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Larry Sep 4
disheveled & feudal.

(Not my definition of surrealism.)
Larry Sep 2
Things we know-  our Collective deeds.
Eyes recording daily-feeds
that are amplified in broadcast rich/
Telemarketing schemes...
dots connecting dreams.

All that is perceived
must also account for that which
becomes from what is unable
to be easily seen:
describing what's around us
(purely speculatory: benzene)

Advancing this rigorous-reign:
like thee All-Star, "Dream-Team".
Lucky as the stars above teem
when difficulties careen & then stream
emptying-out--  over what's disagreed about/ or that's disavowed.
Stormy-night seen.
Larry Apr 10
don't know
the ****
am I.
Larry Apr 10
Nothing for the explaination
towards my-belief.

I'm a: thief.
Larry Apr 8
Works sought
to aline-w/.

bring rumoured-'bliss'.

I dislike
that-word: bliss.

But: the
**** is this?
Larry Apr 6
Thoughts today?
(it is thoughts-today.)

Be: easy.
Enough of what i could say.

Larry Apr 4
Someday soon. Someday.
Whether it tomorrow
or an arrived day found forgotten.
It is no matter, really
since all's a matter of time.
It'll become as the change became sprung.
Mentality. Focused - poised - neat
Formality. Deranged - losing - sleep
Obnoxious they'll be- prior incorrigibly
Looking lustfully at all w/out contempt.
Seeing life as new from out of hiding & wet.
Charmed by rolled nickels and dimes
How they're spent -or
Lost in the mouth of the girl's words
Alluring her scent.
Attracted to scenes that went amiss/past the fray.
Attractive to those who don't know as they say.
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