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5d · 61
This Morning
I wake up this morning
Having  a weird feeling
I don't know how
But it is very good
I felt a strong resolution
To do everything I could.
With staunch purpose
I chase a goal
Seeing it one day in my soul.
Everything I see
Has a soul and a voice.,
Both offering me a wide choice.
Will it be dangling dainties
Or tonics to make me feel strong?
Each choice is a decision
Right or wrong
Makes you really strong.
Dec 2022 · 367
A scar that doesn't inspire
Will be nothing but a wild fire.
Feel your scars
Some of them are shining stars.
Dec 2022 · 140
a speaking art
Nov 2022 · 76
I paint my daily pain
With my heart and cane.
Tears, sorrow
for someone having no tomorrow.
A hopeless man
Striving to **** his inside pain
But in vain.
Wars, hunger and lack of rain
Men and women turned insane.
For whom the bell tolls
For you and I
I sigh
They cry
Because of your lie.
Nov 2022 · 47
Which Identity?
Which identity
Are you talking about
If our world is full of absurdity?
Which mask shall I wear
If your face doesn't care?
I need to know
Why don't I show
Who I am
If my birth came out of a drop of
I am neither your future nor their
I am myself. ****!
That never cares about your
Beating drum.
I stand on my mind and
Not my ***.
My identity is  a mental entity
Faraway from
Fake power or celebrity.
I am myself.
Nov 2022 · 654
Life is a list of expectations .
Each day has a special intonation.
One day for your birth
The other day for your death.
The day you leave
No one will believe
That your life was just an illusion
Has anyone got this confusion?
Nov 2022 · 64
Love Token
The day I fell in love
   With you,
       I had four of my ribs
       Could that be a love
Oct 2022 · 42
Free My Poor Heart.
My life
Is nothing but a sharp knife.
Every day
I get stubbed.
One day in my heart,
Another day, in my other heart.
You made of my bleeding
China ink.
That can neither write nor sink.
Write about the days' pain
Fight for fear of being insane.
Eternal pain
With no gun or chain.
Dancing with pains
Under that heavy rain.
Poor! They said
He turned insane.
Your heart still dwells in my heart.
Two hearts in one body
Making me less sturdy.
Free my poor heart
From your possessed one
I need to breathe and run.
Why not
Making fun
Having a daughter and a son.
Two hearts living in a separate world. Hard to believe that love is killing sometimes
Sep 2022 · 126
One day,
There will be
No other days
But memories.
Aug 2022 · 751
Two Days
Two days
Met in a graveyard.
One was laughing
The other was crying.
What makes you laugh?
Your life was so rough.
What makes you cry?
Your life was a big lie.
Life is just one day!
You and I
Were nothing but
Two days.
Living in a weird maze.
What's another day
If your today is identical
To your yesterday?
Aug 2022 · 144
An Empty word
Our life is a story
   without a title.
   We lost it
   In tittle tattle.
   wars and battle.
Our life is an arena
Opponents like
A deer and hyena
Pain, tears and sorrow
No hope for today
Or tomorrow.
What's life in a world
Full of people
With an empty word.
Jul 2022 · 110
My Dark Rope
I have been tired
Since I was fired
Fired from your heart
No love or hope
Holding this dark rope
I look around
Nothing like your heart
Could be found.
I miss your whispering sound.
It's pivotal
To tell them all
For whom the criers call
For a heart
Having no bell to toll.
I still hold the rope.
Do you know why?
Too late now,
No need to cry.
Jul 2022 · 113
A State of madness
The first time I met my lady,
She was
Weird in her mercy.
Hard to picture her fantasy.
The first kiss
Her world title
A world miss.

Her embrace was a clinch
Like a bitter pinch.
May be
to prevent hard blows.
Her heart had no female laws.
She pulled me close to push me away.
No word to say.
Seeing my nakedness
Laughing at my madness.
she leant me a dream
of chainmail and shield.
Taking love from me she gave a reprieve
to a mind resigned to the slow death of feeling.
I stopped breathing
I shouted

Ignoring my words she heard
my faint silent heartbeat and
understood that it was music
too quiet for the world to hear
and turned it up louder
than I could stand.
I wept in my deafness
as she danced.
I love your madness
dear mistress.
Jun 2022 · 139
They asked me,
Who do you worship?
I replied,
The earth on which
She used to walk.
May 2022 · 448
Blackened Realm
The night is blacker
Than China ink
The air’s so heavy
That I can’t think
I was about to sink.
The full moon
Fills the sky
But refuses to shine.
We fell in love beneath it
Now it can’t comprehend
You’re no longer mine
Oh I need an empty cave
Faraway from being your slave.
I crawl into
A fortress of solitude
Where I know
I won’t run into you
For you’d only scrape
Away the scab
Where you wounded me
If only I could break
These slavery chains
To find a place where
I am free
But my cruel, cruel
Heart only wants
To pine
Refusing to accept
This blackened realm
Where you’re not mine
Feb 2022 · 100
One Day
One day
I was alive
I had children and a  wife.
