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Dec 2019 · 226
Poetress2 Dec 2019
"Hello Doctor,"
the woman said;
"How long before,
this thing is dead?"
"A half-an-hour,
give or take;
Then you'll be rid,
of this dreadful mistake."
"Will the Fetus feel,
very much pain;"
"It is so small,
won't feel a thing."
Then the Doctor inserted,
a shiny blade;
And slowly began,
to scrape him away.
The blade sliced off,
a piece of his leg;
It was the first time,
this child was afraid.
Inch by inch,
the Scalpel dug deep;
The arms, the hands,
then both of his feet.
One last scrape,
o'er the tiny head;
Then the evil one,
pronounced him dead.
Dec 2019 · 182
Poetress2 Dec 2019
The four month old Fetus,
asleep in the Womb;
Is quite unaware,
that her life will end soon.
She was the result,
of a one night stand;
The pain that she'll feel,
she'll ne'er understand.
The hose from the ******* machine,
grabs onto her hip;
The tears from her pain,
signifies it's
been ripped.
She flinches away,
as it grabs her left leg;
It pulls it apart,
in a cold fit of rage.
The child's heart,
ceases to beat;
All from the actions,
of that ******* machine.
Dec 2019 · 166
Poetress2 Dec 2019
I checked my mail, the other day;
And I found a letter,
from far away.
My Heavenly Father,
from up above;
Sent it to this Sinner,
of whom He loves.
"Dear Child,
I'm writing this to you,
in hopes that you'll be writing soon;
I wanted to tell you,
so many things;
And my love for you,
will endure anything.
I wish you wouldn't, worry so much,
about your Salvation, your fears and such.
Just lay your problems,
at my feet;
I'll gladly take them,
to set you free.
Before I close,
I want to say;
Come to me,
when e'er you stray.
Now set aside,
your worries and doubts;
For that is what,
I'm all about."
Dec 2019 · 147
Poetress2 Dec 2019
These four walls,
can't hold me back;
For it's not courage,
that I lack.
I stay because,
I'm needed here;
I always want,
them to be near.
And though I'm needed, everyday;
I need them too,
in my own way.
Nov 2019 · 190
Poetress2 Nov 2019
The murky water,
is inhabited by Snakes;
one bite will **** you.
Nov 2019 · 479
Poetress2 Nov 2019
In all their glory,
leaves change from green to orange.
Fall is here again.
Nov 2019 · 176
Poetress2 Nov 2019
My God is such a great God,
He loves me very much;
How do I know He cares for me,
I feel it in His touch!
My God can perform miracles,
He does it everyday;
He wants the best for you and I,
in every single way.
My God gives to me Blessings,
according to His Will;
His love is never ending,
His Grace is truly real.
My God is most remarkable,
and in Him I do trust;
I could not live without Him,
His prescence is a must!
Nov 2019 · 808
Poetress2 Nov 2019
When I think of what, a Mother is;
You are at
the top,
of the most special list.
Your touch is as soft,
as a fluffy, white cloud;
I'm always Blessed,
when you are around.
You always have time,
to spend with me;
You certainly are,
a Blessing indeed.
So on this Merry Christmas Mom,
I wish I could give you,
more than this song;
I'd give you the World, I'd give you the Stars,
and I'd help you to see,
how special you are.
Oct 2019 · 175
Poetress2 Oct 2019
All throughout my darkest night,
shadows seem to come to life;
Closets house such ghastly things,
I see them in my every dream.
Demons gloat with every tear,
as they feed upon my hidden fears;
I shut my eyes with all my might,
as I have done throughout my nights.
The things of which I've seen and heard,
can't be described with just one word;
I can not take this very much more,
as howls cry out behind the door.
Oct 2019 · 429
Poetress2 Oct 2019
"Give me your life,"
the Lord told me;
"And I will set,
your Spirit free.
I will fill your heart,  with wonderous peace;
I'll provide
for you, all of your needs.
I'll lift you up, should you e'er fall;
You'll always hear me,
when I call.
Always remember,
that I love you;
No matter what,
you say or do.
Now trust in me,
and do not fear;
For I am always,
very near."
Oct 2019 · 144
Poetress2 Oct 2019
The cool, Ocean breeze,
is quite invigerating,
and calms my Spirit.
Oct 2019 · 119
Poetress2 Oct 2019
Nestled in her Mother's womb,
she's beginning to run out of room;
She ***** her thumb without a clue,
of what is coming very soon.
