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Larry 6h
This class was taught,
and thus begun,
before thought enumerated
an age for 1(one).

Stationary bobbling
w/ no teeth to gnash,
although, curiously affluent-
as green as grass.

Steps, each step,
became like broken glass-
whether left behind
at first stood last.

Each step/ these steps
a collective school-
each within their own
swimming laps...a pool.

Then unto today, whence...
how do we fare?
All unapologetically
w/ a thought to bear.
Nov 21 · 34
Litany in Adherency
Larry Nov 21
It would be nice to know
that there's still time affordable
to etch-out some type of belonging.

I'm not quite my occupation,
neither am I my time-off, but
I hack it, on account,
for both occasions.
A "plan" would be nice,
but, an "A-plan" is ideal.
Find the "A+ Plan," though, and
  we're rolling like orbed-steel.
Nov 6 · 226
Larry Nov 6
words do break bones, and
will hurt those-
situated opposite my pen's-grasp.

still remain a meager-threat,
but nothing we haven't thought-thru yet.
Nov 1 · 40
Larry Nov 1
¤                    ¤                    ¤
I'm tired of wasting time;
day after day -
continuously plugging away.

These issues of mine,
in short-order, are fine,
but, held-up for a future's bounty.

And for this "concern" that I lack,
since all's under attack,
you'd do well thinking on it until morning.

Plan a trip/set some goals-
anything to relieve doubt
& offers a, "sense of control".

We are all Lords of our own lives:
some Lords will choose to inspire you,
while others don't know how to play nice.

Kindness- it seems,
plays a definitive factor
in the general, overarching, scope of "things".

Paired-up along w/ respect,
and now you'd hold a couple of keys
that'll surely help you when dealing w/
"other's disease".

But, regarding all the things
that I'll never get to see,
will be written from the place
of our collective memory.
Oct 30 · 154
Truth on the site
Larry Oct 30
what a day.
Working along the others;
installing until dismay.
Oct 23 · 55
Larry Oct 23

City livin'-
is undesirable at its best.
Grown-up in this town, but
it means less to me than

The house I'm paying for
will likely never become a home, and
the strides I've gained
just kept me feeling alone.

I don't find the need
that stirs my heart to tears
any more befitting
than downing these round of beers.

Easy as it comes-
& easier it shall go:
these times are here to remind us
what was cast is certainly sown.
Oct 22 · 241
Sign reads:
Larry Oct 22
"Here to talk. Here to help."
· #1(800)***-SELF ·

Operator: "Hello?"

Caller: "Hi; I'd like some help...please?"

Operator: "Ok. How much money
do you have?"

Caller: "None."

Operator: "Oh, well then, in that case-
good-luck out there living
your life on the run."

Audible: ~click~

Caller: - dead-tone -
Oct 18 · 276
Some Things Spoken
Larry Oct 18
Writing what I spoke;
learning from that I wrote:

end·less·ly aim·less
in·fin·i·ty bra·zen·ness
from towers that rock well
when in doubt of whether
another will or won't tell/
the 'here' is now.
(cryptic/Apocalyptic rung bell)
all that is needed
has ran-off unseated
& towards those I've greeted
I'd declare us undefeated.
Oct 18 · 139
No lie.
Larry Oct 18
That's twice now
when "Evil" has
shown-up w/ presence
to attempt its ritual
of malfeasance.

And both times
I handled it sloppily, but
as well as I could
while under unprecedented

I'd liken it
to Ash's encounter
w/ the Kandarian demon
right after he slammed
the door shut.
Oct 8 · 51
"Built to suit"
Larry Oct 8
Thoughts derive meaning
within implementation.
Some words, and their combinations,
make for a decree
that sets fire in place
of pages.
Wording(s) charm those
who've had enough
of stale breakfast
mornings, and morning again.
To claim ignorance
defies all wisdom
transfixed to those
stubbornly reliant on it.
Expressions of mind
can bend reality,
& time-shares,
equivalent to the sum
of their cherished avocations.
And all this,
to strive for another day
towards a life
built to suit.
Larry Sep 13
Found 'it' lacking by...

tourney of ellipses
journey-out abysses
squabbling over fitness
pending certain suspicions
errands thought religious
brands' overtly pillage
nightingale's bedtime mistress
all-consuming coexistence
life's antagonizing persistence
turbulent interrupting instance
contention eddying malicious
consuming measures delicious
subsistence adorning dishes
labor's fruitful wishes.
Some, from today, that made the list.
Sep 7 · 277
Skie Downs
Larry Sep 7
we're fun:
looking around
& found thee only-1.

to share
foment an alien-concept:
Sep 4 · 124
Larry Sep 4
disheveled & feudal.

