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Anastasia Snow Jul 2019
If today were yesterday
Then tomorrow would never come

I would never have to say goodbye
You would still be here
And we would still be together.

I will stay in yesterday
So I can see your beautiful face forever.
Anastasia Snow Jul 2019
I’m not proud to be an American
Where no one is really free
And I won’t forget the ones who died
For that freedom that will never be
Anastasia Snow Jul 2019
It came and went
And I felt No Pride
we are keeping children in cages

The times have changed
But we have not
we don’t remember our history

You had your fun
You blew stuff up
But what will you do for them

I'm calling to all who see
Do you feel the misery?
I have an idea
It may seem strange
Next year on the 4th we shall strike
Anastasia Snow Jul 2019
I sit and watch the clock tick on
As years of my life slip by.

This day to day is bringing me down
As my dreams soar far away.
Anastasia Snow Jun 2019
Pixelated war in my fleshy brain
This world is real
As real as this unicorn
Ensouled to this
I will stay here instead
Anastasia Snow Jun 2019
Our empire we are building on death and trash
Where once was life and beauty.

This world has survived so many horrible times,
But it is humans who will destroy it completely.

Glorious oceans once clear and blue,
Now a dark sludge, more plastic than water.

Air so ***** you can see it all around you, feel it in your lungs,
Not enough trees left to create fresh breathable oxygen.

We can’t live like this,
The End will come soon.
Anastasia Snow Jun 2019
I hear the floor creak outside my door,
I thought he couldn’t come here anymore.
I close my eyes I am not here,
Maybe he won’t see me and just disappear.

He walks straight to my bed,
I feel his hand upon my head.
I try not to but I flinch,
Now he knows and I can’t move an inch.

The only way to survive what happens here,
Is to fly away until the coast is clear.
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