To a clinic tomorrow, her Mommy will go, where she will be, ****** through a hose;
This child did not have a choice,
this child did not have a voice.
The day arrives when she will die,
the Doctor has at last arrived;
It's not too late to change her mind,
and on the wall, the clock chimes nine.
A hose is inserted,
inside the womb,
it will all be over very soon;
The child winches away in pain,
her suffering is her Mother's gain.
Each piece of this child,
is ****** right out,
no one can hear her cries and shouts;
  The tears in her blue eyes can't be seen,
thanks to the horror,
of that ******* machine.
Sep 2019 · 211
Poetress2 Sep 2019
A deadly Spider,
is the Wandering Spider;
death is imminent.
Sep 2019 · 308
Poetress2 Sep 2019
The Honey Badger,
is a fearless animal; He kills what he hunts.
Sep 2019 · 132
Poetress2 Sep 2019
I do not wish,
to ever be touched;
For the pain
spills out,
it's simply too much.
Touches make me feel,
***** and confused;
Since I was but a child,
of maybe one or two.
They robbed me of my innosence,
they robbed me of my youth;
In the dark of the night,
in my dingy little
The nightmares unfolded,
until I was nine;
They invaded my privacy,
stole a chunk of my life.
Sep 2019 · 207
Poetress2 Sep 2019
Trees sway in the breeze,
as their leaves blow to and frow;
Autumn is coming.
Sep 2019 · 264
Poetress2 Sep 2019
"Caw," goes the black Crow,
as he sits atop a Tree;
in the foggy air.
Sep 2019 · 270
Poetress2 Sep 2019
Curled up in a tiny ball,
I can not stand,
for fear I'll fall.
So much pain,
I must endure,
of which I haven't, found a cure.
Raindrops land upon my roof,
my desperationneeds no proof;
My sorrow sticks to me like glue,
I do not know,
what I will do.
Cries of help,
always unheard;
I do not speak,
a single word.
Don't take offence,
if I don't speak;
For some it comes,
so easily.
Sep 2019 · 320
Poetress2 Sep 2019
The leaves are vibrant,
as they change colors for Fall;
red and yellow hues.
Sep 2019 · 124
Poetress2 Sep 2019
I gently kiss,
your voluptuous lips,
and I find myself,
in total bliss.
The love in your eyes,
bares no disguise;
Neither does it come,
with deceipt or lies.
You tightly hold,
me in your
Where I feel safe,
and free from harm.
When we go to bed,
I lay upon your chest,
how could I ask for more;
A loving man,
who understands,
exactly what loves for.
Aug 2019 · 194
Poetress2 Aug 2019
Freshly falling Snow,
blakets the landscape with white,
a sledders' dream.
Aug 2019 · 144
Poetress2 Aug 2019
How do I move a Mountain, when I can't even budge a Tree?
How do I stay afloat, when I can't even swim?
How do I tame a Lion,
when my own Dog bites?
How do I mend,
when I'm broken inside?
How do I dream, when I can't even sleep?
How do I love,
when my heart has been torn from my chest?
Aug 2019 · 180
Poetress2 Aug 2019
Puffing out its' hood,
the King Cobra is deadly,
its' venom toxic.
Aug 2019 · 228
Poetress2 Aug 2019
The deadly Viper,
coiled up in the dense bush,
awaiting its' prey.
Aug 2019 · 193
Poetress2 Aug 2019
Eyes glow in the night,
as a Panther stalks its' prey,
in the full Moon sky.
Aug 2019 · 145
Poetress2 Aug 2019
Ants should be leery,
of an Anteaters tongue,
which preys upon them.
Jul 2019 · 213
Poetress2 Jul 2019
Two Love Birds nestle,
upon a sturdy branch.
Their love is priceless.
Jul 2019 · 162
Poetress2 Jul 2019
When the Sun goes down,
at the end of the day;
I think about,
how much I've strayed.
I ask God's forgiveness,
for all of my sins;
And at times I don't know,
just where to begin.
God's Grace is sufficient,
to bare all my pain;
And to ease my heart,
in my sorrow and shame.
He reaches down,
puts my feet on the
How could I ask,
for anything more?
Jul 2019 · 371
Poetress2 Jul 2019
Against a blue sky,
stands a Mountain tall and proud,
majestic to view.
Jul 2019 · 401
Poetress2 Jul 2019
The deadly Mongoose,
hunts and kills a King Cobra,
by crushing its' neck.
