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 2h Larry
May the bridges I burn light my way
But when all'st been burnt I am left stranded in flames
Who's to say I haven't lost my way?

        Bridges allow us to traverse across space
        Walking, stepping on gravity to reach a new place.
             I cannot reverse time but I can walk in space
             When all the bridges gone; I am left in place
                        And the only way left is to jump right, up and down this maze
my body

heartbeats like footsteps pounding up the stairwell
desperate, as though frantically and passionately running towards a lover, this body

my body

wound so tightly, heart on the edge of a cliff ready to jump
the only thing reminding me I am alive as it pumps blood through this body

my body

snaps, reacts like a whip cracking through the crisp air intending to enslave us: mind, soul and this body

my body

wired, as though plugged directly into an unstable outlet charging electricity throughout this body

my body

curves, no, mountains, creating a flesh terrain cultivating life carefully crafted by some heavenly being, this body

my body

miracle of childbirth, life emerged from love and two bonded souls leaving valleys and canyons of stretch marks on this body

my body

a temple to be cherished, yet it is degraded every day as pain is numbed and the soul is muffled inside this body

my body

picked over by perverted people, imprisoned; locked in an all out civil war against itself just to survive in this body

my body

strength and resilience as the brain mends itself, it has never been weak; only made to believe that it is nothing more than this body

MY body
In a room brightly lit,
The five of them were to sit,
Mouths zipped, thoughts halted
In this room, there wasn't enough space
For the sweet and the salted,
The rules were rather simple
Roll the dice, make the move
Don't complain, pretend aloof
On and on each shall go,
Pass one another,
Let the killing move forgo
Nothing's to change, adapt the uniformity
For this is the only way,
How the world goes on


And do you know what it came up unto?
When the ritual came to an end,
They turned the board over,
Started with the game again,
Because without even trying,
They knew a thing, they always had;
They never shall, they never would
They never have, they never could
Voice a thought, a word, a cry, anything at all.
And the universe, my dear, keeps the secrets only to protect you.

Peace above all.
If you reach out to Him, He will.


One day you'll see,
He will bring you alive.

He will mend your broken heart,
He will open up your eyes,
He will make you see,
The beauty that you yet cannot
He will open up your ears,
To listen to chirping birds around,
The roar of the sun, the calling of the truth,
He will make you feel,
The warmth that surrounds,
The smiles of glee,
He will make you understand,
Ill-fate follows,
Only if you believe it to be,
He will have you notice,
What a home your eyes have made out of dark,
How accustomed they have become,
How the shine of their own, is suffocating now
Gradually fading, wasting themselves away
He will then fill you with courage
To accept, acknowledge, and find a way out for thee,
And in this very dark of mortal world,
He will take you by surprise,
He will show you,
How your gleaming eyes,
Were all along, the very light.

Only that if you hold onto it,
You will have enough,
To navigate through this murky mess,
And make your way to the eternal lightened world.

And one day you'll see,
Amidst this misery and pain,
He will bring you alive.
He Will:)
Show me
The broken
Lonely people
Who don't believe in love anymore,
Guide me to their cells
And hospital rooms
Set me outside their door.
Let us get together and share our misery with each
Let us revel in each others company
When another wouldn't bother.
Tell us all stories of a loving caring father in heaven who longs to bring us home,
Just don't leave us alone with belts, shoelaces, or sharp objects,
Protect us rejects
From ourselves
And take us away from our own personal hells.
Show me the girl cutting her wrists and thighs
Smoking and drinking at 16
Whose parents aren't their
And who's scared to be alone,
Let my broken heart be her home
And my body her comforter,
She'll be my damaged strange ****** daughter
And I'll be her incestuous spiritual father
And we'll heal each other
Learn to love one another
And live and die together.
Show me the lonely broken people
The victims of neglect and evil
And I'll show you the future.
Every morning on the TV
So bright, peppy, positive
I hate their points of view
They make me sick
It's all that I can do
To not go crazy.
In a world of talking heads
I just may be
I've had enough
People annoy me.
I keep thinking the world has two parallel dimensions..
One where you live, breath and touch..
It is what you see..
Another one is where your dreams are...
It is where you would like to be...
Sometimes those dimensions overlap..
And your dreams become a reality..
Or maybe we live in a dimension where everything is a dream...
And reality is an illusion..
Whatever the answer is...
I want to write poetry that will transcend both dimensions..
Poetry that will inspire readers to dream...
And dreamers to enjoy reality...
what is your dream?..
 Nov 22 Larry
**** global resets
same old famines same old wars
great awakenings
against deep state cabalism
bringing the fear of God back
Put on the full armor of God. It’s gonna be biblical!
 Nov 22 Larry
Skylar Russo
Drowning in your clarion words,
Bereaved by fallen songbirds

No, I'm not pretty, not even cool,
Society is but a blemished jewel

The crown of humanity,
Lies in hands of vanity

It's time to regain our throne,
And a kiss from me to you, you're not alone
Whatever it takes...
 Nov 15 Larry
Kafka Joint
To gloriously come back,
We have to ******* first.
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