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Irene Wangai Mar 14
am blessed am loved am a witness
to pain mistakes forgiveness pain
am alive
in each pain i get closer to my Redeemer
in each lose i acquire love
its truly a blessing to be alive to learn and gain wisdom
its a miracle to say i love life myself
am blessed
Irene Wangai Feb 21
Drawn to something new, don't know where and how to start
New faces, new language, new song
Caught in the middle of no return
Thought I new the road but I guess I am the lost little sweet lamb
Fell in love with the darkness now I guess am in hell bound
Lost in no return
Irene Wangai Dec 2020
No words to sculpture my interpretation
No words to let out my feelings, am a lit by gracefulness
No words to fight my heart and brain
No words
Irene Wangai Sep 2020
Jesus, the best and most pure example of history You Tube,
      had the best actions attracting millions of people, by His actions, He was an influencer and still, He is connecting souls all over the world to one family through love

Jesus, the best and while holy history Instagram accont, for from old, He presented and still presents Himself the love image, true and genuine love, love that suppass all, the pure and holy image, blameless and perfect, even through His servants today, in purity and in the perfect will of the Father,
   Still the best influencer, creating a mass of followers around the world,
         Jesus, the best example of history Facebook,
The best friend and family to have, correcting and rebuking mistakes in full love, chastening as a true friend, dad, brother, in the perfect will,
The best advisor of love and life,
  Like a dad, a loving and supporting dad,
He guides throuy instructions leading to eternal life, even after death, He corrects like a dad would correct his child from a mistake,
He instills wisdom and discipline of life, like a wise dad would do to his children,
  Like a loving and caring mum, He advises the ways of the wise, He prays for the sons and daughters of the kingdom, like a loving mum, He never folds His helping hand and He is always there,
  Like a true best friend, He loves, advices and correxts, giving His own lifeto save, the closest one could ever have,
           So, if you have to follow or the people you follow increase anxiety, follow Jesus today by believing and confessing Him, and all the anxiety will fade away,,,LOVE
Irene Wangai Sep 2020
They say the eyes are naked, not unless aided with eyes aid,

          My weaknesses, my nakedness
        No matter how hard I try to cover, seems like the garments I put are either torn or see me through

      I love me, yes, I do, but my heart filled with emptyness screams out its lungs to its territory, my body

                                 I feel empty, am naked, naked with my feelings jetting like the fountain, streaming like the small river
   Do not know the garment to cover my nakedness, though I will not let the whole of me be naked
      I will cover the uncovered, that I promise,,,,,


Love for all, trust to know one, life is such a misery
   Only 3yrs to life, yet feels like 3 decades of misery

  No matter what, I will find my destiny, if there is any as such
No matter what I will keep moving on by His grace, one of the only things I lean to

    My nakedness, no More
Irene Wangai Aug 2020
I love you
I care for you
you love me
you care for me
the relationship gets stronger everyday
deep within our hearts
we  both feel each other
for days, weeks, months, years maybe
we last
then within the deep sensation
suddenly it all vanishes
i suddenly leave you all alone
like a mistake not a mistake
like how a mother hen leaves her chicks
like a chicken love
Irene Wangai Sep 2019
Life is like a merry-go-round
What goes around comes around
Mistakes and failure flowing like energy in a circular motion
Don't know what perfection is, coz to me, there is nothing like practice practice makes perfect,
For the more practice I make the more mistakes I make,
My eyes blinded with negative thoughts in my mind, not knowing what's good and best for me,
Not realizing my purpose in this life,
I take my pen, writing down my failures to ten,
Finally, I discover my merry-go-round failures and mistakes that battle me like in teken,
Finally, I discover my everyday weaknesses,
Finally, I get to ***** out the source of problems within my ego,
Finally, at my longest battle of self acceptance,
I see solutionsvti to the source of my problems,
Finally, a new strength emerges from within,
As these thoughts play a teken battle(+ve and -ve),
I finally get help and a catalyst if the solution to all my problems,
As easy as it may sound in my kinywa, another problem appears,
I write down the solution,
I calculate its formula, and creat  more formulas to jaggle my soul a bit,
I recite, and cram all what is needed for my solution,
I practice practice practice practice but no perfection comes out, who ever said that practice,
practice makes perfect!
The more I practice, the more pain I get,
Wait! Maybe I should change my mentality of perfection, maybe if I only accept myself as imperfect,
Maybe,, just maybe, I let go of my ego of 'am perfect' and instead improve myself,
Aha! Another solution appears, another problem vanishes!
Finally, I can now practice my long dug solution with patience and persistence,
Finally, I can now have a clear inner sight of the solution to my problems,
Finally, at twenty, I can now taste the feeling of the results from my solution,
The solution, my solution, of positive mentality, of change of my mindset,
Finally, at twenty, I see myself greater than myself,
Finally, at twenty, I see my need for help,
Finally, at twenty, I learn the fruitfulness of humility in abundance, and abundance in humility,
Finally, at twenty, I find the greatest solution to my problems
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