Jul 2019 · 226
Poetress2 Jul 2019
A Newborn Baby,
so precious and innocent,
God's gift to us all!
Jul 2019 · 363
Poetress2 Jul 2019
Red breasted Robins,
are a sign that Spring is here.
A beautiful sight.
Jun 2019 · 199
Poetress2 Jun 2019
Small but venomous,
beautiful Krait snakes are blue.
Their bite is deadly.
Jun 2019 · 139
Poetress2 Jun 2019
I'm sorry I'm a burden,
count the hours, count the days;
'Til I won't be here anymore,
and off your shoulders falls this weight.
I hate the way you look
at me,
when I ask something from you;
Seems lately I can see that look,
in everything I do.
I know I must leave soon,
it's better for both of us;
for I lost something you've never had,
a simple thing called trust.
Jun 2019 · 191
Poetress2 Jun 2019
The feared, King Cobra,
is the heaviest land snake,
in south Africa.
Jun 2019 · 183
Poetress2 Jun 2019
Daddy, I don't tell you often,
how much you mean to me;
Your guidance is a must,
your love, it comes for free.
Your wisdom is so vast,
your knowledge stretches on;
I come to you for strength,
you'll never steer me wrong.
You've done so much for me,
I cherish the time we spend;
I call you, "My special daddy,"
you are my very best friend.
Happy Father's Day dear daddy,
to the best Dad in the world;
I know deep in your heart,
I'm forever your little girl.
Jun 2019 · 244
Poetress2 Jun 2019
Why do I do bad things,
when I wake up every day;
Could be my sinfull nature,
to play in Jesus name?
I try to do the right things,
watch the words I dare to say;
But inside of my mind,
in Jesus name I play.
I rarely read my Bible,
other things get in my way;
I think the reason why's because,
in Jesus name I play.
I pray to God for a refreshed heart,
one that will not sway;
But I will not recieve it,
if in Jesus name I play.
May 2019 · 132
Poetress2 May 2019
Down at
the High School,
there is a ghastly beast;
His name is known as Janitor,
a Wolf disguised as a Sheep.
He preys on all the girls,
trying to gain their trust;
To have them for his friends,
was to him a total must.
But one day he approached me,
his words were sticky as glue;
Oh the things he wanted done,
I'd never, ever do.
I reported him to the Principal,
some other girls did too;
He was locked up in a cell,
with his new roomate named Lou.
May 2019 · 118
Poetress2 May 2019
God stepped down from His mighty Throne,
to become Christ in the flesh;
His mighty love for all mankind,
assured He'd do His best.
Some men truly loved Him,
there were those who turned away;
It has always been like this,
up to this very day.
Jesus healed the sick and deaf,
He made the blind to see;
He shed His blood for all the World,
and died for you and me.
By the acceptance of His blood,
t'was His greatest sacrifice;
Those who accept His gift,
will go to Paradise.
May 2019 · 191
Poetress2 May 2019
Inside I'm curled up in a ball,
afraid to stand for I might fall;
I tell my feelings to no one,
it's hard for me to just feel loved.
No one seems to understand,
no one's there to lift a hand;
I yearn to laugh,
I long to smile;
I guess I'm much to evil and vile.

So here I stay,
in my man-made shell,
is there any way that I'm in Hell;
In here I feel both safe and sound,
even when my teardrops hit the ground.
May 2019 · 151
Poetress2 May 2019
I went to my new Therapist,
She seemed so very nice;
But divulging how I felt inside,
I truly had to think twice.
She ask me many questions,
about my childhood;
I answered them quite truthfully,
I did the best I could.
It was not fun to delve into,
the memories of my past;
But I knew I had to do it,
if I wanted to heal quite fast.
The problems I was facing, plagued yesterday and today;
I felt just like a failure,
letting them get in my way.
When the session finally ended,
I sort of felt complete;
For the first in my life,
someone sat and listened to me.
May 2019 · 240
Poetress2 May 2019
In the darkness hours of my life,
I see things that aren't there;
A belt becomes a snake,
I hear voices everywhere-
I have no sense of direction,
I bump into everything;
The walls, the cabinets, the furniture,
I'm bruised  from head to feet.
Clothes that are in my closet,
become Monsters in disguise;
I fear they will jump out at me,
and scare me out of life.
I won't look in the mirror,
too afraid of what I'll see;
Will there be a Troll or Demon,
staring back at me?
