    

its just the strangers we meet at start
and its just the strangers that makes memories
its just only the strangers makes you laugh
its just only the strangers you think twice per day
to the strangers you get attached
yes, its just the strangers makes you cry at the end

in between its exactly the same strangers you can't  let go
eventually you fall in love with those strangers
love them in a way you never forget
although you know , you can't hold them forever
this how i fear to bond myself deeply
after all i know , "we were meant to be strangers again".
does everyone you know are really known to you?
according to me i never literally knew one person
cause myself is unknown to me

i feel soulmates are never meant to be , cause they never existed
(sorry if i have texted something wrong , its just my opinion)
Yashashvi Dec 2020
maybe like the moon – a part of them is hidden away
that’s why they always seem to smile
and when all of theirs is visible,
I crave to see their mythical presence
is it brighter on the this side and darker on the other side
or would it just be fine being visible half a part?

yep, i have still more questions lets talk them in another writing ........
Yashashvi Nov 2020
if love is rain
can't you be the umbrella protecting
it's not just just mere definition of
drowning in one thoughts
or attraction towards ones sanity
it's the trust , reliance
you can't just drown like that
rather you be the soil to absorb
either be the sun to drain all of it
but question yourself
is it a flood causing rain?
according to me
love should be rain supporting a seed to sprout out , you let it grow beautiful with your tears or sweat by not letting it know but just give it strength to turn out into strong tree
even though whatever one day even that rain destroys , you being  bloated with feelings in a situation where you can't let go them and eventually when you let out  you can't be yourself anymore
so for me love never existed (expect my family) and I guess it will not either
but do love really exist?
Yashashvi Oct 2020
you call her demon cause she isn't like other women you know,  but I ain't blind so i call her angel for not faking who she is .
she is and she will be different cause she is who she want to be not who you like her to be, women don't ask to respect they gain respect
Yashashvi Oct 2020
if you're a tornado
i become the zephyr to meld in you
to bring stillness to you
if this destroys me , let it
I can be placid with your hand in mine
I promise not to leave you in pain
rather I take it all and die
I will take the blame for you
let them call me dust devil
so you never need to ****** alone
Yashashvi Oct 2020
I wish I was a bird
not because they can fly
just because i can desert myself
when I grow my first feathers
without any worries
I can wake up to morning sun,
dance in the dew drops from leaves
I can find my own food
which would be my only quench
I wish I was a bird
so when I feel homesick
I need not to worry cause
I don't remember where I belong to
I already have a new hideout from predators
and lastly when I'm  tired of the places
I can fly to clouds, moon, stars
without any spacecraft and permission
cause there will be no one to drag me down
sometimes it feels better to escape from the present and live the thoughts which for probably don't happen just to satisfy ourselves
Yashashvi Oct 2020
those forgone days ;  the olden days

where the winter day feels the shortest of all ( winter days are longest)
the coffee in my hands no longer hot
because I was busy staring
the caterpillar hiding under leaves
so the dew drops won't fall on it
I know I won't understand
the cankerworm creative walking
yet I would stare foolishly
covering my legs with the blanket
watching the clouds moving as snail
through my window
the brush time ; when I breathe out acting like I'm smoking
where my hometown
looks like heaven with foggy mist
the birds bathing in dew
the night walk where I'm not even accompanied by my shadow
my ears sensing cool breeze passing through
touching my cheeks turning them red
the leaves shut down dancing along
finally when I can't even sleep
because the stars are calling my name

I want to live those moments again.
I didn't know how to pen it down , but I felt like sharing because this things matters the most for me

people don't tend to realise the little things that makes them happy
I wish everyone can see them and be happy that those little things can take  their sadness away
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