I worked and ******
I used to smile
Walked more than a mile.
I ran
In search of a bit of fun.
One day
I was alive
I thought   my life would be eternal
Full of love and emotion.
Strength and energy
Faraway from any allergy.
Young and strong
Singing, dancing all day long.
I didn't care about
Their right or wrong.
One day.
I was among you
I was not your foe.
Now I am done
Everything has gone
Stop crying
I hate your fake mourning.
Jan 2022 · 72
Swallowed realm
Late after midnight
With  an imaginary quill
In hand
Stroking keys to form
What earlier today
I hadn't planned.
As I ponder,
The end state of all
In this material realm
Falling victim
To entropy
Which is the inch worm that,
With each second's movement,
Is munching the very essence
Of both, you and me.
Entropy at birth's beckoning
Is set in motion for all,
From miniscule microbe
inside our bodies
To the far - flung massive, invisible stars
That would boggle the mind,
In the end, the physical
Is swallowed whole,
Wherein the essence
Of what is, is measured
By the residue each entity
Sentient or not,
Leaves behind.
Dec 2021 · 1.6k
A heart that doesn't beat love
Is nothing
but a woeful hut.
Nov 2021 · 74
Our life
Our life has been marred
By birth and death.
Be and not to be.
Love your life.
It's simply
made up of
Arrial and departure.
We come today
To leave tomorrow.
Enjoy your day
Your tomorrow
Is someone else  day.
If you know how to be now
You will never ask why and how.
Nov 2021 · 205
What is life?
Life is a game.
If you were not taught
Its rules.
You would be caught
By its rulers.
Life is a shame!
Having no exact name.
We were not born to be the same.
Don't ask me
Why our hearts got lame.
Your rules made our days the same.
Nov 2021 · 369
One day
One day
You'll regret it.
Be sure
That day
Will never come.
I am here
To be your world.
If you want to regret
Regret the day spent away from each other.
Oct 2021 · 70
Two souls
My soul is knocking upon your door
I see your welcoming smile
Shining before my eyes
Your heart greets me
Once more.
You made me feel
We have done so many things
Yet, we did no single thing.
Your smile made my warm heart sing
As I tearfully watch your heart dancing.
Hold me once more
And squeeze me tight
So that I can know
What I always knew.
That without your love
My soul can never survive.
Oct 2021 · 58
Life is a bridge
Between birth and death.
Death has no title
Whatever, whoever
It is death.
Death has no heart
There is no new start.
What's death?
It's not losing breath.
It is the end of the bridge.
Oct 2021 · 50
Born to live
Home alone
Waiting for nothing
I am done.
Counting my days,
The left days
Or the end of the maze.
Gazing at everything around
As if  no hope will be found.
The breeze of air,
Weeping my tear.
I no longer fear
I fear no time threat
I will survive
I bet.
Whatever you plan
My strong heart
Will help me run.
We were born to live
And not to die.
Oct 2021 · 75
A destination
Life is a long journey
I am run out of petrol.
Shall I carry on walking
Or think about flying?
Fly in your mind
You might find
A way to help me
Reach my  destination.
Faraway away from my imagination.
Sep 2021 · 56
A killing Flute
I was wearing my dungarees
Sitting by the river
Despite my high fever.
Looking at the geese.
Laughing at their waddle
As if coming back from a lost battle
I tried to keep mum
While drinking my favorite ***.
I looked back
I saw  her sitting under a tree
She was playing the flute
Something strange started to move
From the head to the foot.
Her music made me hammered
I turned left and right
As if losing an eternal fight.
I was not nosy
But I felt drowsy.
My heart was on ice
Like poisoned mice.
I walked to her to pry
She asked
Why do you cry?
Your flute made me die.
I replied
Why do you titter?
I asked
Cause life is so bitter. "
She tittered.
Aug 2021 · 365
People breathe air
I breathe your love.
Away from you
I feel suffocated.
You are not only my life
You are a unique wife.
Aug 2021 · 66
Tears are
The poets' ink
When they sink.
Tears are the painters' brush
When they cry or blush.
Tears are the language
Of those losing their language.
Every drop of tear
Expresses a joy or fear.
If you don't understand my tear
Your sympathy will worsen my fear.
Stop calling me dear.
My tears will never die
And I will never sigh.
My tears will revenge
Your fake challenge.
Aug 2021 · 248
The End
The end is the death
Of every beginning.
Not every end has
A beginning.
I hope you take it from a philosophical perspective. If not, ask Lao Tzu, there in his book Tao te ching, you might find the answer.
Aug 2021 · 83
I forgot to tell you.
I am so sorry
I turned amnesiac .
I buried my dreams
Not in a tomb
But  in my heart.
