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Wyatt Mar 19
Look at me
Sacrifice all previous thoughts
Open your eyes and just look at me
I know it’s selfish but your gaze I crave
For your words I cannot live without
Your eyes
Your smile
Your laugh
The way you speak
The way you puzzle together sentences
You and your existence
Makes my heart play hopscotch
Let my dive into your infinite mind
To find how you work, what makes you tick
Maybe then I could figure out
What’ll get you to look at me
Wyatt Mar 3
What if I told you, you have a purpose

Would it affect you at all

No matter what you hear, you have a purpose

Just knowing your purpose cushions your fall

You can't wait, I know, but I'm telling you, you have a purpose

What will it be, that's for time to tell

But no matter what happens please know, you a have purpose

And maybe for you its hard to sell

That you have purpose

I know you’re not worthless

But ultimately you decide if, you have a purpose

— The End —