(Not my definition of surrealism.)
Sep 2 · 66
[Needs work]
Larry Sep 2
Things we know-  our Collective deeds.
Eyes recording daily-feeds
that are amplified in broadcast rich/
Telemarketing schemes...
dots connecting dreams.

All that is perceived
must also account for that which
becomes from what is unable
to be easily seen:
describing what's around us
(purely speculatory: benzene)

Advancing this rigorous-reign:
like thee All-Star, "Dream-Team".
Lucky as the stars above teem
when difficulties careen & then stream
emptying-out--  over what's disagreed about/ or that's disavowed.
Stormy-night seen.
Apr 10 · 70
Larry Apr 10
don't know
the ****
am I.
Apr 10 · 394
Little old-words.
Larry Apr 10
Nothing for the explaination
towards my-belief.

I'm a: thief.
Apr 8 · 68
Little did i know
Larry Apr 8
Works sought
to aline-w/.

bring rumoured-'bliss'.

I dislike
that-word: bliss.

But: the
**** is this?
Larry Apr 6
Thoughts today?
(it is thoughts-today.)

Be: easy.
Enough of what i could say.

Apr 4 · 67
{Deserves a title}
Larry Apr 4
Someday soon. Someday.
Whether it tomorrow
or an arrived day found forgotten.
It is no matter, really
since all's a matter of time.
It'll become as the change became sprung.
Mentality. Focused - poised - neat
Formality. Deranged - losing - sleep
Obnoxious they'll be- prior incorrigibly
Looking lustfully at all w/out contempt.
Seeing life as new from out of hiding & wet.
Charmed by rolled nickels and dimes
How they're spent -or
Lost in the mouth of the girl's words
Alluring her scent.
Attracted to scenes that went amiss/past the fray.
Attractive to those who don't know as they say.
Apr 3 · 96
Larry Apr 3
i'll collapse.

Mar 31 · 92
Larry Mar 31
& tangent's: the same;

Who'll laugh-last?
What is the-name?
Mar 28 · 99
Larry Mar 28
I can remember a time
(a possibility: once upon that time)
when all that was said
Either: ended-up in your-head
flopped-intrinsic while rattled-dead.
Mar 28 · 91
Larry Mar 28
Death & destruction-
**** is disgusting.
Just got my phone back from disrepair.
Mar 22 · 176
Larry Mar 22
I'm an old
gnarled & mean.

Wake me up:
Mar 18 · 75
Larry Mar 18
**** to shoot the flames up-high.
All gathered below.
Remind me: tomorrow?
Will it ever snow?
Mar 18 · 63
A thought in Time
Larry Mar 18
I remember back when
time evolved
into a construct unresolved:
shackles its tool
shackled to mules
pushing the wheat to its whey.
Mar 16 · 242
The Beginning
Larry Mar 16
This is from a dream:

I don't remember all that was scene;
Beginning first was happening.
Mar 15 · 131
Larry Mar 15
I don't know?
It's direction as it goes
so just Rock & roll.
Mar 14 · 153
throw away
Larry Mar 14
Remember when?
We talked as friends?
Thought to ends
& brought what fends?
Mar 13 · 58
for Aaron
Larry Mar 13
Light this ****** inferno
Larry Mar 12
I'll keep rolling
this *******.
Mar 11 · 98
Larry Mar 11
You imagine that ****.
Kingdom come?
Mar 10 · 65
Easy for me to say. *
Larry Mar 10
I've ran long
ran short too.
Obstacles many
Appearances few.

I've found ways over, under & around;
found ways straight-thru.
I've been unwilling and ignorant;
been thoughtfully anew.
I've taken up arms retaliating;
taken a level-path which evenly grew.
I've seen hindrances often ugly;
seen shackles fall right in-two.

And so I've:
Lost touch in reality/accurately ran afoul-
written: "cuckoo".
Been brought back w/ composure reigning
gaining substantially in all I knew.
Numerosity in thoughts thunk in mediocrity:
an ignoramus thru&through;
relived this issue on account indifferently
so many times, uniquely, it's now in view.

I've had days of intrinsic-horror;
had days so beautiful wouldn't relate too.
Obstacles aplenty
Memories blessedly-due.