Aug 2021 · 48
Fake Justice
If your justice is in the sky
That's a big lie.
If your justice is on earth
I didn't choose my birth.
If your justice is on doomsday
That's a Greek play.
There is no justice.
Are we the same?
It's a shame.
Some were born to be,
Others just to see.
Some are here to live,
Others just to leave.
**** your fake justice!
Aug 2021 · 51
She asked me, "What is Time?"
I replied
"My life and its woeful rhyme."
Aug 2021 · 44
My Silence
My silence is for those
Who haven't understood my word.
Oh Lord!
Protect your world.
People here or there
Haunted with fear and scare.
They lost their mind
In mythology
They seek to find
An answer to their blocked mind.
My silence is a sword
From a terrestrial lord
My silence is an answer
The day you get no answer.
Aug 2021 · 54
A Destiny Theft
A few days left
And then
No more pain or sorrow.
There will be no tomorrow.
A few days left
This is nothing
But a destiny theft.
Life is my right
But my destiny
Has spoiled my day and night.
Today I stand alone
Cause I am done.
Jul 2021 · 572
Fake Life
Life is nothing
But a fake dream.
Everything is fake
The day you wake up
You find nothing to take.
Every day is a new fear
A can of beer
Might wipe your tear.
A bottle of whiskey
Makes your dreams less risky.
Every day we hide our pains
Between the winds and the rains
Life is a deep sigh
at the end
They will tell you
Huh! My life is the worst lie.
As my dreams were soft
No one of them
Could be understood even by a cockroft.
Life is fake
For God's sake
Stop telling me
Tomorrow you will be.
Jul 2021 · 49
A Poet
A poet without a pen
A story without a character.
Jul 2021 · 65
Innocent Heart
Long time ago
I kneeled to tell you
I love you madly.
I couldn't find a gift
But my innocent heart.
You have left
I find it a real theft.
I need to love again
But in vain.
You left without giving me back my
Innocent heart.
Jul 2021 · 64
My Eternal Past
I thought
My past was over
Forget it
It is dead.
My past is here
Its scars are everywhere
I lie if I tell you
I don't care.
My past is the only past
Resisting my present
And killing my future.
Every day is a stale past.
Even  a fake dream
Can not last
Today's tear
Is yesterday's pain.
Tomorrow's sigh
Is today's fear.
Jul 2021 · 290
Dead person
The day
I stopped loving you
My heart stopped beating.
I am dying.
Jul 2021 · 158
Dead Tongue
She asked "what is life?"
I replied
" have I lived to know what life is?"
She added "what is death then?"
I didn't reply
Because a dead tongue
Has no heart to feel your life.
Jul 2021 · 368
World Poetry
World poems
Are not enough.
For that reason, I often laugh
Every laughter
Is a poem
Every piece of art
Is a poem.
Have you seen the sunshine?
Each sun beam
Makes me dream
Dream of a world that
Breathes nothing but
Jun 2021 · 229
        Is the mother
                 Of literature.
Jun 2021 · 58
The night
The night is a station
Full of passengers
From different dreams.
The night is a destination
For he who has lost his realm.
Nights have more hearts than eyes.
Nights are blind
I am the night and do not mind.
Every night
We live a new fight.
A fight between  to be or not to be.
Till the morning appears here or there.
No one will care.
Stop telling me
Life is fair.
Jun 2021 · 67
I won't Die
I cry
Not because I am sad
Or hurt.
Most of the time
I cry to hide my pain
Compete with winter rain.
Each drop of rain
Gives a new life to the ground.
Only my hope
Not yet found.
My tears are poetry
Only sagacious poets
Can understand.
This is not parody.
Each drop of tear
Kills that strange fear.
Though to death
I am so near.
I cry
Not to say goodbye
To shout out
I won't die.
Jun 2021 · 470
My journey
Not every journey
has a final destination.
We lose our destination
The day we meet our destiny.
My journey is full of expectations
And none of them is my destiny.
Jun 2021 · 87
Your Heart
A heart that doesn't sing
Day and night
Can never spread love.
Don't bury your heart
With hatred.
Your heart is the best drum
To sing our love song.
May 2021 · 286
Time and Sickness
I don't trust two.
They are my eternal foe.
Time and sickness
The first changed my heart
The second is the one behind my weakness.
Time is my arch enemy
Its sickness is the worst melody.
May 2021 · 267
Poetry derives
from your heart
And targets
My heart,
  So poetry
  Is my heart.
He who has no heart
Can never understand my poems.
This poem reminds me of Lao Tzu who believes that his wisdom is easy to understand but no one can understand his wisdom.
May 2021 · 752
A Dead Nation
A nation that
Doesn't question
Or criticize its past
Will never have
A future.
A nation that
Buries its present
In its past
Is a dead nation.
May 2021 · 63
Lost my way.
I still remember
The day I fell in love
With you.
I lost my way home.
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