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1.2k · Apr 2019
The Little Girl
A butterfly?
You are not

A dandelion
Flower seed
Floats in the breeze?
No! you are not

A little bird
Gliding in the sky?
Certainly not

Your dancing stroll
In the field of orchids
Carefree and aimless,
Carries an aurora of
Grace and peace

Heart! go out there
And be like her,
At least be a
Dandelion flower seed
1.2k · May 2019
A mirror comes forward
When a camera longs for a

Who can help mind?

Mirror is the mind itself
Camera And selfie
Are also the mind
512 · Apr 2019
Rope Pulling Contest
Pulled in this way,
Pulled in that way
As if they are trying to
Hurt the rope,
But, rope isn’t the one
Who's getting blisters
The canoe
Emerges through
The horizon

Dreams, too heavy
For the Canoe,
Belong to the river

Soon, I will cross the river, but
Is it a dream too?
471 · Apr 2019
Unending Debate
The switch is to
Generate light
Demonstrates my friend
By turning the switch on
Again, and again

The switch is to
Generate darkness
I Demonstrate
By turning the switch off
Again, and again
421 · Apr 2019
A crow pecks
On its reflection
In a metal plate
Thinking that
It is an outsider

A man smiles with
The mirror
Thinking that
The image is himself
417 · Apr 2019
Elder Brother
Lying neatly
Books are in
Deep slumber

The pipe unlit
Looks like being in

The pen unopened
Appears to be comatose  

An extinguished candle
Keeps paying homage
To the live photograph
399 · Apr 2019
A flower’s



336 · Apr 2019
Beautiful Night
The night sings through
Tree leave windpipes
With mild cool breeze

In the front yard
On white sand
The night paints
With silvery paint,
Borrowed from the moon

Night invites me out
With its enticing wonders
Seen on the CCTV

I wish I know
How to repair
My wheelchair
335 · May 2020
We all have,
All we have,
We all are:

Just memories.
328 · Apr 2019
A fake!

The sky-moon
Called the lake-moon

To prove it
The sky-moon hid
Behind the clouds

When it came back

The lake-moon asked
Hey, sky-guy,
What happened to you
When I hid behind
The lake-clouds
323 · Apr 2019
Action and Reaction
Grass squashed by feet
Raising their necks,
Standing on their toes,
Look instantly to see who
The culprit was
319 · Apr 2019
Soap and Fingers
Wet soap bar
Slides through
Slippery fingers-

Falls on dirt
Again, and again

Wiping its dirt out,
It’s getting picked up

With the same
slippery fingers

Again, and again
Flat Earthers -  Round Earthers
Vegans-Non vegans
Evolutionists - Creationists
Scientists of mainstream - Scientists of dissent
Whoever for - Whoever for another alternative

When demonised
By inferiority
To feel superior
Be a martyr
305 · Apr 2019
Different World
Pray for an unjust world,
Since some preach
A suicide bomber is a
Fighter for justice
302 · May 2019
From Afar
To an onlooker
Of the horizon,
How close,
The sky and Earth

About us too
People may feel
The same way
Meaning: meaningless?

If no,
Then isn’t it a
Meaning by itself

If yes;
Multitudes of Meaning
In multitude of minds:
Chaos of multiplicity

Aha, what a profundity, for
Even if it is not,
Then it’s a
Profundity by itself

Running clockwise
Running anticlockwise
On a circle perpetually

Ongoing vertigo;
A side-effect of
Owning a mind
I may reedit this later.
276 · Apr 2019
Life Story of Fish
When I am in the ocean
I do not own a label
But I have a life

If I get caught in a net
Then I will become a tuna
And lose my life
266 · Apr 2019
Prisoners Of The Clock
The three hands,
All keep running,
As if they intend to
Catch the others

Even when met
No breaking,
As if they are in a race

Is this a
Perpetual attempt
To break out
From the clock?
250 · Apr 2019
The Man with Bomb
The suicide bomber, seeing a little girl
Who was leaving the ill-fated church,
Patted her head with compassion

Then he placed himself
Among the Easter prayers
And pressed the button
201 · Apr 2019
The word ‘lie’
To be erased
From dictionary
Since all of us
Vow solemnly
And tell only
200 · Apr 2019
My Stubborn Heart!
The only relevance of distant past
Is only its irreverence, if any

Then, why does my stupid heart
Need reminder after reminder
Of this triviality
187 · Apr 2019
Being on the rock
That stands in the river,
When I look down
I see the river.

The river is me.

Then I see
My reflection
Quivering on the water.

It is the river
179 · Apr 2019
The drop of perspiration
On your crescent forehead
Is like a little glistening pearl
Crowning on a little rose,

He whispered to his sweetheart
With affection full of desires

The drop of sweat,
On her weary withered face
Is like an emblem that evokes
Disgust for life’s desires,

The hermit thought to himself
176 · Apr 2019
My Lord And I
Whatever happens
God is happy
That’s why many things happen
In the same instant

Well, I am no God, but
Whatever happens
I am happy too
That is why I survive

Whatever happens
God is calm
That is why everything
Comes to stability so quick

Whatever happens
I am calm too
That is how I keep
My sanity, but
I am no God

Whatever happens
God is shrewd
That is why
The Universe
Keeps running

Well, I am no God, but
Whatever happens
I too find a way forward
That is why I still
Keep marching

I know that I think
Therefore, I believe I exist
But, I cannot say whether God does
173 · Apr 2019
Chief Monk Sir,
I have sinned

How, Junior?

