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Sep 2019
Life is like a merry-go-round
What goes around comes around
Mistakes and failure flowing like energy in a circular motion
Don't know what perfection is, coz to me, there is nothing like practice practice makes perfect,
For the more practice I make the more mistakes I make,
My eyes blinded with negative thoughts in my mind, not knowing what's good and best for me,
Not realizing my purpose in this life,
I take my pen, writing down my failures to ten,
Finally, I discover my merry-go-round failures and mistakes that battle me like in teken,
Finally, I discover my everyday weaknesses,
Finally, I get to ***** out the source of problems within my ego,
Finally, at my longest battle of self acceptance,
I see solutionsvti to the source of my problems,
Finally, a new strength emerges from within,
As these thoughts play a teken battle(+ve and -ve),
I finally get help and a catalyst if the solution to all my problems,
As easy as it may sound in my kinywa, another problem appears,
I write down the solution,
I calculate its formula, and creat  more formulas to jaggle my soul a bit,
I recite, and cram all what is needed for my solution,
I practice practice practice practice but no perfection comes out, who ever said that practice,
practice makes perfect!
The more I practice, the more pain I get,
Wait! Maybe I should change my mentality of perfection, maybe if I only accept myself as imperfect,
Maybe,, just maybe, I let go of my ego of 'am perfect' and instead improve myself,
Aha! Another solution appears, another problem vanishes!
Finally, I can now practice my long dug solution with patience and persistence,
Finally, I can now have a clear inner sight of the solution to my problems,
Finally, at twenty, I can now taste the feeling of the results from my solution,
The solution, my solution, of positive mentality, of change of my mindset,
Finally, at twenty, I see myself greater than myself,
Finally, at twenty, I see my need for help,
Finally, at twenty, I learn the fruitfulness of humility in abundance, and abundance in humility,
Finally, at twenty, I find the greatest solution to my problems
Irene Wangai
Written by
Irene Wangai  19/F/Nairobi, Kenya
(19/F/Nairobi, Kenya)   
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