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Knowledge cannot be wisdom
Knowledge can be wisdom
We like to be knowledgeable yet not knowing, is what we know worth being knowledgeable of
It is wise to know how to extract wisdom from knowledge
Like AB-Soul, I look down I look up and left right (do you know of him? )
We have the knowing of left to right
But do we have the wisdom to come right ?
From experience comes knowledge,
From knowledge comes wisdom
Who says knowledge cannot be wisdom ?
Are they interdependent like a butterfly to a cancoon ?
Are they interrelated like sight and speexh
We may not know the answer?
But the answer would be wise to know the difference between wisdom and knowledge
Are we even wise to question the knowledege ?
When there is bloodlust, there is no trust
When there is lust in the air, trust disappears into thin air
While blood is the air we breathe
The lust of blood then brings tension in the air
Its also ironic how lust can help bring trust
Trust brought from lust may not be trustworthy
However at times we are helpless in having every idea as an option to save your blood from lust
Blood is a very precious commodity because it cannot be cultivated and/or re-created, in fact it contains the very self of a being
This would mean our very own creation has been overcome by lust of temptation
We have always tried to seek redemption from our lust however it seems there has been no concrete solution
(Inspired by the only one left to tell Ilibagiza)
Is fun funny, its funny how fun is
Does it have to be funny to be fun, why frown
Does it have to be fundamental, basically
As in funding a mental, which pays with happiness
How seriously do we take fun, are you joking?!
Fun makes one free and fun is free
Feel free to have fun
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