I came across
A young lady in ****;
I turned my head away

It is purity;  
Isn’t it, Junior?

No, Sir,
My head wouldn’t
Have turned in that flash
If it were just an
Ugly wooden block
154 · May 2019
I am a Paddler
Who has no
Canoe, or oar,
Or even a
River to cross.
152 · May 2019
My mind sees God
Evolution, Big Bang
Mirages, and horizons

God, what is this?

Take my mind back
Give me sanity.
150 · Apr 2019
A Love
A song of empty words
To which a mesmerising
Tune is composed


A song where a sweet
Melody is composed
For  nonsensical lyrics
147 · Apr 2019
Our Sins
We still keep

The Calvary Mountain
Too short
145 · Apr 2019
If it is not for
The string
I could visit
The Moon,

Kite feels.
137 · May 2020
A heavenly fragrance
Smelt while in a coma,

An exquisite place
Seen in a hallucination,

A profundity
Grasped in a cognitive void

Enchanting memories
Gained in an imaginary world:

137 · Apr 2019
Mind’s Treachery
The table is 3D, and
So is the orange on it

The canvas is 2D, but
The orange in it
Is 3D

I live with my mind
It cohabits with
Alternative realities;

I cannot mind
This unfaithfulness, since
I should mind
My own business,

For I can’t write even this
Without my treacherous mind’s
Multiple dimensional disorder
132 · Apr 2019
Moon over City
Why are you
In so disgust

Is it the *****
of the lights
On you

If so,
Go to the village

The lake bund is
Still so beautiful
127 · May 2019
The beehive of
Stings and honey,
In my heart:

123 · Apr 2019
Kite and String
The kite,
Floating in the sky,
Is resenting the restraint
Of the string
121 · Apr 2019
For the kitten
It’s play

But, to the
Thread ball?
120 · Apr 2019
Sins-Our Pride
My dear Lord Jesus,
Why Calvary?

For gravity of our sins,
Even the Everest
Is shy of height

Our hearts are numbed
For the pain you endured
Taking the cross uphill

Our hearts are blunt
For the agony of the nails
Penetrating your veins and bones

We letdown
Your pain in vain;

We still cherish
Our sins
110 · Apr 2019
A Journey
Basking in the glow of dawn
Wearing pearls of dew drops
Brides of roses in the garden

Raising their necks proudly
Glamorising the living room
Celebrities of roses in the vase

Agonising in waste
Zombies of roses
In the kitchen ******* bin

Without being eulogised
Resting in peace
In the town’s ******* tip
110 · Apr 2019
No hand-cuffs
No guard around
But, it ain’t got
Any freedom either
102 · Apr 2019
The Longing Reins
The long dark lonely road
Extends into the horizon
And hides in the jungle

The horse strolls steadily
As if it knows the jungle

The coachman keeps
As if he is in his couch

The jungle’s breaths
Sound like warnings  

Sniffing the danger,
Reins long for
Someone’s holding
99 · Apr 2019
My Religion
I respect all other religions
It is my religion’s directive

Then my God whispered
That’s not respect for other religions
It’s just another way of justifying superiority

Then my conscience convinced me
To respect other religions
As each religion is good for
Its faithfuls
92 · May 2020
My Shoes, Always!
From my shoes,

Joy and anguish
Death and birth
Patterns and laws

From nature’s shoes:

A random flow
With no labels


Dreaming to be really in my shoes,
Buried deeply inside your self-made shallow shoes
Raged with delirious brain fits
You stamp on me your favourite sole prints

If you must know, listen and forget not
I wear no shoes at all
The canoe is
Emerging from
The horizon

My dreams,
Are too heavy
For the canoe, and

Should be junked
Into the river,
Before I get in

Soon, I will cross the river
But isn’t it a dream too?
90 · Apr 2019
To My Hope!
In a corner of the dark sky of heart
The only shining star is you

While Sun is fulgent in the sky
The darkness that dulls my heart
Is also you

The only poem that electrifies
My mind, day after day is you

While I enjoy that poem
The poison that burns my heart
Is also you.

In darkness, the lamp that brings
Light is you

When that lamp lights my heart
The wind that extinguishes it
Is also you

In a ragingly burning desert
The soothing cool breeze is you

While I relish in that cool breeze
The dust storm that suffocates me
Is also you
86 · Apr 2019
Dark Room
When the light
Is turned on in the
Early morning,

Does it annoy you?

No, it illuminates.
86 · Apr 2019
Like a Shy Plant
You float into my mind
Like a row of dreams

Then, you leave my heart
Like a row of sighs

My mind fans you with
Affection of tenderness

Then, like a shy plant
You shrink to hide yourself
84 · May 2019
Don’t erase the picture
You may feel like drawing it
Again, and again

Don’t draw the picture
You may feel like erasing it
Again, and again

Just keep watching,
Then you will see that
There was never a picture.
84 · May 2019
Rings and The Thread
How did the same
Golden thread that
Interweaved our hands
Start to cut through the
Diamonds in our rings
83 · Apr 2019
Molecules of Dust
Never was any relationship
Between us, she uttered
With great pride

That’s also a
Certain kind of relationship
I replied with great humility
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