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Would you stop writing because all the best words have already been said?

Would you stop reading because all the deepest poetic things have already been read?

Would you stop enjoying food because all the best recipes have already been created?

Would you stop painting because all the best masterpieces have already been painted?

Would you stop giving because there’s nothing left to give?

Share all the words, thoughts, visions and beautiful things that give you a reason to live.
Endurance can be difficult. We need each other. I’m enjoying what I read here on HP.
Vinyl is so final
It can quickly turn the table
And just for the record
The surface is scratched
About half way down your back
In disdain we repeat the refrain
But I fear this time next year
The goodnight kiss we'll skip
I cannot say for certain
When we lost our groove
Broken but never spoken
We wear it on our sleeve
rain jingling
in a pocket
of rusted
fire escapes
keeping time to

the sound of
the return of
the sun
in his motel room
he made a shrine
on top of a bureau

memorabilia of his life

a Bible
an expired passport
a baseball card protected
by a plastic sleeve
a tattered book of poems

and a picture of Judy Garland
from the Wizard of  Oz
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