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I loved thee,
There was something
That stopped me.
What happened,
when my love confessed?
She opposed believing me.
Or may feel bored.
She valued me
There was a misgiving,
That frightened me.
What happened
when we both detached?
She went leaving me,
Or may feel completed.
now, I am alone isolated.
Because of their poverty,
They easily feel reality.
When they attend any ceremony,
They remain idle and feel lonely.
Because of their poverty
They are away from modernity,
Their phone is Symphony,
They use app opera mini.
Because of their poverty
They are backdated in society.
Just because of poverty
We set aside their ability,
This is our real nobility.
These days
Changing me a lot.
Peoples warm wishes
Only irritating me.
I just want to run
Not from the world,
But from something.
Now I am afraid,
Get out from the bed
Cuz' the wind outside
Vexes me.
My heart often fears
When I open my eyes.
Cuz' the light,
Disturbs me.
Now I want to hide
So that I find me.
#rejection #escapism
You said love hurts.
Then I accepted
and moved.
Later I realized
that is not true.
Now I find
Loneliness hurts,
I understand
rejection hurts,
I finally accept
losing someone hurts.
But love, it does not.
#Feeling #Affection #missing
Have You ever passed through a lane
Where no one has passed through ages
My time has stopped there.
How should I express all what happened with me.
Do you perceive
This love,
I feel every second,
Just for you.
I can write verses,
Or thousands of lyrics
Even millions of odes.
I can also write a story
to your beauty.
I often close my eyes
to search for your entity.
If you feel my emotion,
confess a declaration
with your lovely tune.
Feel the emotion

— The End —