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Tacenda Jun 2
When tears run down,
Hoping to ease the pain...
The blood turns red to brown,
Ceasing to remain sane...
All memories woven into a blood red gown,
Peeping through the broken window pane..
Life makes you a clown,
Hurling you down the drain....
And you keep hunting for the crown,
That you lost in the rain....
Tacenda Jan 2019
His touch gave her wings,
Every goodbye in gloom,
Every sweet song her heart sings,
Wilting before it ever did bloom.

Her love, the ocean,
And his being the storm...
Every kiss evoked an emotion,
Thats never been so warm...

Words etched onto a bark,
But the woods, oh so dry,
Her heart strayed in the dark,
In pursuit of that lost butterfly.

Her love , oh so pure,
His obstinancy , oh so strong,
She wished there was a cure ,
For she knew this was wrong.

Every whisper made her shudder,
A winter so numbing ;
But she never did utter,
The song her heart was humming.
Tacenda Jan 2019
In a starless night,
When your touch gave me light..
Seldom did I think,
That you'll mizzle in a blink...
To catch one more glance,
To wake up from this trance....
I'd sell my soul,
For you made me whole..

— The End —