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Renae Nov 2019
So safe and so secure
Surrounded by the wall

In the corner, a small opening
Guarded always by the king

Nobody comes and nobody goes
The no body that is me
Renae Nov 2019
(angry girl)
Put the colors inside the lines
Mandalas pink, indigo, lime
(angry girl)
Cross your legs, and close your eyes
Watch your breath and not your mind
(angry girl)
Come now, repeat after me
I am peace, I am love, I am free

Angry girl
Don’t mess with this disguise
Pathetic, Go, Leave, Die!
Destruction, screams, pressure rise
Lies, Lies, Lies!

Breath deep

(angry girl)
Take a walk between the trees
Hear the birds; feel the breeze
Renae Nov 2019
Not in the mood
Out of the spirit
This isn’t my ‘ish
Can’t try and fake it

Don’t have better words
Can’t take the ******
No love for complaints
All blocked in the chakra
Short poem

— The End —