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Darker than six combined winter mid nights
The uneducated minds
For they know not when and how to use  their knowledge
Knowledge without character
Is tea without sugar

The superior complex do
As the inferior complex do other wise
Life has the wise and the other wise
Those that stand things before understanding

Undemocratic knowledge
Retaliate democratic knowledge
Global democrats
Are likened to a boxing ring
‘Jab, hook and uppercut!’
Opponents hit each other hard
And destroy not each other.

Gracious, after a tough contestant
Embrace each other with unity of purpose
It’s indeed a game and gambling of knowledge
Confidence building knowledge
Vision-less vision knowledge  
Knowledge  engulfed by the hocus-pocus
Vampire of' ‘Anointed' knowledge
Illogical malicious transmitters of words
Utter knowledge with utter amazement

Knowledge is power
Power to do evil...or power to do good.
No thief, however skilful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire
L. Frank Baum accurately observed
“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not illiteracy ,
It's how we illusion  knowledge
You can tell by a pale shadow of former self
And  shape of the scattered pieces
You can tell ,
From the pieces of the once bread basket of Africa
That someone is slowly
And artistically looting the store 

I can see,
The trailing blood and the aura of warmth
That there was once,
Electrical pulse of the heart
As povo cry,
For broad-based  
and inclusive Dialogue to rescue,
I could hear,increasing  calls  for  precipice
And wails to  avert further  implosion
And the winds of memory floating by
The crescendo in the calls for sound talks
Yes sound dialogue,
In the wake of an  increasingly restless citizenry struggles

Still dustbin  of a golden history
You can sense from the tremble of the chambers
The undying pulse and the scent of a beloved
That the heart once danced to a dreamers' beats

To them tears are,
The horse pipes they use to water their worth
To multitudes,tears are words the heart can’t express
As the black cloud  sheds  rays  of hope  
Still leaves “imminent light” behind

As the mass bank hope
In our eternal message of hope
Ushered by Martin Luther King, Jr.
  "One day  dawn will come".

I can see  traceable  traces
Of corrupt foot prints
And  traceable track record
Of 'prominent' looting finger prints

As the influential turn aside the needy from justice,
Rob the poor Chimanimani people of their right,
Making widows  their spoil,
And *****-nilly  making the fatherless their prey!

Dear LORD!
Why  your wrath  upsets not these moral monsters?
Who are by no means worthy of following
Those that deprive the afflicted
Those who because of their  hard and impenitent hearts
Attract your necessary reaction to objective moral ill

Dear Lord why has your  wrath not fallen
On rightful  time?
How can hell be just?
To millions, he was an intellectual guide
A source of unconditional love
Indeed Dr Cephas George Msipa was a cherished comrade
For the seekers, he was a treasurer
For those suffering, his words gave them solace and comfort
He was an inspiration
Gone but not forgotten
                                                       ­                                                                ­ ­        The nation learnt your departure with shock
  To Zimbabwean, you were a social economic and political guide
  Without you the nation is left poorer
  H­e was a socioeconomic guru,
A source of unrestricted love
  For multitudes he was a dear friend
A friend  of unusual depth and innocence
  For academic seekers, he was a fortune
  For the suffering, he was compassionate
  His words gave solace and comfort to several humanitarian organizations

A genuine glimpse of his precious wisdom
  Is in the compilation of his academic assistance
  In his superlative wisdom was a fountain of guidance,
  In curbing violence, fear and anger
      Without him,Zimbabwe is left pooer
Our tears may go dry but our memories will never
He was the  Godfather of peace,
He is  sadly missed along life’s ways,
Quietly remembered every now and then
He is no longer in our life to share realities of life
But in our hearts he is always there
Yes, he is gone but not forgotten

— The End —