But I'll:
Stay on this route forever;
onto another more enticing comes in lieu.
Admit my rock-bottom the autumn dregs;
my Family- I'm fortunate to be born into.
Add that my grasp was idle until my crawling;
that was fruitful for me useful a cue:
my grasp became prior reason ordained
fit for me its only use.
* Not a toast for me to boast.
Mar 9 · 76
Larry Mar 9
Song Lyrics by Z.
to say:

Every Day.
[ev·ree dey]

I just want to say,
Every Day."
[eve·ry day]

I know
that I could be
an *******. Maybe...
And I know that I should
apologize for me

I know that also
that day

I just want to say:
"******* *******."
Every Day.
[Eve·ry Day]
Every Day.

to say:

Every Day.
Lyrics & Music by Eric Zimnicki
Performed by, "Z and the ***"
From his album, "Ligma"
"Everyday" is linked below:
In typical-fashion coupled w/ flair-
Z. demonstrates his aptitude
to speak-up for all of those
unwilling, unable or unaware.
For some, it's casually; others, perhaps often.
But for me? It's Everyday.
Mar 9 · 65
Larry Mar 9
Sent to Z.
a kind-gesture)
of disinclining:

-Mon 1:08 AM-
My **** gone lame
from the time my name
reaching-out the same
a text-back in vain.
For my super-Dude, Z.
Mar 9 · 79
Larry Mar 9
He whom
uses the least words
She whom
uses the least words
Mar 8 · 70
times like these
Larry Mar 8

You did it again-
this time
in the coolest-way.

Allow me naught
that bumps astray
& goes away.
Mar 8 · 55
Larry Mar 8
Peated- or -unPeated?
Truly the only question
worth a ****.
Mar 7 · 350
Larry Mar 7

Mar 7 · 371
No need
Larry Mar 7
Keep everything
(keep everything move'n)

Shot's taken
light's out
Mar 4 · 52
Practical Rigamortis
Larry Mar 4
Second thought:
"Who the **** am I?"
(of a postponed
Mar 3 · 62
Larry Mar 3
Because of me towards you
I will proceed.

Now, what I impart
implies nothing of the sort;
one which describes this
as any-knowing.

But still; if-
you're w/ me unto this line
I'll unshackle some-sort
of what's written divine.

Interesting-leads stop abruptly
ram-stopped shortly
crossing a line...
written once well:
division of space & time.

Remember well:
don't precede the tombs of Hell.
Because if I had any knowledge true
I'd thought better
this writing for you.

W/out any further ado
I've uncovered the Hounds
of Space/Time.
Was new-found today
and worth incineration
if you are one flagged
for consideration within
Arch Conflagration.
Mar 2 · 94
Because it's Monday
Larry Mar 2
I just want to blow my brains-out...
from my cat's acting awkwardly.
His yelp offended my ears
and I've heard some ****.
The soothing tides that became my mentality
only after writing this 'piece'
allows me to declare sanctimony
in a scrawl as wretched as this.
Love to all that need it, because
I sure as hell did.
Feb 29 · 128
Larry Feb 29
Notice Time's plenum.
It's nothing too irregular
too distracting nor overt:
just the day's long-memory
of happening once while alive
its heralding stanchion
securely fixed into a mind's
Feb 22 · 67
Something to say
Larry Feb 22
I really don't; until inspired, but even then
it'll be pigeonholed turn'd swarmy
made indigestible until upchucked
onto my dinner's plate while oblivious
to reconsume by dim moon's light
so unwittingly discontent w/ fullness
that serves a few things so-so, but
only one dreamt well
laying on my back snoring
as I'm waking-up continually short-changed
long been forgotten but the need to
keep moving resides ever dormant
propelling me onward into
each passing-day
behind the footsteps of this guy
in front of me that I seem
to always be chasing
for the instant-moment when I'm found-out
quickly turned-upon onto his face made-out
a familiar one that I just can't place...

So now I'm imploded beyond carefree
aimlessly coexisting until somebody else
cares enough for me to set us free
to where I've never roamed, but would
gladly go by myself or w/ company in tow
8th Density unplumbed virtual odyssey
unappeasing all: one remarkable-*******
yet still granted the reigns
of commercial-grade
wizardry trying hands landing feet
providing these serfs w/ a drop to drink
from color palette smeared on toilet seats
that never became because this realm
my building hasn't unlocked plumbing
in their infancy of liquid-age so fluent
it's charming if one were to ask me?

