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The ocean blue eyes show the true pain
If you look close enough
all you can see is pain
the smiles she puts on makes you distracted
makes you think she is ok
she has a mask on saying she is fine
only the words " I'm Fine"
She has a hidden message "PAIN" "FEAR"
The ocean blue eyes
the mask
The smile is all a play
she really isn't okay
stairways to Bliss
the Ecstacy of Peace
laps of a Mother.
© Mrunalini.D.Nimbalkar
17 syllables#modern # haiku #3 lines poem #emotional roller coaster #dedicated to my dear mom #mom is simply wow turned upside down. #love my mom #miss her too ...23.04.2019
Everyone wants to
                      be the sun,
         to brighten up someones
                 life, but why not
           be the moon to shine
                   on someones
                   darkest hour?

                 And if you are
        to love, love like the moon
                 loves. It doesn't
            steal  the night.  It  only
                 unveils the beauty
                     of the days

                  Love me like
           the moon intended, all
              the  way  through
                   the darkness.

                 The sun loves
            the  moon  so  much,
                 he dies every
          night to let her breathe.

             Never save things
          for special occasions.
                Being alive is
        the only special occasion
                       there is.
                                                                                            Jon York   2019
 Apr 2019 Werdkraft Fenrite
The wistful winds
toss the waves up high
As the sea dare Try
To caress lady Luna’s sky.
 Apr 2019 Werdkraft Fenrite
Do you not look at the moon
and love it for the way it reflects the sun
and think it beautiful regardless of the craters and scars

The night is not seen in darkness
but in the moonlight
I was reading The Dark Below and read a really sweet line about loving someone even with their disfigurement so I wrote this.
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