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deep thoughts Mar 2020

Be you fully is what I hear when I say beautiful, be you  

When no one seems to love you for who you truly are  

Be you even when it seems so hard to love yourself be you  

Not what they think you are and not what they want you to be

For in a world where you can be anything choose to be "you"
Maybe there right ‘’you're not beautiful’’ you're not beautiful until

You start to be yourself, when you start to stop thinking about what they want

And do what you want to do, you're not beautiful until you wipe of the loads of makeup

Off your face because your beautiful without all that dead weight on your face  

Your beautiful when you realize beautiful stands for “be-you-fully" no matter what never be afraid to be "YOU"
i have a lot of poems that involve being hurt but in order to inspire i need to be able to help people,i need to be able to touch many people who are feeling different things .if your not confident this is for "YOU"
deep thoughts Mar 2020
~I'm not crying because I can't have you anymore, not crying because

The thought of you and me will never be right again, I'm not crying

Because you choose her and not me, I'm not crying because you left......

I'm crying because I can't escape what could have been, I'm crying because  

I gave it my all and I wasn't worth your love, I'm crying because I thought we shared something, and it turned out we shared nothing, not crying because I thought what we had was sweet if not true  

I'm crying because you gave up on me , our love and how you made it seem so easy
deep thoughts Mar 2020
What do I see in you?i ask myself there was no doubt this fire burning hate

He had for me was there,without thinking once or twice  the words “*******”

Came from his mouth as if the words *****,***,and useless weren't enough  

He had brought me down to nothing and washed me in the word failure.i kept  

Building myself up as he continuously brought me down.what have I done to my lover?i ask myself  

Have I done wrong by loving someone when I didn’t even love myself,how am I living if the words

That came out hit my heart so hard  I swore I stopped breathing.he wasn’t sorry to me but I was  

Sorry to myself.he was a constant reminder of all my flaws  and how im nothing ,why does my lover
Hate me?
the biggest mistake was not loving them,it was not loving yourself first .
deep thoughts Mar 2020
“No” was the last thing I needed to clear the I love you nonsense  

From my head but the thought of him never left for I had something new to

Worry about I had something new that I craved so much for answers too. Why am I

Not good enough? I try to cry the pain away only to realize I have been drained of  

Tears. I never knew someone could be so attracted to you but not love you, I never  

Knew till now. wishing my thoughts were reality for there was nothing I wanted  

More than to be –” loved"
deep thoughts Mar 2020
I ruined something beautiful, I ruined something amazing, I ruined something that  

Can never be the same as it was, I put our friendship in trouble by falling, I let my emotions take  

Control of me and there's nothing I can do to fix what I broke; nothing makes it harder than  

Sitting right in front of you and watching our friendship fall apart. If I knew loving you were  

A crime I would have never committed it.
it was so  pathetic how much time i wasted on you and in the end you

Always proved your not worth even a second of it, How i gave 110% and got 10%in return

How i was left unread more than all the books in the library's and yet i still love you

How i know your not right for me, but i still let myself love you how you  keep hurting me but i still let you  in  

That one spot that hasn’t healed, how i cant get enough of you because i haven't even got a chance to even get a piece of you how loving you just hurts me more than ever.
deep thoughts Mar 2020
"Where do we go? When all this suffering is done When pain isn't felt,

and happiness surrounds you When there's no worry about today, tomorrow, next week Or the week after worry about  

people who once hurt you or  People that  bring you down no worry no pain ."  they ask why are you always sad or why do you

let your eyes fill with tears from songs that bring out your sadness,i
answer "because i'm lonely" i let out my blues and let my tears

comfort me,"it feels like home "i say  a home with   recognized pain that i bring myself to day to day .i hate the feeling of being sad but

the feeling of happiness doesn't feel right either. there's no smiling

when your sad, no laughing when your hurt and there's  NO happiness when your lonely inside.
we have all felt least once
deep thoughts Mar 2020
I was hurting, I loved him once and now I can't love

I used to think this would be my forever home and now I'm scared of losing it

I used to live without thinking of the future but now I'm obsessed with planning the future I don’t even know if I will have . I worry , I feel like my heart is in a box

And chained away in a dark place where feelings can't be reached, I feel  

Like I can't love anyone anymore until they show me they deserved to be loved I gave it my all  

The first time and I can never go back to the way it used to be, an unhealed pain my heart chose to hold on to –the unhealed pain of loving .
loving someone is probably the easiest thing you can do,but letting  go of them may seem impossible and once you do you feel a half of you is gone,you may hurt and feel like you will never heal but you will.....eventually

— The End —