Granted prayer w/ fervent evaporation
that'll atone well for all this rampant
******* that was promised
delivered but being the Chief allows not
for mistakes so wasn't inflicted mind-agony
so they'll forever be in-remittance to me
now inadvertently I've
created monsters for misery
thinking back on how
I started this all-out terribly
so here came the stone's-Age
when a galactic-crater fell suddenly
issuing a puddle's mirth of nepsis-souls
swimmingly serene (that's the cut-scene)
and my rebirth from out this dream
suddenly realized by two bruiser-hands
latching my neck yanked-out into
roomed-eyes of strangers now gasped my first breath
and ****'n cried aloud since my spot
kicked from you off the cloud
now I'm growing.
A rapid-fired upheaval of a grotesque plot-line
catching-up from what writing down
failed to mention.
(something like that, but just as honestly another)
Feb 22 · 174
Status Quo
Larry Feb 22
Song Lyrics by Eric Zimnicki
I want to start a band
where we understand
to exclude all the crap
that is played everyday
on the radio-waves:
the **** that just has no taste.
I think
we need more solo-bass
Musicians who play for themselves.
(try to conjure-up something so heartfelt)
You say, "**** record-labels," today?

I like Funk & Punk-Rock
...find it outdated?
You can **** my ****!
(& tickle my nuts)
Keep your judgemental-mouth shut!
This song's from deep in my guts...
Radio-  I've had enough
of your control over minds
& ears:
good-music is doomed now
for our future-years...
the 'status-quo'
has gone too low for me.

Play-  w/ Yourself
Rage-  w/ Yourself
Play for Yourself.
(and make it heartfelt)
You control all the young-minds
& ears:
good-music is doomed now
for our future-years...
the 'status-quo'
has gone too low for me.

Labels: I know you will win
but it's a sin...
And, I think that you're pedophiles
in my eyes
from ****** all the young-minds
and showing them the wrong-signs
(and all your lawyer's lies)
and lies: our tunes used to be legit.
You stuck your hooks
in our music
& you made it ****!
'Status-quo' has gone too low for me.

Play-  w/ Yourself
Rage-  w/ Yourself
Play for Yourself.
(and make it heartfelt)
You control all the young-minds
& ears:
good-music is doomed now
for our future-years...
the 'status-quo' has gone
too low for me.
The 'Status Quo'
has gone too low for me.

Listen-up, Kids:
Play w/ Yourself.
Rage w/ Yourself.
Play for Yourself
& make it heartfelt.
You control
all the young-minds & ears.
Good-music is doomed now
for our future-years.
The 'status-quo'
has gone too low for me.
the Status Quo
has gone too low
for me.
Lyrics & Music by Eric Zimnicki
Performed by, "Z and the ***"
From his album, "Ligma"
"Status Quo" is linked below:
Hometown Hero-   Z.   -extends his gratitude
w/ permission to publish this rendition
of his song's lyrical-poetry here
in written form.
Feb 20 · 104
Word Made Flesh
Larry Feb 20
That's as substantial as it gets.
After that, it's words make flesh
free to manifest...
truly is no end to what that involves.
I can sit to think
or stand & pray, but
deliverance in virtue
has certainly had its way.
No need to ask for answers
from questions stirred too late;
or wake-up jotting dreams
worn-off your sleeping mate.

Its edition defies all it cares to:
some would say one thing
another wouldn't dare to.
Thought-exchange opened free-range --
lapping tirelessly at creation.
Creation everywhere
built upon something
while everything
created out of nothing.
Souls to bare & written here
Thought-exchange & free to hear.
Feb 18 · 51
Confusion is our Ally.
Larry Feb 18
Useful is, the 'star-splitter' approach.
Useful for what? Many things.
Many- many things.
For its use is so grand in-scale
so large in-capacity
so rotund in-enormity...
it'll be easier to ask
"What can't its use for?"

But I'd never tell anybody that.
You're asking me like I've got an answer.
Let's not make a liar out of whomever--
whoever is put on the spot w/
question asked a lot like that?
Difficult to deflect...

Did you know that- by design -purpose
remains unresolving?
I don't know; I've heard it somewhere.
But its implying Life's purpose.
And it's not referring to God.
Feb 17 · 49
Larry Feb 17
[towards unaware-realities]
We had talked
(an other 3 & me)
in short-  touching upon a topic, but
(involved w/ open...)
from where I stand now
(& ongoing discourse)
amid current
mitigation and/or determination--
if I were a'float
in the Astral Realm
I'd like to be the frequency
of this song:
Led Zeppelin - Brandy & Coke
(Trampled Under Foot - Initial Rough Mix)
(Official Audio)
For those who may not know
the link will work if held
Feb 16 · 137
Missing Appropriation
Larry Feb 16
Notice the ways that turn-up kind faces
a glow in moments renown as it were
on a roll-- dialect impeccable, matching
terse w/ applicably rung outburst
commanding further an audibleverse
comprised on sly-eyes wry-guise small fries
compared to wise-guys.
(at times when feeling)
Optional Info:
I've looked into & asked the internet, but
as of now, this phone doesn't provide for
the en or em dash.
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