I have no feelings on my skin,
I'm as numb as I can be; Still  I can feel creeping things,
crawling over me.
How long will I have to
this nightmare I am in;
Not until I get a 'script,
for my priceless Klonopin.
This is what withdrawals are like.  I lived this way for a year.
May 2019 · 167
Poetress2 May 2019
Oh Holy Spirit, help me,
please guide me on my way;
For I feel lost and all alone,
be with me on this day.
Comfort me when I've no Peace,
show me where to go;
Teach me how to witness,
to those I do not know.
Give me strength in this evil World,
I pray my fears subside;
I truly want to thank you,
for helping me survive.
May 2019 · 144
Poetress2 May 2019
I just don't understand, Satan very well;
He gave up everything he had,
to secure a place in Hell.
He began as a beautiful Angel,
then sin crept in his heart;
He wished to be, just like God,
so the Father yelled, "Depart!"
He took one- third of the Angels,
as they all fell from the sky;
And as they all were falling,
it looked like sheeds of black ice.
Into the fiery furnace,
the Demons were all thrown;
For what you surely reap,
you will ultimately sow!
May 2019 · 257
Poetress2 May 2019
Enveloped within the Womb,
the Fetus
***** her thumb;
Unaware that very soon,
her life will come undone.
Her mother doesn't want her,
or believes that she's alive;
All that she believes in,
are Satan's filthy lies.
This Fetus has ten fingers,
and ten l'il toes;
Her mother's deep, blue eyes,
and daddy's botton nose.
Her eyelashes  are black,
as is the hair on her head;
It is not her own fault,
that mommy wants her dead.
And so walks in the Doctor,
scalpel in his hand;
He digs around within the Womb,
Mother's little plan.
Now when the scalpel meets her arms,
it slices the right one off;
Through all the pain this Fetus feels,
this child is thinking, "STOP!"
It slices and dices this Fetus up,
until there is nothing left;
Then Jesus takes her by the hand,
this one who was Heaven sent.
May 2019 · 192
Poetress2 May 2019
A Mountain Lion, also known as a Cougar,
kills before thinking.
May 2019 · 146
Poetress2 May 2019
Nightmares come to me,
when at last I go to sleep;
Monsters I have to live with,
disguised as little Sheep.
At first they seem quite harmless,
I feel no threat at all;
But then their appearance changes,
their teeth turn ten feet tall.
Their bodies, covered in fur,
from their heads down to their toes;
Where they all do come from,
I truly do not know.
Their eyes are crimson red,
their claws as sharp as knives;
I curl up in a ball,
trembling with fright.
Finally I awaken,
sweat runs down my cheeks;
I swear I'll never sleep again,
to avoid these ghastly Beasts.
May 2019 · 163
Poetress2 May 2019
There is no greater love,
then found in Jesus Christ;
Because of His great love,
He sacrificed His life.
Throughout the years He lived,
He never once did sin;
He healed the Lame and Blind,
taught people to forgive.
No evil thought did He once think,
no foul words from His mouth;
Yet there were those mocked Him,
and those who lived in doubt.
He took all of our sins,
and claimed them as His own;
Upon the Cross He hung,
He felt so all alone.
He came to die for all of us,
to give eternal life;
He did all this to save us,
to save all of Mankind.
May 2019 · 125
Poetress2 May 2019
He went to fix her pipes,
something he'd done once before;
This time t'was not the bed,
they ended up on the floor.
This wasn't the second time,
he'd cheated on his Wife;
She was getting use to it,
not having a stable life.
What was he truly thinking,
it tore her world apart;
For though he'd done her wrong,
he still had a piece of her heart.
And though he might have felt bad,
his actions never showed;
She felt that it was time,
to ask this man to go.
May 2019 · 166
Poetress2 May 2019
She scrubs her olive skin,
until it starts to bleed;
She collapses in the shower,
and begins to scrub her knees.
No matter the time it takes,
or the Brillo Pads she's used;
She never felt quite clean enough,
just ***** and abused.
Her nightmare had began,
earlier that day;
When the Bug Man came on in,
and he began to spray.
He layed down his equipment,
and began to talk to her;
Before she even knew it,
he was ripping off her shirt.
She could not move an inch,
consumed with shame and fear;
When he ripped off her blue jeans,
her eyes broke out in tears.
When he was finished with her,
and the **** came to an end;
He packed up all his gear,
and out the door he went.
She sat in utter schock,
all she felt was shame;
Because she let him in,
was she the one to blame?
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