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What I should have done
was loaded the gun and
pulled the trigger,
I'm bigger than that,
so I carried on (and
carried it off)
no one the wiser

It gets you down sometimes
whatever it is.

But I'm happy,
it's Friday
I'll have a takeaway
and read a book.
in your eyes
a monster lies;

in your smile
a steep beguiled

in your hair
flames that flare
and cease.

in your mind
what will I find?
an ever delicious

and in your song
a siren call,
a melody ever
From seed to green trees
Trees giving fruit giving seeds
Full circle of life.

What do you see in the dark of the night,
does it light up your eyes?
think it and
it will be,
this is universal chemistry.

My eyes have been lit up
I've had to sit up
to stop me from
feeling so dizzy.
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