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Apr 19
To millions, he was an intellectual guide
A source of unconditional love
Indeed Dr Cephas George Msipa was a cherished comrade
For the seekers, he was a treasurer
For those suffering, his words gave them solace and comfort
He was an inspiration
Gone but not forgotten
                                                       ­                                                                ­ ­        The nation learnt your departure with shock
  To Zimbabwean, you were a social economic and political guide
  Without you the nation is left poorer
  H­e was a socioeconomic guru,
A source of unrestricted love
  For multitudes he was a dear friend
A friend  of unusual depth and innocence
  For academic seekers, he was a fortune
  For the suffering, he was compassionate
  His words gave solace and comfort to several humanitarian organizations

A genuine glimpse of his precious wisdom
  Is in the compilation of his academic assistance
  In his superlative wisdom was a fountain of guidance,
  In curbing violence, fear and anger
      Without him,Zimbabwe is left pooer
Our tears may go dry but our memories will never
He was the  Godfather of peace,
He is  sadly missed along life’s ways,
Quietly remembered every now and then
He is no longer in our life to share realities of life
But in our hearts he is always there
Yes, he is gone but not forgotten
Written by
Dumisani Ndlovu  39/M/Zimbabwe
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